KB5028185 - Microsoft Patch Tuesday, July 2023

KB5028185 is the July cumulative update (LCU) for Windows 11 that contains security fixes and improvements as well as Moment 3 feature additions.

KB5028185, the July cumulative update for Windows 11, features both security fixes and quality improvements, as well as new features like the ability to view seconds in the system tray clock, access key shortcuts in File Explorer, and privacy settings for presence sensors.

KB5028185 is an essential update that enhances Windows 11 security and resolves vulnerabilities while providing additional features like in-app voice access and a VPN status icon in the system tray.

However, users have reported issues with the KB5028185 update despite these improvements. Some reports claim it failed to install or got stuck at 0 percent for hours on end.

Installing this update enables all the Moment 3 features released by Microsoft in June and you can access them automatically via Windows Update.

Some users have experienced issues with the KB5028185 update, reporting it takes too long and stops at zero percent installation. MiniTool Partition Wizard's post offers four solutions to alleviate this problem.

Improved Security

Kb5028185 boasts an expansive security framework, and the latest update for Windows 11 brings with it some impressive additions. Not content to simply fix and bug-fix issues, this cumulative update also empowers users to unlock the full potential of their devices with Moment 3, an innovative feature designed to track app usage and manage screen time to strike a balance between work and play.

The July 2023 Patch Tuesday KB5028185 cumulative update for Windows 11 is a mandatory security release that addresses 78 vulnerabilities, including 38 remote code execution flaws. In addition, this update includes improvements and features from Moment 3 Optional Update that you can download via Windows Update or manually via Configuration Manager (SCCM).

This update brings several new features to Windows 11, such as a VPN status icon in the system tray clock and the option to display seconds for the system tray clock clock, key shortcuts in File Explorer, and support for more languages in live captions. In addition, Content Adaptive Brightness Control now runs on laptops and 2-in-1 devices as well as making copying two-factor authentication codes easier; plus it fixes issues related to USB4 device detection/presence sensors/LKD tool performance improvement.

Even though most users report having a positive experience with this update, some issues have surfaced that need addressing as soon as possible. For instance, users have reported slow SSD performance after installing it and unstable internet connections. Although these problems are currently being investigated by Microsoft and promised to be addressed as quickly as possible.

KB5028185 is a Windows update designed to bolster security and address vulnerabilities while adding new features for OS 11. Microsoft releases this cumulative update each month on Patch Tuesday - typically on the second Tuesday - for IT professionals to deploy either through Windows Update, WSUS, or SCCM. In July 2023 KB5028185 addressed 78 vulnerabilities including six zero-day flaws as well as introduced Moment 3 features specifically targeted toward Windows 11.

This update activates all Moment 3 enhancements made available through an optional preview update released in June, as mandated by Windows 11 version 22H2 or 21H2 systems running Windows 11 version 22H2 or 21H2. It will install automatically for eligible PCs running either version.

As well as adding Moment 3 features, this update introduces several improvements and fixes. These include adding the ability to view seconds in the system tray clock and VPN status icon; quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes using system clipboard; quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes using system clipboard; enable Content Adaptive Bright Control (CABC) for use on laptops and 2-in-1 devices; provide an option to disable "Recommended" section of Start menu and provide internal operating system improvements; as well as many others.

IT professionals can use the KB5028185 download to test new features and address any problems with existing ones, while also receiving updates for Windows Defender, servicing stack, and third-party apps. In addition, this month's patch Tuesday includes updates for these third-party applications as well.

To check whether your device is up-to-date with kb5028185, navigate to Settings Update security Windows update and click "Check for updates." If it isn't, follow the prompts for installing it manually via Microsoft Download Center; or deploy using SCCM or Intune for bulk deployment - although this method takes slightly longer.

The Windows 11 update KB5028185 includes several security-enhancing features designed to strengthen your system's protection. Additionally, this July 2023 patch Tuesday update unlocks Moment 3 features that were not previously available to the original version of OS users. As this mandatory cumulative update will download and install itself automatically in the coming days or when checking for updates manually, these new security measures should help strengthen system defenses further.

The most critical security feature is a fix for two vulnerabilities that allow hackers to execute code on your computer: CVE-2018-0859 and CVE-2018-0860 have both already been exploited by malicious actors in the wild. Furthermore, another fix allows attackers to bypass authentication and gain control of devices using an attack vector present across multiple web browsers.

