Kumrat Valley In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kumrat Valley is one of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's most stunning destinations, boasting breathtaking lakes, majestic mountains, and picturesque valleys. Travelers are sure to fall in love with this idyllic valley!

Kumrat, located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Upper Dir District, is one of Pakistan's most picturesque valleys. Surrounded by towering mountains, raging rivers, and tranquil lakes, kumrat offers breathtaking scenery for travelers.

Kumrat is a sought-after tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors annually. It is approximately 370km (230 miles) away from Islamabad. Traveling there by car takes around 9 hours.

Kumrat Valley is a beloved destination for travelers from around the globe, boasting breathtaking beauty and captivating landscapes. Here, travelers can find adventure, relaxation, and an escape from city life.

This region is a stunning natural haven, where visitors can appreciate the wild jungle and pristine atmosphere. It remains one of Northern Pakistan's best-kept secrets.


Kumrat is one of Pakistan's most picturesque valleys, situated in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and popular among travelers due to its snow-capped mountains, crystal clear river, and lush green forests. It draws thousands of tourists annually and serves as an important source of income for the local community.

Unfortunately, Kumrat Valley and Jahaz Banda are becoming victims of overcommercialisation. Therefore, the government should enforce strict development standards as well as reliable waste disposal systems in these two valleys. Furthermore, they could improve the road from Kumrat to Kalam from a safety perspective.

In addition, the area offers many natural attractions and breathtaking sights. Tourists can explore waterfalls, lush forests, and breathtaking meadows.

Kumrat's ideal time to visit is during summer when temperatures are pleasant and the skies are clear. This is when you can enjoy outdoor activities and take plenty of photos.

When planning a trip to Kumrat, it's essential to bring the appropriate gear. Pack warm clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and an emergency first aid kit for your convenience.

Additionally, you will require enough cash for your stay in the region. With few ATMs nearby, it is recommended that you bring plenty of funds with you.

Kumrat Valley offers a range of accommodations, such as guesthouses and hotels. However, during peak tourist season these establishments can become quite pricey; thus, it is wise to book them ahead. Furthermore, camping pods located within the forest provide basic services and offer an enjoyable way to spend time in nature.


Kumrat is one of the most picturesque valleys in Dir Kohistan's upper reaches, known for its lush green pastures, snow-clad mountains, and the river Panjkora. Nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike flock here in droves - it truly offers something for everyone!

Kumrat's climate is typically alpine, with mild summers and harsh winters due to heavy snowfall. On average, temperatures in Kumrat range from 20 C to 25 C, though they can drop as low as -16.1 degC during these times.

Kumrat enjoys typically mild and sunny summer temperatures with occasional rain. Monsoon season can be unpredictable, however, and movement may be restricted due to heavy downpours.

In addition to its stunning scenery, the region is also renowned for its abundant flora and fauna. It boasts an array of species such as rhododendrons, azaleas, ferns, lichens, and orchids.

It is also home to numerous migratory birds and other wildlife. Visitors who enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing will find this area especially captivating.

Some hike to Katora Lake, an alpine glacial lake situated at 11,500 feet. Surrounded by mountains, this scenic spot provides an unforgettable view.

Another attraction of the valley is its numerous canals and streams formed from the Panjkora River. These waterways, often built up with pillars, offer visitors a truly unique experience.

Thal, the closest village to Kumrat Valley, is an ideal stop for supplies and accommodations. It's also known for its canals and streams made out of wooden sheets and pillars - truly a unique destination you won't want to miss on your trip.


Adventurers in the valley have plenty of trekking options. Katora Lake, an alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and Jahaz Banda Meadows can both be explored - famous for their wildflowers and lush greenery.

If you plan on trekking Kumrat Valley, it is highly recommended that you hire a guide. Local guides can assist in navigating the challenging terrain and guarantee your trip's safety and success. They may also assist with prepping for your trek as well as managing any medical issues that arise during your stay in the valley.

Make sure to pack a backpack with plenty of water, food, and other supplies. Be sure to wear clothing that can withstand the cold and windy climate in this region.

