16pt Premium Matte Cardstock

A 16pt premium matte cardstock is one of the most popular types of business card stock. It is thick and durable and provides a slight sheen to photos and designs. Whether or not you prefer this finish depends on your taste and brand aesthetic. 

A 16pt Premium Matte stock is thick and durable. It will give your photos and designs a subdued appearance while providing a slight sheen. This matte finish can be perfect for photos and designs that are meant to be written on. While matte prints aren't uncoated, they do have a subtle coating that provides a writable surface.

Matte prints are particularly desirable for products that need a writable surface. While not uncoated, this type of cardstock is coated with a light coating, making it a great choice for print media.

The Thickness of 16pt Cardstock

16pt Premium Matte’s thicker nature makes it more durable and suited for a range of applications from business cards to greeting cards and flyers. Its glossy finish is also suitable for use with white ink, and it is also crease-resistant.

Card stock comes in different thicknesses, including 12pt, 16pt, and 24pt. The most common thicknesses are 12pt and 16pt. Despite the wide array of thicknesses available, you may want to stick to the 12x24 size for your most frequent printing requirements.

Thickness and weight usually correlate, but not always. Thinner card stocks are less expensive but can feel flimsier or less professional. If you're concerned about a particular thickness, you might want to order samples from several providers before deciding on a particular type.

Card stock is also often referred to as cover stock. It is different from construction paper, which is usually bright and thin. A 16pt card is 0.012 inches thick, while a seventeen-point paper is 0.0175 inches thick. The higher the point, the thicker the paper.

The thickness of 16pt premium matte cardstock is similar to that of a standard business card and flyer. It is about the same thickness as manilla folders and greeting cards. Its glossy finish gives it a professional look, perfect for those who want to make a good first impression.

Cardstock thickness varies from shop to shop and country to country, but the general rule is that thicker paper is sturdier than thin ones. Moreover, thicker paper is perceived as higher quality by your customers. So, when choosing your card stock, choose a thicker one for high-quality business cards and postcards.

The Durability of 16pt Cardstock

16pt premium matte cardstock is also 100% recycled. Because of its thickness, it can be used for letterpress printing with foil stamping. It is also a favorite for clothing hang tags. When choosing card stock, it's best to ask for a free sample pack so that you can compare and contrast different stocks.

Premium matte paper is thin enough to fit in your wallet but thick enough to make a statement. It also has excellent writability. It is also environmentally friendly and is 100% recycled. Other options include brown Kraft paper stocks that contain natural fibers and are easy to write on. The pearlescent paper stock adds a lustrous look to your prints and is also biodegradable and recyclable.

A coated card stock also affects the color of printed images. The paper absorbs less ink than an uncoated one, so the printed colors are brighter and crisper. It is also more durable than uncoated card stock. This is especially important for business cards and invitations.

Colors Available on 16pt Cardstock

There are many different colors available on 16pt premium matte cardstock. This thick, durable stock provides a subtle sheen to photos and designs. The exact amount of sheen you want depends on your brand's aesthetic and your personal preference. Matte prints are also a great choice if you want a writable surface.

You can find the perfect match for your brand identity with a range of cardstock finishes. From matte and dull finishes to high gloss UV and full color on one or both sides, 16pt coated card stock offers superior quality and pricing. For smaller quantities, you can also choose 15pt Coated Business Cards.

16pt premium matte cardstock is the most popular choice for business cards. Compared to 14pt card stock, it is thicker but offers a more natural texture and satin finish. Silk-laminated 16pt premium matte cards are crease-resistant and flexible.

Uncoated card stock is 100% recycled and has a natural paper feel. Its texture is writable and allows for foil stamping. It's also perfect for clothing hang tags. The best way to test several different stocks is to order a free sample pack.

Choosing Between 16pt Premium Matte, 14pt Premium Gloss, and 32pt Black-Edged

Premium matte paper is a thick and durable option. It will give designs and photos a subtle sheen. Whether you choose a matte or gloss finish will depend on your personal preference and brand aesthetic. Matte prints will also add a writable surface to your projects. 16pt Premium Matte card stock is not uncoated, but it does have a coating.

When choosing a card stock, it is important to consider its thickness. Generally, business cards are between fourteen and 20pt, although some premium, ultra-thick cards can be as high as 32pt. You should also consider whether you need a glossy or matte finish. A glossy finish has a sheen that reflects light and gives a more reflective appearance, while a matte finish is smooth and lacks a reflective patina. If you are only using a few colors in your card, a matte finish is better.

Choose between matte and glossy finishes and various thicknesses. 14pt is a natural texture, while 16pt has a smooth, silky finish. 18pt is a little thicker but is more rigid and crease-resistant. If you need a thicker card, you can also choose between 28pt and 32pt.

