Feetfinder Review - Is Feetfinder Legit?

FeetFinder takes steps to protect its users' safety. These measures include PCI compliance, third-party firewall protection, and secure payment processing; as well as requiring sellers to verify their identity and age for security reasons.

Feetfinder is a legitimate website that enables its users to earn extra income by selling photos of their feet online. Offering a safe and secure platform to sell content, buyers can easily track sales while sellers track purchases.

FeetFinder enables users to sell photos and videos of their feet online, featuring an easy signup process and a user-friendly user interface. Furthermore, its security is superior with SSL encryption and PCI-compliant compliance for added safety; additionally, it uses Sitelock technology to block bot traffic and protect sellers against scammers while offering instant payouts once reaching its minimum payout threshold of $30.

Selling feet pics on FeetFInder is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money online, requiring only an attractive profile photo and an in-depth bio that describes your hobbies, fetishes, and preferences. Sellers have the choice between showing or concealing their identities but must provide a photo ID as part of verification procedures.

This company enjoys an excellent reputation among users and provides a safe way of selling foot images. Their ID verification process helps prevent underage people from accessing its platform.

Privacy-conscious buyers and sellers will appreciate its comprehensive privacy policy that guarantees buyers are not shown in photos or videos, while sellers have the option of creating an anonymous display name without including their real names.

Is FeetFinder Legit?

Feetfinder provides an easy and legitimate way to make extra cash online, but requires dedication and work on your part. However, its platform allows for plenty of flexibility: sellers can set their prices, accept or decline special requests, meet buyers in person if preferred, and even choose when and how often special requests can be met if desired. 

When selling feet pics online be sure to use caution by not including personal information such as mailing or background details in their photos, and be wary when meeting buyers directly if meeting buyers in person is desired. If concerned about safety consider creating a separate email account just for selling feet pics through Feetfinder's secure payment system - creating another email account will do wonders for both parties involved!

Feetfinder, as a US-based company, adheres to PCI standards to ensure secure transactions and legitimate content delivery for users. Moreover, buyers must provide their credit card details upon signup to reduce fraudulent buyers and increase trust in the platform - something beneficial for both buyers and sellers alike.

FeetFinder not only offers secure and reliable payment methods, but it also boasts exceptional customer service for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers can request answers from live representatives while sellers can take advantage of an extensive FAQ section to answer frequently asked questions or contact its support team via live chat or phone to address issues that may arise.

Many may assume Feetfinder is a scam, but it is actually a legitimate platform for making money. Many have made a living from posting videos of their feet to YouTube; there are even YouTubers who monetize this content with ads for Feetfinder! But the beginner should remember this type of work may take longer to establish their reputation and earn consistent income than expected.

Feetfinder Is a Legitimate Website

Feetfinder is a site that allows individuals to sell pictures of their feet for extra cash, offering individuals an honest way of making some extra cash and existing for many years. Furthermore, Feetfinder features various security measures designed to protect buyers and sellers alike: ID verification and secure payment methods such as Segway and Paxum as well as taking any potential scams very seriously despite its reputation. Nevertheless, scammers may take advantage of vulnerable users, so always report suspicious behaviors immediately!

Joining is free for sellers, though you must be at least 18 years old to use the site. Once registered, users can upload pictures and videos of their feet directly onto their profiles for sale - once multiple high-quality photos have been uploaded you can begin earning money by selling them as soon as they've reached more people by sharing on social media or advertising them through ads.

To keep your feet looking their best, you must use a high-resolution camera. This will ensure your photos are clear and sharp; photo-editing software may even enhance them further. When selling photos online or elsewhere, however, make sure any identifying details are blurred out while keeping faces hidden from view.

No matter if you are an amateur or professional photographer, taking foot photos can bring in plenty of money. But to be successful at it takes dedication and hard work - to stand out amongst competition you must put in long hours and be patient enough.

Feetfinder is one of the premier websites for selling foot pics online, having launched in 2019 as the world's biggest marketplace for such content. Their popularity can be measured against high ratings on Trustpilot - currently reaching an astounding 4.8-star average rating from over 6,281 reviews!

FeetFinder stands out by having excellent privacy policies. They take data security very seriously, never sharing user information with third parties and requiring only valid ID and phone number verification for age verification - although any personal details provided for age verification purposes remain private and are kept strictly confidential.

