The 6 Best Tumbler Knife Sharpener Tools

Sharp knives save time in the kitchen while helping prevent accidents. Sharper blades require less pressure when cutting, providing safer and more precise cuts than their dull counterparts.

If you're searching for an easy and intuitive way to sharpen knives, scissors, axes or awls then look no further! The Spyderco Tri-Angle Premium Sharpmaker makes sharpening easy for all and allows everyone to keep their tools razor-sharp with just minutes of practice.

Keep a razor-sharp blade close at hand without taking up space in your kitchen with this best tumbler knife sharpener, featuring electric sharpening at 15- or 20-degree angles, and manual honing via stainless steel rods.

Kitchen knives typically feature two main edges: v-edges and convex bevels. V-edges resemble cross sections of the letters "V," while convex edges have a slight curve to their bevels. A v-edge may be more durable and harder to chip than its convex counterpart, yet may feel rougher when cutting food.

Traditional sharpening requires practice to master, but this patent-pending system makes it simple for anyone to achieve factory-sharp edges within minutes - and includes a magnetic knife holder for added safety!

Best Tumbler Knife Sharpener Tool

The Tumbler Knife Sharpener is an easy-to-use device that improves the efficiency of kitchen tasks while decreasing risk. It comprises a roller device equipped with both diamond and steel ends, along with a magnetic holder enabling users to set an angle between 15 degrees and 20 degrees.

The best tumbler knife sharpener tools are intended to act as an adjunct to existing blades rather than replace them altogether. Our recommended models feature more uniform grit sizes designed for basic sharpening compared with traditional whetstones - giving more precise edge sharpening results than pull-through or honing rod sharpeners alone.

We like the AnySharp Pro due to its ease of use and sturdy build. Measuring just under 1" square, it easily fits in drawers or knife blocks without taking up too much room - plus its price point makes this an appealing solution for keeping knives sharp without spending more on more costly models.

Although not as versatile as Tormec or Ken Onion Worksharps, Sharpmakers are great solutions for anyone wanting to regularly sharpen kitchen knives and edged tools. Perfect for wood chisels, splitting mauls, Busse choppers, and full-sized katanas alike; their sole drawback is limited reprofile capability as well as using slack belt grinding instead of ceramic disk grinding (WC picks have this advantage).

F. Dick 11-inch sharpening steel offers another versatile solution with its multi-cut surface that helps restore dull edges into razor-sharp condition. While not as versatile as its Mizuyama counterpart, this sharpening steel can still make an excellent travel companion or space-saving storage option.

Unlike some pull-through sharpeners, these nonelectric model boasts both diamond and stainless-steel sharpening surfaces for enhanced sharpening results. With one side angled at 15deg and another 20deg respectively.

Below you can choose from an assortment of the best tumbler knife sharpener tools that are user-friendly, durable, and can even hone serrated knives.

1. Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener

If you prefer an easier sharpening experience than honing rods or pull-through knife sharpeners but still want something capable of taking on full reprofiles or heavy-duty work without eating through your blades, the Tumbler diamond rolling knife sharpener from Tumbler Diamond Sharpening Systems could be perfect. 

Similar in price and versatility to our WC recommendation (but approximately $90 less), it offers more versatility by offering different edge angles than our recommendation does (WC can handle only 21). However, full reprofiles or heavy-duty work require something much more robust such as Tormek instead.

This system features a magnetic angle support with two sharpening angles - 15 for Japanese knives and 20 for Western ones - on either side, as well as a roller device featuring both diamond-coated and steel ends for sharpening blade cutting edges for up to two minutes under light pressure. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Once this step has been completed, inspect your blade's edge for signs of burring - small metal ridges on its edge that indicate successful sharpening - using either steel end deburring tools or leather stropping blocks until there is no burring present. If there is, use steel end deburring tools on them before polishing with leather stropping blocks for an ultrasharp edge finish.

Though the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife sharpener is an acceptable option, our top choice, the Horl knife sharpener stands head and shoulders above it in terms of performance. First of all, its magnets don't offer as firm angle support as those found on the Horl; this makes it harder to hold steady the knife with your hands during sharpening and doesn't allow users to change out worn-down abrasive discs for new ones as necessary over time.

At its core, it remains the ideal tumbler knife sharpener for those seeking something easy to use and suitable for sharpening a range of edge angles. But its performance does not match those offered by Tormek and other high-end electric and manual sharpeners in terms of maintaining an edge; nonetheless, we think it's worth giving it a try if it hasn't already!

2. Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener

The Sharpmaker knife sharpener is an effective and simple solution that's great for beginners as well as experienced knife enthusiasts. This non-electric device features two sets of high-alumina ceramic stones (medium and fine grit) to restore dull blades into shape quickly thanks to the tri-angle design that features in this tool. 

