Popular Blogs To Read In 2022

Popular blogs of 2022 cover a range of topics, from lifestyle to travel and entertainment. Others specialize in one area such as technology, cooking, fashion, or digital marketing.

Popular blogs are those with high traffic and an engaged following. They post engaging, helpful content that helps their readers improve their lives.

Blogging is an increasingly popular hobby, and starting a blog about your passion can be both rewarding and profitable. Not only will it allow you to express yourself to an international audience, but it's also possible to monetize this endeavor with a reasonable income.

A well-chosen niche can make all the difference when blogging. Whether you're a fashion blogger, travel blogger, or food blogger, selecting your niche is essential for drawing an audience and earning money from it.

If you're considering starting a blog, it is wise to select an area in which you have expertise. Doing this will make producing quality content much simpler for you.

These popular blogs of 2022 provide marketing advice and strategies to assist their users in growing their businesses and increasing traffic to their websites. Furthermore, they offer practical guidance for writers looking to hone their craft with insightful criticism.

Hacker Noon


Hacker Noon


If you're a tech enthusiast and enjoy reading various blogs, Hacker Noon is worth checking out. This site provides first-person perspectives from industry professionals with an audience of over 3 million readers each month.

This blog covers a vast array of topics, from in-depth discussions on microarchitecture patterns to introductions to blockchain technology. It's an ideal platform for software engineers, developers, and even students of computer science to exchange their thoughts on tech topics.

It boasts an excellent team of writers and is one of the best places to get your blog noticed by a wider audience. They don't hesitate to publish affiliate links or stories from all types of sources. Additionally, they're striving towards becoming a free blogging space for tech enthusiasts - and doing an excellent job at it!

Another advantage they possess is not charging for content - something rarely seen among tech blogs. Furthermore, they strive to avoid clickbait headlines, recycled material, and other common elements found within journalism.

You can learn a great deal about this blog on its website and they have an impressive Twitter account too. They provide tech news with enthusiasm, making them worth checking out if you're searching for something interesting to read in 2022.

This blog's team is incredibly supportive of their writers, and they strive to make this place as popular as possible. They provide a great resource for technology writers, and they're willing to allow affiliate links provided the writer posts full disclosure.

Support the team at Hacker Noon through various means; they're an excellent resource for technology enthusiasts. Their website contains numerous articles and they regularly update their content so that you stay abreast of the newest developments in the sector.

The platform also rewards brands that publish content on its platform by creating Company Pages with business overviews and search engine-friendly links. This enables small tech businesses to establish an online presence without spamming readers and search engines alike.

This approach is an ideal way to increase brand exposure and obtain valuable SEO value through a UGC link. Not only does it give your company credibility, but it also benefits the community at large.

Hacker Noon's growth has been fueled primarily by organic traffic. With an expansive library of content, the website continues to draw in new readers daily.

In addition to its regular blog posts, Hacker Noon also produces podcasts. These are invaluable resources for product managers who want to stay abreast of the newest trends and best practices within the industry.

Moreover, in one of the episodes David Smooke and Linh Dao Smooke discuss the origin of Hacker Noon, its success, and how to attract contributors. Tune into their podcast for more details on Hacker Noon and how you can become part of their community!

How To Geek


How To Geek


If you're interested in technology, gadgets, and devices, How-To Geek is the blog for you. With over a decade of experience providing helpful tutorials on various tech topics, this top-500 website in America guarantees high-quality content.

How-To Geek is a blog created by "geek[s] for the geek[s]." Written with great enthusiasm and technical proficiency, How-To Geek strives to be user-friendly while still maintaining technical accuracy. With its outstanding writing style and comprehensive geek knowledge, it will remain one of the best blogs to read in 2022.

Screenshots and visuals make its articles easier for readers to comprehend, while a wide range of topics is featured. You can subscribe via email or RSS feeds for convenient access.

This website boasts a large audience and enjoys impressive reach on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Its easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips have earned it praise from users worldwide.

This website strives to educate its readers, helping them save time and money by finding the best deals and technology. It has achieved top 500 status in America with articles read more than 1 billion times. Furthermore, its posts lack any bias and use few loaded words (language designed to influence an audience through emotional appeals or stereotypes).

Lowell Heddings founded How-To Geek in 2006, and since then the site has amassed millions of readers. As an experienced blogger with over one billion articles on tech topics under his belt, he is known for crafting informative explainers and how-to guides that are user-friendly and straightforward to apply.

He possesses an expert level of understanding in advertising and affiliate marketing. With over 15 years of experience monetizing the How-To Geek family, he has formed strategic partnerships with various companies to help them expand their reach.

In addition to writing for How-To Geek, he also serves as Senior Smart Home Editor on Review Geek's other site. In this role, he reviews all products and services published on the platform to ensure they are accurate and pertinent to the consumer market.