Additionally, this update brings improvements that make the operating system more stable and secure, such as fixing an issue that caused earphones to stop working when streaming music in certain apps, improving search performance in Settings, changing print screen key behavior to open Snipping Tool by default, as well as offering privacy controls to choose which applications can access sensor data.

Another key feature included in this update is a fix that prevents users from being able to delete their profile on the Microsoft Account website, providing additional protection for your data and passwords.

The KB5028185 update is an invaluable asset to Windows operating systems, packed with bug fixes, security patches, and Moment 3 features that will enhance your experience using them. Available through Windows Update for download and installation by all, be sure to keep your operating system up-to-date to take advantage of all its latest features and improvements!

Improved Performance

KB5028185 goes beyond being just another patch and security update; it also boosts performance by reducing system stuttering and improving gaming experiences, making Windows more responsive, intuitive, and responsive than before. To take full advantage of its enhanced features, users must ensure their systems have received all available updates.

The July 2023 update not only enhances system performance but also introduces several exciting new features. Users are now able to add seconds to the taskbar clock and add a VPN status icon in the system tray; additionally, it adds a shortcut for system tray settings within File Explorer as well as enhanced keyboard navigation in Microsoft Edge; moreover, it includes new settings for USB4 devices, presence sensors, as well as support for a new language in live captions.

One improvement includes fixing an SSD slowdown bug that was impacting Windows 11 computers, which had caused multiple configurations of SSD hardware to lag and crash. A fix will likely be available with the 23H2 version of Windows 11.

Some users have reported issues related to the KB5028185 update. Some are reporting PCs stalling and rebooting randomly after installing, while others are having difficulties connecting to the internet or running programs. One Reddit user suggested disabling the Core Isolation feature altogether to resolve issues; however, that would prevent users from receiving future security fixes.

Immediately update your system with the Kb5028185 patch to correct these problems, available via the Automatic Update service or manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog website. To manually install, navigate to the Microsoft Update Catalog website and search for "KB5028185" in the search box; once found click the Download button for the instant download process before following on-screen instructions on the installation process.

KB5028185 goes far beyond being just another patch; it elevates your Windows experience. This update brings with it an array of improvements designed to make PC usage simpler and enhance productivity; from fixing minor issues to improving system stability KB5028185 is the ideal addition for your device.

One of the key advantages of Kb5028185 is the performance boost it can bring to your device. These improvements help optimize system resources and make sure applications run more smoothly; as a result, your device will become more responsive with fewer interruptions throughout its daily usage.

This update also addresses various bugs and issues present in previous versions of Windows, such as SSD performance issues affecting many users. Furthermore, KB5028185 enhances File Explorer performance by speeding up deletion and launch processes.

Another notable enhancement of this update is a reduction in game stuttering for users with gaming mice with high polling rates, something that can be very annoying to gamers since it makes playing at an even frame rate more difficult. The July 2023 Windows 11 update addresses this problem by altering how inputs are handled resulting in smoother frame rates for gamers using these mice.

Security-wise, KB5028185 makes significant enhancements to your device's defenses. By patching vulnerabilities and protecting against cyber attacks and other forms of malicious activity, it helps lessen malware infections like ransomware; making your workday less disruptive while giving you peace of mind during playbacks or when performing tasks.

Overall, KB5028185 is an essential update that should be installed as soon as possible on your device. To install it, head into the Update Security settings and click "Check for updates." Once done, your device will download and install this patch, offering performance enhancements with each installation step.

To ensure a seamless and effortless upgrade experience, the KB5028185 update must be installed under ideal conditions. A stable system and reliable internet access are both necessary components of successful update installation - with these factors considered, you can complete the installation successfully without encountering any difficulties.

As soon as your computer is up and running, you can enjoy all the exciting features offered by kb5028185. For instance, copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes quickly with ease thanks to an easily accessible copy button in the system tray; access VPN more readily through adding an icon; improve File Explorer performance by decreasing launch time and improving folder navigation speed; plus much more!

As well as optimizing the performance of your computer, this update offers important security enhancements that will keep it safe from cyberattacks. With its comprehensive package of fixes eliminating potential vulnerabilities and increasing compatibility across a range of software apps, this upgrade ensures smooth working environments without interruption or frustrations.

Positive user responses received after installing the KB5028185 update are a strong testament to its efficacy. Its proactive stance towards strengthening security, refining features, and improving the user experience further cements its place within the Microsoft ecosystem. In addition, industry recognition shows how serious this update is about maintaining stable computing environments worldwide. If you want to take your Windows 11 device performance up another notch, don't hesitate to install this update today - soon your device will begin performing at its maximum potential!


