The Law of Reincarnation Raw Manhwa 

The Law of Reincarnation Raw is an entertaining manga with adventure, thrills, and excitement for its entire audience via online streaming portals.

The Law of Reincarnation Raw is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by an unknown individual, featuring Ha Jin Won as an individual who falls for his coworker Yoo Jin Ah but cannot win her over due to her being engaged already. This manga depicts all aspects of romantic relationships through its pages.

Huang Xiaolong, the main character in the Invincible Conqueror series, had previously been a member of the Shaolin Temple and boasts an exceptional photographic memory to recall details from past lives and cultivate the Body Metamorphose Scripture, which gives humans supernatural abilities.

Three years earlier, our hero found his first romantic crush but discovered she already had one. Now, with time travel available to him, he can alter what has already taken place and change its outcome.

Law of Reincarnation Raw is an isekai manga with an iconic protagonist and protagonist character (OP MC), featuring incredible magic-based action scenes as well as an engaging plotline.

Furthermore, Law of Reincarnation Raw is filled with romantic imagery and sensuous gestures. The film centers around two lovers' attempts to revive their dead relationship through reincarnation.

Read this manga if you like an engaging revenge plot with an unconventional main character (OP MC). Also recommended for anyone interested in fantasy worlds and characters with distinct art styles and storylines. While its plot may be straightforward, its character development remains compelling - one of its biggest attractions.

People looking for something different should check out "Hellper", a regression isekai manga with an amazing main character and very diverse skill set that makes reading it enjoyable and has an adorable art style that sets it apart from similar works in this genre.

What Is the Law of Reincarnation? 

The Law of Reincarnation manga series is captivating and captivating. The story revolves around a young man who receives another chance at reconnecting with his first love by traveling back three years and changing past events to win her heart back. Packed with romance and suspense, its characters are beautifully drawn while its art upholds quality standards.

Su Xiao, the protagonist of this webtoon, lives in a "Reincarnation Paradise." Although similar to our world, its inhabitants speak a distinct dialect and use different slang words for similar objects or concepts. Since Su Xiao is an immortal sorcerer with special abilities to aid him in his search for love, Su has special abilities that assist in this endeavor.

He is determined and fearless, possessing great intellect to foretell future events. He knows it is up to him to fight for his love, doing all he can in his quest for it.

One day, he met Yoo Jin Ah - his colleague in the office - who instantly caught his attention. Although she captivated his heart instantly, he did not have enough courage to ask her out. Thinking back on their previous visit to Reincarnation Paradise he decided that by changing past events he could gain her affections.

Even though this story revolves around reincarnation, it remains realistic with plenty of drama and action. The plot is well-constructed and beautiful artwork brings it all to life; plus, its novel concept will undoubtedly draw in many manga fans! The story will keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Law of Reincarnation Raw focuses on the love lives of two protagonists: Ha Jin Won and Yoo Jin Ah worked together at a company and fell deeply in love, yet couldn't marry due to lack of money. They attempted to change history but found they couldn't change everything back and became uncertain of the future of their relationship.

This manhwa is filled with romance and sensuous gestures, detailing the romantic experiences of two protagonists - Ha Jin Won and Yoo Jin Ah. Ha Jin Won fell deeply in love with Yoo Jin Ah when they worked together at an office; he tried dating her, but was rejected; later regretting this decision, he decided to use reincarnation to get his way with Yoo Jin Ah again.

Manga's hero uses his magical abilities to travel three years back in time and alter events leading up to his reincarnation, hoping that by showing her just how much he cares for her he may gain her affection once again.

In this manga, the main character gets another chance at finding love; traveling back three years to his initial year at his company he attempts to woo her; unfortunately, his efforts prove fruitless and instead, he falls victim to seduction from a senior colleague in the workplace.

This story is full of romantic expressions and sensuous gestures, well-described characters, and vibrant art - making for an enjoyable read for fans of romance or mysteries alike! A manhwa can show us just how unpredictable life can be!

The Law of Reincarnation Raw

The Law of Reincarnation Raw is an inspiring manga about a rebirth that features gorgeous artwork to keep readers hooked and wanting more. A must-read for anyone hoping to live an excellent life with a happy family life!

The story centers on a young man who gets another opportunity to reconnect with his old first love. He travels back three years, hoping that their efforts may pay off and win her heart again. No one knows if his efforts will succeed; only time will tell!

This manga is full of romance, featuring stunning main characters. This intriguing tale explores how love changes lives by altering past events to bring a former flame back from death - recommended for manga fans!

Manga fans of all ages should read this manga series; it's an essential must-read! With beautiful artwork and a tale filled with emotions, this webtoon offers something truly captivating for all readers of webtoons! Its story makes for a compelling read, offering something memorable yet accessible - perfect for young and old alike.

If you're in search of an enjoyable manga series to read, give this one a try. Though somewhat slow-paced, its excellent storyline and gorgeous art keep your attention. Not to mention how likable its protagonist is...and the sex scenes can get quite passionate!

