11 Best Foot Fetish Sites for Selling and Buying Feet Pics in 2023

There are many websites dedicated to foot fetishes that cater specifically to people who like seeing, touching, or owning other people's feet. Certain of these sites even specialize in certain kinds of feet - heels and boots among them!

Are you searching for fetish singles near you? There are various sites designed to bring like-minded people together, making connecting easier. Some offer more intimate environments and are safer than others, making these ideal spaces for expressing yourself and showing interest.

Foot fetishes are sexual desires for feet. People may enjoy looking at, touching, massaging, or licking feet; others enjoy wearing sexy shoes or stockings that enthrall them.

Some individuals' foot fetishes revolve around what's on their feet, whether that includes shoes, stockings, or socks. Others enjoy how high heels make their feet appear. There are websites dedicated to serving this niche interest, enabling users to buy and sell feet pictures and videos.

Various websites feature fetish foot content. While some focus solely on feet, others also showcase them with lingerie or stockings. These platforms are an excellent way to meet other foot lovers as well as gain financial compensation for your work.

If you are passionate about feet fetishes, various dependable websites offer pre-made and customized feet pictures, along with platforms that enable people to buy and sell content. Some even enable buyers to participate in "financial domination," which involves submissives giving money directly to their dominants as part of a sexual encounter.

Numerous people around the world share an affinity for feet photos; even famous figures will often admit to this fascination with feet images.

Foot fetishists who wish to sell photos online of feet have an increasingly profitable online opportunity by selling feet images for profit. Before selling content online, however, they must assess both their comfort level and legal obligations first!

Sell Feet Pics

Selling feet pics can be an extremely profitable venture for those with the right mindset and business strategy. Most sellers expand their offering beyond images to videos, custom orders, and chat services - as long as communication remains private and an individual email account is used, this business model should prove both lucrative and safe - but always remain wary when communicating with buyers who seem suspicious or overly persistent.

The internet has become a vast source of knowledge, and numerous websites allow users to sell photos of their feet online. These platforms boast a diverse customer base including foot fetishists, stock photo sites, and product developers; other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, may also allow sellers to sell images. 

If you are interested in selling feet pictures, be aware of some potential risks. In particular, protecting yourself against stalkers and scammers by keeping all transactions digital and using a virtual private network (VPN) while communicating with buyers can help keep transactions safe.

Selling feet photos online can yield enormous profits; it is just essential to understand who your audience is and the type of content you are selling. When selling feet pictures, it is wise to avoid disclosing your full name, address, and phone number as this can attract unwanted attention and even lead to identity theft. If any suspicious or unlawful conduct arises from any platform used for selling the images you should report this immediately either with them directly or contact law enforcement for investigation.

When taking pictures for these websites it is recommended that high-quality photographs with few filters and props be taken without using expensive digital cameras; alternatively using your smartphone can capture more detail than conventional cameras.

Photographing foot content efficiently requires taking the appropriate type of pictures. In particular, it's essential that no identifying features, like tattoos or birthmarks are revealed in them. Aside from taking great pictures, using watermarks will prevent people from downloading your photos without payment and ensure you receive payment before sending pictures out to buyers.

Selling foot pictures can be an excellent way to make extra cash, from stay-at-home moms and elderly folks, all the way up to stay-at-home moms and retirees. There are multiple websites such as Feetfinder where you can sell them; some pay as little as $5 per picture while others offer much higher amounts. You could also connect a YouTube channel directly to your FeetFinder account to increase profits further.

Experienced sellers can make thousands of dollars annually by selling feet pictures on various platforms. One nursing student found her dirty feet pics were immensely popular on FeetFinder and now makes hundreds of dollars each month selling them on FeetFinder.

Our top selection, FeetFinder is a dedicated site offering buyers and sellers a safe marketplace, while providing personalized content through subscription models and verification procedures. Subscribers can interact directly with sellers for customized experiences.

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is one of the world's premier foot content platforms online, featuring an abundance of categories and sellers from around the globe. While this provides shoppers with ample choice, sellers may find themselves struggling to stand out against so much competition.

