Green Apple Strain

Green Apple strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid between AK 47 and Old Haze that features citrus, pine needles, and sour notes that can evoke feelings of nostalgia while relaxing the mind's cortical regions.

The Green Apple strain is a Sativa-dominant marijuana variety bred from AK 47 and Old Haze that boasts high-yielding and thrives best in warm Mediterranean climates, producing flowers with citrus, pine needles, and sour and sweet notes that delight taste buds.

This sativa strain is an excellent option for daytime use. Its stimulating effects will help you focus and concentrate, while simultaneously elevating your mood and providing energy boost. Green apple's genetic origin remains unknown due to breeder secrecy. On average, its THC concentration averages 19%.

Green apple strain is a Sativa marijuana strain that leaves you feeling cozy and nostalgic, like eating fresh pie out of the window. Skunk and Pine combined with Spicy undertones create this special marijuana strain.

This cannabis strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors. New growers should keep in mind that this variety may be susceptible to mold and mildew when exposed to damp and chilly environments during cultivation.


This sativa variety of green apple strains is well-loved by cannabis users due to its stimulating effects and fruity scent, providing users with an uplifted feeling and improved mental clarity. It can boost appetite while relieving pain from depression or anxiety symptoms; additionally, it increases focus and creativity to create productive days - perfect for creative professionals or productive days overall! With high concentrations of Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene. it makes an excellent choice for improving mood and mental clarity!

This strain evokes freshly cut apples with a slight tart sourness in its aroma and flavor profile, and the taste is very distinctive; you may notice the taste lingering on your tongue after taking this strain in the daytime as its euphoric and energetic effects will awaken all senses. Furthermore, this strain provides stimulation while stimulating activities like painting or writing.

As this strain may cause dizziness and drowsiness, it is best to start small before gradually increasing it - this way you will experience its desired effects without side effects such as dizziness or hallucinations.

For those wishing to cultivate this variety of marijuana, it is recommended that they select a sunny location. As these plants produce lots of resin, additional watering may be required than with other varieties; however, these easy plants have high yields with little hassle, are resistant to mold, and bloom beautifully with unique characteristics often described as "spongy".

This cannabis strain is ideal for anyone looking to escape their troubles and relax with something tasty and zesty. With strong citrus, pine needles, sour, and sweet flavors combining motivation with relaxation and energy. With high THC levels delivered via its Sativa dominant genetics and powerful body and mind experiences it delivers powerful body and mind experiences suited for treating insomnia, stress anxiety muscle spasms as well as pain control - not to mention a 9-week flowering period that should allow harvest by early October!


Green apple strain is a potency indica strain with strong relaxing qualities. It provides a deep body high that relieves anybody's pain while helping you unwind from daily stresses, relieving you of chronic stress, insomnia, and anxiety symptoms. Although its name reveals more of its taste than expected - tart apples with fruit flavors provide light flavoring. Suitable for anyone looking to unwind after an exhausting day; ideal for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic stress insomnia, or anxiety.

This cannabis strain is easy to grow and produces large yields. It features dense but fluffy neon green buds with sparse dark olive-green twisty leaves, thick rich amber hairs and coated in milky white almost amber trichomes and sweet sticky resin for an amazing appearance with its distinct skunky-sweet aroma and taste of freshly picked green apples reminiscent of freshly picked green apples; typically boasting 15-18% in THC level on average.

Green Apple Pie is a sativa dominant hybrid between Old Haze and AK 47, boasting both its parentage's citrus scent as well as an alluring pine and earth flavor profile. Green Apple Pie's stimulating yet uplifting effects provide you with relaxation while still being productive or playing with children. 

This marijuana strain makes an excellent companion on hikes or relaxing under trees on pleasant days - its stimulating but relaxing effects make the experience enjoyable while remaining functional!

Effects of this strain are immediate and dramatic, starting with relaxation that washes over your body, then an energy rush that may last up to two hours. It has long been used to relieve chronic aches and pains, headaches, digestive disorders, and mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

This cannabis strain features an inviting fragrance and powerful high, making it the ideal way to unwind after a hard day's work. Furthermore, this strain's long list of medical benefits makes it suitable for treating an array of conditions including bipolar disorder, insomnia, and digestive issues such as loss of appetite or nausea.


Green Apple Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain bred by crossing AK47 with Old Haze, boasting THC levels reaching 18% for therapeutic and recreational use. Its terpene profile contains an abundance of linalool, limonene, farnesene, and caryophyllene for an aromatic and fruity experience that leaves tiny hairs curving between sugar leaves with red-orange pistils for a subtle red tint, and its buds are covered in crystal trichomes for an attractive frosty appearance.

