Pakistan 7 Seater Cars For Families

Pakistan 7-Seater Cars are the go-to choice for families in Pakistan when practicality is a top priority. These cars resemble crossover SUVs with more space than regular hatchbacks.

Are you searching for the ideal 7-seater car in Pakistan? Look no further - you have arrived at the perfect destination.

When traveling with family or friends, a 7-seater car is an ideal option for long trips. Not only can they accommodate an extensive group of passengers, but they also have ample luggage space.

In Pakistan, 7 Seater Cars have grown increasingly popular over time due to their ample space and comfort. Families with more than four members tend to prefer these vehicles.

In Pakistan, you can rent a variety of 7-seater cars. Prices for these vehicles range from budget-friendly to luxurious options that can be used both personally and commercially.

They boast great safety features and an affordable price point. Therefore, if you're searching for a seven-seater car in Pakistan, here is my selection of the top models available today.

Toyota Prius Alpha


Toyota Prius Alpha


The Prius Alpha is a popular 7-seater car known for its fuel efficiency and comfortable ride. It's powered by the Atkinson cycle hybrid system to produce low emissions while still offering plenty of power.

Its 1.8-liter petrol engine works as an onboard electricity generator and is coupled to a 60kW electric motor for an economical yet smooth drive. Plus, it's connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

When it comes to safety, the Toyota Prius Alpha offers all of the standard features you'd expect such as front and rear airbags, a security alarm, and traction control. Plus, there are various optional features like satellite navigation, Bluetooth technology, and a leather interior for added luxury.

In addition, the Prius Alpha offers a host of safety features like lane-departure warnings, automatic headlights, and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Additionally, it's equipped with adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking for extra peace of mind.

Moreover, the Toyota Prius Alpha is available in an array of colors such as black and white. Its exterior boasts a modern aesthetic with a distinctive front bumper and grille.

The Toyota Prius Alpha is one of Pakistan's most beloved 7-seater cars due to its spacious interior and superior safety features. It's reliable, cost-effective to run, easy to maintain, and known for its great performance on the road. Furthermore, this vehicle stands out with its attractive design and cutting-edge technologies.

Toyota Fortuner


Toyota Fortuner


If you're searching for a 7-seater SUV that provides all the power and comfort of a luxury vehicle, look no further than the Toyota Fortuner. This SUV has become popular among car buyers due to its striking looks and impressive interiors.

It has also gained popularity for its low maintenance costs and reliable service network. Furthermore, it's one of the few cars on sale in Pakistan that provides high levels of safety features.

It's a popular choice for families as it offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo, plus boasts excellent safety ratings with cutting-edge technologies to guarantee your family travels safely on or off the road.

The Fortuner provides a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. It features a double wishbone/four-link suspension that provides 27 mm of ground clearance.

Another reason the Fortuner is popular is its fuel efficiency. With a fuel tank capacity of 80 liters and mileage rates up to 10 km per liter, this vehicle offers excellent value for drivers.

Drivers looking to save money on fuel will find this car an ideal option. Furthermore, its Associated ESTEC technology helps boost its thermal efficiency for even greater savings.

When it comes to reliability, the Fortuner doesn't disappoint. Its 2.8-liter engine is easy to keep running smoothly and its service intervals are fairly long.

The Fortuner offers a variety of trims to meet your needs. Those seeking an economical vehicle can select the G variant, while those needing plenty of off-road capability should go for the diesel 4x4. Furthermore, some hybrid options offer both performance and economy.

Honda Odyssey


Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey is an ideal 7-seater car for families or groups of friends who want to travel in luxury. With its spacious interior and powerful engines, this vehicle makes for great long trips or weekend getaways.

The Odyssey boasts several advantages over other minivans, such as its ride dynamics that feel more like a car than an SUV. This can be especially advantageous to busy families with young children since it provides a more stable driving experience for errands and carpooling than an SUV does.

In addition to providing a smooth and comfortable ride, the Odyssey also boasts plenty of safety features. It has active safety systems like lane departure warning and forward collision warning as well as a rearview camera for added peace of mind.

