Secretly Cultivate for A Thousand Years Chapter 23

In Secretly Cultivate for A Thousand Years Chapter 23, the protagonist, Han Jue, continues his commitment to cultivating covertly to live a long and healthy life. But the Forbidden Lord has other plans. He intends to propagate Darkness, causing his followers to become inhuman and unstoppable. So how will Han Jue be able to survive the war?

Secretly Cultivate for A Thousand Years Chapter 23 is the story of Han Jue, who is a disciple of the Dark Forbidden Lord and is devoted to cultivating the Godlike Cultivation Potential. He has been studying in the monastery for many years and is able to practice the cultivation techniques of the Godlike Cultivation Potential. 

However, his relationship with the Dark Forbidden Lord is not the only thing he has to worry about. In addition, his family has been put under suspicion and he has to find a way to deal with it.

In the manga series Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years, the Dark Forbidden Lord's propagandist of darkness, Han Jue, has a very secretive way of cultivating. This is a trait that sets him apart from others in the manga. It is also a trait that makes him a target for the villains, and it is very important to him.

If you're looking for an opportunity to read more about the life and work of Han Jue, secretly cultivated for a thousand years, chapter 23 is your chance! You will be able to see more about Han Jue's life and cultivation practices, as well as the background to his mission to cultivate Godlike Cultivation Potential. Then you will be able to decide for yourself whether or not you want to continue reading his story. 

When he was young, Han Jue secretly cultivated for a thousand years, committing himself to live a long and healthy life. But he would always have to hide his true intentions because his master, the Dark Forbidden Lord, had a dark and threatening propagandist who insisted on spreading the evils of the Darkness. In the end, he had to kill himself to keep from being exposed and killed.

In the novel Secretly Cultivate for A Thousand Years Chapter 23 Han Jue will learn about how to control his emotions. He will also be given a new skill that will help him become a more powerful person. However, this skill will be very challenging for him. In this article, you will learn about his commitment and the methods he uses to cultivate for a long time. 

Manga Top Tier Providence

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Secretly Cultivate for A Thousand Years

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 is the latest chapter of the hit manga series Manhwa. The story of this manga begins 1000 years ago, when the protagonist, Han Jue, secretly cultivated to reach the Golden Core Realm. But now, a group of immortals from the Immortal Realm is on their way to clean up the mortal world. This means that Han Jue will no longer be able to hide in the cultivation world.

During the thousand years of cultivation, Han Jue also developed two Dao Fields. He also met his favorite woman, Jiang Hui, who was the most powerful woman in the kingdom. After this, he decided to cultivate in a low-profile manner. His goal was to improve the quality of his life. However, as the immortals start to cleanse the mortal world, Han Jue finds that his cultivation is not as powerful as he once thought.

As a result of this, he will have to wait for the next generation to remember his cultivation potential. When the time comes, he will need to act. Fortunately, he doesn't have to worry about being in trouble at a mountain peak. For this reason, he will only have to take action when he's sure of what he's doing.

If you're interested in reading Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23, you can read it online, through official resources such as WestManga, Elarc, Tapas, and Webtoons. Xing Kong is the author of this series, and it’s a quality manga that fans of this genre will enjoy. You can even follow the MangaBuddy community, where you can get notifications of new chapters.

Han Jue

In Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years, we'll see Han Jue, the creator of the Ultimate Origin Realm, as the main protagonist. He is also the Overlord of the Hidden Sect.

When Han Jue was young, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His parents left him in the hands of Elder Iron, an alchemist. They planted herbs for Elder Iron to use for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, some of the herbs were poisonous. The herbs were used by both Han Jue and Elder Iron.

Despite his terminal condition, Han Jue was not deterred from practicing cultivation. Instead, he continued to exercise every day. This was his way of strengthening his physical strength.

As a result, he gained the ability to manipulate the void or the empty space in between. This technique allowed him to gain intangibility and the power to summon.

During the next thousand years, the legend of Han Jue spread quickly in chaos. But not everyone was aware of the truth. Some people were even afraid of Han Jue.

It was then that the immortals started to purge the mortal world. However, they had not yet achieved the ability to sense the outside world.

Once the calamity was about to end, Han Jue had the opportunity to become a part of the Heavenly Race. At the same time, he was still waiting for the attributes list to refresh.

After a period of waiting, the attributes list was refreshed. This gave Han Jue an idea of his potential. For the first time in his life, he felt that he was cultivating in a different realm.

As he cultivated, Han Jue's personality began to change. He became calmer and more confident.

His cowardice started to fade away as he no longer had any powerful enemies. Eventually, he reached the Great Dao Realm.