It Is Safe

Feetfinder can be an easy and legitimate way for people to make money selling photos of their feet online. The sign-up process is fast and painless, while its ID verification requirement ensures sellers are real people and buyers trust sellers more easily. Furthermore, Feetfinder features several security measures such as an SSL certificate and a secure checkout page which should help safeguard against hackers gaining access to personal data.

Though some claim they can make thousands of dollars monthly with Feetfinder, this may not be feasible for everyone. To generate significant income on Feetfinder, you need to dedicate plenty of time and effort. In addition, focus on improving your marketing skills by optimizing your profile for search engines - choosing an eye-catching username can help attract potential clients!

Feetfinder stands out from social media platforms by having stringent guidelines governing what can and cannot be sold on its platform, such as nude content, illegal materials, and spam being prohibited from selling on it. This helps maintain an orderly experience for those looking to sell foot pictures online.

Feetfinder does not impose minimum earnings requirements to join, however, all users must first be verified as adults by uploading an image of their government-issued ID and taking a selfie with it. This process ensures all of its members are real people rather than bots or trolls and that buyers receive high-quality foot photos when searching.

The website offers numerous ways for members to make money, including referral programs and rewards programs. Members can earn points by taking surveys or watching videos; their rewards can then be used towards purchasing shoes or accessories. A member's account can only refer five friends per day; those wanting to earn more quickly may pay extra for a premium account which unlocks additional features to increase earnings.

It Is Easy to Use

Feetfinder is one of the largest dedicated platforms for selling feet pictures online, boasting an excellent seller rating on Trustpilot and being considered safe and user-friendly. Users can register quickly to begin selling pictures in less than a minute; adding videos of your feet could even bring in more buyers! However, please keep in mind that any earnings over $600 must be reported to the IRS using Segpay's 1099 form available exclusively to US citizens.

Feetfinder requires its sellers to be at least 18 years old with valid government ID to sell feet photos on its platform. Moreover, Feetfinder requests both a selfie and a picture of your face as identification methods that help verify their age - this ensures fake accounts do not pop up without real buyers knowing they exist and underage sellers do not exploit the system. Also, its strict no-nude policy prevents buyers from viewing content that contains breasts or buttocks that are exposed.

When uploading foot photos, it's essential to take them in an evenly lit room with a neutral background and without flash photography. Avoid taking images outside or in public areas where their settings could reveal your location. Also, ensure to obtain permission from buyers before posting photos of their feet; encourage private messages between you and buyers to build rapport and increase sales.

Once you've created an account, you can choose a username and password to start selling feet pictures. In addition to this information, we require email and credit card details as payment. When paying monthly or annual payments you have two options; with longer subscription periods saving more money overall.

FeetFinder boasts numerous security measures in place to safeguard both data and money. Sitelock can block bot traffic while PCI-compliant payment methods protect sensitive information from scammers. Plus, with popular platforms in America, Canada, and Britain - including FeetFinder itself! - making it an attractive solution for selling feet photos!


Feetfinder is a website that enables users to sell foot photos and videos. As one of the premier destinations for selling fetish content, it offers safe environments for both buyers and sellers alike. With its user-friendly interface, even beginners can use this platform without issue - upload as many images and videos as desired and set their prices without issue - almost all customers have reported having great customer care experiences here and receiving excellent support from staff members.

Start-off steps include creating and verifying their age as the site does not permit anyone under 18. Once users have created a profile, they can add photos and videos of their feet as well as write their bio and add personal details about hobbies, fetishes, likes, etc. Additionally, boosts can be purchased to increase profile views.

The site requires all its users to upload a government-issued ID for verification purposes and fraud prevention. Although users do not share these images among themselves, this should help to ensure all are kept safe; however, scammers have attempted to utilize these images fraudulently in some instances; therefore it's wise to be wary and do your research on your seller before handing over any money.

Feetfinder boasts a vast community of users, and its security measures are top-of-the-line. Sitelock is used to block bots while PCI standards ensure that payments are processed safely. Lastly, SSL protects sensitive data. You can identify secure websites by looking out for the lock symbol near the URL.

As a new user, it is best to start with the free basic account before upgrading to premium for more views and sales. Premium accounts do cost more but they will pay dividends in terms of making more money!