By keeping a consistent angle between knife and stone while gradually taking away metal at a consistent rate, this tri-angle tool ensures damage-free results with razor-sharp edges every time!

Another fantastic feature of this knife sharpener is its versatility; it can sharpen all types of knives - even serrated ones - which makes life much simpler since serrated edges tend to be harder to sharpen than straight-edged knives. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Furthermore, this sharpener comes equipped with a leather stropping block for polishing after the sharpening process is complete for super sharp blades that easily cut through hard foods such as nuts.

As daunting as this sharpener may appear with its two-sided rectangular stone that looks similar to an oversized pencil eraser, Michelin-star chef Akshay Bhardwaj of Akshay's Bistro says it is much simpler to use than you may initially believe - because its base has two holes that provide for either 30deg or 40deg angles of sharpening.

Reversing the cylinder allows for setting this tool at a curved angle, enabling it to create back bevels that will help your knife stay sharp for longer - an invaluable feature for those who love cooking and wish to maintain razor-sharp edges on their knives.

This nonelectric knife sharpener may be more expensive than its electric counterpart, but if you take your knives seriously it could be well worth the additional investment. Additionally, its faster performance enables it to sharpen all types of knives - including serrated ones - more efficiently while remaining compact enough for storage in any kitchen drawer.

Sharpmaker can be purchased for under $100, making it much more cost effective than many other knife sharpening systems. While it might not produce razor-sharp edges on even the hardest steels, it will improve performance for most knives and make their use much more convenient. 

For difficult-to-sharpen knives, purchasing a separate diamond sharpening rod may be worth your while. Otherwise, using double-sided tape or chamois cloth wrapped around a Sharpmaker rod may help achieve extra fine edges on blades quickly and easily. Just be careful not to press too hard, otherwise, this will wear the rods out prematurely and could result in a knife jerk against the stone edge and burr formation on its edge - something too hard pressing can do.

3. Zwilling V-Edge Knife Sharpener

Maintaining your knives properly is paramount to safe cutting, and a reliable sharpener is therefore an indispensable necessity. There are a range of practical options for sharpening knives at home - including Zwilling V-Edge's pull-through knife sharpener which offers user-friendly results with minimum hassle.

The V-Edge offers quick, simple, and easy European and Japanese knife sharpening to an industry-standard akin to professional whetstone sharpening - without damaging their blades - thanks to an innovative patented knife sharpening mechanism. A V-shaped arrangement of ceramic sharpening stones ensures that every blade is evenly and swiftly sharpened without damaging its integrity or the knife itself. 

Moreover, angle adapters can be swapped out depending on whether working with European or Japanese knives while those not needed can be stored away in its base - saving space as needed - professional sharpening stones of various grain sizes allow resharpening according to each knife's current condition. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Contrary to traditional whetstones and sharpening steels that rely on water to reduce friction and ensure only optimal amounts of metal are removed from both knife and sharpening stone, the Zwilling V-Edge works dry for maximum safety and time savings when prepping meals. This guarantees a precise sharpening process that leaves cutting edges with ideal geometry arcs for precise cutting-edge sharpness.

As an alternative to using either ceramic roller or diamond sharpeners, the V-Edge includes sharpening rods which you can manually use for sharpening knives. Simply lay out these rods on a flat surface, position your knife at an angle between 15-20 degrees to steel, and use your V-Edge's sharpening rods in a gliding motion several times, alternating front and back blades. It even comes equipped with spare fine-grain 1000-grit sharpening rods for polishing edges once sufficiently sharpened!

Sharp knives are essential tools in the kitchen and at Zwilling we offer an assortment of practical knife sharpeners to maintain the original sharpness and prevent them from becoming blunt again. Browse through our selection and select one that meets your specific needs!

4. Chef’s Choice 15XV Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice is one of the world's premier brands of advanced kitchen electric sharpeners, selling knives sharpeners, knives, and scissors worldwide and earning rave customer reviews. 

Their 100% diamond abrasives-equipped professional knife sharpener was specifically designed to sharpen both serrated and non-serrated blades easily; using three stages: precision honing rods to hone edges; stropping disks to remove any microscopic burrs left during the initial sharpening stage; and finally, another set of abrasive discs for final honing and sharpening.

The Chef's Choice 15XV Knife Sharpener is an affordable yet high-quality electric knife sharpener designed to produce astonishingly sharp kitchen knives in just 15-30 seconds. With its easy setup process and simple interface, any noob can set it up and begin using it within seconds - plus its reliability and durability make it one of the more reliable sharpeners available on the market today. You can check it out on Amazon here.

