Delphi Murders Leaked Texts Lead Police to New Suspect

Delphi quickly went viral when images and audio of its suspected murderer became available to the public, prompting armchair sleuths to post side-by-side images showing suspect sketches with photos of random men who may resemble it.

Since the discovery of 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German's bodies on a hiking trail near Delphi, Indiana in February 2017, their deaths have become the subject of intense debate, including false rumours and accusations regarding potential suspects.

On February 13th 2017, 13-year-old Abigail and 14-year-old Liberty German were reported missing after they went hiking on the Monon High Bridge near Delphi, Indiana. Their families promptly reported them missing.

In 2020, text messages purporting to come from the person responsible for finding Abby Williams and Liberty German's bodies began surfacing online and contributed to speculation and conspiracy theories. These texts furthered this speculation and created controversy surrounding Abby and Liberty's deaths.

The murders sparked outrage across the country, prompting internet detectives to work hard on solving them. Their investigation led them to identify one suspect - Mr A - as a potential suspect in this case.

One rumour, propagated in 2022 by the Murder Sheet podcast, suggested that police were conducting a probe into an online catfishing account. This led to the unveiling of an unspeakably disturbing detail:

Libby And Abby’s Death

Libby and Abby, two young sisters from Delphi, Indiana who disappeared while hiking were later discovered stabbed multiple times with needles. Investigators have released few details regarding the case but do suspect wrongdoing was involved.

Families of victims are dealing with tremendous grief over what has become of their daughters, yet remain determined to find out more. They have raised funds to build softball fields in memory of each girl while creating an organization dedicated to missing children. They have worked hard to bring this case forward while gathering valuable intelligence via leaked text messages on social media.

Police have arrested Richard Allen, 50, of Indiana and have charged him with two counts of murder. He pled not guilty to these allegations while being detained without bail.

He is accused of killing both girls and dumping their bodies in the woods near Delphi. Their deaths have shocked everyone in town; authorities have not provided details, except to say they believe one or both girls may have been stabbed several times during their altercations.

According to the new podcast 'Delphi Murders', Libby and Abby may have been murdered by one individual - possibly Kegan Kline who had been communicating with her through an anonymous Snapchat account before her death. Kline faced 25 child pornographic charges at that time in addition to five Delphi-related ones but these had been dropped in November 2022.

The FBI remains confident in its ability to identify those responsible for Libby and Abby's deaths, including one local man who came forward immediately upon learning of the investigation.

The Case

After the Delphi murders, many have speculated as to what led to their deaths and who may have committed them. Although no culprit has been identified yet, leaked text messages have given Internet detectives some leads in trying to solve the case.

Abigail Williams (13), and Liberty "Libby" German (14), was tragically murdered while walking along Delphi, Indiana's historic trail on a snowy day near Monon High Bridge and investigators have yet to identify their killer(s). Their deaths sent shockwaves through Delphi's tight-knit community and shocked people across the nation. The case caused shockwaves across the country and has left Delphi's close-knit community reeling with sorrow.

Though authorities have yet to make public statements, authorities believe that the killer was either from or familiar with Delphi. They have released several images depicting what appears to be a white male wearing jeans and a jacket that match. Although their cause of death remains unknown, authorities believe they were likely killed through stabbings.

As a result, many internet users have attempted to solve the case of two teenage girl murders by providing clues and sharing information on social media platforms like Twitter. Residents in their town still grieve for these tragedies; trying to come to terms with their loss.

The mother of one of the murdered girls told the US Sun that she often thinks of her daughter and wishes that the perpetrator of her killing will soon be caught so her family can find some closure.

Investigation into the Delphi killings has been ongoing for years now, yet no arrests have been made in Indiana. There remains the possibility that those responsible could still be hiding somewhere within its borders.

Investigators have been diligently exploring this case and have discovered some key details that may help solve it. They believe the person responsible was a local resident of Delphi who used an anonymous social media profile to contact underage girls.

The Leaked Texts

The Delphi Murders are one of the most terrifying true crime cases ever to make headlines, taking place in a small town of only 3,000 inhabitants and leaving a lasting impact. Although unsolved since 2013, few leads have come forward regarding this incident - until recently when some text messages relating to it surfaced online that have caused considerable concern in communities surrounding these events and investigators. 

These texts allegedly between those responsible and his friend have caused immense confusion within these communities while at the same time providing invaluable clues for detectives investigating this case - these texts also prove very helpful for investigators when conducting investigations on this case!

The murders of Libby and Abby shocked everyone. Both teenagers had bright futures ahead of them but their lives were cut short due to an act of evil from a stranger. While police have done their best to be transparent about this case, they cannot reveal every detail they possess about it.

