Top UFC Fights Remembered in History

The 2016 UFC "super fight" between Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock marks an unforgettable five-round battle that cemented their place in history. Gracie showcased his unparalleled ground mastery during this memorable contest that will stand the test of time.

Mixed Martial Arts history is full of some truly incredible fights that left the fans in awe. From title battles and grudge matches to one-sided beatdowns, there are so many memorable moments it's hard to decide which ones stand out!

But without a doubt, over the years UFC has had its fair share of spectacular bouts - here we take a look at those legendary encounters… To kick things off, let's go back to 2016 when Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock threw down for their highly anticipated showdown.

This epic bout was a real treat for fans, being dubbed “the super fight” due to Gracie's legendary status and Shamrock having pulled off an incredible upset against Dan Severn. In what many consider one of the most amazing ground fighting displays ever seen, after five full rounds, it was Gracie who came out on top!

Classic Showdowns

The next classic showdown we'll take a look at is Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen from UFC 117 in 2010. This tussle had everyone hooked - both men went all out without thinking twice about the consequences. Now that sure made for some good entertainment! If you’d like to watch similar matches, why not check out UFC 278 Stream East?

When it comes to Anderson Silva, regarding his UFC odds for the fight, he faced his biggest career challenge against Chael Sonnen in 2011. For four and a half rounds, the Brazilian legend was thoroughly outworked by Sonnen, but then something crazy happened – Silva managed an unbelievable comeback that culminated with a triangle choke submission victory as time ran out on round 5! It's still regarded as one of the greatest comebacks ever seen in MMA history and resulted in the UFC odds for upcoming fights becoming so much more entertaining going forward. It was absolutely a spectacle to remember and fans today still talk about it!

Other epic battles have taken place over the past few years, like Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard at UFC 125 (2011), Fedor Emelianenko vs Mirko Cro Cop (2005), or more recently Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega at UFC 231.

UFC Fights: A Journey Through Time

Mentioning the Ultimate Fighting Championship can fill many with memories and a rush of anticipation. UFC began back in 1993, when Art Dave, Rorion Gracie, and John Milius set up this fantastic spectacle that combines martial arts alongside some serious physicality. Watching it live or on TV is an incredible journey through time – you don't want to miss out!

That first fateful night of the UFC tournament, back on November 12th at McNichols Sports Arena, was a moment that changed history. Eight men entered, each willing to test their martial arts skills against some mighty opponents from different backgrounds and disciplines - it wasn't just about winning, but what style would prove best for combat.

Little did they know this event would only be the beginning of something truly monumental - now millions tune into every single fight, no matter where in the world it is taking place! Who'd have thought all those years ago, when folks stepped into that arena, it could lead to such an incredible phenomenon?

Through its many years of existence, some truly epic fights have gone down in the octagon – like Dan Severn's submission victory over Ken Shamrock at UFC 4 or Anderson Silva's legendary knockout punch against Vitor Belfort at UFC 126. There have been some memorable battles outside the cage too - remember Jon Jones' crazy scrap with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214? And who could forget Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz going toe-to-toe on a wild night during their lightweight clash for the ages, made immortal by UFC 202?

Remarkable Lessons from Top UFC Fights

Shamrock's fight highlighted the importance of focus. Ortiz completely outworked Shamrock and won by a decision, despite being angry about how his opponent had disrespected him in the lead-up to the bout. By not giving in to his emotions, he was able to keep things professional enough to avoid a negative impact on his performance — a lesson for everyone who faces difficult situations where their feelings are involved!

Similarly, McGregor vs. Diaz taught us all something really valuable: never underestimate your opponent! Due to McGregor entering with an 18–2 record and Diaz having just 6 wins from 14 fights, many people wrote off Diaz, assuming there would be no contest between them… boy were they wrong!

Of course, this is applicable way beyond UFC fighting; when you don't give someone due respect or fail to take them seriously because you think they are inferior, you’re likely to be hit by a surprise at some point! That's why always respecting opponents – both inside and outside of a fight – is key!

The Shamrock vs. Ortiz fight provided a lesson in the importance of preparation; even with all his experience and success, it wasn't enough to get him through this battle. No matter how good your past achievements are or what skills you may possess, if you're not ready for your next challenge, then no amount of prestige will save you from a loss. The McGregor/Diaz brawl also taught us that we should never underestimate our opponents when they’re determined to win!

Final Words To Say

In conclusion, the UFC has seen its fair share of legendary fights over the years that have left their mark in MMA history, and more are coming all the time. We can look to epic clashes between icons like Anderson Silva and Royce Gracie or current stars such as Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for inspiration - these battles are truly unforgettable! So if you’re looking to appreciate some serious showdowns, it's definitely worth remembering all of those classic UFC contests.

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