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Travel blogs are an invaluable way to learn about different countries and cultures, as well as get inspired for your next adventure. Velvet Escape is one of the best travel blogs that will assist in planning your perfect getaway.

The Velvet Escape travel blog covers destinations worldwide, offering destination guides, itineraries, and hotel/tour reviews. Additionally, it shares stories about people following their passions with the aim of inspiring others to do the same.

It offers an extensive library of articles to assist in planning the perfect holiday. Plus, it provides helpful advice on how to save money and maximize your vacation experience.

Traveling is an excellent way to discover the world and escape your daily grind. It also serves as a platform for making new friends and developing an understanding of other cultures.

Travel blogs may not offer as much content as other sites, but they are an indispensable resource for those on a budget. Their articles range from how to get the best deals in Seoul to what you should know before seeing the Northern Lights. With their humorous writing style and stunning photography, these blogs will keep readers coming back for more.

When searching for a travel blog to read, look for one that provides reviews of hotels, resorts, and other lodging options. These sites usually have plenty of users and often rank within the site; if there are multiple negative reviews then it might be best to avoid that location. You can also look out for sites with badges or paid commenters/reviewers; although this isn't a guarantee that everything will be perfect, it can serve as an effective starting point.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is an invaluable resource for travelers seeking inspiration and tips on planning their vacation. With articles spanning topics like beaches, city trips, culture, food, and luxury travel - Velvet Escape has something to suit everyone's interests!

Velvet Escape

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is a travel blog that showcases an array of destinations, budgets, and interests. It provides readers with practical advice to maximize their trips while sharing stories about people chasing after their dreams. As such, the site serves as an invaluable resource for lone travelers eager to discover the world; it attracts writers from around the globe.

In addition to its impressive content, this blog's logo is also a trademark in the travel industry. It combines an iconic flight line motif of a bird with a leaf to signify movement - another common travel logo motif.

In addition to sharing travel experiences and inspiring readers, the velvet escape travel blog also promotes environmental conservation. These themes have become highly popular amongst audiences as evidenced by the likes and comments on posts. Furthermore, readers enjoyed and commented on the love stories featured within the content of the blog.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is one of the top travel blogs online, boasting writers from around the world as its signature feature. This well-run site produces an extensive variety of content, from traditional travel articles to more niche offerings like Velvet Escape's Best of India series which showcases articles on everything from beaches to what many consider to be the world's most beautiful city.

The Poor Traveler

Yoshke and Vins founded The Poor Traveler as a way of saving money for their dream trip around the world. Thanks to their knack for writing and natural ability to capture readers' attention, they were able to make this venture successful.

This website offers a diverse selection of articles about travel, such as destination guides, itineraries, hotel reviews, and stories about people pursuing their passions. They also offer travel-related tips and advice based on their expertise and experience.

They also showcase their own experiences and photos, as well as their personal thoughts and feelings about the places they visit. Furthermore, they collaborate with various organizations and brands to produce content.

If you are planning a trip and want to know what other travelers think of a certain location, reading travel reviews is the best approach. 

A reliable travel review should offer a balanced and objective opinion that can assist you in making an informed decision about whether or not to visit a particular destination. However, it's essential to recognize certain warning signs that may indicate whether a review is fraudulent.

For example, if the review is from a paid blogger or writer who was on a press trip to the location, then it may be biased and less honest than one written by someone who wasn't there. Another red flag should be raised if there are many links in the form of ads or other promotional material included within it.

Breathe Dream Go

Mariellen Ward founded Breathe Dream Go, a travel blog inspired by her six-month solo trip around India that proved life-altering. As such, she launched the award-winning website Breathe Dream Go to document all of her adventures in adventure travel.

This travel blog offers a diverse selection of articles, such as destination guides and hotel reviews to travel itineraries and photos of the day. It also provides detailed information on some of the world's most popular destinations like Europe, South America, and Asia. Moreover, it provides useful travel tips and tricks for solo travelers.