At a press conference held on April 2019 Doug Carter, Superintendent of Indiana State Police, shared some new details regarding this case. He stated that they have received new leads regarding potential suspects in this investigation and asked anyone with knowledge to come forward as soon as possible - all information gathered will not be considered confidential and may help solve this case.

Police released a grainy video showing Richard Allen walking near the bodies of two teenage girls that have been used to create an augmented reality 3-dimensional video of their murder scene. Allen has been accused of killing both teenage girls and authorities released an image from a local bar showing his appearance that closely resembled their police sketch from 2019.

The Sister of a girl killed in Snapchat murders has warned the public to be wary when using social media, as her sibling's killer may still be watching them and they cannot hide forever from being found out. Additionally, she applauded her sister's bravery in recording video footage of a suspected assailant who they believed to be their killer.

Who Is the Person Behind the Leaked Text Messages?

The Delphi Murders were an unspeakably tragic event for the small Indiana town of Delphi. The murders of 13-year-old Abigail "Abby" Williams and 14-year-old Liberty "Libby" German left an indelible mark on many members of their communities; yet investigators have released limited details regarding this case, leaving many citizens of Delphi still waiting for closure on this matter.

Over the year since their murders, numerous reports and theories regarding who killed the girls have surfaced. Some speculate that an unknown individual raped and killed the young woman; it's thought he may still be lurking about.

Recently, authorities identified a new suspect in the Delphi murders; this individual is a former student at the school where all three girls attended and has been arrested on unrelated criminal charges without being linked directly to these slayings. Investigators are investigating this potential link with the Delphi murders.

On February 13, 2017, two girls were murdered while hiking on the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, Indiana. They had been walking together and hadn't been seen for hours when their parents reported them missing; they had posted social media updates before going missing.

The accused murderer was known to one of the victims. Additionally, this individual served as both a local businessperson and an avid hunter. Police released a sketch depicting this individual who is believed to be either in his late 40s or early 50s; white with a medium build, wearing glasses with a beard and moustache, with a deep voice known for hunting deer.

Investigators compiled two composite sketches based on video footage taken by Libby German of a man walking behind her and Abby on the trail; their deaths have profoundly altered residents of their close-knit town, and investigators believe the details of the crime scene provide them with enough clues to identify the killer(s).

Investigators have several leads in the case, such as a social media profile that was created specifically to groom underage girls. Its creator collected nude images and addresses; as such he has been charged with child exploitation.

What Is the Identity of The Person Behind Delphi Murders?

Abigail Williams and Liberty German's murder sent shockwaves through society, as both girls were walking home after school when they were killed. Police have struggled to track down their killer until recently - text messages leaked via hackers have led them to a possible suspect.

Text messages leaked from Abigail and Liberty's phones reveal that an unknown individual was stalking them on the Monon High Bridge in Delphi, Indiana. These leaks have since gone viral online and caused people to reconsider their beliefs about Abigail and Liberty's murders.

According to texts, Mr A was following and watching the girls as they crossed a bridge. One girl took video footage of Mr A, which enabled investigators to create two composite sketches from this footage.

Though police have yet to identify those responsible for these murders, they believe that those involved could still be out there and may plan another attack. Police are searching for a white male between 5'6" and 5'8", wearing a blue jacket and jeans on the day of the murders and familiar with the Monon Bridge area.

Police have issued several sketch drawings of the suspect. Additionally, they believe he knows at least some of the girls and is actively searching for potential accomplices to the crime. Identifying any potential accomplice has become one of their top priorities.

Police have also identified a potential link between the murders and an online pornography website called Anthony Shots, used to communicate with underage girls and solicit nude images, and the killings as possibly being in response to this activity.

They have asked anyone who had contact with this account - particularly anyone who received requests to provide their address or meet up with a girl - for their assistance, particularly if this had requested to get in contact with Anthony Shots and receive information.

What Are the Leaked Text Messages About?

The Delphi Murders were an unspeakable tragedy for Delphi, Indiana. Two eighth-grade girls named Abby and Libby went missing on February 13th after heading to Monon High Bridge on an unscheduled snow day for some playtime. When their ride home did not appear, they were reported as missing before their bodies were later discovered half a mile from Monon High Bridge on February 14th.

Investigation of this unsolved case continues, yet investigators have recently come across new leads. They found a 29-year-old man who sent messages to the victims. Police did not believe his story about following them along the trail but did accept some evidence he provided through messages sent directly from him to them.

As it turned out, the suspect lived in Delphi and was very familiar with its environs. Furthermore, this man reportedly had a drug problem and was arrested on February 25, 2019, on two counts of murder; currently held without bond.