Given these facts, the Honda Odyssey is widely regarded as one of the best 7-seater cars to rent or buy in Pakistan. It comes in various sizes to meet a range of needs and budgets.

Aside from its safety features, the Honda Odyssey stands out in the market with its stylish design and comfortable interior. Its exterior elements include a bold grille and distinctive LED headlights that set it apart from other 7-seater cars.

This model comes in an array of colors, so you can pick the hue that works best for your aesthetic. Its interior features include a touchscreen display, dual-zone climate control, and power sliding doors.

When it comes to safety, the Odyssey is at the top of its class. It boasts a comprehensive approach that includes advanced technologies like Lane Keeping Assist and Collision Mitigation Braking System. Furthermore, there is also a rearview camera which helps drivers avoid accidents while driving.

It is comfortable and quiet, making it a great car for longer journeys. The front seats can comfortably accommodate adults as well as kids alike, while the third row offers space for two adults.

The Honda Odyssey boasts a powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine that produces 280 horsepower when coupled with its 10-speed automatic transmission. It is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations.

The Honda Odyssey offers a selection of engines to choose from, making it the ideal car for you. With its large trunk and fuel-efficient powertrain, this car makes an excellent choice for those planning long road trips.

Moreover, The Honda Odyssey comes in various trims and options, depending on the year and engine size. You can contact a Honda dealer to learn more about the model's specifications, pricing, and available features. It's important to do your due diligence before selecting which Honda Odyssey to purchase.

Toyota Fielder


Toyota Fielder


The Toyota Fielder is an estate car version of the popular Corolla nameplate. It boasts a host of impressive features and capabilities, as well as reliable engines that use less fuel. Making it the ideal choice for those needing reliable transport safely and efficiently, the Fielder makes for a great option.

Interior space is a major advantage for those seeking a vehicle that provides an accommodating and spacious driving experience. It boasts a one-touch storable rear seat that can be quickly and easily removed to increase cargo capacity.

Some models boast a trunk loading capacity of 872 liters, ideal for transporting large items. Furthermore, the Fielder comes equipped with various safety features designed to keep you secure on the road.

There are a variety of engine options to choose from, such as the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which can produce up to 130 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque. This engine comes standard with a 5-speed manual transmission but can be upgraded to an automatic one if desired.

A larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is also available, producing 155 horsepower and 165 pound-feet of torque. This engine can be paired with either a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission; 4WD is also an available option.

The Toyota Fielder is available in an extensive range of models and trim levels, as well as multiple color choices.

Its interior is spacious and comfortable, making it the ideal choice for anyone needing a vehicle that can comfortably transport their entire family around without any hassle. Furthermore, its practicality makes it ideal for carrying bulky items or freight.

In addition, the Toyota Fielder is easy to drive and maintain. It's fuel efficiency and low running costs make it a great choice for families or business owners who need regular access to town.

Another factor that makes the Toyota Fielder such a desirable car is its capacity. It can comfortably seat several people and boasts an expansive trunk for the storage of large items.

The Toyota Fielder offers several driving modes, such as automatic and manual transmissions, two-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive. If you're interested in eco-friendly driving, you can even opt for a hybrid powertrain.

In addition to these features, the Toyota Fielder also provides a selection of safety technologies. It has anti-lock brakes, a rearview camera, and traction control as well as airbags, and an adjustable rear spoiler. 

Furthermore, you can get your hands-free calling experience with hands-free music streaming through the audio system when connected to its entertainment center. You may even hook up your phone directly to the audio system for hands-free calling or streaming music directly.

DFSK Glory 580


DFSK Glory 580


Family road trips are the perfect opportunity to bond with your closest loved ones and the DFSK Glory 580 provides ample space and features that everyone in your group will enjoy.

This Chinese-made 7-seater SUV is sold in Indonesia at an unbeatable value price point. Powered by its 1.5L engine and continuously variable transmission, you can get this car for as little as RM88,000 without insurance.

In addition to offering great value, the Glory 580 also boasts many high-end features at a lower cost than its rivals. It comes equipped with LED headlights and taillights, chrome door handles, and roof rails as standard equipment.