As a seller, you must understand foot fetishes and your boundaries before posting images online. Furthermore, your photos could potentially be seen by strangers; FeetFinder does offer safety by blurring images before they are sold for purchase to ensure everyone remains comfortable and safe.

The site also provides a communication system, which allows buyers and sellers to interact. You have the option of keeping your identity confidential; however, this may put your safety at risk by showing your face or providing information such as real names.

FeetFinder stands out as an extremely safe and secure marketplace. With an easy-to-use interface and smooth process, it makes the perfect platform for selling or buying feet pictures.

FeetFinder sellers who want to be successful must build an individual brand and promote their content effectively. Be sure to provide complete descriptions with appropriate details, and creative titles, and use specific niche keywords - for instance instead of using "soles," use more descriptive language like "blonde girl rubbing lotion on soft soles" -- this will set yourself apart from competitors and attract more buyers; alternatively you could consider setting up a private profile to protect your privacy and avoid unwanted contact.

Buyers can purchase images and videos that have been blurred to protect the seller's privacy or subscribe for a monthly fee to view full-length videos and unlimited photos. Unlike other platforms, FeetFinder ensures buyer protection with its identity verification system to prevent scams.

This website is simple to navigate and features a range of foot categories and niches, including dirty feet, high heels, and pedicures as well as niches like bondage feet and food play. Beginners should start slowly to familiarise themselves with how best to navigate this marketplace and identify suitable buyers.

2. WikiFeet

WikiFeet's popularity with millions of hits each month makes it an indispensable resource for both casual admirers and hardcore foot fetishists alike. Founded by Eli Ozer - an Israeli computer programmer and animator who left his full-time job to focus on WikiFeet full time; according to him it now generates thousands of pounds a month - WikiFeet has quickly become one of the go-to foot databases on the Internet.

This website showcases celebrity feet and photos taken by amateur and professional photographers alike, along with an active community forum where users can discuss their favorite feet pictures and exchange tips on taking better pics. Membership to the site is free; however, there may be fees if you wish to promote them further.

But most users of wikiFeet are dedicated to objective foot rating. Users such as BigDaddyWizz may even slander another user to achieve objectivity; others, like Hugo Jaxon, take more subtle approaches but remain firm in their commitment. No matter your approach or approach to rating feet on this site, wikiFeet provides an amazing space where foot lovers can come together.

3. Feet4Cash

Feet4Cash provides another convenient option for selling feet pictures online, with low minimum payout requirements and secure wire transfer as a payment method. They're an ideal solution for those wanting to avoid scams.

Sellers can create an account and register by providing details like their display name, age, height, and gender. Once their account is created they can upload feet content and set their prices as well as create collections to make finding images and videos easier for buyers. Their platform supports secure checkout payments to protect sellers against chargebacks while encouraging professional interactions between them and buyers.

4. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an increasingly popular website that allows users to purchase and download adult photos and videos for purchase or download. Offering an expansive library, OnlyFans makes its services easily navigable with PayPal payments accepted as well as credit card options for payment.

This feature allows users to decide whether to display some or all of their content for free or hide it entirely, helping sellers attract buyers while saving the best content for paying subscribers. Furthermore, users can chat with potential buyers to negotiate other sales or fulfill custom requests.

Critics have often accused this platform of objectifying women and reinforcing negative stereotypes, yet it remains an important source of income for many women creators on it. If you use it yourself as a creator, be sure to communicate frequently and courteously with your audience; never respond to threats or harassing messages as this will only encourage more unwanted behavior from users.

5. Feetify

Feetify is a marketplace dedicated to connecting feet picture sellers with interested buyers. With a niche focus on feet pictures, their targeted exposure ensures maximum exposure for potential buyers while their seller support services offer assistance and guidance to sellers. A small percentage of earnings goes toward platform fees while joining can be more challenging due to an intensive verification process.

