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Gilgit App is a local marketplace in Pakistan for buyers and sellers to meet and trade goods. Users can buy/sell cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, property and more using this easy-to-use platform - much like popular classifieds sites!

Gilgitapp is an online marketplace where individuals can easily buy or sell cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, and property. Created by two software engineers from Gilgit-Baltistan, this platform has seen tremendous growth within two years of launch.

The GilgitApp was designed by a group of technology enthusiasts with an ambition to drive economic transformation across the Gilgit-Baltistan region using tech solutions and enterprise management for both local and international clients. Financed by their other tech firm uConnect Technologies which specializes in software solutions for local enterprises as well as enterprises abroad, this app has received funding from both entities to be developed.

It is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, electronics, furniture plots properties. The app is user-friendly with free membership allowing easy browsing as well as a buyer request feature for easy shopping experiences.

Gilgitapp is an online marketplace created by software engineers from Gilgit-Baltistan. Led by Ejaz Karim as CEO and Co-founder and Ehsanullah Baig as Co-founder/Product Manager, this start-up is challenging the major marketplaces of Pakistan with minimal to no investment from traditional investors.

Users of this platform can buy and sell cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, electronics fashion products, and real estate. Buyer's Request and price/brand filters can also be utilized.

Moreover, Ejaz Karim and Ehsanullah Baig started GilgitApp as a small team of IT graduates from Gilgit-Baltistan; today their enthusiastic group has taken on major players like Daraz and OLX without receiving funding from mainstream financiers.

GilgitApp has quickly grown in two short years into one of Pakistan's premier marketplaces, becoming an institution among local consumers and an app icon for local commerce. Their founders are passionate about using technology-driven economic change in Gilgit Baltistan (GB). Furthermore, their plans to expand internationally are great news for all who love shopping locally!

Founded By Ejaz Karim

GilgitApp is an online marketplace that provides users with access to an array of vehicles, bikes, mobile phones, computers, laptops, fashion items furniture homes, and land plots for sale and rent. Users can easily browse this platform to locate what they are searching for with ease, plus take advantage of unique features such as buyer requests. Ultimately, this saves them both time and money as it reduces travel costs associated with purchasing goods at physical shops.

GilgitApp was launched by Ejaz Karim and Ehsanullah Baig in August 2020 and has seen rapid expansion ever since. It serves as an inspirational model for jobless youth in G-B while contributing significantly to regional economic development through IT innovation.

The founders of GilgitApp claim that they've never accepted investment from mainstream sponsors; all funding comes solely from app revenues. Their funding comes solely from app revenues generated by GilgitApp itself. 

Their team hopes to expand this service across Pakistan as well, and are already working on two features such as GilgitApp Shops and Featured Items which allow small businesses to sell merchandise directly to customers throughout Pakistan via 24-hour delivery service and warehouses located across cities; additionally, Featured Items will allow sellers to maintain prominent listings within search results and home pages; finally, the Featured Items feature will help sellers maintain prominent listings in searches and home pages alike allowing sellers to achieve greater exposure within searches or home pages respectively.

The app is constantly being enhanced, with developers striving to provide their users with an even better buying and selling experience. They're constantly adding new features and updating old ones allowing users to buy or sell almost anything in just seconds - and soon even adding a search bar so you can find what you're searching for more quickly!

It Is a Passion Project Rather Than a Business

Ejaz Karim, co-founder of Gilgitapp, describes it more as a passion project than a business venture. Additionally, Ejaz owns another major tech firm in the region known as uConnect Technologies which provides software solutions and enterprise services for local and international clients; additionally, they train over 5,000 youngsters on digital skills under their Skills Development Program.

Gilgitapp team is currently working to add two features that will take their app to the next level: GilgitApp Shops will enable small and medium businesses to sell directly to customers through Daraz/E-retail services such as Daraz or Ebay; 24-hour delivery plans may also be implemented across multiple cities within Pakistan. Featured Items will allow sellers to highlight their product(s) while staying at the forefront of searches and home pages for maximum exposure.

Launched in August 2020, Gilgitapp quickly rose to become one of the most widely used apps in its region with over 500k plus downloads nationwide. Established by software engineers Ejaz Karim and Ehsanullah Baig with the intention to bring about technological-led economic change by providing an affordable way for people to buy and sell products, Gilgitapp saw immense growth within a relatively short span and overtook larger marketplaces like OLX and Daraz in popularity across GB.

Gilgitapp was established by a small but determined group of tech-savvy youth. While lacking traditional investor backing, they managed to take on big players without outside assistance while earning enough revenue through other business enterprises such as uConnect Technologies - the biggest tech firm in G-B that provides software solutions and enterprises for both local and international clients - as well as providing digital skills training programs under their uConnect Skills Development Program.