The interior of the DFSK Glory 580 is equally impressive, boasting leather seats and an elegant dashboard. Additionally, there's a touchscreen infotainment system as well as Bluetooth connectivity for your phone.

For families searching for a new 7-seater car, this model offers all the essential safety features necessary for safe driving. It has front airbags, rear side-impact airbags, and electronic braking assistance.

Finally, the DFSK Glory 580 comes with a seven-year warranty - making it an ideal option for those seeking an affordable and practical SUV that will last for years to come.

The DFSK Glory 580 Pro is one of the most advanced 7-seater cars on the market today. It's advanced technologies and sophisticated features guarantee to set it apart from its rivals.

Kia Niro


Kia Niro


The Kia Niro is an SUV hybrid expected to launch in Pakistan by 2019. Combining petrol and electric power, this vehicle uses less fuel, making it an eco-friendly choice for drivers looking for fuel economy.

Its stylish exterior design makes it a show-stopper in town and on country trips alike. The front end boasts the iconic Tiger Nose grille, while the rear features an Aero Blade D-pillar (optional).

With a range of trims available, it's possible to create an interior that feels just as spacious and sophisticated as it appears. Enjoy a peaceful balance between technology and comfort when you sink into leather seats with an integrated memory system.

Inside the cabin, a large touchscreen provides access to infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It's complemented by a 4.3-inch instrument cluster display that showcases attractive semi-digital gauges.

The Niro handles exceptionally well for a vehicle in this class, even without using hybrid drive mode. Its agility and smoothness allow you to take corners with ease and enjoy the road in an entirely new light.

A parallel hybrid system utilizes both gasoline and electric power, providing class-leading efficiency with low CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this model features a Green Zone drive mode which automatically switches to electric power when entering residential areas or passing hospitals or schools to reduce emissions near sensitive groups of people.

All models come standard with an impressive array of safety features, such as advanced braking systems, a rearview camera, and traction control. Plus you get a head-up display, blind spot warning, and parking assist which uses ultrasonic sensors to alert you of nearby cars when entering or exiting an area.

On hot summer days, the air conditioning system is equipped with a ventilator and heated front seat to help cool you off. These seats feature an advanced management system that gradually lowers the temperature of the seat over time; protecting children and elderly passengers from burns.

The Niro's interior is spacious for a hybrid, boasting plenty of headroom and shoulder room. There's also a generous cargo area that can hold large boxes or stacks of flat objects. Plus, its versatile rear seatbacks split 60:40 and fold flat for added flexibility when packing up your gear.

The Kia Niro is powered by a 1.6-liter GDI engine paired with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack, producing 105 horsepower at 5,700 rpm and 15 kgm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

It is powered by a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission that can distribute both the gasoline engine and electric motor's power. Additionally, the electric motor assists the gasoline engine during deceleration by storing kinetic energy to recharge its batteries.

You can even set the Niro to automatically use its electric motor power based on navigation and driving history data. This setting, known as "Green Zone Drive Mode," helps reduce emissions when driving in certain places.

Once inside Niro's spacious cabin, you'll discover a blend of contemporary and classic design elements. Plus, you can customize your vehicle with various technology features to stay connected to the world around you.

The Niro boasts an array of safety features, such as forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. Plus, you can upgrade to the Touring model which adds lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control for even greater peace of mind.

The Niro is one of the best hybrids on the market and is also very affordable. It makes an ideal vehicle for those seeking a reliable and efficient car that can take them anywhere.

KIA Sorento


KIA Sorento


The KIA Sorento is one of Pakistan's best 7-seater cars for families, offering stylish design and ample interior space. It also comes equipped with several advanced features like a touchscreen infotainment system and a rear-view camera to maximize convenience.

The Sorento comes in three trim levels: LX, GLS, and GT. Each model offers a selection of features designed to make driving more enjoyable - like dual-zone climate control, touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, steering wheel controls, and more.

On certain trim levels, you can get a panoramic roof and power tailgate. In addition, the Sorento also comes equipped with six airbags, hill start assists, and Vehicle Stability Control for added peace of mind.

The exterior design of the Sorento is bold and stylish. It boasts a tiger-nose grille, sleek body, low-profile roof, and sporty alloy wheels for added flair.

