Worlds Strongest Troll

Trolls are among the world's strongest creatures. One of the most formidable trolls is Jotun, an enormous ice creature from Norse mythology that dwarfs all other trolls. 

Trolls were one of Middle-earth's oldest races. They were an enormous, humanoid race that was mostly unintelligent. They were said to have been created by Melkor.

Trolls are among the world's most powerful creatures, capable of defeating even human-level opponents. They're renowned for their transformation powers into other creatures as well as for creating enchantments and magical spells with ease.

Zandalari trolls are known for their potent drinks that strengthen and energize them before the battle. Their leaders often sip these beverages before engaging in battle.

They possess immense power and can be highly destructive when exposed to sunlight. Their stone-like nature makes them especially challenging to take down, making them a particularly hard target for predators.

1. The Jotun

The Jotun are one of the more complex entities in Norse mythology. They often played an influential yet conflicting role, serving as counterparts to the Aesir.

Although many Jotnar were evil, they also symbolized fundamental natural forces that guided human development. They played an integral role in creating Midgard, the world of mortals that represents Earth, and were one of the primary causes of Ragnarok - the battle that destroyed all of Midgard and sent Odin and his brothers into exile.

Jotuns are giants described in Norse mythology as possessing superhuman strength. They reside in their own realm called Jotunheimr, separated from Midgard by high mountains and dense forests.

Jotuns were a type of troll or ogre that could grow to be larger than humans and smaller than dwarfs.

Some jotuns were known for their positive reputations, such as AEgir the sea jotunn. These creatures were seen as beneficial to both gods and humans alike, though sometimes engaged in conflict with the Aesir.

Ymir, the Jotunn, was the first of his kind and father to all frost giants. As such a powerful being, Odin had to call upon his brothers Vili and Ve for assistance in taking him down.

Another renowned Jotunn was Gerd, who married Freyr the son of Njord. The god had to tempt her with gifts and threats but ultimately prevailed in winning her heart over.

The jotun were considered to be the savages of their time, yet they were highly intelligent and knowledgeable in sorcery and natural philosophy. They held great reverence for their ancestral homelands which they guarded with fierce determination. 

Though there wasn't an established religion among them, they looked to their ancestors for guidance. Living alone in Shiverpeak Mountains, these strong individuals could easily survive by living off the land.

2. The Three-Headed Giant

The Three-Headed Giant is the world's strongest troll and, in my opinion, it's unbeatable. It was even the first troll with a name and appropriate attire! 

Belonging to its crew offers numerous benefits; perhaps most notably its unwavering loyalty towards its master. Although dealing with him may prove to challenge at times, remember: rewards always outweigh efforts! 

Having The Three-Headed Giant as part of your ring can be an enjoyable experience if handled with humor and plenty of patience!

3. The Dovregubbars

Trolls were enormous, scary creatures with fat heads and clubs in its hand. In Norwegian tales, trolls often appeared as enemies of both gods and humans alike. Furthermore, their blood-curdling nature made them particularly hostile towards churches and their worshippers alike.

Trolls were typically found in forests, mountain regions, and the ocean. Due to their connection to nature, trolls were thought capable of creating hurricanes and avalanches.

Norway was home to two types of trolls: the "Dovregubben" and the "Troblin." The former was a large monster with multiple heads, an arched face, and a long, pointed nose. It screamed like a bear and was believed to cause avalanches and hurricanes.

The Dovregubben was the King of Trolls and a memorable character in Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's 1867 work Peer Gynt. Grieg's music from this play inspired his iconic song "In the Hall of the Mountain King," which became one of the world's most beloved pieces of orchestral music.

In the 2010 film Trollhunter, protagonist Hans and his cameraman Kalle find themselves trapped with a pack of Dovregubbens in a cave. It appears that these trolls live together as social creatures, so the two must fight for their lives against these terrifying monsters.

When the trolls first appear, they look much like their human counterparts with long noses and cow-like tails. Their hair is thick and shaggy, and their eyes are "the size of plates," as one commentator put it.

They then turn on their lights, revealing themselves as an evil pack. They chase the characters out of the cave and murder one of them.

As the cameraman attempts to capture their actions, they become increasingly restless. They flinch and try to run away from the monsters as they approach, showing that they are truly terrified of them.

