Why Healthy Eating Matters So Much?

Join the global shift toward healthy eating with chefs such as Kylie Kwong! Experience its mental health benefits, pandemic-driven research, and gut microbiome analysis; embrace an abundance of nutritious choices!

Got the healthy eating bug, or sitting on the sidelines wondering what all the fuss is about and why everybody is reaching for the kale lately? You’d have to have your head under a rock not to realize that healthy eating is hitting the world like a storm, and tons of scientists and nutritionists are eagerly sharing their findings about just how much our diets matter in a whole myriad of ways – like your mental health, your energy levels, and even how well you can concentrate.

You have also seen that your favorite restaurants are taking up the torch and offering more vegan options, more dairy-free options, and more vegetable-heavy options (okay, so the likes of McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King are not on this bandwagon yet, but still…). Because of this, it is easier than ever before to make choices that are good for your body - and harder to find excuses not to!

Ton’s chefs have jumped onto the healthy eating trend, so why not check out people like Kylie Kwong, who focuses on organic and “biodynamic” foods, and couples that with a sustainable approach to food? And if you want to know the best chefs in Australia, you’re far from alone, so check them out and find out more about what they’re doing for the things we eat.

In case you’re wondering what started all this, the trend for healthy eating has been driven by many different factors, including the pandemic and recent research into the gut microbiome. You might be wondering what some of the less-than-obvious impacts of boosting up your diet, notching up the fruits and veggies, and increasing the variety you eat could be - so let us check these out now!

Improved Sleep

We are not just talking about the nights when you overeat and it takes you hours to drop off because your stomach hurts, or the fact that cheese supposedly triggers bad dreams for some people - we are talking about the fact that having a healthy gut microbiome could literally help you get better rest.

It’s already thought that what you eat for breakfast can have an impact on how alert you feel during the day, but how about when it’s time to hit the hay and get some much-needed shut-eye? Surprisingly, what you eat is pretty critical here too; choosing foods that are high in magnesium might make it easier for you to drop off and stay asleep, so why not crack out a bowl of oats for a great bedtime snack?

Boosted Immune System

Hate finding yourself full of cold, with a sore throat and a throbbing head? Reaching for your comfort snacks and a mug of hot cocoa already? Pause a minute and consider stocking up on some veggies instead, because these will support the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and those bacteria will help arm your body against the bugs (think of them as your own private soldiers!).

And you cannot just default to a carrot or an apple every day (in spite of what the saying about apples and doctors implies) - you need to mix it up. The more diverse your diet is and the more fruits and veggies you can get into it, the more resources your body has in the fight against crime (okay, against illnesses, but the same difference).

Better Skin

On an ever-lasting hunt for a youthful complexion and spot-free skin? You might not think your diet is super important here… but yeah, it is. Eating well improves the health of your skin and may even boost its microbiome, making it more resistant to environmental chemicals and damage.

You want stuff like fatty acids to nourish your skin, and you are also going to want to limit the carbs - it is not just your waistline that suffers when you pack in too much pasta or pizza. Your skin’s collagen is not a fan of this approach either - so ditch it if you can!

Superpowered Brain

Who does not want to feel like a genius around their friends, ace every quiz, and breeze through life’s problems with a clear head and plenty of mental clarity at their disposal? It is definitely high on my list and food is super important here too; what you eat and what you snack on really boosts your ability to think. Grab things like nuts, broccoli, and blueberries for a great start, but do not worry - chocolate hits the list too. Dark chocolate is great for your brain (mmm!) but stay away from the milk options. These are high in sugar and okay, they taste great, but they do not do the old cranium any favors.


There are a ton of really good reasons to take the plunge into healthy eating, and it does not have to be unpleasant! As the chefs we discussed earlier (and honestly, basically any passionate home cook) will tell you, whole foods and veggies can taste amazing when you prep them right; spend a bit of time learning how to season, stew, sautee, and simmer your meals, and you’ll fall in love with healthy eating - and may even find yourself wondering why you ever opted for a burger and chips.

Rafal Gorski

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