Asian American Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers and video makers from Asia America represent le fashion in its purest form, from chic separates to sophisticated lewks - so follow them for your next IG and TikTok obsession!

Asian American Fashion Bloggers and influencers play an essential part in the fashion industry, spreading new trends to millions of followers via social media platforms such as Twitter or blog platforms.

Bryanboy, Ton, Aimee Song (the creator of Song of Style), and Tina Chen Craig are leaders in setting the current influencer culture standard. Their global appeal and relatable voices were popular with both brands and audiences.

Moreover, Cathy Hannabach speaks with scholar Minh-Ha T. Pham about her new book Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet: Race, Gender and the Work of Personal Style Blogging. This work investigates how elite Asian bloggers' racialized blogging labor builds upon older forms of racially gendered immigrant labor.

While traditional blogs may have fallen by the wayside in favor of new social media platforms, fashion influencers still exist to follow on Instagram and TikTok. Asian-American style gurus such as those on these two social networks offer unique takes on trends with sophisticated looks; check out their closets for some style inspiration.

Furthermore, these Asian American Fashion Bloggers offer plenty of style inspiration - be it their signature looks or championing inclusive fashion - in the form of fashion tips and real-life stories from these men and women making waves in the fashion industry.

Are you in need of some style inspiration? Look no further! These 12 Asian American Fashion Bloggers are making waves - whether that means traditional fashion blogging formats like blogs or quick and easy posts like those found on social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok! 

Follow them and their 300,000+ fans as they chase after life with passion! Their stylish looks will add flair to any feed, check them out today to gain inspiration!

Bryan Grey Yambao

Bryan Grey Yambao, better known by his online handle Bryanboy, is an established fashion blogger and socialite. He has worked with multiple fashion brands and attended many fashion events worldwide - as well as appearing on television programs - making an impressionable presence. 

Bryan Grey Yambao began blogging at 24 and quickly achieved immense popularity; winning him the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Fashion Lifestyle Blog and being listed among New York Post's nine hottest Internet celebs; while Sydney Morning Herald refers to his site as being "hysterically camp."

He has become a regular presence at shows around the globe and an advocate for Asian American fashion culture. He is the author of two fashion books and was featured on America's Next Top Model; moreover, he boasts over 800,000 followers between Instagram and TikTok accounts!

Yambao exudes an air of mystery. He rarely opens up about his family and has kept the identity of his partner a closely held secret for years. While he has posted TikTok videos and Instagram pictures that suggest marriage, no details about who it might be remain known.

While Yambao may be an icon to fashion bloggers, he remains critical of how the fashion industry has approached Asian Americans. According to him, it tends to meet their needs quickly while only rarely accurately representing them in ways that reflect who they truly are and represent them properly - particularly with campaigns such as Dolce Gabbana pasta-slurping chopsticks ad debacle and Gucci balaclava hoodie that featured fat lip.

Young Asian Americans look up to him as an icon of success, as his eponymous brand has grown into offering skincare, haircare, and makeup products - not to mention international expansion - across a broad range of categories. 

Additionally, he is actively part of the global fashion community having worked with numerous brands that celebrate diversity and inclusivity - an excellent example of how the fashion industry embraces diversity and inclusion.

Jenny Yuen

Jenny Yuen is a mother and runner who enjoys sharing her lifestyle online through her blog, inspiring readers to live a healthy lifestyle and reach for their goals. Jenny shares tips on training, eating, and exercising; as well as the importance of staying hydrated during exercise sessions as well as how to build an effective workout regime.

This blogger stands out on Instagram with her brightly dyed hair and colorful clothing choices, creating a welcome change for her followers. In addition to sharing her personal style, she blogs about parenting and lifestyle topics relevant to millennial mothers - her content is genuine and relatable, earning her widespread love from followers on social media.

Many of us have been offended by the negative portrayals of Asian people in mainstream media, yet one blogger and author is taking steps to break down stereotypes through her insightful blog posts. 

Her writing provides a fresh take on life for Asian Americans as they journey toward success; furthermore, she promotes equality and diversity while inspiring other women to follow their dreams.

This insightful and inspiring blogger writes beautifully about her experiences as an immigrant in America, reflecting both her personal style and inner strength in her words. She serves as an example to all her followers, encouraging them to embrace their culture and identities with pride.