When he entered the Immortal World, he saw a huge number of golden immortals. These immortals were a result of the Flame Race's failure. There were also many Quasi-Sages.

Eventually, a perfect sage emerged from his cultivation. He had the same demeanor as a saint.

Han Jue's Commitment to Cultivating Covertly to Live a Long Life

If you have read Top Tier Providence, you may have noticed that one of the main characters is Han Jue. He is a reincarnated individual who has achieved transcendent cultivation. His parents abandoned him when he was young. They were servants of Elder Iron. But he had a strong desire to cultivate. So, he left his home to live in a mortal world.

During his youth, Han Jue spent his time rolling dice. By age 11, he had rolled over 4,000 times.

At that time, he was the strongest of the Chaos. And he was also one fragment away from nine Great Dao Fragments. In addition, he had gained a Heavenly Dao Token. This was a seal that could allow him to make disciples.

Even though he was able to achieve transcendent cultivation, he would still have to cultivate in the mortal world. For his safety, he decided to cultivate covertly.

As a result, he was branded as the Dark Forbidden Lord. It was not because he was a member of the Devil Race, but because he did not want to give up his life.

The Immortal Gods of the Heavenly Court had never gotten into a fight with him. Besides, he was on good terms with Empress Houtu.

One day, Han Jue received a dream from Empress Houtu. She entrusted the Nether Race to him. However, he had to decide if he wanted to accept the dream.

Han Jue realized he had to take action. In the end, he chose to accept the dream.

In the future, he would not have to sacrifice himself for others. He would have a chance to live long and be immortal. Having such a strong ability was an opportunity that he didn't want to miss.

He didn't want to die and didn't want to go through the painful treatment. But he realized he could play his game in the mortal world like a video game. Ultimately, he rerolled his cultivation potential for 11 years.

During this time, he would not let any feelings occupy his Dao's heart. He knew he was not going to be able to save the world, and he also knew he would not be able to stop the descendants from attaining status.

In the dream, Han Jue had a chance to take revenge on his enemies. Then he saw Mo Zhu, a friend from the past. That was a great coincidence.

Mo Zhu's name was already changed. She was now Ancestor Fan Jue.

Despite this, she didn't return to the Hidden Sect. Instead, Li Muyi took her as a disciple.

Before Li Muyi died, Mo Zhu shook Han Jue's hand. She was surprised at the good looks of Brother Han Jue. And at that moment, she was also impressed with his mighty strength.

After the death of Li Muyi, Mo Zhu stayed in the Immortal World. It's obvious that her current state is derived from the past Han Jue.

Han Jue didn't want to accept Yang Tiandong as his disciple. Besides, Han Jue wanted to focus on his own cultivation.

In the end, Han Jue was still on a quest to reach the Immortal Realm. But instead of targeting his enemy, he went after his favorite child. Moreover, he was also waiting for the lottery draw.

Once he reached the Immortal Realm, he would be immortal. And he would suppress the whole calamity with his own power.

During this time, he was branded as a Dark Forbidden Lord. His curses caused many of his enemies to die painfully.

Nevertheless, Han Jue still did not give up rolling dice. Rather, he cultivated in a low-profile manner. To live a long life, he devoted his efforts to cultivating covertly.

The only reason he continued cultivating was because he wanted to imitate his Dao Ancestor and become Godlike Cultivation Potential. As a result, he had the ability to summon celestial beings and manipulate the fabric of time and space. Among other things, he could create a portal to the universe.

At the same time, he also received a system for assessing a person's cultivation potential. This was done through simulation trials. However, after his first failure, Han Jue realized that he might not be able to block the path of his descendants to status.

He also discovered that his soul originated from the eight Great Dao Fragments. He had to be careful, though. Regardless, he was a fragment away from reaching the perfection of the Reincarnation Heaven Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, his soul had already been indebted to the Eighth Chaos. Moreover, the Ninth Chaos had placed the reincarnation of the Eighth Chaos in the Heavenly Dao.

Han Jue's Commitment to Cultivating Godlike Cultivation Potential

When Han Jue was born, he was a handsome boy with a wonderful aura. His parents were servants of Elder Iron, a renowned alchemist in the Jade Pure Sect. However, they abandoned him when he was young, leaving him in the hands of Elder Iron. Despite that, he continued to cultivate, thinking that he would eventually achieve Godlike Cultivation Potential.

Han Jue's cultivation methods were different from others. He cultivated in a low-profile way and only took action when he was sure of what to do. The result was that he gained the ability to manipulate reality. This allowed him to break the fabric of reality and travel to other realms. At the same time, he could also manipulate the minds of other people and objects. As a result, he can summon celestial beings. In addition, he can splint the fabric of time.