It should be recommended for anyone wanting a refreshing yet relaxing way to treat themselves after stressful days at work - perfect! It should also be recommended for those suffering from mood disorders or bipolar disorders who wish to feel calm or even take an approach when trying something like this strain of marijuana!

Like other Sativa-dominant hybrids, this strain does not provide a heavy body high; rather it produces a mild and relaxing head buzz perfect for daytime use. Users have reported increased focus and creativity as well as motivation while reducing stress and anxiety due to this cannabis strain.

Green Apple Pie strain has a high CBD content and provides uplifting effects, making it a good option for depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and even fatigue. It can even help alleviate fatigue by stimulating appetite. With its delicious aroma of sweet and tangy green apples, it will please your palate. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors but requires experienced growers as it does not tolerate harsh climates well and succumbs easily to mold or mildew damage.

Green Apple Pie strain is an ideal way to try something unique and satisfying, with its distinct taste and aroma set to impress and its effects sure to bring joy. However, pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid this strain as its use could potentially have adverse consequences on an unborn fetus.


Green Apple Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain created from the genes of two popular strains: AK-47 and Old Haze. This hybrid makes an excellent choice for recreational and therapeutic use alike; with high THC levels but low CBD amounts making it perfect for pain treatment while offering a nostalgic apple pie aroma and flavor reminiscent of old-school apple pies - leaving users relaxed and calm!

People suffering from mood disorders like depression and bipolar could find this strain useful. It has been known to help induce a stress-free and calm state, often associated with feelings of euphoria. Furthermore, this strain is an ideal choice for insomniacs as well as sleep disorder sufferers; furthermore, it stimulates appetite while alleviating nausea symptoms.

This cannabis strain boasts a high THC level, meaning it could cause serious side effects, such as paranoia. Before beginning with this strain, it is important to fully understand its risks; to minimize side effects it is recommended to start slowly by increasing dosage over time; other cannabinoid products may also help.

The Green Apple Pie Strain Feminized seeds are an effective hybrid that can be grown indoors and outdoors. It produces large buds covered with trichomes, featuring bright green hues with amber hairs for an intense citrus and fruity scent, with sweet undertones of citrus and spice flavors - the offspring of two top cultivars such as Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 as parents.

This plant produces an abundant harvest, but novice growers may find it challenging. Yield is affected by genetics, cultivation environment, and soil mixture; temperature and humidity play an integral role in producing superior product quality; flowering takes approximately 9-10 weeks.

Green Apple Pie Feminised can be grown indoors or outdoors, though novice growers should avoid cultivating this strain due to the difficulty in maintaining a stable environment for growing this strain and its susceptibility to mold and mildew growth. Furthermore, this strain grows slowly and requires regular feeding sessions.

It Is a Sativa-Dominant Strain

Green Apple Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain with an intense scent of green apples and citrus fruits, providing you with an exhilarating sensory experience. Its fruity taste transports you back to a carefree time while its uplifting effects make it perfect for daytime use. Terpinolene, caryophyllene, and humulene combine for a relaxing yet uplifting experience, while its high levels of CBD help promote focus and clarity of thought.

The Green Apple Pie strain is an innovative hybrid created by crossing two exceptional cannabis varieties AK 47 and Old Haze. This Sativa-dominant cultivar flowers in 9 weeks and produces above-average yields. With citrusy piney and earthy aromas that will give motivation and relaxation simultaneously. Plus, its THC levels range from moderate to high!

This sweet-smelling strain boasts candy-like flavors with strong-acting effects, offering relief for insomnia, anxiety, and appetite loss. Ideal for relaxation on a couch-sitting evening with friends or watching Netflix marathons; use with caution as too much can cause sedation.

Although this cannabis strain is Sativa dominant, it does possess some Indica characteristics. Its soothing effects will relax your body, making it perfect for rainy days or binge-watching Netflix marathons. 

Moreover, unlike many Sativa strains which tend to make people restless or anxious; rather its stimulating qualities will expand creativity while opening new horizons for you to discover.

This fruity-smelling strain features a sweet candy-like flavor and powerful effects. A Sativa dominant cultivar, its high levels of terpinolene and caryophyllene provide an uplifting effect, helping reduce stress and anxiety as well as treat depression, lack of appetite, and fatigue. 

Furthermore, its benefits may help increase energy levels while decreasing inflammation - an ideal remedy for people living with chronic pain or headaches; its low THC content makes this an excellent option for beginners.

Green Apple offers invigorating mental stimulation ideal for daytime use as it improves focus and creativity while high levels of terpinolene, caryophyllene, and humulene contribute to its stimulating qualities.

It Is a High-Yielding Strain

Yield depends on several factors, such as seed genetics and growing environment. Fertilizer use and soil mixture can have an impactful on yield as well. Bud quality also plays an important role in producing large buds with more trichomes and higher THC contents; high-quality cultivars produce these traits more abundantly than others.