At this point, it is evident that these monsters won't go away anytime soon. Indeed, they could become even more dangerous in the future; thus, it is best to stay far away from them at all costs.

4. The Raglefan

The Raglefan is one of the world's tallest trolls, standing five meters tall and almost as big as Hans. Its strong body has a long nose which may grow with age, as well as up to nine heads that allow it to attract female trolls into its territory.

Hans and his team of students come across the troll when they are chasing down a band of them who have been moving out of their territory. They find it hiding beneath a bridge, using live goats as bait to draw blood from it. It then dies after exposure to powerful UV light cannon, expanding with gas before exploding - its only arm being unknown for unknown reasons. It is an uncommon occurrence to see a troll with just one arm.

Trolls differ from their evolutionary rivals, Bears, in that they possess a thick layer of bony scutes on their bodies that protect them from predators. Furthermore, Trolls generate heat in the air around them which makes it difficult for cold-blooded prey to bite and kill them.

Trolls often go unnoticed due to their strength and agility, yet they can be incredibly dangerous when faced with a group of humans - particularly Blinky and Dictatious, two trolls who use their power for hurting and manipulating others.

Blinky is the strongest troll on Earth, but his physical prowess doesn't make him unbeatable. His intelligence also sets him apart from other trolls, enabling him to think quickly in difficult circumstances and take action before others do.

Dictatious may not be as powerful as Blinky, but his lack of morality makes him an enemy to be avoided at all costs. He possesses the magical ability to manipulate other trolls into doing his bidding through magic, making him a dangerous foe that should be avoided at all costs.

Kanjigar is an unbeatably powerful troll, and his strength helps prevent Bular from winning the war for the Surface Lands. Although audiences rarely witness him engage in battle, he plays an essential role for Team Jim and keeps Merlin's Amulet away from Darklands.

5. Deya the Deliverer

Deya the Deliverer is widely considered as the world's strongest troll and has been featured in multiple stories in Wizards. She wields a powerful swordswoman that bested Gunmar and many other trolls, as well as being an intense adversary to Bular who helped the trolls defeat him so they could go to the New World.

Her strength is unwavering, fueled by the hard skin that allowed her to resist damage and keep going long after others would have given up. She boasts incredible stamina and can take a beating from Bular, though direct sunlight was her biggest weakness.

She possesses many leadership abilities, yet she can be stubborn and impulsive. Additionally, her curiosity for knowledge is endless.

At first, she was rude and condescending towards Merlin when they first met. However, after witnessing the power of the Omniscienstone, she became humbler; telling Merlin that her role is to follow orders rather than comprehend them.

Centuries after being chosen as a Trollhunter, she visited Rundle and attempted to talk to him. Despite his dismissive response, she ignored him and followed her instincts.

She then embarked on a long quest to find the Amulet of Merlin. En route, she defied numerous trolls and proved herself an adept hunter.

When she finally reached the Amulet of Merlin, she faced a formidable obstacle that many Troll hunters have never had to confront: Gunmar's Amulet. To deal with him decisively, she placed it within the stone of Killahead Bridge and sent him and his army into the Dark lands.

She ultimately proved herself the only Troll hunter capable of stopping Gunmar from obtaining the Amulet of Daylight and thus possessing control of the entire world. Her battles with him and other trolls were some of the most captivating moments in the series.

She is an incredibly powerful troll who can take severe punishment from other trolls and hold her own against humans as well. With her physical makeup and capacity for prolonged exposure to sunlight, she stands as one of the series' most formidable characters.

6. Jim the Troll

Jim is a young man who is deeply committed to his family, friends, and school. He may be overprotective and bumbling at times, but Jim will do anything necessary to keep those closest to him safe and secure.

He's highly sensitive to others' needs, which means he can be put in dangerous situations by those who don't exercise caution. Additionally, his stubborn nature often prevents him from ending the life of someone he cares about even when it was his own negligence that caused their suffering.

He feared losing part of his humanity forever when he was transformed into a half-troll but ultimately decided to accept the change because it might bring him peace in life. It took away his freedom of movement and meant he couldn't go back to school or eat human food again - changes that proved difficult for him to accept at first.