Feetify sellers must provide high-quality photos and videos of their items for sale while maintaining professional conduct when dealing with buyers. If any unwanted attention or harassment arises from the other person(s), report them immediately by blocking them from your account on Feetify - you could even report it directly to law enforcement! 

The site also offers daily cash awards to premium sellers who consistently post high-quality content; these rewards only become available by upgrading to premium membership at $49 annually.

6. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for selling feet photos, offering users a user-friendly interface and solid potential earnings potential. However, some security concerns should be taken into account before selling such content on Instagram.

As with any business, posting photos and videos of feet is key for potential buyers. Shoes and accessories should also be featured so buyers can select which items they wish to buy from your offerings. You could also sell videos of your feet that have proven popular among feet fetishists.

7. Reddit

Reddit offers free membership to fans of foot fetish. Here you can post photos and videos of your feet to buyers looking for them; to remain safe when selling online photos of feet for profit use a virtual private network (VPN) as this will protect your identity when selling feet pics online.

Craigslist can also be an effective platform to sell foot photographs. However, be careful when posting as doing so could expose you to stalkers or criminals - using a VPN and blurring content can provide extra protection.

No matter whether you're selling pictures of your own feet or hiring models, creating high-quality images that will attract buyers is paramount to making more money and enjoying a rewarding career as a photographer. Keep in mind that people with foot fetishes will only pay for attractive feet photos.

8. Feet Lovers Only

Feet Lovers Only is a website dedicated to selling pictures and videos related to feet. It features an easy payment system and user-friendly interface and lets you link your social media accounts for added exposure and sales. Watermarking your photos is recommended to protect their rights and safeguard their privacy by protecting against scammers gaining access to personal data.

This site connects buyers and sellers in a safe environment. Its website showcases an assortment of foot-related content ranging from nudist, seminude, and full-frontal shots of feet as well as video uploads by users themselves - with users browsing various collections to find the appropriate material for them.

Feet Lovers Only is an anonymous website where users can upload pictures of their feet for others to view. Its community includes men, women, and even children - it even supports mobile phone photos! 

9. Craigslist

Craigslist is an invaluable tool for those searching for feet-related photos and videos for sale, providing both buyers and sellers with a secure environment to transact safely. Additionally, its comprehensive search feature makes it simple to quickly locate exactly what you need.

Alternative approaches for finding someone with shared interests include foot fetish dating and personal ads. Though sharing details about your feet' interests may seem intimidating at first, opening up about them can open up new dimensions in relationships. While being honest about your interests is crucial, also know how to protect yourself against scams or any potential issues that might arise.

Craigslist can be an effective platform for selling photos. However, be wary as payments on this platform do not ensure security - if you are careless with payments you could end up losing money and dealing with difficult buyers - avoid this hassle by using more reliable sites such as Feetfinder instead.

10. Foap

Foap is an online platform that enables people to upload photographs and make money when they sell them while sharing their photos with the community. Use is free, with funds from selling photos being transferred directly into PayPal accounts. Foap also provides other means of earning money such as completing missions and answering surveys or purchasing coins to take part in premium missions.

Foap offers you a way to earn money through high-quality photo uploads, increasing the chance that someone will buy one from your portfolio. Try focusing on specific subjects like feet or even try creating images based on images that violate Foap's terms of service; just be mindful that any inappropriate or objectionable images will be deleted immediately from the platform by Foap staff.

Foap app is widely accessible and allows you to build your portfolio from any country around the globe. Downloading is free on iOS and Android devices, making it perfect for beginner investors. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes Foap an excellent way to start investing!

11. Kinkie

Kink is an expressive form of sexual stimulation involving physical arousal and sexual stimulation through play with feet, typically as part of consensual practice. There are various methods available for engaging in kink, while practice often occurs within supportive communities which can offer both sexual encounters as well as build meaningful relationships that transcend simple sexual connection.

Though not widely appreciated in society at large, kinks can provide great enjoyment to some individuals. FetLife can serve as a good starting point for those wanting to discover this area of interest.

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