Reports by the Indianapolis Star indicate that Mr Allen lives within a five-minute driving distance of where Abby and Libby's bodies were discovered. He has lived in this small, close-knit community for decades, becoming known by many residents in that time. Furthermore, as a trained pharmacy technician who worked at CVS stores regularly encountered community members daily.

Mr Allen posted a selfie to Facebook in December 2021 which features him smiling in front of a 2019 police sketch of their suspected murderer and bears an uncanny likeness to this sketch. Police suspect that their killer may have been part of an online catfishing group and has admitted grooming underage girls.

Delphi has been rocked by the murders of two girls in recent weeks. Delphi is a close-knit community with only 3000 residents, so these murders sent shockwaves through Delphi's community and society as a whole. Many hope that soon this case can be resolved so they can breathe easy again.

What Do The Leaked Text Messages Tell Us?

The Delphi murders have haunted Delphi, Indiana for five years. Two eighth graders Abigail Williams (13) and Liberty German (14), believed to be victims of sexually-motivated killings on local trails near Delphi have been brutally killed while walking alone; their murder has left many citizens of Delphi reeling with shock; as yet no suspect has been identified, but leaked text messages indicate otherwise.

Text messages published online indicate that Mr A has been charged with murdering three girls and sexually assaulting them. It has also been reported that Mr A wanted no part in being held accountable, even going so far as threatening his family should he be captured; however, due to police efforts, they were eventually able to locate and arrest him.

Detectives investigating this case have made progress with their investigations and have identified an individual as potentially being the killer. By tracking his phone and social media accounts, they've discovered additional clues. Furthermore, it has come to their attention that he may have been one of the victims' former teachers, with allegations against him of sexually abusing them in the past.

Text messages revealed that he had been planning the murders; he arranged to meet Libby on the Delphi High Bridge the day prior, with plans of spending time together on that bridge. Police confirmed he is the prime suspect, and are working on building up an in-depth profile on him.

Another text message shows that the suspect intended to molest girls before murdering them, which is shocking and could help investigators catch him. The investigation continues and public interest in learning more about it.

The murders of two teenage girls have sent shockwaves through Delphi, which only has around 3,000 residents. Being such an intimate community, each one knows the other; therefore, their deaths have had a deep-seated effect on many lives - people are hoping that soon the case can be closed so they can live peaceful lives once more.

The People of Delphi Are Waiting for The End of The Case

After five years since two teenage girls went missing in Delphi, an arrest in their case has finally given Delphi community some cause for hope. Residents eagerly anticipate hearing what will come out of the trial as this case involves multiple parties and many individuals with conflicting stories about it; speculation on the motives of the suspect has also ensued.

Abigail Williams and Liberty German of Delphi, Indiana went missing after visiting the Monon High Bridge. Both girls posted updates via Snapchat before they abruptly vanished without a trace; police were eventually called.

Crime scene investigators have extensively examined and studied the crime scene, uncovering new details as they have surfaced. Richard Allen, an employee from Delphi CVS pharmacy who confessed his role in killings via phone call with his wife is facing two counts of murder charges and awaits trial.

Even though this case is complex, it has captured the public imagination and the interest of true crime enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, it has created a wide network of communities focused on its investigation.

This case has become a national sensation and has inspired numerous conspiracy theories about it, most prominently that both the FBI and CIA may be involved in it, or that girls may have been killed by a local sheriff's deputy.

Delphi residents are an extremely tight-knit community and remain anxiously anticipating an end to this tragic case. Devastated by the loss of two teenage friends, this case has forever altered their lives but they hold out hope that soon, someone will catch them and bring justice.

The death of these girls has sent shockwaves through Delphi, a town with less than 3000 residents. Their families are struggling to move forward while mourning for their daughters while searching for justice in this terrible incident.

The Investigators Are Not Disclosing All the Information About the Case

Years have passed since Abby Williams and Libby German's deaths, yet their case remains unresolved. Recently, however, new evidence has surfaced and investigators are currently interviewing several individuals as potential suspects in this investigation. 

Both families of Abby Williams and Libby German have been devastated by these murders and they hope that soon, it will all be solved, but investigators may withhold some information concerning this case.

Investigators are currently reviewing leaked text messages allegedly from the man who discovered the girls' bodies, which have been seen more than 18,000 times on YouTube. Many are wondering whether this new evidence can aid the investigation process.

No arrest has yet been made concerning the Delphi bridge murders despite numerous leaks and promising leads, according to police investigations. Police interviewed multiple local men but no charges were ever brought. 

Most recently, a court unsealed a search warrant issued during this investigation which revealed that each victim lost a substantial amount of blood at the crime scene, suggesting their killer could easily have got some blood onto themselves when carrying out his or her crime spree.