This hybrid between AK-47 and Old Haze produces a powerful yielding variety with 32% THC content. The fruity taste reminiscent of apple pie comes through strongly while its frosty covering of trichomes and orange pistils makes the flower even more desirable for growers. Aroma-wise it boasts sweet/sour notes of apple and peach for an intense experience.

Green Apple Juice Auto is an excellent strain to use when looking to boost their mood or relieve stress and anxiety. It is famous for its high levels of THC, which may lead to feelings of euphoria and increased creativity, along with its potency flavor profile that boasts rich and complex notes reminiscent of green apple peels due to a rare terpene called alpha-farnesene.

Beyond its emotional benefits, this strain may also help ease physical pain. It has proven successful at treating arthritic discomfort, muscle spasms, and chronic fatigue and can reduce depression or stress.

This strain combines 50-50% sativa and indica varieties and features an aromatic lemony sweetness to complement its apple aroma, making it a versatile strain suitable for any time of day or night. For those experiencing insomnia, its relaxing qualities help facilitate better restful nightly sleeping habits.

This strain's aroma evokes freshly baked apples for an irresistibly pleasant citrusy taste, while its long-acting effects make it perfect for focus-oriented users. Although its body buzz may not be as intense as other sativa strains, this one still provides a relaxing experience that helps create focus.

This sativa-dominant strain is beloved for its stimulating effects and fruity flavors and remains popular with consumers who enjoy taking smaller doses of Sativa-dominant strains. Additionally, this variety features an ideal THC/CBD ratio that makes it suitable for users of all experience levels.

It Is a Good Strain for Stress Relief

Green Apple Pie Sativa Strain can provide an effective means of relieving stress. Its relaxing yet stimulating high can help people focus more positively in life; reduce depression, mood swings, and anxiety; boost appetite to aid those having difficulty eating due to medical conditions or stress; relieve chronic pain such as insomnia or sleep apnea symptoms while increasing creativity and attention spans.

This strain produces buds of bright green hue that resemble tart cooking apples with subtle amber hues and fluffy appearance. Although its fluffy appearance might initially be off-putting, its unique and endearing look lends the strain a charming and memorable aesthetic. Its scent consists of citrus, pine needles, and earth that will transport you right back to fall fruit picking while its taste blends sweet-tart flavors with caramel undertones for an unforgettable experience.

With a THC content of up to 18%, this strain delivers an intense high that can last hours after being inhaled. You will experience a slow-building sensation of euphoria followed by an energy burst that is motivational, creative and socially lubricating; then after relaxing into full-body relaxation mode.

Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel combine to produce this hybrid strain, perfect for anyone who appreciates apples. Its sweet yet zesty flavor features notes of citrus. Used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression while helping combat insomnia and loss of appetite - these strains have proven invaluable!

Rare strain that has not undergone significant modification and retains the genetics of its parents. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors and produces large yields in just 60 days! The flowering period for these plants varies.

Top Shelf Seeds has created an exciting hybrid strain known as Sour Apple that offers both fruity and euphoric qualities, and tropical pineapple notes for added euphoria. Perfect for increasing productivity and creativity.

This long-acting and intense strain is ideal for long-term and intense euphoria, giving energy, purpose, and direction. Additionally, its relaxing qualities will ease anxiety while making sleep easy - ideal for daytime use but equally enjoyable at nighttime!

It Is a Calming Strain

Green apple strain offers an effective way to relax. Although its effects take time to kick in, once they do you will quickly feel calm and at peace - perfect for insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety sufferers, or people coping with eating disorders. Furthermore, this strain has also been known to boost appetite which makes it a powerful choice.

Parent strains give this strain its unique aroma and taste. The flavor combines tart with notes of pine needle and citrus, with its pungent scent recalling Sour Diesel but offering something extra sweet - making for a unique strain!

This strain boasts a moderate THC concentration that provides wide-ranging medicinal benefits. THC found within this strain can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and promote sleep; boost mood and combat depression; as well as provide energy-boosting properties to help users focus on life's important tasks; it may not be ideal for productive days but ideal for cozying up in front of the television watching movies!

Green Apple Pie is an intense sativa strain with an irresistibly fruity scent and delicious taste reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie. The dense buds boast neon green leaves with sparse dark olive-green twisty leaves and rich amber hairs. Also, these buds are coated with an abundance of milky white nearly amber trichomes for extra terpenes.

This strain contains an impressive THC level of around 20% and is an excellent way to get quick relief for aches and pains or an instant mood booster. The balance provided by CBN and CBD helps create an overall better experience than its THC alone can. 

Furthermore, its therapeutic terpene content enhances its therapeutic benefits further making this an excellent choice for anxiety, chronic stress, or depression sufferers as well as nausea or fatigue sufferers.

