Reusable Water Balloons Reusable Water Bomb Self Sealing Quick Fill (C-4PC)

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Reusable Water Balloons, It only takes a few seconds to close then you can throw it directly. Enjoy the happy pool time.

【Fastest Water Balloon Filling】Open the water balloons and put it into the water, it will quick fill with water and self sealing.

【Reusable Water Bombs】Unlike the traditional disposable water balloons, it can be reused without polluting the environment. It can be widely used in various scenarios. Water bombs only needs to be stored after use, and it can still be used next time.

【Soft Silicone Water Bombs】The splash balls is made of silicone, so it is quite soft. The grenade-like ball's soft skin guarantees it'll explode on contact without injury. It will not hurt children during the water fight. just like a water balloon they will lose all of their water.

【Reusable Water Balloons】Skip the lines at the hose, and stop worrying about cleaning up tiny pieces of rubber once the fight is finished. Reusable Water Bombs achieve the same drenching effect as a balloon with no mess

【 Water Fight Game】The future of water battles is here! A new kind of water weapon is here: the reusable water bomb, You could fill a ton of water balloons quickly or you can unleash a new type of water warfare on your opponents!

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