Inside, the Sorento boasts a spacious dashboard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that offers wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. This system works well with smartphone pairing and can playback a variety of audio files.

The Sorento also comes equipped with a rear-view camera, automatic headlights, and more for added comfort for all passengers. Available in an array of colors, this car is sure to please everyone on board.

It offers plenty of room and is perfect for families. It can accommodate seven passengers, with three rows of foldable seats that open up the cargo area.

Overall, the Sorento is a reliable vehicle that will serve you well for many years to come. Plus, its eco-friendliness makes it an excellent choice for anyone searching for a new SUV.

The Sorento is offered with two engine options: a 2.4-liter four-cylinder and 3.5-liter V6. Both provide ample power while being highly efficient. Plus, there's the plug-in hybrid option which can travel up to 35 miles on electric power alone. Also, this SUV boasts numerous advanced safety features that make it suitable for everyone's needs.

Honda Fit Shuttle


Honda Fit Shuttle


The Honda Fit Shuttle is a 7-seat hybrid car that boasts plenty of practical features. It's ideal for families with children due to its large trunk area and comfortable seating. Furthermore, driving this vehicle is effortless due to its good fuel economy ratings.

This car's design is functional, yet still visually appealing. The front features a trapezium-shaped grille with chrome accents, while rectangular air intakes run along its length. Finally, at the rear, there's an upward-sloping taillight that extends toward the center of the tailgate.

This model is powered by a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine that produces 117 horsepower and 106 lb.-ft. of torque - enough to accelerate the car from zero to 60 miles per hour in just over seven seconds.

This model comes in multiple trim levels and is an affordable hybrid vehicle that boasts impressive fuel economy. It's perfect for families who like to take long road trips.

This model boasts the world's first double-hinge structure and reversible floorboards, enabling it to be configured differently for different types of cargo. Plus, it comes equipped with a satellite-linked navigation system.

One of the greatest features of this car is its lane watch camera, which helps avoid accidents and traffic jams. Plus, it boasts world-class safety components as well as an extended warranty.

This model is an excellent option for those who require a secure and dependable 7-seater car to accompany them on all of their adventures. It also boasts an attractive interior as well as impressive safety features, making it a secure pick for anyone searching for a new automobile.

The Honda Fit Shuttle is both affordable and user-friendly, making it a great choice for families with larger households. Available in various models, the Fit Shuttle has become increasingly popular throughout Pakistan.

It comes in 6 colors: Platinum White, Silver Metallic, Shining Gray, Crystal Black Pearl, Midnight Blue, and Premium Red. Plus it has a push-button start and satellite navigation system which can be purchased for around 2 million rupees. 

This vehicle can accommodate seven passengers and provides plenty of luggage space. It's an economical option for Pakistani families, making it the ideal pick if you need a reliable, safe vehicle to drive.

Honda Freed


Honda Freed


The Honda Freed is an excellent option for anyone seeking a reliable car with superior features. Plus, its stylish design adds to its charm and makes it look visually pleasing. Available in various variants, you can pick which one best meets your needs and budget.

This car is an affordable and popular option for those seeking a vehicle that can accommodate up to seven passengers. It boasts an expansive interior with plenty of luggage capacity, as well as a high-quality exterior perfect for families.

As its name implies, the Honda Freed is built upon the Honda Fit platform but features a stretched wheelbase and torsion beam suspension. Powered by a 1.5-liter single-cam i-VTEC engine that produces 118 PS and 146 Nm of torque, coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission, the Freed offers exceptional versatility.

The Freed is equipped with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol engine that produces 118 PS at 6600 RPM. This motor is coupled to a five-speed automatic transmission for smooth and comfortable driving.

Though it may appear underpowered for a 7-seater vehicle, the Honda Freed is actually quite powerful. With an impressive top speed of 125 km/h and a range of 1,200 kilometers on one tank of gas, drivers will enjoy this vehicle's capabilities to the fullest.

The Freed Hybrid's second-row seating arrangement is an excellent feature, allowing the center armrest to be folded down when two passengers are in the back. This makes for a more comfortable driving experience for all passengers in the back.

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