The 12 Best Balance Bikes of 2024

Learning to ride a balance bike is an integral part of childhood development that will set children up for success on pedal bikes later on. Finding the best balance bike can make all the difference for your child!

The best balance bikes provide your child with the foundation for years of cycling enjoyment. By helping them learn to ride without training wheels and developing coordination, this form of bicycle is invaluable in their overall development. 

Starting their balance bike journey can be challenging for children of any age, but there are various great options available to them that make the task simpler. Some models feature smooth tires for better pavement riding experience while smaller children will find them easier to ride than bulkier options. While mastering balance may take some time, with practice they will soon be riding like pros in no time.

The best balance bikes feature elements both parents and children alike will appreciate, such as footrests or non-slip tape on the seat. Some even come equipped with adjustable contact points to accommodate different children of various heights.

Finding the ideal balance bike for your toddler requires taking into account several key aspects. We conducted tests on numerous bikes designed specifically for two-year-old, three-year-old, and five-year-old children before selecting our top choices. 

Our top pick, the Woom 1, stands out for several reasons. Its lightweight construction makes it easier for kids to maneuver; its steering limiter feature ensures safe operation; and its sturdy construction makes it durable enough to withstand tough use. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. For more information, see the disclosure here.

Moreover, the Woom 1 is an award-winning option that comes equipped with premium features, such as air-filled tires and steering limiters. Plus, this model comes with a 10-year warranty as an added perk.

Parents appreciate how lightweight this best balance bike is easy to assemble and requires minimal maintenance, as well as its low seat height that accommodates children of various sizes.

With so many great and best balance bike options on the market, it can be daunting to narrow down which is right for your child. To help make the process simpler and help make an informed decision, we have put together our selection from some of the top balance bike brands below:

1. The Woom 1

The Woom 1 balance bike is one of the lightest available, making it easier for children to maneuver and handle. Its aluminum frame and fork are strong while still weighing less than most comparable models - this can make all the difference when teaching children to ride! 

Though many balance bikes don't feature brakes, women's rear v-brake helps children develop smart riding habits and learn to stop safely. Children who don't understand how to brake correctly while riding may use their feet instead, leading to serious accidents and injuries. It makes stopping easy without using feet instead, helping kids avoid wearing out their shoes or creating poor riding habits.

The Woom stands out from other balance bikes by making mounting easy for kids. Unlike most balance bikes, its frame allows kids to step straight through and stand over, rather than having to swing their legs over a high bar as with traditional bicycles. This makes the Woom suitable for riders as young as 18 months and helps them progress more rapidly than with scooters or training wheels bikes.

The Woom 1 balance bike for toddlers is unquestionably the ultimate balance bike experience, featuring everything from its long wheelbase that allows for plenty of maneuverability to its comfortable U-shaped seat and hand brake, plus air-filled tires to help children gain confidence while riding. 

Although more expensive than budget models like Guardian, such as the Guardian Kids Bike, its features will allow children to develop smart riding techniques while decreasing accidents or injuries.

The Woom 1 was specifically designed to put children in an intuitively comfortable riding position that will enable them to find their balance more quickly and intuitively. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Furthermore, its long wheelbase was engineered so children can intuitively find their balance more quickly; its narrower and shorter frame helps children step through easily so they can stand up on their feet to ride and step off easily as well as prevents getting stuck in any one rut while riding so progress can happen more rapidly on their own.

This bike features rust-free spokes and sealed hubs to keep the wheels rolling smoothly over time, as well as Schwalbe G-One Speed air tires with excellent traction on rough surfaces - this feature is especially important as many budget balance bikes use foam tires that don't perform well on pavement or dirt and lead children into bad habits when riding their balance bikes. 

The latest version of the woom now positions its braking mechanism above rather than below chainstays, to prevent children from striking their heels on it while walking the bike. This small change has had an enormously positive effect on safety; experts often rate it as the safest balance bike for toddlers. Moreover, its mini V-brake can help children stop without lifting their feet off pedals as is often seen when stopping their bikes abruptly!

In addition to these safety features, the Woom 1 features a steering limiter - an elastic band that gently corrects handlebars when your child turns too sharply, helping them maintain control over their bike. Plus, its rounded bolts provide another measure of protection as they will be less likely to scratch or scrape their legs when leaning against its frame.