If you want to watch an anime series, however, this one may be hard to come by. But if you have time, I highly recommend checking it out; its story and animation are truly phenomenal! MC must overcome obstacles in his mission to win his love back despite facing hardship and tragedy along the way.

The Law of Reincarnation Unprocessed

Law Of Reincarnation Raw is about a man who gets another chance at reconnecting with his first love. To this end, he travels back three years and attempts to win her heart again; unfortunately, his efforts fail, and instead becomes the target of seduction by an influential senior colleague from college he knew as a teacher.

This manga is an engaging tale about love's power to transform lives, full of romantic expressions and sensuous gestures that is sure to please any romance and fantasy fan. The art is stunning while characters have been carefully illustrated for your viewing pleasure - an irresistibly enjoyable read that won't let go.

Law of Reincarnation is an ongoing webtoon with an average rating of 4.59 out of 5, featuring drama, fantasy, and romance with potentially inappropriate content for very young readers. 

Recommended as adult reading material only; updated every Friday by desconocido; its next chapter should drop sometime next week with its author having an impeccable track record when uploading chapters promptly; we will keep you up-to-date as soon as we have more info!


In this manga, the hero goes back three years to change a past event and win his dream girl despite not knowing she already had one at that time. This adds an interesting spin to traditional harem tales which often feature women with romantic partners along the journeys to romance.

This manga features stunning art, captivating characters, and an exciting plot filled with drama, romance, and fantasy - making it an essential read for fans of this genre! A must-read for fans looking for new manga titles to read.

Law of Reincarnation manga is perfect for adventure and fantasy fans. The characters are deeply developed, while the plot is packed with suspense. Available online with English translation by manhwa artist, chapters are updated weekly. In addition, Law of Reincarnation offers multiple languages making this manga an invaluable resource!


The story follows a young man as he is given another opportunity at love. However, this time around he lacks the confidence to approach her directly; moreover, she already has an ongoing romance. However, with time travel ability available he can travel back in time to his first year at work to secure their relationship.

Reincarnated characters often look very similar to their previous selves, helping audience members easily recognize them and making for more engaging stories. Reincarnation also adds the element of "destiny that survives death", and often allows characters to visit past lives via visions.

Reincarnation is a popular theme in the manga, particularly the Isekai manga. The main character usually returns as either hero or damsel-in-distress; both genres offer highly entertaining stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Law of Reincarnation is a reincarnation manga available both in Japanese and English versions, featuring chapters that are sterilized to avoid spoilers; with its next chapter set for release within the week. 

This manga is an exceptional reincarnation manga with amazing art, capturing characters attractively while the action moves fast-paced. Anyone interested in fantasy should read it - its story has lots of twists and surprises while its protagonist is very skilled at swordsmanship, mind games, magic, and other abilities that will keep readers hooked for months! Give this series a read!


Reincarnation manga typically revolves around characters who have been reborn into new bodies, often carrying over memories from previous lives or the identity of an old self who died before them. Such memories often create immense drama as characters struggle to reconcile their feelings and understand why they exist.

Dreams and visions may allow these characters to communicate with their former selves, leading to unexpectedly hilarious or dramatic situations. Reincarnated characters may experience similar difficulties as in previous lives - like seeking love or fighting against demons.

This shoujo manga features a reincarnated prince who leads an army and plans on taking over the world with his knowledge of reincarnation as his backbone. He uses manipulation and magic to succeed on this mission.

This manga is perfect for anyone who enjoys romance with an intriguing edge. The story is captivating and well-constructed, boasting a strong plot and beautiful artwork. Plus, you can read it online - for free!

It Is Available Online

Law of Reincarnation is a manga series that follows one character who gets another chance at finding love with an old first love. He travels three years back in time and attempts to win her heart during their initial year at work; unfortunately, it doesn't go smoothly; thus prompting him to change events from the past to win back her affection once more.

Although Yoo Jin Ah was not his initial love, Ha Jin Won finds himself regretting not telling her his feelings when working together. So, he begins daydreaming about her and trying to change history to win her heart again.

However, it proves difficult for him to win her over, and learns she has already started dating another man. The manga also explores romantic life through its various twists and turns with sexualized expressions and situations.

This ongoing manga has received an overall score of 4.59 out of 5 and contains adult scenes and themes unsuitable for very young readers. It follows a man as he travels three years back in time to his first year at work to be with the love of his life, whom he abandoned three years before.


The Law of Reincarnation is an intriguing manga with an engaging plot. The tale follows a man who gets another chance at love with his first lover; traveling back three years to change an event that led her to reject him in the past. Full of romance and sensuality.

Manga offers plenty of surprises and the art is beautifully executed; making this work a must-read for those who enjoy manhwa. The story boasts an ideal mix of action and romance and it has an exceptional main character and leveling system to round off this fast-paced read.

Ha Jin Won, the hero of this manhwa, falls for Yoo Jin Ah while working together at his company, but is unable to woo her with charms and deception alone. After realizing she's engaged already, he attempts to correct his errors by altering the past to bring her back - an engaging tale full of romantic ups and downs! A must-read!

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