It Is an Online Marketplace

Gilgitapp is an online marketplace that facilitates buying and selling cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, property, and other items locally. With more than 70,000 listings and offering free shipping for buyers, users can quickly browse and filter by price range, brand, or location to easily find what they're searching for; additionally, it allows direct dealing between sellers.

This app is ideal for anyone who wishes to buy or sell items in their native language. Its search function is fast and accurate, enabling real-time tracking of progress; additionally, its user interface is straightforward and user-friendly - plus, the app continues to improve!

GilgitApp is an online marketplace where you can purchase and sell locally, offering a selection of cars, bikes, mobile phones, electronics plots residences, and pets for sale. Users can post ads themselves and get quick responses from potential buyers.

The app offers many helpful options to assist in finding your ideal product, such as price range and brand filters. Furthermore, it displays only products near your location to avoid shipping issues. In addition, two new features are being developed to elevate both user experience and usability further.

GilgitApp was launched two years ago as a self-help initiative and has experienced explosive growth ever since. The founders' vision is to use technology-driven economic change in Gilgit-Baltistan while making a substantial impactful statement within the IT sector. Their team strives to offer users the best buying and selling experiences via regular updates and improvements while using revenue generated from uConnect Technologies as support for their app.

Easy to sell

GilgitApp provides millions of Pakistanis with a simple, quick way to buy and sell in their native language - be it cars, mobile phones, electronics, furniture, or pets. Buyers can instantly connect with sellers to ask questions or get more details. Available both on Android and iOS as well as on the web.

GilgitApp is constantly adapting, offering new features to enhance user experience. GilgitApp shops allow small businesses to sell directly to buyers across Pakistan while the app's new Featured Items section allows sellers to showcase their items and stay at the forefront of searches and home pages.

Ehsan Baig, co-founder of GilgitApp, discusses its vision and future. He details how their team is creating technological economic change within Gilgit-Baltistan. Furthermore, Ehsan discusses some of the challenges associated with creating a tech startup within this region as well as making decisions about introducing new features into his product offering.

Easy to buy

Gilgitapp is a local online marketplace that makes buying and selling anything easy - cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, furniture, fashion products, pets, and properties among them. With its user-friendly interface users can browse products quickly before making instant transactions in their native language; as well as benefits such as chat support and location filters to assist them.

Gilgit-Baltistan software engineers established this tech startup to bring about technology-driven economic change to their region. They aim to build an easy-to-use platform that would give GB residents access to shopping and selling from their homes.

Even in its infancy, this app has already experienced remarkable growth over a short period. Now boasting an operations team of 10 people and poised to compete against market leaders like OLX and Daraz in Pakistan.

Ejaz Karim, CEO and Co-founder of GilgitApp describes it more as a passion project than an entrepreneurial enterprise. Most expenses have been met through his other tech firm uConnect Technologies which offers software solutions and enterprises for local and international clients while also providing digital skills training programs to youth in GB.

With its new features, Gilgitapp has become a comprehensive shopping and selling platform available both to PCs and smartphones. Small and medium businesses will now have the opportunity to sell directly to customers nationwide using this platform via GilgitApp Shops and Featured Items features. In addition, GilgitApp's Featured Item feature will highlight products at the forefront of searches and home pages as well.

It Is a Free App

The Gilgit app is an online marketplace where you can find almost anything available locally in Gilgit-Baltistan. Downloading is free, and products for sale range from cars, bikes, mobile phones, laptops, and furniture to fashion, pet products land plots homes offices, and property. Gilgitapp's user interface makes finding specific items simple while continuously improving with features like Buyer Request making browsing simpler for buyers.

Gilgitapp was established by tech-savvy young adults as a passion project. Their goal was to use technology-driven economic change in G-B, and their hopes have already been exceeded. Today they employ 15 people working to enhance the app and its features while revenue comes primarily through advertising; plans exist to launch a premium version offering enhanced features in due course.

Gilgitapp offers more than ads: an innovative feature known as "shops" allows small businesses to sell their products through it and reach a wider audience, competing against major e-commerce platforms in India. Sellers can set up stores on the site and offer discounts for customers while simultaneously tracking sales data and receiving payments instantly. Gilgitapp app is compatible with most Android and you can download it on Google Play.

This app also offers a unique Buyer Request feature, enabling users to ask for specific products and receive offers from sellers. Filters such as price range and brand help users quickly find what's perfect for them and reduce shopping time significantly.

Small and medium businesses will now have access to another new feature that will enable them to sell directly to customers, similar to Daraz or E-retail platforms, which will improve the customer experience while guaranteeing prompt delivery. Furthermore, this company plans on opening warehouses throughout Pakistan.