2. Woom 1 Plus

For toddlers ready to upgrade from the Woom 1 (ideal for ages 1.5-3), an upgraded model called the Woom 1 Plus is now available. Featuring a large 14'' tire, turning limiter, and dual hand brakes as well as an extendable seat height (to accommodate kids wearing size 4T pants), this balance bike makes use of adjustable seats so kids can grow into it without needing to swap seats every year or so.

The Woom 1 Plus balance bike is ideal for preschoolers or tall toddlers looking to transition from balance biking, but aren't ready to transition directly into pedal biking.

With larger tires offering increased stability and maneuverability and it's turning limiter helping children learn at moderate speeds without losing control, children can gradually increase speed until their skills allow for higher speeds without fear of loss of control or losing balance. Once comfortable riding higher speeds the turning limiter feature can be disengaged once comfortable riding at higher speeds.

Woom stands out from other balance bikes with its low center of gravity, which enables effortless gliding and striding for learning how to ride. Furthermore, its frame design, geometry, and brake configuration help children maintain balance as they ride.

As an added perk, the Woom offers low standover clearance so kids can easily hop on and off of it. Plus, its simple gear system makes learning to pedal easier for beginners; kids will easily understand which gears help climb hills faster or make for faster riding speeds.

If you're searching for an outstanding balance bike at an economical price, look no further than the Woom 1 Plus. Featuring lightweight aluminum construction, air-filled tires, and a lifetime warranty - plus multiple colors so you can find just the right model for your child's personality - it makes an outstanding value proposition. You can check it out on Amazon here.

3. Radio Flyer Glide Go Air

Balance bikes provide children with an effective way to learn to ride without training wheels, making their transition to traditional pedal bikes much simpler. Target has an array of balance bikes from top brands like Chillafish, Little Tikes, and Huffy which are suitable for children of all ages; they may even help those with special needs manage the transition more easily.

Radio Flyer Glide Go Air balance bikes offer durable and versatile rides for children of all ages. Equipped with a sturdy steel frame and an adjustable seat to meet individual child height needs, this ride also comes equipped with an exciting real ringing bell to make learning fun!

Although more expensive than its peers on this list, the Radio Flyer Glide Go makes up for its cost with many premium features that more than justify its higher cost tag. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Notably, its flat axle bolts are far less likely to scratch surfaces than exposed or rounded bolts found on most budget balance bikes, while its air tires offer superior comfort and traction than foam tires found on many budget models.

Radio Flyer stands out from other budget balance bikes by having slightly narrower handlebars, making for more comfortable and manageable rider experiences. Furthermore, its padded seat can be adjusted without using tools to a lower position; however, its seat post clamp may damage vinyl when tightened fully.

Overall, the Radio Flyer Glide Go Air balance bike is an excellent investment that will stand the test of time and can easily be passed on to younger siblings. With its superior construction and upgraded components, this sturdy balance bike should outlive its first owner! 

4. Banana Bike LT

Banana has developed an impeccable reputation as a balance bike expert with every version of their LT model, and this latest iteration of their flagship balance bike doesn't disappoint either. They have compacted its overall frame yet retained an exceptionally lightweight build which allows kids to effortlessly control it even on challenging terrain. 

Furthermore, they've added premium seats for maximum comfort and extra-safe grips which give children confidence when riding their bikes as well as upgraded headsets and wheels for enhanced handling capabilities.

This budget model bike is an ideal option for parents on a tight budget who still desire quality bikes for their two- to three-year-olds. Specifically designed to cater to these ages, its main model (LT) comes standard while upgrading to GT will add pneumatic tires and additional refinement that makes your child's ride even more comfortable.

The bike features an easy and sturdy construction, making assembly straightforward for kids of any age. Complete with a tool kit and instructions, assembly takes only minutes as adjustable handlebars, seats, and wheels attach quickly - plus there's a storage compartment!

One thing that sets this bike apart from others is its absence of a training wheel, meaning your child can gain independence faster by learning to balance independently without assistance, before making the seamless transition onto pedal bikes without any hurdles in between.

