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IF THE AD IS UP IT'S AVAILABLE (No need to send "Is this available" messages because it is)

This is it folks!! The absolute BEST, CLEAREST, SHARPEST version of the movie ever available!!

This is an ALL NEW direct transfer from a studio 35mm Print with some clean up and restoration done!! The end result is video quality comparable to a decent studio released DVD.

This IS NOT from the UK VHS Source
This IS NOT from the Japan Laserdisc
This IS NOT from the one time UK Broadcast in 2006

Don't be fooled by others claiming they are selling HD copies of the movie.. they are NOT, that's a lie.. true HD quality will never exist for this film BUT, this DVD is the absolute HIGHEST QUALITY transfer of the film that has ever existed and MILES ABOVE EVERY OTHER VERSION OUT THERE!!

Answers to your questions:

I have already bought an older version from you can I exchange it for this one?

NO, BUT I will offer discounts to upgrade to this newer version, if you would like to upgrade a past purchase you made from ME go to your ORDERS section, find the order you placed with me and message me THROUGH THAT ORDER, if you request to upgrade without going through your original order it will be ignored, there are multiple sellers of the movie on here, I do not offer upgrade discounts for purchases made from other sellers.

Yes it in English

No there are no subtitles

Yes it's the complete movie unedited

Yes it will work in USA DVD players

Yes it's Available

Are there special features for this DVD?
No, sadly this DVD comes with no extras, it's movie only.. if you desire a decent watchable DVD with extra features look at my other items and purchase the old version, this DVD is for those who want the movie in as close to perfect quality that will ever be.

No it's never been "Banned" that's a myth, the choice to no longer support it by the studio was exactly that.. a choice.

How did you get this DVD?
75 years ago this film was released, 75 years is the magic number for 99% of the countries in the world for rights to expire, thus this film is now Public Domain in 99% of the world, it's sourced from outside of the USA.

New and Unused, Sealed DVD

Original 1946 Full Length Uncut Movie

94 Minutes Running Time
Region 0 for use World-Wide
1:33:1 Full Screen
Audio: English, Mono 2.0
No subtitles, No Closed Captioning

Song of the South is a blend of live action and animation, based on the popular "Uncle Remus" stories of Joel Chandler Harris. Set in the years just after the Civil War, the story begins with young Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) being sent to live at the southern plantation of his grandmother (Lucile Watson) while his parents contemplate divorce. At first disconsolate, the boy is cheered up by African-American handyman Uncle Remus (James Baskett), who tells him many delightful fables concerning the clever trickster Br'er Rabbit, whose adventures are illustrated in cartoon form. Each story has a moral, which Johnny applies to the exigencies of his real life. Johnny's mother (Ruth Warrick) disapproves of Uncle Remus, and orders the boy never to visit the kindly old black man again. Uncle Remus packs his bags and leaves; while chasing after him, Johnny is injured by a bull. He recovers thanks to the friendly presence of Uncle Remus, and all is forgiven. The film was awarded the Best Song Oscar for "Zip-a-dee Doo Dah," and James Baskett won a special Oscar for his portrayal of Uncle Remus.

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