This model's success lies in its use of a triple-bevel edge to produce a superior, long-term knife edge. Most European and American household knives typically arrive from a factory with 20-degree edges - but this sharpener can turn them into far more durable, effective, razor-sharp Trizor XV edges for greater effectiveness and sharpness. Plus, its design accommodates all straight-edged kitchen knives such as Asian-style knives as well as serrated blades!

This electric knife sharpener is one of the few on the market capable of consistently sharpening blades without leaving scratches, dull spots, or missing edge segments behind. Plus, it can restore severely damaged and dull knives to their original state, offering a great way to ensure all household cutlery stays in top working order.

Utilizing it is made effortless thanks to spring guides that assist your knife's edge as it slides along internal sharpening stones. Furthermore, there's very little noise or vibration produced when in use; making this model much simpler to use than others on the market and better at keeping temperature and noise levels safe than most models available today.

This model features three stages for perfect blade sharpness: diamond abrasives in Stage 1, finger-grit diamonds for Stage 2, and finally the patented stropping disks - complete with three-year warranties on their use - in Stage 3. All kinds of knives (Asian-style knives included!) can use this system.

The great advantage of this model is its affordability compared to professional sharpening services and easy maintenance at home. Furthermore, this high-quality model will keep your kitchen knives in peak working condition for as long as possible.

5. Chef’s Choice 4643 Manual Knife Sharpener 

If you prefer manual knife sharpeners, the Chef's Choice 4643 Manual Knife Sharpener is small and portable - ideal for travel. With two sharpening slots: coarse for creating an edge on dull knives, and fine for quick touch-ups and polishing. Safe for all kinds of knife blades (including serrated), its use is easy and compact.

The Chef's Choice is the first electric sharpener with advanced technology available today, making it simple for even novice users to restore razor-sharp edges on knives that professional chefs would be proud to display. A sharper knife means safer handling.

Chef's Choice sharpeners feature an innovative "edge select" feature that allows the user to choose their ideal sharpening angle by rotating their blade over sharpening rods in different ways, giving you access to razor-sharp edges tailored perfectly for your specific cutting style and needs. You can check It out on Amazon here.

This knife sharpener uses diamond abrasives to sharpen and polish knives. With three stages that work in sync to produce an exceptional, long-term arch-shaped edge: firstly, grinding off any rough areas on the blade; secondly using precision honing rods set at 20-degree angles to sharpen; and thirdly by stropping and polishing to remove any burrs left from the honing process; which leave behind no trace but an arch.

In addition to giving your knives an outstanding edge, the Chef's Choice electric sharpener enables you to select a bevel angle suited to your blades - giving you flexibility between 15 or 20-degree bevel angles depending on your needs and preference. This electric sharpener makes for an extremely useful tool.

One thing that makes this knife sharpener stand out from others is its ability to sharpen both plain and serrated edges with ease, thanks to its ceramic stones' rounded edges that allow sharpened edges to flow easily into serration recesses. Plus, their abrasive qualities make them easier to sharpen than other types of rods.

6. T-4 Tormec Knife Sharpener

Professional bladesmiths use this machine to produce exceptional initial grinds for their knives, providing professional-grade results every time. Novice users should consult a professional before learning this process for themselves; otherwise, it can become very expensive over time and is more likely to cause harm than good.

Tormek Sharpeners utilizes a water-cooled grinding wheel, enabling it to operate at lower RPMs while producing minimal heat, protecting steel from losing hardness or temper, and prolonging edge retention. Worn steel particles are easily washed away through its water trough, decreasing both resharpen time and the risk of sparks during sharpening sessions. 

The Tormek is an affordable machine built to last and comes with a 7-year manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, its user-friendly maintenance makes it essential for serious woodworkers or knife sharpeners alike. It can sharpen virtually every edge tool available including chisels, knives, scissors, and lawnmower blades.

Tormek provides a selection of optional jigs to enable it to meet almost every knife, chisel, and woodworking tool imaginable. Jigs slide onto its micro-adjustable work rest bar for precise positioning; additionally, it comes equipped with a Square Edge Jig which restores original and optimal edge angles on various blades. You can check it out on Amazon here.

Tormek T-4 sharpeners are designed to sharpen chisels, knives, scissors, and smaller tools like carving tools. However, planer blades and drills may require one of Tormek's larger models instead. Due to its compact size, some gouge shapes cannot be honed on its leather honing wheel due to compactness - these must instead be freehandedly sharpened. 

Moreover, It includes Stone Grader SP-650; AngleMaster WM200; honing compound PA70, and the Tormek Handbook on Sharpening Jigs are sold separately). The motor is rated for 30 minutes of continuous operation at any one time and must be shut off between sharpening sessions.

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