No matter your level of proficiency with Windows 11 and Moment 3, this update aims to make your experience of the OS easier and safer. From improved productivity tools to increased security enhancements, this upgrade has everything you need for productive and safe computing.

To install this update, ensure your device is connected to a reliable internet connection and navigate to the Update Security settings of Windows device. Select "Check for updates," and your device should search for available updates like kb5028185 before providing you with a list. Once found, click on "Install now," as it could take some time before fully updating itself. It is advised to save any unsaved work before beginning this update process.

Although installing KB5028185 offers many benefits, its installation process may prove more complex for certain users. As a result, they could encounter various issues that could interfere with their installation process or operating system functionality; to address such problems efficiently it's essential to know how to troubleshoot effectively.

Users often report being faced with difficulties during the installation of Kb5028185 that can include updates becoming stuck at certain percentages during setup. To address this, try restarting their devices to allow the process of installation without interruptions - this simple solution could solve most installation-related issues.

Clearing the Update cache, which entails deleting old updates and purging system memory, can also be an effective troubleshooting technique. Doing this may solve many update-related issues such as blue screens or failure to update.

Overall, installing KB5028185 is essential to ensuring optimal system performance. Its efforts in addressing vulnerabilities, refining features, and improving performance have garnered widespread industry acclaim and user reviews attest to their impact in providing an enhanced user experience while strengthening your defenses against cyber threats. So don't wait and install this vital update now!


The July 2023 Patch Tuesday Windows 11 KB5028185 update goes beyond mere bug fixing to provide enhanced user experiences, introducing several features that take the operating system experience to new heights. By offering tangible upgrades and enhancements, this update ensures the Windows ecosystem remains strong, secure, and responsive to user demands.

This update is free to all users and will automatically install on their devices. As a mandatory cumulative update, this patch fixes security vulnerabilities, activates Moment 3 features, and provides over 30 improvements - such as enhanced multitasking capabilities, system performance upgrades, and security augmentation. In addition, many users have noticed a noticeable improvement in their daily computing experiences with fewer issues encountered.

Users who install this update will see several significant enhancements, such as being able to manage USB4 hubs and devices from within the Settings page, viewing and editing USB4 hubs/devices easily and turning on multi-app kiosk mode, enabling administrators to select which apps run as part of multi-app kiosk mode - ideal for public kiosks! Furthermore, the update includes a privacy setting enabling them to control how apps use presence sensors.

This update will also improve Windows' ability to detect when an SSD is failing, helping prevent users from having to replace their hardware. Multi-touch support will be enhanced while file transfers speed up in Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Accounts can work more seamlessly with Cortana and other features.

Microsoft is committed to offering users a secure and stable operating system, and frequent recognition and positive user feedback serve as evidence that updates such as KB5028185 play a vital role in maintaining this ecosystem. Users should download them immediately as soon as they become available to enjoy an uninterrupted computing experience.

Ease Of Use

KB5028185 is a cumulative update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 that contains various security fixes and quality improvements, as well as enhancements like a search box flyout and improved Narrator accuracy in Israel. As this mandatory update will be installed automatically via Windows Update, if you prefer not installing immediately then use Windows Update Blocker (a free tool available here) to hide KB5028185 until you're ready to install it on your PC.

Though KB5028185 provides many useful new features, it does have some drawbacks. Many users have reported problems after installing it - from BSOD crashes and system instability to random shutdowns or crashes without warning. If you own a gaming rig, updating could make playing games difficult due to issues surrounding performance memory management.

To address computer issues, it's essential that you first gain an understanding of what's occurring within your PC. One way is to run the sfc /scannow command which will scan your computer for problems and fix them automatically, but if these persist then professional assistance should be sought immediately.

If you own a gaming rig, its specifications must meet those required by current updates. To do this, take steps such as checking your system configuration to see if its compatibility with new updates has not been compromised; otherwise, uninstall it as this could leave it vulnerable to security threats.

Alternatively, if your computer is experiencing issues, Fortect system repair tools are an effective way to quickly resolve them. They offer solutions for everything from Blue Screen of Death errors (BSODs) and corrupt files to improving the stability of the machine itself and diagnosing performance-impacting issues like memory leakage. Furthermore, Fortect also helps in installing Windows updates seamlessly with no download/installation errors to avoid possible future troubleshooting efforts.