This blog also offers helpful advice and suggestions on everything from beaches to city trips. It also covers topics like culture history, food wine, luxury wellness, nature, plane views, road trips, as well as travel stories opinions.

Travel blogs like this one offer invaluable resources for thoughtful travelers, and its popularity is likely to remain high for years to come. Not only does the blog educate and motivate travelers of all ages - especially those nearing retirement or looking for inspiration on their next adventure - but it also serves as an excellent platform for business-to-business entrepreneurs looking for inspiration on their next venture.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this blog is its emphasis on sustainable travel. Their team is dedicated to using travel as a force for good, taking an active approach to helping travelers become more ethical.

Moreover, their team is passionate about educating their readers on the newest in travel technology and has been recognized for their accomplishments by multiple publications, including Forbes Magazine. This travel blog serves as an invaluable resource for any solo traveler in need of help planning their next vacation. With content that's easy to read and digest, it provides everything from list-based recommendations to tips for creating a luxe vacation.


Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero are the dynamic duos behind WildJunket, a travel blog that celebrates outdoor adventure. After visiting over 100 countries, they share their knowledge and tips with readers - earning them a place on our list of Top Couples Travel Blogs of 2016.

Nellie's writing and photography are exquisite, capturing the spirit of each destination she visits. Alberto provides invaluable information about places that may not be easily found elsewhere; their blog boasts tales about scuba diving in Borneo, watching sunsets in Madagascar, climbing an Icelandic glacier, and discovering an active volcano in Guatemala. Their adventures range from scuba diving Borneo to exploring active volcanoes in Guatemala - it truly has something for everyone!

Nellie and Alberto also created a travel blog, magazine, and traveler's handbook to encourage travelers around the world to discover its culture and people. Furthermore, they offer WildJunket Tours to remote and unconventional destinations worldwide.

WildJunket is a digital magazine and flipbook that adds no bulk to your backpack, featuring travel stories from around the world. With five destination features, regular departments of travel tips, an events calendar featuring special events worldwide, snapshots from the road, and gear reviews - this digital magazine should be part of any explorer's bag!

Wild Junket was established in 2008 by Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero as a premium travel blog that offers comprehensive information on various destinations worldwide. From travel tips and hotel reviews to guides for some of the world's greatest cities, Wild Junket provides an invaluable resource to anyone interested in discovering new cultures.

Travel advise and practical tips for those planning a vacation are provided, from finding cheap flights to planning an indulgent holiday. Easy-to-read articles cover topics such as beaches, city trips, culture and history, food wine, luxury wellness, nature plane views - even road trips!

Travels Of a Depressed Writer

Keith Jenkins' blog The Travels of a Depressed Writer is an inspiration to travelers everywhere. Written with passion by an ex-banker, it features travel itineraries, hotel and tour reviews as well as lists of some of the world's most interesting (and edgy) cities to visit. For anyone who loves to travel, this must-read is definitely one of our top male travel blogs - guaranteed!

Travel blogs can be an enthralling experience. From tips and tricks for making the most of a new place to inspire yourself to try something completely new, these insightful blogs offer insight and open up a whole world of possibilities that would otherwise remain unseen. 

The best travel blogs provide invaluable advice that will make you feel at home in your chosen destination while inspiring you to try something different yourself. They truly inspire us all to think outside the box and open our minds to new possibilities.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is a well-established blog with an emphasis on luxury travel. Keith Jenkins left his ten-year career in investment banking to travel the world and build an exemplary blogging and social media career. His enthusiasm for discovering new places, combined with his knack for telling stories through words and photos, has cemented him as both a travel expert and an advocate.

Travelers’ Tales

Travelers’ Tales is an inspiring blog run by experienced travelers who have explored the globe to find the best places to visit and share their knowledge with readers. Their advice on places to visit around the world will surely spark your wanderlust!

This travel blog offers practical guidance to help plan a trip to an exciting new place. You'll find tips on when to visit different cities, money-saving tricks, and ways to maintain balance in your life.