Jenny is not only stylish; she is an enthusiastic proponent of leading a healthy lifestyle and has written books on this topic. Her social media pages feature helpful health-related information as well as inspiring photographs and videos chronicling her journey towards a healthier living journey. Furthermore, she's an expert when it comes to beauty and makeup applications.

Krecia Fullmer

Krecia Fullmer is a freelance model, interior design student, and fashion blogger of half-Indian and half-Vietnamese descent. Since her youth, fashion has helped Fullmer discover herself through clothing and makeup choices - especially at music festivals! 

But she has struggled to balance modeling career commitments with other aspects of life such as financial security; for Fullmer passion must meet financial security.

She has become an authority on makeup application thanks to her stunning tutorials. From smoky eyeshadow and glossy lips to cozy knitwear and stylish makeup bags - her advice never misses a beat.

Additionally, Krecia uses her platform as both a fashion influencer and activist, using it to raise awareness for body positivity and #StopAsianHate campaigns. With humor and insight, she tackles topics ranging from women's rights to the education gender gap with ease.

John Tan

John Tan is a well-respected fashion stylist and casting director. As someone who believes in paying their dues the old-fashioned way, John has built an excellent reputation based on respect given and earned. 

Known for his exquisite taste and talent of reading his clients like a book (he works with Ansel Elgort and Jake Gyllenhaal among many other notable clients), John also volunteers his services at juvenile detention centers to offer insight from personal experience as a former teenager into his work.

John’s Instagram feed is always worth following for stunning outfits or stunning makeup product layouts, making him one of the top Asian influencers. Additionally, he’s a popular creator on TikTok as well as providing college productivity tips and study YouTube content.

Carolyn Yuen-Marino

Carolyn Yuen-Marino has made waves both as a high school English teacher and style blogger/influencer on social media and fashion blogs. With the release of Sweet Power on the web series platform, Yuen-Marino has opened up new paths for Asian American representation in entertainment media.

She has amassed over one million Instagram followers due to her classic and elegant fashion sense. Her content ranges from fashion and travel to lifestyle and beauty - as well as being an accomplished photographer who has built up a following through travel, plant, and fitness photography.

Swoon-worthy flat lays of makeup products and chic OOTDs will have you clicking follow in no time. Plus, her page offers useful advice and tips! Also, she is a multilingual blogger eager to share experiences about both native and international cultures!

Jenn Im

Jenn Im, a Korean American fashion blogger has been on YouTube for more than 10 years and is one of its pioneers. Known for her lifestyle vlogs where she shares all sorts of lifestyle content such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos; Jenn has become one of the go-to YouTube creators.

Jenn has a unique sense of style inspired by her Korean heritage. She loves vintage clothing, thrifting finds, and creating adorable outfits on a budget. Jenn has many playlists on YouTube dedicated to seasonal outfits which provide ample sources of inspiration.

She's also an advocate for women, regularly using her platform to speak out against discrimination of any kind. As such, her activism has propelled her to garner over 2.6 million followers on TikTok alone - where her content ranges from tutorial videos and vlogs to collaborations with brands like Calvin Klein, Levi's, and Macy's.

Jenn Im is an indispensable fashion influencer with her chic yet timeless style, who has been in business for more than a decade. Her content ranges from makeup tutorials to travel advice; on Instagram, she regularly posts stylish OOTDs and flatlays which will have you reaching for your camera in no time!

Jessica Ricks

Jessica Ricks is a fashion and beauty blogger specializing in clothing and beauty products. Her blog provides outfit ideas to inspire you to look your best, collaborates with different brands to promote their products, has her distinctive style, and constantly shares updates of what's trending via Instagram.

She enjoys sharing her experiences and tips with them and loves traveling; sharing pictures of these journeys on her account. She serves as an excellent source of motivational insight and has an infectious sense of humor - two qualities that everyone finds invaluable!

Still a central figure on the show, she makes several appearances including in one episode of Ricksy Business where she wears a dark magenta headband and strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline as well as a narrow knee-length basque skirt (probably filled out with tulle layers) cinched at waist using a dark magenta belt with square silver buckle and matching pumps.

Jessica is also an advocate for women's issues, boasting an enormous following on Instagram and supporting body positivity with an abundance of body positivity posts. Additionally, she campaigns for change through her feminist collective community: @womenofwonderglobal

Chriselle Lim

Fashion blogs remain an invaluable source of style inspiration despite social media influencers' growing popularity. Asian American Fashion bloggers excel at finding and pairing individual pieces together into refined looks; they're often ahead of trends when it comes to adding them into their collections, as well as mixing styles seamlessly.