Trouble Shooting

KB5028185 not only brings security improvements but also introduces several useful new features for Windows 11. One such addition is Moment 3, an innovative addition that helps users strike a balance between work and play. You can track app usage, set limits on screen time, track device usage statistics, etc. Plus, it comes complete with many other updates and bug fixes - making KB5028185 an essential update for all Windows 11 users!

This Windows 11 July 2023 patch also enhances Terminal Settings and Desktop Window Manager (DWM), by fixing 78 vulnerabilities, including 38 remote code execution flaws. Furthermore, this update resolves an issue that prevented devices with less than 3.5 GB of RAM from receiving Microsoft Intune push notifications; and also introduces a live kernel memory dump option into Task Manager which allows you to collect data while an operating system is still running to troubleshoot more efficiently.

While the update offers many useful improvements, some users have experienced complications from installing it. One user reported that after downloading and installing it took four hours and restarting twice before uninstalling it and their PC began performing normally again.

If you are currently experiencing any of these problems, try the following advice to find solutions:

As soon as your device has the latest available updates installed, make sure that it remains updated to stay secure against known security vulnerabilities.

At all times, it is wise to seek guidance from Microsoft support before installing updates on any device. Doing so may prevent costly and frustrating mishaps; therefore research must be performed before downloading any updates.

To install the Kb5028185 cumulative update, navigate to your Settings and "Update security," check for available updates, then choose Kb5028185 cumulative update from the drop-down list. It may take some time depending on your internet speed and computer specifications for its full installation; during which period do not turn off or reboot your device as this could interfere with it.

New Features

The Kb5028185 update introduces several exciting new features that will elevate your Windows experience, as well as important security enhancements that help safeguard against potential threats to your device. Furthermore, this cumulative update fixes numerous known issues and glitches which could have negatively impacted productivity.

Windows 11 KB5028185 cumulative update can now be downloaded via Windows Update, making installation quick and painless. Simply follow the onscreen prompts for installing it - keeping in mind it may take some time - once complete, start taking advantage of all its features!

Moment 3 and other enhancements included with KB5028185 will enhance productivity while enriching the overall experience of using your computer. Moment 3 allows you to track app usage and set limits on screen time so that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance. This update also makes CABC available on laptops and 2-in-1 devices, helping conserve battery power while still offering an enjoyable visual experience. 

You'll find this feature under Settings System Display Brightness color. KB5028185 will also enable you to easily see seconds in the system tray clock and quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes through its copy button. In addition, this update provides File Explorer access key shortcuts as well as a VPN status icon in the system tray as well as new settings for USB4 devices and presence sensors.

Kb5028185 not only brings with it an array of new features, but it also includes performance upgrades that will increase the speed and responsiveness of your OS, as well as accessibility features that ensure all users can benefit from Windows devices regardless of physical or cognitive ability. This update should be considered essential for all Windows 11 users!

Bug Fixes

Microsoft provides security updates every month through Patch Tuesday to address known vulnerabilities on Windows 11 computers, providing critical fixes and performance enhancements. This month's Patch Tuesday addressed 143 vulnerabilities - six being zero-day issues while another 143 are considered active or likely exploitable by attackers who could take control of a computer to install malware or open backdoors onto it.

KB5028185 updates also bring several quality enhancements and fixes for Windows 11. These changes include the ability to see seconds in the system tray clock, turning off keyboard sound on the on-screen keyboard, better support for USB4 devices, and improving search box flyout in File Explorer as well as adding a VPN status icon in the system tray. In addition, users are now able to create live memory dumps of processes using Task Manager which simplifies troubleshooting errors or bugs more efficiently.

Some Windows 11 users have reported that installing the KB5028185 update has caused their computers to become unstable and unresponsive after installation, especially when playing Fullscreen or borderless window mode games with screen refresh rates higher than 60 Hz. To resolve the issue, users may attempt turning off the Game Bar in Windows Settings or going back to an older version of this update.

Problems have also arisen about downloading and installing the KB5028185 update, with one user reporting it took four hours for their PC to download it and be completely functional after installation - likely related to SSD hardware or the NET Framework.

If you are having difficulties with installing the KB5028185 update automatically, using a tool like Windows Update Blocker could help stop it. By adding a registry key that hides it from Windows Update until it's time for installation, this tool also can protect against potential privacy risks by blocking telemetry on your computer and helping avoid unauthorized installations.

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