Travelers Tales provides destination guides, travel itineraries, and hotel/tour reviews on their blog. Plus, it showcases stories of people following their passions and inspiring others to do the same.

Travelers Tales blog is an invaluable resource for travelers of all levels and interests. With destination guides, travel itineraries, hotel reviews, and tour reviews, it's the ideal starting point to plan your next vacation. 

Additionally, you'll find tips on beaches, city trips, culture history, food wine pairings, luxury wellness treatments, nature viewing points of view airplane views road trips as well as travel stories opinions - there's sure to be something here that appeals to you!

Travel Tips

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is an invaluable resource for those planning their next vacation. Packed with insightful articles and breathtaking photography from around the globe, this blog has everything you need to plan your perfect vacation.

Keith Jenkins runs this travel blog as an ex-investment banker who now enjoys exploring the world and sharing his experiences through the Velvet Escape blog and The Happy Explorer photo blog. Having visited over 60 countries, Keith offers valuable travel tips and advice to those planning to travel around the world.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog provides all the information you need to discover beaches, culture and history, luxury, and wellness. They even provide detailed advice on when to visit certain destinations as well as the most efficient ways of getting there.

The travel blog is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a vacation, with content updated regularly so you can always find new tips to maximize your experience. They offer comprehensive info on popular destinations worldwide, from packing tips to safety precautions during your journey.

Another significant element of a travel blog is its dedication to ethical practices. This means the website strives to promote sustainable travel and the proper treatment of local residents and animals. Furthermore, the blog provides guidance on how to combat exploitation within the tourism industry - something which has become increasingly important in modern times.

In addition to offering travel tips, the travel blog also shares stories from its readers. These narratives are written with an aim of inspiring you to embark on your own adventure while being both informative and entertaining at the same time.

The Traveler’s Notebook

The Traveler’s Notebook is a notebook specifically designed for travelers that have become a popular alternative to traditional journals. They're highly customizable and can be used for various tasks like journaling and planning.

They offer a vast selection of inserts that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Choose from dated planner inserts, daily and weekly planner pages, plus more. Plus, they provide different add-ons like zipper and stick-on pockets that attach directly onto the cover for holding tickets, money, and credit cards.

You can purchase specialty papers with a particular theme or color to make your notebook more unique. Options include sketch paper, watercolor paper, and drawing paper among others. If you're creative at heart, these inserts are an excellent way to customize your notebook.

Another option is to use a special binder that stores all your notebooks together. This keeps all of your completed Traveler's notebooks consolidated and easily retrieved when needed. Archiving notes and plans with this method could even serve as storage for other important items like passports or tickets.

Traveler's notebooks come in a range of leather covers, some even feature pockets to store small items like maps or postcards. All are of high quality and waterproof construction.

Some people opt to personalize their Traveler's Notebook cover by painting it with a paintbrush or marker. This adds life and makes the notebook more enjoyable to use. Furthermore, stickers specifically designed for The Traveler’s Notebook can be found.

Traveler's Company began as a paper company and still produces their original Midori paper - an exquisite Japanese premium writing surface ideal for fountain pen users. Available in white or light cream colors with an appealing coating and texture, this premium Japanese paper makes writing enjoyable.

They offer a selection of specialty refills for use in your traveler's notebook. For instance, the Limited Set features a refill that looks like a boarding pass to document past trips and new journeys. Furthermore, letterpress printing machines give the paper a warm and textured feel.

Travel Inspiration

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is a premier travel resource, providing destination guides, itineraries, hotel reviews, and tour reviews as well as stories of people following their passions in an effort to inspire you to do the same.

Keith Jenkins founded this blog as a journeyman banker who decided to pursue his passion for travel and embark on a new career as a travel blogger. With visits to over 80 countries across six continents under his belt, Keith is now recognized in the industry as an industry thought leader and champion for sustainable tourism initiatives.

Many of us long to escape the everyday worries and stresses of urban life and do something different for a change. Whether that means taking an adventure trip, experiencing some culture, or simply relaxing and soaking up some sun, it can be a great way to break away from the grind and create new memories with friends and family.