Another great feature of this bike is that it is cost-effective; therefore, you won't have to spend an arm and a leg to introduce cycling to your child. The price point of this balance bike is lower than most similar models so it is an ideal solution if you want something durable at an economical price point.

Keep in mind when purchasing this model that its weight will likely exceed many others in this review, meaning if purchasing for your child you might require some heavy lifting when transporting. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Another thing that sets this bike apart from others is its comfortable seats. Crafted with high-grade material, these seats provide your child with maximum comfort during rides and are cushioned to prevent buttock soreness. Plus, there's even an integrated safety strap to help prevent accidents!

This balance bike boasts not only an ergonomic seat but also an excellent low center of gravity for longer distance riding, puncture-proof tires that do not need inflating, eye-catching colors, and is available at an attractive price point.

5. Guardian Balance Bike

Budget balance bikes don't come much better than the Guardian. While it doesn't offer all the bells and whistles found on premium models like our top picks, it still provides kids with a fun ride! 

What stands out about it most is its SureStop braking system; young riders can activate both brakes by pulling on just one lever compared to competing budget models that often require using front and rear brakes separately.

The Guardian stands out from its competition thanks to its light weight and maneuverability, at just 6.6 pounds it's much lighter than many competing models, making it easier for children to maneuver. 

Furthermore, using air-filled tires instead of foam ones provides a more comfortable ride and better traction on all surfaces; plus, its shorter minimum seat height than most budget balance bikes makes it suitable for kids aged two to three.

The Guardian features a soft saddle designed specifically for children that allows them to ride comfortably without needing to spread out their legs to ride, with a quick-release seat collar to adjust it as they grow. Also, its sturdy frame reduces any risk of pinching between the handlebars and the frame preventing pinching.

Key features of this bike include its comfy saddle, an aluminum frame with adjustable handlebar height, and large wheels - providing more stability for new riders - as well as grips protected with plastic safety caps to reduce any chance of scraping their hands when running into things.

Reviewers from Bicycle Pundit note the Guardian's low standover height makes it easy for even toddlers to hop onto and off of it, though he cautions that its lower-than-average maximum seat height might not suit older kids. You can check it out on Amazon here.

As far as bikes for two-year-olds go, this bike was our most polarizing pick; however, its flexible range of rider heights and features made it hard for us to choose just one winner. Additionally, its SureStop braking system made stopping easy using only the front wheel; our tester in 4T pants found it easier than any of its competition to ride it.

Though we aren't huge fans of plastic seats that meld directly to their frames, this bike's soft, comfortable saddle makes a nice change from its counterparts. Additionally, its angled design enables children to place both feet flat on the ground without their heels hitting its frame; one other stand-out feature of this model is its low step-thru frame design, making it easier for small children to swing their legs over. 

We like that this model comes equipped with a rear basket for carrying snacks or toys during rides as well as quick-release front wheel maintenance - however, its lack of rear brake may present problems should your children take an accidental tumble off of its seat!

Overall, the Guardian balance bike is an excellent option for parents seeking an economical, basic balance bike that provides superior braking over its competitors. Unfortunately, its higher price point may put it out of reach for certain families; should that be the case for you, we recommend looking at alternative products such as the Woom 1 or Prevelo Alpha Zero as more costly but still affordable options.

6. Hornit AIRO

If you want a balanced bike that will grow with your child from toddler to childhood, the Hornit AIRO may be just what they need. With its stylish retro look and light frame design, even young children will find controlling and managing this ride effortless.

Hornit AIRO's incredible lightweight comes from its light magnesium alloy frame. This material is 33% lighter than aluminum yet just as strong, making this an excellent option for kids learning how to ride.

As well as its awesome looks, the AIRO also boasts some other very clever design details. For example, its main frame includes a gap that serves as a carrying handle - perfect for most parents who will find themselves transporting their child's bike at some point! 

Furthermore, unlike cheaper balance bikes that only use simple stems as headsets for alignment purposes, this headset ensures handlebar alignment even during minor accidents that might otherwise whack them out of place.

AIRO comes equipped with grip-taped footrests molded directly into its frame for easy use by little feet - an invaluable feature when your child learns how to navigate alleyways or race around parks! They will help your little rider feel secure as they learn freewheeling down alleyways or racing along paths in parks.