Another important factor to consider when planning your stay is the type of accommodations. While hotels are available, they can be pricey. On the other hand, there are numerous campsites nearby which may appeal to those who want to enjoy nature while having some home comforts available. These make ideal choices for those wanting to experience both.

For instance, there are a few tuck shops nearby that can provide hot meals, beverages, and other essentials. You should also ask your guide for recommendations on local restaurants.

Additionally, you should bring a tent and sleeping bag for comfort as you explore the area. This way, you can spend the night comfortably while exploring its sights. Finally, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing made of soft materials like wool or cotton.

The Katora Lake trek is the most popular trekking route. This 14-kilometer trail can be challenging but rewarding with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It's a popular activity among tourists looking for an active holiday.


Kumrat Valley is a sought-after tourist destination due to its stunning views and natural splendor, as well as its vibrant culture and history. Visitors can explore several trekking trails in the valley and partake in various outdoor activities.

One popular trekking route is the Badagoi Pass trek. This 14-kilometer trail offers breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and forests but requires the assistance of a local guide for completion. Although challenging, this trail can be completed within 7-8 hours with minimal discomfort.

Another popular trekking option is the Kalkot trek. This trail leads to an ancient village surrounded by forests and mountains, making it a challenging 8-hour journey that requires stamina and strength to complete.

Visitors to Jahaz Banda meadows can take a hike through stunning mountain and snow-capped peaks. In springtime, these meadows become blanketed in wildflowers. Additionally, they provide habitat to various wildlife such as leopards and black bears.

Kumrat Valley is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning landscapes, lakes, and waterfalls. It also hosts an array of wildlife including musk deer and Himalayan brown bears.

In addition, the valley boasts several historic mosques and temples that should not be missed by history buffs. These religious landmarks should be visited during your stay in the valley.

In addition to these attractions, the valley boasts several natural splendors such as the Panjkora River, Crooked Woods, and Katora Lake. If you're searching for an idyllic vacation spot, these picturesque sights should be on your list.

Kumrat Valley offers a variety of hotels and campsites for travelers to enjoy. These accommodations provide comfortable rooms with picturesque mountain views, plus other amenities like WiFi access and continental breakfasts.

River Rafting

Kumrat is a sought-after river rafting destination for adventurers who seek an outdoor adventure. The region's rugged topography and stunning expedition routes make it an ideal glamping destination, offering comfortable accommodation in tents or yurts.

Rafting in Kumrat is best done during summer when water flows are higher and rivers calmer. This makes it easier for rafters to navigate rapids without getting stuck or hurt.

Before embarking on your first rafting trip, be sure to research the different types of rivers and how to read rapids properly. This will ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience while enjoying themselves fully.

When rafting, always wear safety gear such as a life vest, helmet, shoes, and whistle. Doing so correctly will reduce the likelihood of serious injury or fatalities while on your trip.

Before embarking on your trip, ensure you receive a comprehensive safety briefing. This should cover expectations from the guides as well as potential hazards on both land and in the river environment.

Be sure to wear your life jacket while rafting and don't take it off until the guide has given permission. Doing this can prevent you from falling out of the raft and drowning.

When possible, try to take a rafting trip with friends or family members. This will provide more chances to ask questions and learn from each other. Plus, it will make it easier to discuss what worked well or poorly in your experience and what could be improved in the future.

Rafting on the river can present you with various hazards, such as rocks and other obstructions. To minimize these, try floating on your back with your feet pointed downstream and knees slightly bent; this will help absorb shock from rapids and keep you from falling off or hitting a rock.


Glamping is an idyllic way to enjoy nature while staying in luxurious settings. It offers travelers a chance to escape from the noise and bustle of cities, allowing them to reconnect with Mother Nature at her most serene.

Glamping offers guests all the amenities of home without the hassle of transporting a tent or yurt to their destination. Whether you're traveling alone, with family, or with friends, glamping provides the ideal solution for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Planning a successful glamping trip starts with selecting an ideal location. Ideally, find land near major population centers so you can easily access it during daylight hours and guarantee yourself a steady influx of guests.

You should select a location that offers plenty of natural beauty and excellent hiking trails for guests to enjoy during their glamping stay.

Another essential consideration when planning your glamping property is the weather. Take into account how often it rains and if the area is susceptible to flooding. If using a tent, be sure to purchase waterproof covers or rent them from the glamping site in question.