Chriselle Lim embodies every fashionista's dream life as she lives her fashionista dream life as a style blogger, entrepreneur, and editor-in-chief for GENLUX magazine. 

Known for her YouTube tutorial videos that garner over two million views and her blog The Chriselle Factor; Chriselle's signature high fashion aesthetic has garnered her the respect of major fashion brands and an ever-increasing following among followers and enthusiasts.

She hails originally from the Philippines but now resides in Los Angeles. She has worked with top fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and has amassed more than one million followers on Instagram - her visually appealing feed and story highlights will make you want a whole new wardrobe!

If you're after more in-depth content, visit her YouTube channel where she offers styling tips and store recommendations. She often mixes vintage pieces into her ensembles for a modern yet timeless aesthetic perfect for any special event or celebration.

Aimee Song

Aimee Song has amassed an incredible 2.5 million followers on Instagram, and her style is impeccable. A Los Angeles native, Aimee knows exactly how to channel West Coast chic in easy separates that look straight out of Madewell. 

Additionally, Aimee works as an interior designer as well; her fashion blog Song of Style showcases both sides of her passions for high fashion and home decor.

Her travel-inspired videos and outfit posts will incite wanderlust! She is also a big proponent of diversity within fashion; her content always is engaging and relevant!

Christine Chang

Christine Chang has made appearances in numerous TV shows and films, such as ABC's The Good Doctor where she played Dr. Audrey Lim on an ongoing basis; 24; CSI Miami; she even earned her Master's degree from Columbia University! In addition, Christine has spoken at WWD, CEW, and Glossy conferences about acting.

As a blogger, she has amassed a sizeable following on both Instagram and her website, where she discusses beauty, lifestyle, and parenting topics as well as sharing travel adventures with her followers. Her site serves as an inspiration source.

As an activist, she has spoken out against issues like the "bamboo ceiling" and model minority myth. Additionally, she has written for British Vogue and contributed to The New York Times as a writer/contributor. Additionally, in her free time, she works as a public health consultant while raising two children.

Susie Lau

Susie Lau, commonly referred to as Susie Bubble, is an influential fashion blogger and journalist whose widely read blog, Style Bubble, features her thoughts on the industry while showcasing young, undiscovered talent. Lau has been writing and editing since 2006 with her unique sensibility blending Western and Asian culture; as such she has garnered many fans.

She stands out as one of a select few original fashion bloggers to have managed to remain relevant despite an explosion in influencer saturation, with her insightful writing helping propel her to the top of her industry and keep it there with ease. 

She's aimed at certain names within it for engaging in discriminatory behavior; most recently taking action against French DJ Michel Gubert after posting an image featuring Wuhan Girls wearing slanty-eyed paper masks on his Instagram and receiving massive backlash as a result.

Lau has also become an authoritative voice on inclusion for BIPOCs, leading efforts to make fashion accessible to a broader audience. Her most recent endeavor - an ambitious documentary series broadcast during fashion weeks on BBC World News - aims to introduce fashion to those unfamiliar with it - an approach that aligns well with her long-held ethos of "fashion that matters."

Bretman Rock

Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers come from all backgrounds; some offer travel advice or style inspiration while others use their platforms to address issues facing Asian American communities.

Bretman Rock was raised with the internet and quickly learned its workings, quickly mastering its elements through comedic talent and endearing personability to become an engaging social media personality.

Even amid controversy and scandals, his videos continue to attract millions of views on both YouTube and Instagram. Renowned for his contouring skills, Rock rose to prominence as one of the first male beauty gurus in 2015.

Rock's videos showcase his quirky personality and taste for bold fashion choices that often feature feminine details to emphasize his curvier figure.

His rising fame has resulted in brand partnerships with prominent companies, such as Morphe Cosmetics for an exclusive highlighter palette. Additionally, Rock has increasingly used his platform to amplify native Hawaiian and Filipino communities.

Rock also uses his feed to advocate for an inclusive world, frequently featuring the work of Asian American Pacific Islander designers and brands like KISS Nails. Furthermore, his photos and captions promote social justice causes such as Black Lives Matter and the National Alliance of Filipino American Organizations (NAFAO).

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