Additionally, the Hornit AIRO features an adjustable high saddle height for optimal rider comfort and adjustability for young children. Our tester found it effortless to mount, never feeling that it was too low or heavy; she was just above average height at her age!

Overall, our reviewer found the Hornit AIRO to be an incredible hit - something which was evident by watching her glide happily around her garden in just days! You can check it out on Amazon here.

This true balance bike designed by cyclists for cyclists rather than toy designers was designed with speed, comfort, and confidence in mind every component was engineered for speed comfort confidence and was even covered by an online lifetime warranty that can be activated immediately if purchased!

7. Janod Bike

Balance bikes provide toddlers who have not yet learned to ride an easy and fast way of transitioning into pedal bikes. Unlike traditional bikes, these models do not feature pedals or chains and allow children to learn balancing by pushing themselves along with their feet while sitting on a saddle - no pedals are necessary! Available materials for balance bikes include wooden (both robust and charming), metal, and plastic options.

Janod Bike offers another fantastic option for toddlers. Boasting classic retro features and featuring vibrant vitamin-colored frames with air tires for adjustable fitment across age ranges. Ideal for use without stabilizers. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Like the Woom 1, the Janod Bike features an adjustable minimum seat height range from 40-46cm and its design is tailored specifically to making toddlers feel safe on their bike. Equipped with ergonomic handles that will enable your child to develop gripping skills as they learn balance skills, this bike makes an excellent gift option. Families looking for multiple balance bikes for younger siblings also often opt for it as it can easily pass from parent to sibling!

For an affordable option, the STACYC electric balance bike may be just what you're searching for. This hybrid balance bike contains both a battery and motor; when they are activated, they assist your child with balancing and climbing hills while when not used they function like any regular balance bike. Also, this lightweight option features an easily operable handlebar-mounted brake lever.

8. Strider Pro

Strider balance bikes have long been recognized as pioneers in their industry, teaching many toddlers how to ride without training wheels. Their lightweight frames with ideal geometry make it simple for young riders. Kids adore tricycles because of the space between their seats and handlebars that allows for running, jumping, and gliding. Plus, they're safe - no pedals or hand brakes to worry about! 

However, according to recent reports, there were excessive levels of PAHs and naphthalene present in some models' rubberized grips, which may contain carcinogenic chemicals suspected as carcinogens - meaning replacement options need to be discussed before purchase if purchasing one for your little one.

The Strider Pro balance bike is an ultra-light balance bike designed for children who are always moving. Boasting an all-aluminum frame weighing in at just 2.54 kg and featuring an all-textured performance footrest and official Strider number plate for your little racer to show their number plate! Additionally, tool-free seat and handlebar adjustments ensure an ideal fit over years of riding!

Strider Pro's low stand-over height makes it the ideal way to teach children to balance and steer without pedals becoming distracting. Seat height can be adjusted from 11-19 in (28-48 cm). Furthermore, an optional Pedal Kit may help ease them into pedaling later on.

If you're in search of upgrades for your child's Strider balance bike, Wild Child Bikes offers high-quality options to make the experience of learning to ride more exciting. Choose from grips, stems, handles, saddles, and seat posts from their selection to make their bike reflect their individuality - not to mention colorful wheels and tires for that personal touch! 

With such choices at your disposal, there's no better way to make learning to ride fun and engaging than adding customized touches such as personalized touches to their bike experience. You can check it out on Amazon here.

9. The Early Rider Big Foot 12

The British Early Rider brand was initially created solely for domestic use in a garden shed by an unhappy dad fed up with what he saw as subpar children's bikes. Since then, however, it has blossomed into an impressive range of eye-catching bikes suitable for children aged six months up to six years. 

Each model is constructed from superlight aluminum or grade A birch ply material which makes these impressively lightweight for their size - especially important when dealing with toddlers who may become overwhelmed when pedaling hard!

Threadless aluminum headset and stem reduce weight while 12-inch aluminum wheels feature low maintenance tires to withstand all the bumps and scrapes toddlers can throw their way. A narrow flat bar measuring 340mm width suits young hands perfectly while helping them develop the necessary skills to maximize the use of their bike. 