Additionally, you'll need to choose a power source. Some glamping sites offer solar-powered lights for sustainability; others may use gas lamps or other non-renewable sources.

If you're not sure which glamping option is ideal for you, there are plenty of online resources that can help guide you. Alternatively, contact a local tourist agency and inquire about their recommendations.

Finally, make sure to understand any regulations that pertain to your chosen tract of land. These will dictate how much construction can be done as well as whether zoning allows for glamping structures.

In the end, it's up to you to create the ideal glamping experience for your guests. Follow these tips and tricks, and ensure that every moment of your vacation is unforgettable!


Kumrat Valley is a stunning tourist attraction in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Upper Dir District of Pakistan, bordering Swat Valley to the east and Chitral to the northeast.

The area is filled with numerous lakes and rivers, many of which offer excellent fishing. Jahazbanda Katora Lake in particular is renowned for its lush forests and abundance of fish. You can enjoy picnics or other outdoor activities along the shore of this stunning natural phenomenon.

Kumrat's stunning waterfall is another top attraction, making for an unforgettable experience. You can either hike to reach this breathtaking site on your own or book a tour package that includes a visit to the area.

Kumrat Valley boasts several varieties of fish, but trout are one of the most popular and sought-after varieties by locals. If you're hoping to catch some trout, the ideal time for doing so is on a sunny day.

To maximize your fishing trip, it is essential to plan and be prepared for any weather conditions that might arise. Bring a waterproof jacket, comfortable clothes, and some hiking boots just in case - everything will help make for an enjoyable journey!

To successfully land your catch, you'll need a rod and reel set up. A knowledgeable guide can assist in selecting the appropriate equipment as well as explaining proper techniques.

The Kumrat Valley offers some great fishing between June and September when temperatures are pleasant and sunny. On cloudy days, try using lighter bait or fishing in darker waters so the fish are more likely to notice it.

In addition to fishing, you can engage in other exciting outdoor activities like river rafting and mountain climbing. These pursuits offer the thrill of adventure while taking in the stunning natural splendor of the region.

Kumrat Valley is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to Pakistan. This stunning region boasts numerous natural and cultural sights, making it the ideal escape from city life.


For those seeking an escape from the bustle of urban life or wanting to get closer to nature, camping in Kumrat Valley is a great option. This tranquil valley in KPK is known for its lush green pastures, snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, and waterfalls. Camping here provides plenty of chances to unwind.

Kumrat offers a range of accommodations, such as guesthouses, hotels, and camping grounds. When selecting where to stay in Kumrat, you must consider the weather and climate conditions before making a choice that suits you best.

Kumrat offers many beautiful camping spots, the Panjkora River and Deodar forests are two of the best. Here you can take in breathtaking scenery while connecting with yourself spiritually.

Travelers may also consider Khanabadosh Glamping's glamping pods. These facilities are constructed in Pakistan using sustainable materials and provide local food as well as employment opportunities to the people of Skardu.

When camping for the first time, your tent must be set up securely. Doing this can guarantee a stress-free and enjoyable time camping.

For your comfort, it is recommended that you bring warm clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Additionally, don't forget to pack a first aid kit and enough cash.

Khanabadosh offers guests a comfortable and memorable stay in Kumrat. All their glamping pods come with basic amenities, like electricity. They're available both night and day - you can book them online with ease! Ideal for families or groups of friends, Khanabadosh's prices are very competitive too - making them an affordable and practical option.


Kumrat is one of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's most scenic regions, boasting stunning lakes, mountain peaks, picturesque valleys, and dense forests. It should not be missed by any traveler visiting Pakistan!

This region remains relatively untamed and undeveloped, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. You can go trekking, hiking, fishing, or simply relax in the wilderness.

Camping in this picturesque region is an ideal experience, whether you're with friends or family. Enjoy camping among majestic deodar forests for an unforgettable adventure!

Kumrat offers a variety of hotels that offer comfortable accommodations at reasonable prices. Popular choices include Hotel Grand Palace, Burj al Kumrat, and Green Hills Thall Kumrat.