Signing Up

Feetfinder makes selling foot photos online simple with features designed to protect privacy and avoid fraud. Sitelock is installed to prevent bots from spamming its website, while payment methods comply with PCI standards and prohibit nude content, illegal material, and copyrighted content; thus ensuring a pleasant browsing experience for all.

Feetfinder requires sellers to be at least 18 years old with valid identification to establish themselves before beginning to sell on it. Once verified, you can begin signing up: by providing your email address and password; uploading photos of your feet for verification by Feetfinder before selling to buyers; uploading additional pictures if desired, and getting approved - ready to start selling images today.

Once you create an account on Feetfinder, it's essential to build relationships with buyers and keep them happy. Your buyers are more likely to buy more content if they feel like you know them personally and understand their interests and preferences; engaging your buyers via private messages and offers is one way of doing this, while personalized photos may also be created specifically for each customer.

While selling photos on the platform for free is possible, to maximize earnings it is wise to upgrade to premium membership for maximum earning potential. Premium members will gain more exposure for their images as they reach a wider pool of buyers; furthermore, they receive higher payouts and faster processing times than regular members.

FeetFinder makes signing up easy and fast. Once registered, you can add photos and personal information, including bios describing your interests and lifestyle choices. Furthermore, sharing your profile is also possible with friends and family - making the site great for women looking for extra income opportunities!

FeetFinder is one of the world's premier foot fetish platforms. Boasting thousands of verified buyers and sellers, this platform is widely considered safe, secure, and user-friendly. In case of disputes between buyer and seller, chargeback protection can also be availed through Segpay as their payout partner.


Feetfinder is an excellent way to make money by selling photos and videos of feet. The site provides a safe and secure platform where sellers can sell their content directly to buyers, with plenty of promotional tools to promote it further. Plus, Feetfinder gives sellers 14 14-day free trials so you can test out its platform before committing to a subscription fee subscription plan!

This site utilizes a secure encryption system to protect both your data and payments and features a third-party firewall to ward off attacks from malicious actors. Furthermore, to protect your privacy it is wise not to share personal information with buyers who request specific details; do not be afraid to say no if a buyer requests specifics!

Apart from protecting your identity, it is also vitally important that photos do not reveal identifying marks such as tattoos or birthmarks that could identify you. Furthermore, using an alternative email address for FeetFinder accounts allows you to avoid sharing your real email address with potential buyers; meeting buyers in person could put your safety at risk.

If you're new to online sales, you must understand both the payment process and how to set your prices. An in-depth knowledge of these aspects will enable you to develop an effective plan for selling feet pictures online. In addition, knowing how to market content via social media platforms will be crucial.

The use of keywords can help increase search engine rankings and attract potential buyers, increase click-through rate, and boost the chances of people buying your feet content. A catchy and creative username may encourage more people to look at your feet pictures; choose something relevant to your niche that also represents what type of foot content you offer. Be sure to also incorporate relevant keywords in your bio and profile page bio to increase its prominence within search results, while adhering to a consistent posting schedule to maintain quality content creation.

Payment Options

Feetfinder is an established, safe platform for selling feet pics. Their stringent security measures include third-party firewalls and encrypted servers to safeguard data against hackers, PCI compliance to ensure payments are processed smoothly, and SSL certification so all personal and payment data remains encrypted during its process. When making payments with Feetfinder it is wise to only enter information into websites with earned this certificate before entering personal or payment data into them.

FeetFinder requires its users to upload photos of both the front side of their ID and a selfie that shows the same face to verify identity and age. This ensures underage sellers do not tarnish their reputation; additionally, nude content, illegal material, and copyrighted works will not be posted as FeetFinder promotes professional environments for its users.

Feetfinder makes selling simple: sellers can create their profiles for free using the free version and post photos and videos of their items for sale. To increase exposure, premium members can pay an annual subscription for additional features that increase exposure; such as uploading more images/videos, customizing their profile further, and responding to buyers directly through messaging - making a worthwhile investment if selling regularly is part of your plan!

Setting realistic expectations when first starting on Feetfinder is key. While it can be an extremely profitable side hustle, you must dedicate both time and energy to marketing your content effectively. Furthermore, it could take several months before building a customer base or discovering which types of posts sell best; to avoid disappointment it's wise to commit to at least a year-long subscription plan.