Rubber grips and wooden bar ends come included to prevent little fingers from getting caught in the chain; for added style, parents can add drop bars from their online store for just PS30. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Early Rider believes children should learn without rear brakes at this stage. However, the Big Foot 12 comes equipped with a front V-brake and most models feature belt drives instead of chains - both being better for developing legs and less likely to damage clothing while riding.

10. The Joystar

The Joystar balance bike is an ideal bike for toddlers that will allow them to focus on developing their balance without being distracted by pedals. It features a low step-through metal frame and comfortable, padded seating to make sure they ride safely; plus, it comes equipped with DIY decal stickers to add some fun! Also, it has front-hand caliper brakes as well as rear coaster brakes so your child can stop with ease.

This balance bike comes with a vibrant color that will excite children, is lightweight and easy to use, and features a sturdy steel frame and puncture-resistant tires for added safety and security. Furthermore, its front basket and rear training wheels add extra safety for riders of any age; plus, its adjustable padded seat and handlebars ensure comfort during riding sessions.

Aside from its stunning appearance, what truly distinguishes this bike is its distinctive design, which blends comfort and style for toddlers' balance bikes. It features an eye-catching chopper-style frame with large tires for exceptional grip and smooth riding - though some parents have reported quality issues, including loose or broken wheels as well as missing or broken parts.

Joystar bikes have earned praise from customers who value the confidence and independence they instill in young children. Joystar is known for its commitment to safe and sturdy design, easy assembly, and superior customer service; these factors have earned it an enthusiastic following from customers. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Though Joystar may have yet to perfect every aspect of its products, recent years have seen significant improvements made and they offer affordable bikes - perfect options for families on a tight budget!

11. Bixe

The Bixe balance bike is one of the lightest models available, making it easier for toddlers to maneuver. Adjustable from 18 months to 5 years, its design aims to teach riders to glide and stride while still keeping both feet on the ground.

This bike was designed with safety in mind, offering adjustable seat height, handlebars, and steering. This enables parents to tailor it specifically to their child and ensure they're as comfortable as possible while riding it.

Bixe stands out among its competition due to its robust construction. Where most balance bikes are composed of plastic, this bike's construction features aluminum for increased strength and stability. 

Furthermore, its airless wheels will not puncture easily; additionally, its low-step frame design enables children to quickly mount and dismount it without difficulty. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Although primarily intended for indoor use, this bike can also be utilized outdoors. The durable rubber tires can withstand rough use while its steel frame adds additional support. Furthermore, this model includes padded seat pads which help cushion children as they ride.

The Bixe Balance Bike is an affordable choice for parents searching for quality balance bikes on a tight budget. Offering adjustable seat height and handlebar height settings as well as made from high-grade materials that will last, this model makes an excellent investment that won't break the bank!

Noteworthy about this balance bike is its absence of a kickstand, which could be seen as a drawback by parents. However, Bixe offers an optional extra kickstand which can be purchased separately. 

In addition, one unique aspect about this balance bike is its 2-year warranty which shows their confidence in their product's quality - perfect for families searching for durable balance bikes that will stand the test of time!

12. Chillafish Charlie

If your kids are too young for pedal bikes (or you simply lack space for one), the Chillafish Charlie balance bike may be an ideal solution. This lightweight balance bike was specifically designed to introduce riders as young as one year old and sets up in minutes, offering an adjustable seat and handlebar height adjustments, a steering limiter, axle guards on rear wheels for protection, as well as steering limiter to ensure smooth riding experience.

A footbrake integrated into a footrest can be an attractive feature, but users have reported that it may confuse children who aren't sure whether or not they're using the brake correctly. Children may accidentally put their feet on it when it isn't intended, leading to them dismounting from their bikes altogether.

The Chillafish Charlie boasts a sturdy metal frame designed for durability, so it can withstand plenty of wear and tear from energetic young riders. A quick-release handlebar makes adjusting the seat and handlebar height easy, and its 10-inch tires feature no-puncture EVA material that doesn't need inflating - parents love that this bike comes equipped with a handy carry handle built right into its frame for trips back and forth to the park! You can check it out on Amazon here.

As with any balance bike, parents need to monitor their kids while riding them. They should make sure their kids wear helmets while riding to reduce the risk of serious injuries in case of falls or accidents, and to choose a safe environment such as an empty parking lot or basketball court where their balance bikes will be used safely. 

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