His primary responsibilities involve writing content, managing the website, and working with public relations agencies. With an interest in all things technical, he's passionate about teaching people about emerging trends and technologies.

One of his favorite pastimes is writing how-to guides, simplifying the intricacies of different technologies so they can be understood and applied by everyone. His expertise covers a wide range of areas including hardware, software, and cybersecurity.

He enjoys writing about science fiction and movies, believing these genres have much to teach us about our current world and its development.

This newsy "tell it like it is" blog often engages in lively debates on computer and Internet-related topics. It's a popular destination among both serious and casual users alike, and its coverage is extensive.

This blog is one of the oldest and most renowned in the industry. It provides news, opinions, and reviews about technology across a range of topics. Not only does it provide up-to-date info on gadgets and games, but also serves as an excellent source for understanding tech policies and other pertinent matters.

Teach Junkie


Teach Junkie


Blogs for teachers are not only popular, but they're an excellent source of teaching resources. Many of these blogs are free and contain valuable insight into teaching methods, technology, and best practice.

Teach Junkie blog is the go-to destination for teachers, offering an expansive library of education resources in one convenient online database. Organized into categories to make finding content quick and effortless, Teach Junkie also offers monthly or yearly subscription services so you can access only the best and most popular content.

There is an overwhelming wealth of educational content available online, which can be daunting for educators trying to locate the most pertinent and effective material. Fortunately, there are a few savvy websites that curate the best of the best and make navigating this vast library much simpler.

Teach Junkie is an invaluable resource for teachers of all levels. It features an impressive library of articles, videos, and podcasts all tailored toward helping you do your job better. Plus, the site has a helpful search tool that makes finding content simple.





If you're searching for style advice, lifestyle guidance, or just to talk about a certain topic with an expert, Corporette is an ideal starting point. It has been featured in multiple magazines such as People StyleWatch and Reality Chic.

Corporette stands out among many fashion blogs by not just talking about clothes. It also addresses topics related to work and career, providing tips on how to maximize your time at work.

If you're a lawyer, banker, or consultant, this website will be of special interest to you. It also serves as an inspiring source for women just starting their careers.

Kat, the founder of Corporette, holds a law degree and has been an attorney for more than two decades. Her passion lies in encouraging female lawyers to achieve success and advancement within their fields.

Her blog is filled with insightful articles about fashion, lifestyle, and workwear that have been featured in multiple publications. Additionally, she's made appearances on several TV shows such as Huffington Post Live and The Grindstone.

Recently, The Styling Dutchman named Corporette as one of the top work fashion blogs for professional style inspiration in an article. Additionally, Corporette was mentioned in a Business Insider story about what to wear during hot weather and by Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, and Australian editions of The Grindstone magazines.

Corporette's blog not only offers excellent advice but also showcases stunning photography and an array of office-appropriate outfits. While some might consider these looks too conservative for most professional settings, you'll still find them stylish and flattering nonetheless.

Copy Blogger


Copy Blogger


Copy Blogger is a well-known website and blog that specializes in copywriting and marketing. They offer training on topics like content marketing, writing, SEO, and email marketing. Furthermore, their software can help you expand your business online while increasing traffic and leads.

They boast over 60,000 subscribers and have been recognized as a top blog by Advertising Age and Technorati. Furthermore, they boast an engaged community of passionate writers who strive to constantly improve their craft.

Their focus on teaching you how to craft powerful, captivating content has made them a go-to for many marketers. Additionally, they assist you in understanding your target audience so that you can craft content tailored specifically for them.

Instead of creating a product tailored towards their target market, Copyblogger's creator Brian Clark chose to focus on optimizing content according to his readers' needs. This strategy enabled him to build an incredibly successful blog and ultimately an eight-figure media company.

Rainmaker Digital, run by He, has transitioned its paid programs and services onto a separate platform while remaining active on Copyblogger's website. They continue to educate and motivate their audience with useful content that can be applied in any niche.

They offer free resources that are beneficial for anyone aspiring to improve their writing skills and become an even better blogger. Furthermore, the Copyblogger FM podcast allows listeners to hear Brian Clark and his team share tips, tricks, and advice for blogging success. Moreover, they provide training through webinars and courses with continuous updating to stay relevant for their audience.

Smart Blogger


Smart Blogger


Smart Blogger is one of the largest websites dedicated to writing and blogging. They provide a range of courses and training programs that can help you hone your craft as a blogger while earning more money.

This site is an invaluable resource for both beginner and experienced bloggers alike. It provides various types of training that can help boost your articles to the top of search results, earning you more money in the process!

Some courses can be purchased at a reduced cost. These programs are mainly targeted toward beginners, but they may also prove helpful for those wishing to hone their skills and become better writers.

If you want to increase your blog traffic and income, Smart Blogger's Blog Traffic Blueprint is an ideal course. It outlines a step-by-step strategy for success on the web.