Feetfinder is one of the premier feet photo marketplaces and an effective way to generate additional income from home. However, before diving in it's crucial that you understand its risks and conduct extensive research before signing up - including staying aware of scams or fake reviews online as a precautionary measure and knowing all legal implications associated with photography of feet subjects before beginning this endeavor.

Customer Service

FeetFinder is an excellent platform to purchase foot photos online; however, buyers must take precautions to prevent scams. They should never reveal their real names or contact information directly to sellers and only use PCI-compliant payment systems such as those found here to safeguard themselves against hackers while keeping their money secure. Furthermore, buyers should never agree to pay outside of this platform or meet directly with sellers in person.

Feetfinder takes customer service very seriously, offering many ways for their users to reach out for support. For instance, they provide a dedicated hotline and community forum where users can voice any issues with the site as well as an FAQ page with answers to frequently asked questions.

FeetFinder requires its users to undergo identity verification to sell content, which they do by uploading their government-issued ID and taking a selfie with it. FeetFinder keeps this data private and only uses it to connect with genuine content creators; additionally, their advanced fraud prevention system helps monitor any potential issues.

Feetfinder not only boasts an effective fraud detection system, but it also provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing accounts. Their secure SSL connection protects personal and financial data while their site utilizes site lock to block bot traffic - an essential feature to keep both buyers and sellers safe on the platform.


Feet Finder offers a safe and legitimate means of earning money by selling foot photos. Their members are protected with ID verification and credit card entry from buyers; additionally, they offer premium account options with additional marketing capabilities for sellers to increase exposure for their photos and reduce the risks of scams.

Becoming a seller on Feet Finder starts by creating an account. You must present valid identification, upload a picture of yourself holding it for face-matching purposes, and upload an ID picture to deter underage sellers and fake accounts from joining. In addition, Feet Finder uses Sitelock and PCI standards for payments ensuring your personal information stays safe from hackers.

Once registered, it's important to create your profile by uploading photos of your feet and writing a brief bio to inform potential buyers what type of shoes or other merchandise are you searching for. Furthermore, add links to any social media profiles to promote yourself effectively.

Make sure that when taking pictures, no part of your face can be seen. To reduce the likelihood of people recognizing you, take your shots in an undisturbed area with no landmarks or buildings nearby, or use photo editing software to either blur your features out completely or crop out their appearance entirely.

Once your profile is up and running, you should create a gallery of up to 15 images that best showcase your work and do not reveal any sensitive data. Once you start earning, Feetfinder will send a 1099 form from Segpay detailing how much of your sales covered transaction fees and paid data security costs; any earnings not taken up will remain yours to keep. To prevent being scammed when selling photos on Feetfinder, it's vitally important that you adhere to these rules when selling your photos online.


Feetfinder is one of the largest platforms dedicated to selling feet pictures online, and it has over 6,128 positive Trustpilot reviews from satisfied sellers. However, scammers may target genuine sellers and obtain their details; therefore, it is wise to always use a strong password to protect yourself against potential scammers.

FeetFinder requires its sellers to go through an identity and age verification process before selling any foot content, to detect bots or trolls and ensure a genuine selling experience. They will be asked to upload a photo of their ID as well as take a selfie alongside it to ensure a facial match between both entities; all information gathered during this verification will remain private and will only be used for verification purposes.

Sellers need a minimum balance of $30 to withdraw their earnings through Paxum and Segpay, both reputable companies with high-security standards that allow sellers to track sales and request weekly payouts.

Although not mandatory for feetfinder sellers to display their faces publicly, most choose to do so as it can help attract a wider pool of buyers and increase revenue potential. If this type of content bothers you, a fake profile could always be created instead.

Safety-wise, it is best not to reveal your real name or contact details with any buyer. If someone starts asking personal questions, end the dialogue immediately and report them immediately to customer support.

There are several types of scammers on foot content-selling websites, including Sugar Daddy Scammers, Gift Card Scammers, and Free Content Scammers. Each can compromise your personal information and lead to unwanted contacts outside the website.

To avoid scams, it's advisable to sign up for a year-long subscription on Feetfinder. This way you can gain experience using the platform and learn how to maximize earnings. Furthermore, it's also crucial that you learn about its payment systems so you don't provide personal details to anyone unwittingly.

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