Although no single approach works perfectly when traveling, you can usually gain valuable information from a good travel blog. The best ones tend to be comprehensive and provide various helpful content, such as destination guides, hacks for traveling, and advice.

To do the right thing, you need to have a sense of humor. Velvet Escape Travel Blog not only offers travel inspiration and tips but also has plenty of humorous posts that are sure to keep you entertained on your next vacation.

Another unique travel feature offered by the Velvet Escape Travel blog is a virtual reality video tour of Lecce, Italy. This experience provides an entertaining and educational way to discover the city's fascinating history and architecture without ever having to leave home.

For the ultimate travel inspiration, Velvet Escape Travel Blog is the place to visit. Their articles feature insightful analysis and stunning photography from destinations worldwide - making them a must-read for anyone planning an adventure. Besides providing great ideas for travelers, this blog also provides tips and tricks on saving money and maximizing enjoyment during your journey.

Travel Destination Guides

Velvet Escape Travel Blog is a travel site that provides comprehensive information on numerous destinations worldwide. It also provides helpful advice for planning trips and making the most out of your vacation.

Keith Jenkins, a multi-award-winning luxury travel blogger who left his job as an investment banker in Amsterdam to pursue his lifelong dream of traveling the world, runs Velvet Escape - his blog where he documents his travels around the globe.

Keith's blog is filled with stunning photographs, inspirational travel stories, and tips on how to have the ideal vacation. His writings are based on his own adventures around the world, offering plenty of ideas for your own trips.

His writings range from beach vacations and city tours, through culture history, food wine, luxury living, nature photography, plane views, road trips, and travel stories. As an experienced first-time traveler himself, this resource can help you plan for your upcoming vacation or offer helpful tips for planning it successfully.

He also provides budget-conscious travelers with travel tips, such as finding cheap accommodations and ways to save money while away. This blog is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a cost-effective yet rewarding vacation.

Travel bloggers such as Keith Jenkins, Minority Nomad, Ottsworld, Drink Tea Travel, and Explore Shaw are some of the most popular. Each blog specializes in discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations with stunning photography to match.

Travel guides offer many great destinations, but the ones that provide the most useful insight and advice are the best. Top travel blogs will not only tell you about the top tourist spots but they'll also offer helpful suggestions on planning your vacation and maximizing your experience.

Travel Hacks

Velvet Escape Travel Blog offers an invaluable source of inspiration, wisdom, and tips for travelers around the world. Their in-depth articles and stunning photography showcase destinations around the globe with ease.

Velvet Escape Travel Blog offers destination guides, itineraries, hotel and tour reviews as well as stories of people following their passions to inspire you. Whether you're searching for inspiration on where to go this year, money-saving hacks, or advice on finding balance while traveling, Velvet Escape Travel Blog has it all.

Travel blogs provide an insightful look into various destinations, as many bloggers share their own insights. Typically, they include pictures and reflections, making them a fantastic resource for planning your own trip.

Keep your travel expenses down by purchasing a travel card that allows free access to local transport. Not only will this save money on trains and buses, but sightseeing will be even more enjoyable with an inexpensive pass!

Another way to save money on your next vacation is by signing up for airline newsletters. These email updates often offer last-minute deals and frequent flier bonuses, which could add up to significant savings!

When booking flights, try to book them in a country with a better foreign exchange rate than where you're traveling from. Although this can be an inconvenience, the savings you'll reap will make it worthwhile!

When traveling with electronic devices like a tablet or camera, it's essential that they remain charged. A great travel hack is to invest in an extension cable or power strip which will enable you to stay connected without sacrificing too much battery life for your gadgets.

When packing, roll your clothes instead of folding them - this takes up less space and ensures there are no wrinkles on your clothing. Plus, it makes it simpler to see what has been packed!

If you're traveling alone, considering booking private rooms at hostels can be a great option. They tend to be cost-effective and provide an atmosphere of privacy and security.

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