This course is for novice bloggers who are new to online marketing and want to learn how to monetize their blogs. It outlines five blogging strategies and shows you how to put them into practice.

These blog traffic strategies have been tested and proven to work, and you'll learn how to apply them on your WordPress website. Plus, live QA calls provide answers to questions as well as extra support when needed.

Another reason Smart Blogger's blog articles are so popular is that they often feature real-life bloggers who are already successful with their blogs. These blogs are easy to follow and provide helpful advice on how to monetize your site.

A Cup of Jo


A Cup of Jo


A Cup of Jo is an all-inclusive lifestyle blog for women that covers topics from style and food to design, travel, and relationships - even motherhood! With an experienced team of writers, a strong connection with its readers, and an exciting array of topics, A Cup of Jo offers something special.

Joanna Goddard, the founder of Brooklyn Mom and former editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, tells me her blog began as a side project but has grown so quickly that it's now her full-time gig.

She stressed the importance of being authentic and approachable, sharing both her own stories as well as those of others - particularly mothers - in an approachable style that has gained the appreciation of many followers. When writing about parenting, breastfeeding, or postpartum depression, her lighthearted approach is much appreciated by those she interacts with online.





HubSpot is a software company that provides tools for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Their solutions are accessible to businesses of all sizes, and they have an extensive resource library to help users get the most out of their platform.

HubSpot CRM is an invaluable tool for any business looking to enhance its sales process. It organizes all leads according to buyer personas and unique pain points, then automatically passes them along to the sales team.

The HubSpot blog is packed with useful advice that can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy. It's an invaluable resource for learning new tactics to attract potential customers and convert them into loyal clients, as well as keeping up with industry trends.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software provider, offering tools for search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SEM), content marketing, and automation. Additionally, it helps businesses create landing pages that convert visitors into leads.

HubSpot stands out among other marketing software providers by having an experienced customer service team that offers support to users worldwide. This team of specialists strives to help users make the most of the platform and guarantee they have a positive experience.

For instance, they've created an Academy that provides training and education for HubSpot users. With over 40 videos and a library of resources, this Academy helps customers get the most out of their platform experience with HubSpot.

This is an effective strategy for them to cultivate a devoted base of users that will fuel growth and revenue for the business. It exemplifies how they pay attention to customer needs, then implement modifications based on those inputs. This demonstrates their commitment to their users.

By 2023, more businesses are expected to embrace inbound marketing due to its cost-effective approach to acquiring leads and customers. Furthermore, this type of strategy offers businesses the potential for expansion at a rapid rate.





The Passion WP blog is one of the most comprehensive and reliable WordPress resources online. It provides helpful tips, tricks, and techniques with an unwavering commitment to quality, honesty, and humor. There's plenty of information on all aspects of the CMS - from installation and upkeep to design and optimization - making it a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their online presence.

The site features an intuitive and enjoyable user interface, along with a robust forum to help its users solve any issues they might be encountering. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent hub for WordPress-related news and trends.

The top-rated site boasts some of the most captivating graphics in online space, as well as an opulent logo. In 2022, visitors should check it out for its clever use of color and polished user experience. Furthermore, there are plenty of useful tools, widgets, and features that will assist you in creating an exceptional online presence without needing to pay a hefty fee for access.

Digital Marketing Blogs


Digital Marketing Blogs


If you’re a beginner in the digital marketing space, it can be daunting to sort through all the content available online. That is why reading marketing blogs is essential; they will make the process simpler and faster for you.

Digital Marketing blogs are an invaluable resource for tips, tricks, and strategies for marketing your business online. They also provide a way to stay current on news and developments within the industry so you're always informed and can stay ahead of competitors.

Some of the best digital marketing blogs below cover a range of topics, while others specialize in certain aspects. For instance, SEO blogs usually aim to optimize search engine rankings and other tactics that increase your website's visibility.

Moz has an esteemed blog that covers a multitude of topics, from keyword research and link building to content marketing and social media optimization. Their material is well-crafted and comprehensive, making it invaluable for marketers of all levels.

BuzzSumo is another highly-rated digital marketing blog, that provides data-driven insights and tutorials on content marketing techniques. Here you'll find articles written by various writers such as content strategists, marketers, and bloggers.

Buffer Social is one of the premier social media marketing blogs, regularly updating with fresh posts and offering straightforward guidance on online marketing. It has earned a #1 ranking on Social Media Examiner's 2016 list as an authoritative resource for this area of expertise.

Convince Convert, an established email marketing blog, offers helpful advice for successful campaigns. It draws upon the expertise of seasoned experts such as Ben Settle and Jay Baer to provide valuable insight.

All of the blogs mentioned above are indispensable resources for writers seeking to hone their craft and boost conversion rates. Additionally, they also boast an expansive library of helpful guides, articles, podcasts, and tools tailored specifically toward marketers.

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