Gilgit-Baltistan-based software engineers founded this startup intending to use technology-driven economic change for good in the region. Already they've made considerable strides forward and its creators seem determined to see it through.

GilgitApp has quickly established itself as a powerful force in its local economy despite its relatively young age. Since 2012, its growth has been exponential and its founders remain optimistic about its future success. They plan to add features that enhance user experience further and drive further expansion. They view it as their passion project while earning sufficient revenue via another tech firm (uConnect Technologies), the largest in their region which also provides software solutions and digital skills training programs to youth in the region; additionally, they operate a charity foundation that assists the needy in their community.

It Is Easy to Use

GilgitApp is an easy-to-use shopping app for local products in Pakistan. Users can search and browse products using filters like price range and brand. Furthermore, users can limit their browsing by location-based shopping to eliminate shipping costs. Available both for Android and iOS devices. Developers plan on integrating two new features: 

1) GilgitApp Shops which will enable small businesses to sell directly to buyers in Pakistan similar to Daraz/E-retail; and 

2) "Featured Item," which will keep their listings at the top of search results and home pages.

The GilgitApp is currently used by over 500K people nationwide and has received positive feedback from critics about its design functionality. The team is constantly working on improving user experience and offering unique features; in addition to shopping features such as houses, offices, and land plots for sale or rent.

GilgitApp stands apart from its competition by being designed for users from diverse backgrounds and levels of technical proficiency, making it accessible to everyone from remote regions. 

Furthermore, it provides an easy way for residents of these remote regions to stay in touch and exchange information while connecting and sharing resources. Plus, there are no fees or ads involved with using it, and multiple languages are supported.

GilgitApp has already made an impactful difference to the local economy despite being just two years old. Its founders are working tirelessly to drive digital economic change while offering an easy platform for buying and selling.

Their app's user-friendly interface makes it accessible and simple for any individual regardless of technical skills or language barriers. Users can search for products and services by keyword or name search; filter results based on price range or brand; or find items near their location if shipping becomes an inconvenience. Furthermore, the team behind it constantly improves and updates it for maximum usability.

Ehsan Baig, co-founder of GilgitApp, shares his insight into solving real issues facing people in his region with us today, how he built up such an incredible community of users, and the future plans of GilgitApp.

GilgitApp is a free app that enables users to quickly find, buy and sell items in their local area. It can be used on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets and includes various features that make it an excellent shopping platform. Android devices users have access to this powerful shopping app which offers fast and simple navigation while providing security measures as well as providing users with chat capabilities and voice calls with sellers and other users in real-time.

It Is Secure

GilgitApp is a free online marketplace that enables users to buy and sell cars, bikes, mobile phones, appliances, furniture, fashion products, and other goods with ease. The user-friendly interface makes navigation quick and efficient while customer support provides assistance and secure transactions are guaranteed.

GilgitApp was developed by a small team of software engineers from Gilgit-Baltistan with the intent of driving technological-driven economic change in their region, continuously striving to enhance and refine it on an everyday basis.

One of the primary objectives of the app is to provide its users with a secure environment, helping to safeguard personal information and prevent fraud or theft. Developer uConnect Technologies is working on ways to enhance security measures over time by adding more authentication methods.

Gilgit City-based IT graduates comprised the team behind this app. Competing against major marketplaces in Pakistan such as Daraz and OLX without receiving investment from mainstream sponsors was their aim when entering this arena two years ago; since then, they have seen substantial growth.


Gilgitapp is a new online marketplace that provides everything from cars and bikes, mobile phones and laptops, real estate listings, and property for sale to fashion products and home appliances. Buyers can communicate directly with sellers during the buying process as well as track orders in real-time with updates regarding shipping status.

Gilgitapp's founders have already achieved great success despite its youth. Recently they released two exciting features - GilgitApp Shops and Featured Items. These will enable small and medium businesses to sell directly to customers similar to Daraz or E-retail platforms while remaining at the top of search results and home pages.

Gilgitapp's team consists of an intimate but committed group of IT graduates from Gilgit City. Led by Ejaz Karim as CEO and co-founder, and Ehsanullah Baig as product manager - two young entrepreneurs have taken on giants like OLX and Daraz without external investment and achieved incredible growth over just a couple of years.

At present, this app hosts over 70,000 listings that enable users to easily search and purchase from anywhere within Pakistan. Users can easily browse hundreds of categories ranging from cars and electronics to furniture, fashion, and home products; shops offices, and plots - making this an indispensable resource. 

Furthermore, developers plan on continually adding features to make this even more useful - as well as making this free download available in multiple languages with high user ratings; additionally an updated version has recently been released with substantial enhancements.

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