Han Jue had a strong desire to achieve a great life, and he hoped to be able to inherit Han Tuo's body once he reincarnated. But he was afraid that another race would not tolerate him being alone. Therefore, he kept suppressing Han Tuo's cultivation potential.

Once he reached age 11, he started to roll dice. During that period, he rolled 4,000 times. And, he was able to achieve transcendent cultivation. Although it was impossible to get to the Pseudo-Sage Realm by diligent cultivation, he remained confident that he would reach that level soon.

Later, he found the Nether Race, which had ten thousand followers. They were a group of human-like people with a physique similar to the Magus Race. Soon, they were becoming a powerful force in the world.

After that, he met Empress Houtu. She was a good-tempered person. Nevertheless, she was worried about Han Jue's cultivation level. That's why she sent a dream to him. It had to do with a lottery draw.

Fortunately, the dream came true. Han Jue finally had a chance to win the lottery. But he still stayed in the Dao Field, hoping to get to Two Mystic Divine Origin as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, he was able to deepen his understanding of the Dao. His bloodline grew, and his purple eyes became permanently red. Finally, the goddess of fortune blessed him.

With the help of Connate Providence, he was able to gain additional enhancements. Eventually, he was able to create countless copies of himself. Moreover, he was able to enter the Nether World.

Even though he was able to reach the Deity Realm, he was not able to achieve immortality. Moreover, he lost the effect of Immortal Qi when he reached the Deity Realm. To combat the threat of immortals, he chose to cultivate in a less-distracting way. Eventually, he became the creator of the Ultimate Origin Realm.

Dark Forbidden Lord

Dark Forbidden Lord is a powerful and mysterious Immortal Realm cultivator. He has a strong connection with several Great Dao Supremes. His subordinates mostly reside in the Primordial Chaos Realm.

He is also believed to have had great influence over a few other Great Dao Sages. Those who had been affected by his curses had painful deaths.

The Dark Forbidden Lord masked himself as an ancient Desolate Divine Spirit. He wanted to control Heavenly Dao. However, his curses would bring calamity for many years.

When Dark Forbidden Lord was discovered, the Great Nine Heavens panicked. Their Dharmic powers formed blood. They hurriedly penetrated layers of Heavenly Dao restrictions.

This was the first time that Han Huang had experienced panic. He didn't know whether the commotion was real or a dream. In any case, he needed to vent.

As he thought about it, he decided to give the Great Nine Heavens a dream. He didn't want to be the one to die because of the curse.

Before he knew it, he was a reincarnated individual living in the 21st century on Earth. He was a genius. He had passed down his family's legacy for tens of millions of years.

In the past, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. But when he heard the news that he would be reincarnated, he was happy. He opened a Daoist temple. And he continued to exercise every day.

One day, he saw a strange power in his body. It was as if he had been framed.

Suddenly, he thought of the other party's strength. He realized that this other party had the ability to capture Han Jue's Mystical Power. That is why he didn't believe the other party was a liar.

Then he tried to strike up a conversation with Li Muyi. However, he didn't find out the identity of the other party.

He was very curious about the King of Hell. Nevertheless, he decided to wait until he could achieve Godlike Cultivation Potential.

After several years, he met Wei Wu Xan and Lan Wang Ji during cultivation training. They were talented disciples of a respected clan. During their training, they accidentally discovered a secret that had been hidden for a long time.

Read the Manga Online

If you're a fan of the manga series Secretly Cultivated for a Thousand Years, you may be interested to know that you can read the latest chapter online. You can find the chapter on a manga website, such as Elarc, or in an app, such as the Takiyomi app. However, there's no official release date for the new chapter.

The author of the manga is Xing Kong, who has also written quality anime titles. The plot of the manga is about a young woman, who falls in love with a man from out of town. After the two of them marry, they have a child. But she's not content with her life, and she wants to improve her life. To make it better, she decides to enter secret cultivation, and this is where she meets Jiang Hui.

As the title suggests, the manga is set in the Golden Core Realm. It's one of the many chapters in the Manhwa series. When you read the series, you'll learn about the story of the protagonist, MC Han Jue, who has a divine background. During his life in the cultivation world, he had two Dao Fields. Only when he was sure of what he was doing, did he become the strongest in the Chaos?

One of the best things about reading manga online is that it saves you a lot of time. Besides, you'll be able to interact with other fans of the series. So, if you want to find out more about the story, and if you're curious about the characters, you can go ahead and read the manga online. And if you're curious about the story's future, you'll want to keep an eye on the latest chapter.

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