Police believe they have several leads in this case, though they aren't sharing them publicly. Kegan Kline is considered a person of interest but hasn't been charged with any related murders; he may also have links to Anthony shots account which was used by Anthony to groom underage girls; additionally, his father may also play an integral part in their investigation, although neither has been charged yet.

Delphi residents are an extremely close-knit community, and the deaths of two teenage girls have sent shockwaves through them all. Investigators have done everything possible to solve this case, including studying leaked texts and taking DNA samples - hoping this may lead them to their killer.

The People Are Getting Involved in The Case Daily

Since 2009, numerous people have been actively engaged in the Delphi murder case, searching for clues to assist investigators in solving it. Though investigators do not reveal all details surrounding it, they still receive numerous tips daily from people hoping they might finally receive answers that have eluded them for so long.

Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered while hiking near Delphi, Indiana on the Monon High Bridge several hours after disappearing from a hiking trip. Though their deaths remain unsolved, internet detectives have identified one person - Mr A - whom they suspect of killing the girls.

Police in a small, close-knit community have been conducting an intensive search for the killer of three teenage girls who disappeared after walking across a bridge, where one was found. Interviewing many individuals as well as releasing new video footage and sketches has yielded no leads or suspects; one sketch shows a man walking behind them on the bridge wearing a dark jacket and jeans and speaking directly to them: "Guys, down the hill". Investigators believe this man may be the individual responsible for the murder.

Now, the locals of this community are hoping that those responsible will soon be arrested. According to reports, one suspect resides locally but his identity hasn't been released publicly yet; no prior convictions were found and it appears he is around 50 years old; a business owner with wife and children; charged with two counts of murdering teens in these killings.

Police have interviewed and interrogated the suspect several times and are investigating his possible role in the crime. They conducted searches at his Delphi home, outbuildings and shed for weapons or evidence and also confiscated cell phones and electronics belonging to him. Furthermore, the FBI interviewed his wife but the details are currently confidential.

The People Are Hoping That the Case Will Be Solved Soon

Abby Williams and Libby German disappeared while making their way towards Delphi's Monon High Bridge three years ago, never to be seen again and their bodies discovered half a mile from where they disappeared from. Locals remain stunned over this shocking crime while police have collected minimal evidence yet hope to solve it shortly.

Tragic events surrounding two teenage girls' deaths have left their deaths felt deeply by many people in a small town with only 3000 residents; their deaths have therefore had a far-reaching effect. Investigators are working diligently to find their perpetrators. According to police, details from the crime scene indicate a signature that can help identify the killer.

Recently, some leaked crime scene photos sparked widespread Internet curiosity about this case. A friend of one of the victims contacted investigators to express disbelief that these photographs did not tally with what she saw at the crime scene; unfortunately, however, no further details regarding how exactly these two girls died have been made public; although it seems likely that they were both stabbed.

Richard Allen is being held as a suspect in the girls' murders. He lives in Delphi and knows its surrounding area well; additionally, he has family living nearby. Allen was arrested last October and remains locked up.

Delphi residents are eager to have this case resolved as quickly as possible so they can have peace of mind that their daughters' deaths were not for nothing and ensure the suspect gets the justice he deserves. While waiting, they relive tragedy by reading texts found on the killer's phone which were leaked, leaving many shocked but hopeful that soon the case will be closed.

The Final Verdict

The murders of Libby and Abby German left an indelible mark on Delphi, Indiana. The community came together and rallied around new leads in their case, but nothing materialized for several years until a CVS employee named as a suspect (even without previous criminal history) was named as one. Police released both photos and sketches depicting him looking similar to who they had in mind for further narrowing down their search process.

However, there were still unanswered questions regarding this person's past that did not receive sufficient answers. One question was if or when this individual had ever killed anyone before; another was whether he molested any children. Unfortunately for his case and its investigation team - none of these answers have yet been provided by authorities.

Documents related to this case have remained sealed for some time due to claims by prosecutors and investigators that making them available could compromise their investigation. A judge is scheduled to release these records this week.

One of the most alarming aspects of text messages sent between parents and teens is their use of vulgar and sexually suggestive language, including explicit threats and images which suggest sexual abuse. Some victims' families have filed suit against him; compensation could potentially be provided.

This case has captured the imaginations of people from around the world, inspiring true crime podcasts and blogs dedicated to it. Although years have passed since their deaths, they continue to remain fresh in people's memories; indeed, their murders even inspired an award-winning series “Down The Hill”.

There have been various theories as to who murdered the girls, yet no conclusive proof exists. Police continue their search for answers while working hard to ensure justice is served for victims' families and bring peace to Delphi.