Burj al Kumrat is a mid-range hotel that provides amenities like room service, parking, a restaurant, laundry services, a geyser/heater, and 24-hour security for your comfort. With its uniquely intimate atmosphere and carefully chosen details throughout the property, you'll feel right at home here.

Sky Hill's Hotel Restaurant is another popular option, providing budget-friendly options for travelers of any income level. Situated amidst stunning mountain and valley views, guests can take in stunning panoramas from this hotel.

Mom Touch Hotel is an ideal choice for travelers of any budget who desire comfortable accommodations close to nature. Situated in a stunning area, they provide 24-hour front desk assistance should you require it.

The hotel's convenient location also grants you easy access to the region's top tourist attractions, including the Panjkora River and Katora Lake. Just a short drive away, guests will discover some of the region's most stunning natural features such as waterfalls.


Kumrat's lush jungles offer the closest experience to nature without compromising personal safety. Its protected forests still shelter some of the rarest and most endangered animals on Earth - leopards, tigers, wolves, and bears.

One of Pakistan's last unaltered valleys, this wilderness area provides an exceptional opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural environment. Plus, you'll get to admire stunning green pastures and snow-clad mountains that will surely take your breath away!

Kumrat Valley was one of the last unexplored frontiers left in Pakistan until 2016 when Imran Khan visited and made it a popular tourist attraction.

If you're searching for a peaceful haven to escape the city, this is one of the ideal destinations. Boasting majestic mountain peaks, lush green forests, and crystal-clear lakes, it's truly a mystical oasis that deserves your visit.

But to reach the valley, you'll need to embark on a long but peaceful trek through Kumrat's forests. This will allow you to experience Pakistan's wild side and connect with its mystical beauty at a deeper level.

While in the valley, you can go fishing in the Panjkora River. Net-based fishing is the most common method here but other methods may work too - just make sure you obtain permission from the fisheries department before beginning!

Kumrat boasts some stunning waterfalls, such as the 'Kaala Paani' - a naturally formed spring popular among locals. If you're feeling especially daring, why not try trekking through the freezing waters of the Panjkora River?


Kumrat Valley is a stunning tourist destination located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's upper Dir district. Here you will find snow-capped mountains, sparkling streams, and cascading waterfalls.

Kumrat's best time to visit is wintertime when temperatures are lower and visitors can enjoy more activities. Temperatures in Kumrat can drop as low as -11 deg C during January and February, making this period perfect for snowfall adventures and sports activities.

Kumrat's top attractions include Panjkora River and Jahaz Banda Waterfalls, located 3100 meters above sea level with breathtaking views. This area is renowned for its picturesque meadows and lush green forests, making it a haven for hikers and trekkers alike.

Kumrat's Do Kala Chasma, a narrow gorge formed by the Panjkora River, is another must-see attraction. Hiking through this gorge offers stunning views of the valley and nearby mountains.

Kumrat Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, from horse riding and river rafting, that are fun for everyone - even families with children! These adventures make the valley truly spectacular!

When visiting Kumrat, it is essential to pack the correct equipment and clothes. This includes warm clothing, snacks, waterproof bags, and a backpack. Additionally, bring along your first aid kit, sunscreen, and hiking stick for added security.

In addition to its natural attractions, the valley also offers plenty of hotels and restaurants that will make your stay more enjoyable. Popular choices include Waterfall Resort Kumrat, Panjkora Hotel, and Granite Hotel and Restaurant.

Night Sky

Kumrat Valley is an idyllic destination to admire the stars without any pollution layer blocking out the Milky Way. There are also several stunning waterfalls nearby for added enjoyment. Kumrat Valley's mountains make for a stunning sight and provide hikers with stunning views of the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Kumrat Valley offers a range of accommodations, such as hotels and glamping camps. In the summer season, why not book into one of its hotels for an incredible view of mountains and waterfalls? Alternatively, try camping pods - recently introduced into tourism by local builders - for some relaxation during your vacation.

Kumrat Valley is a dream come true for many tourists. Here, you can spend quality time with your family while admiring snow-clad mountains, lush pastures, and the picturesque Kumrat River. No wonder why this area has become such a popular tourist destination--especially for those who appreciate nature and hiking!

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