One of the best ways to choose the right card stock is to order a sample pack. This way, you can see the different textures and finishes. You can even see how different cards turn out when they are printed on different stocks. This is also a great way to test out different types of paper without spending a lot of money.

14pt Premium Gloss vs 16pt Premium Matte vs 32pt Black-Edged

When it comes to printing on paper, you have a lot of choices. You can choose from 14pt or 16pt, but you may be confused about which one to choose. There are many benefits to choosing thicker paper. Regardless of your intended use, the thicker paper will look more professional and last longer than the thin paper.

The thickness of the cardstock will also affect how durable it is. A 16pt card will be sturdier than a 14pt card, so it will last longer, and will not flop when folded. A thicker card will also stand out better during social events and important business meetings.

Those looking for a more affordable alternative to 16pt premium matte cardstock should consider 14 pt. This cardstock option offers the best value in terms of price and durability. It is great for mass printing and high-end luxury brands and has a smooth, silky finish that makes it easy on the eyes. Its high gloss UV finish also helps colors pop more. Its luxurious look will certainly give your brand an edge over the competition.

Despite the thickness, 16pt premium matte cardstock is much more durable than the 14pt alternative. Its added firmness will help it last longer, which is a major factor in determining ROI. Its superior durability also makes it more desirable to maintain over time, since the card will last longer.

16pt Premium Matte Card Stock

Choosing a thickness for your business cards can be a crucial decision. Thicker card stock is more durable and offers a higher quality feel. It is also less likely to crease, bend, or damage the corners. 14pt card stock is an affordable alternative to 16pt and still offers a high-quality look.

You can choose between UV High-Gloss, Satin, and Premium Matte 16pt card stocks. These types of card stocks are suitable for a variety of applications, from postcards to product inserts. The advantages of choosing thicker card stock include a better color-fastness factor, better ink holding, and less likelihood of bending.

16pt premium matte card stock is a great option for business cards. These cards are available in full-color front and back, with either a gloss or matte finish. If you need your cards sooner, you can request expedited shipping and additional add-ons. Netfishes offers high-quality business card design services. Netfishes uses 16pt premium matte card stock and offers full-color front and back printing.

Premium Matte Card Stock comes in 16pt and 22pt, with a 3mil gloss coating on both sides. It also comes with special shapes and rounded corners. Other options include Green Trifecta and 32pt Colored Edge Stock. Both of these card stocks have velvet smooth finishes. A 35pt Trifecta is also available, but it is heavy and rigid.

When it comes to card stock thickness, the thicker the better. A thicker card will last longer and have more impact. It will also resist expected wear and tear better than a thin 14pt card. Furthermore, it will create more lasting connections. Consequently, your cards will be more likely to be kept and used.

16 pt Premium Matte card stock is durable and thick and will give your photos and designs a subdued look. It also has a slight sheen to it, which will depend on your brand aesthetic. Matte prints are also very writable. This is a great option for business cards, invitations, and resumes. They will give your brand an extra edge in the marketplace.

Premium matte card stock is an excellent choice if you want to create a more polished impression. Its smooth finish makes it easier to read and allows for smooth writing. Moreover, it also has less reflection, which makes it ideal for business cards with little or no color. Moreover, you can even choose a square or rounded corner design for your cards.

14pt Premium Gloss Card Stock

If your business uses glossy business cards, the 14pt premium gloss card stock is the ideal choice. This glossy material provides a premium feel and is used for the covers of presentation folders, business cards, postcards, and booklets. This material also has an added Aqueous Coating that makes it suitable for high-quality printing.

This card stock is thicker than standard 14pt card stock, and it is therefore better suited to business applications. It is also excellent for greeting cards, postcards, and flyers. It is also recommended for use during high-level business meetings, such as those overseas. This material can handle double-sided printing, which is an additional advantage.

This material is also available in 120# Gloss Cover, which is a 14pt heavy stock with a glossy coating. It looks beautiful and makes your images pop. It also features a free aqueous coating, which is a clear water-based coating that provides a high-gloss finish. It is not recommended for writing on your cards, though.

The glossy card stock is available in a variety of colors. If you want to use a specific color, you can browse the color menu to select the right one. You can choose from various hues of red, blue, gold, silver, and other colors. The gloss finish gives the colors added gleam.

32pt Black-Edged Cardstock

You can also choose from 32pt black-edged cardstock, which is thicker than standard cards. The thickness is comparable to the thickness of a standard credit card. The thicker paper makes the edges of these cards more dramatic. It can be used to complement a solid-colored background or contrast with your company logo.

You choose from a different color to make your cards more attractive. You can choose between black, red, or orange. Or try a mini holiday card. These cards come in a variety of sizes and finishes, so you can choose one that fits your business needs.

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