It Is a Good Strain for Insomnia

This strain is an ideal option for insomnia due to its relaxing and soothing effects, and may also assist with pain and anxiety relief. With its fruity scent and flavor as well as a hint of spices, using either a bong or vaporizer for best results is recommended; this strain should not be consumed by those with sensitive lungs.

This Indica-dominant strain boasts a THC concentration of up to 25% and offers relaxing and sedative effects to aid with insomnia and stress relief. Furthermore, its appetite-enhancing qualities may help combat eating disorders; its aroma recalls fresh green apples mixed with sweet spices and earthy musk.

Indica strains are well-known for producing relaxing and stoned effects, making them a suitable remedy for insomnia. However, their potency may prove too strong for some users so it is wise to start slowly with smaller dosages before increasing accordingly.

Some users have reported feeling paranoid after taking this strain, although this may not affect everyone. You may experience headaches and dizziness; these side effects should only last temporarily.

Green Apple Kush is an extremely popular cannabis strain with many medical and recreational advantages, from relieving insomnia to providing deep restful sleep, to depression relief, pain management, and appetite suppression.

This strain offers an irresistibly delicious combination of sweet and tart apple flavors. The scent reminds you of freshly cut green apples with subtle sweetness from caramel; its taste combines both green apples and caramel for a delectably satisfying blend of both sweet and sour notes.

This cultivar produces large yields with minimal effort. Easily grown indoors or outdoors, its short flowering period and resistance to mold make this cultivar highly sought-after among growers. Furthermore, its versatility allows growers to combine it with other hybrid varieties.

It Is a Good Strain for Daytime Use

Green Apple OG is an ideal daytime option, providing users with a powerful cerebral buzz that leaves them feeling refreshed and focused while also offering a soothing body high that relieves stress, anxiety, chronic pain, or insomnia. 

Green Apple OG contains 15-18% THC and boasts its signature fruity and spicy aroma that recalls granny smith apples doused in powdered sugar; additionally, it sports dense yet fluffy neon green buds covered with sparse dark olive green twisty leaves and covered with milky white almost amber trichomes covering them both.

The Green Apple OG strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid (90% sativa/10% Indica), developed at Green Apple Co-Op farms by breeders known for keeping their genetics secret; however, reports indicate a moderate THC level between 15%-18%. With its signature flavors of freshly baked apple pie and tart granny smith apples dusted with powdered Sugar, this strain quickly gained consumer approval.

Aroma: Sweet and fruity, its buds boasting vivid green colors dotted with reddish-orange pistils. Though its buds appear fluffy or mold-like, don't be alarmed - just cannabis! Perfect choice for those sensitive to pungent strains of marijuana.

Although Sativa-dominant, its effects resemble more Indica. With just a few tokes, your muscles will relax as creative juices begin to flow and your body begins to slow down - perfect if you need to complete a project or work on long-term tasks. Furthermore, this strain may help ease anxiety, stress, or depression symptoms.

This cannabis strain may not be legally available for recreational use in all states and it's wise to consult a certified budtender before purchasing. Also, check local laws in your area regarding consumption methods and dosage forms allowed there.

It Is a Good Strain for Sleep

This strain is an ideal option for insomniacs, with its sedative effects helping you sleep soundly and awake feeling refreshed. Furthermore, studies have also demonstrated its ability to ease minor pains and lower anxiety. For optimal results the proper dosage must be utilized - or else risk overdoing it!

As its name suggests, this strain boasts a robust apple aroma and taste. Its vibrant green hue resembles tart cooking apples while its dense, fluffy buds possess an appealingly sticky texture making it suitable for smoking in either a joint or vape pen.

The high from this strain begins slowly and builds steadily, initially hitting your mind with waves of calmness that help clear away stress and exhaustion before giving way to a body buzz that leaves you feeling warm and cozy all over. This strain makes an excellent way to unwind on rainy days by watching movies or Netflix!

This hybrid contains both indica and sativa genes. Known for its relaxing effects and fruity flavors, this strain is an excellent way to ease stress and anxiety relief as well as insomnia or mild depression. Beginners would benefit greatly from trying this strain out as an introduction.

Green Apple Runtz offers an easygoing high, with flavors of tart apples and citrus fruits. Its euphoric and psychedelic effects will leave you feeling happy and at ease - perfect for day trips with friends or relaxing nights at home!

The soothing properties of this strain make it an excellent solution for insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain sufferers. With high THC content and sedative properties that will help you fall asleep quickly for a restful night's rest, this strain also works well to alleviate digestive issues as well as muscle soreness.

This strain is the result of crossing Cinderella 99 with Sour Diesel, producing a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC levels that boasts an irresistibly sativa aroma and flavor reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie.

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