His mother, Barbara, a doctor, was able to offer some guidance on adjusting to life with his new troll form. She assured him that he was still a good boy and could still lead an ordinary life; this helped alleviate some of his initial depressive thoughts regarding his transformation.

However, this change also left him more vulnerable to injuries and illnesses as he could no longer shield himself against them. Furthermore, he lost the power to summon his sword, leaving him defenseless against sunlight's damaging rays.

He has become the world's strongest troll, as evidenced by his incredible strength and agility in battle. In fact, he was the only one who was able to defeat Bellroc and the Fire Titan with his sword.

He used his willpower to break Draal's amulet and obtain the Time Stone, allowing him to travel back in time to events of "Becoming: Part 1" with all his memories intact. Additionally, this time allowed him to learn more about himself and his role on the Troll hunting team, such as when he first encountered Nari.

7. Lord Gunmar

Gunmar the Black is one of history's most cunning trolls, having committed numerous crimes such as murdering his own King and Gumm-Gumm warlord Orlagk. Additionally, he absorbed Trollmarket's Heartstone, making him unbeatable in battle and earning him the title of the world's strongest troll.

He boasts a massive structure, with two long horns on his head that protrude out and his skin glowing teal in color. After losing his right eye in a battle against Orlagk, he now carries an orange-yellow lifeblood stone which he uses for healing himself.

Gunmar is a psychotic and uncontrollable tyrant who has made it his life's mission to conquer both the Dark Realm and Earth. His plans include searching for Morgana's temple in order to resurrect her servant, Angor Rot. Additionally, Gunmar plans on using Draal the possessee as leverage over Merlin's Staff of Avalon and enslave Jim.

Jim and Toby must find a way to break away from their amulet which has bound them together. As they venture into the shadow realm, they encounter Dictatious Galadrigal and his group of goblins who reveal Gunmar's true intentions.

Gunmar is an incredibly strong individual, even in his weak state, as evidenced by the way he battled Strickler - brutally strangulating the Stalkling and going horn-to-horn with AAARRRGGHH!! He is also highly intelligent; his ability to read other trolls' minds and understand their intentions has enabled him to become a formidable force of troll magic.

Gunmar the Black is one of the most powerful trolls, leading a ruthless army and willing to kill any loyal troll who no longer serves him. Additionally, his prejudice towards Changelings--even those who helped him rebuild his strength after the Janus Order--is unwavering; he will exterminate them whenever necessary.

He is a cruel dictator and notorious rogue. He serves as the main antagonist in Trollhunters, as well as being one of the key villains in the Tales of Arcadia series. He shares an enemy with Jim Lake Jr., Deya the Deliverer, and other Trollhunters.

His power comes from three Triumbric Stones, ancient gemstones connected to Gunmar's life force. To wound or permanently kill him, one must bring all three together. Although this combination is dangerous, it is the only way to stop Gunmar and prevent Arcadia's destruction.

Gunmar's tale begins centuries before Trollhunters when his top general betrays him and joins forces with humanity to overthrow him. During this battle, Gunmar himself suffers a setback when his own top general loses an eye in battle - setting in motion a fierce competition between him and Angor Rot for control of Gumm-Gumms territory.

8. NotEnrique

Jim discovers NotEnrique to be the youngest Changeling Troll sent into Aradia by Lord Gunmar. He takes over for baby Enrique Nunez who was taken away by a Goblin and taken to the Dark lands. Jim witnesses this abduction and comes to believe NotEnrique himself is actually a Changeling.

NotEnrique quickly becomes friends with Gnome Chompsky and they collaborate to save baby familiars in the Dark lands. Additionally, they work to prevent Angor Rot from destroying Troll sitting’s bridge by eliminating its remaining golems.

He attempts to give Toby the slip by climbing a gym rope into the vents, but is stopped by an Antamonstrum and pursued by Blinky and AAARRRGGH! They ultimately banish NotEnrique into the Dark lands using Fetch's assistance.

NotEnrique may not be the strongest Changeling, but he still possesses some strength and durability that his other changeling siblings lack. Nevertheless, he can still run around the house with Toby on top of him and even knock a possessed Claire out cold with only a frying pan!

NotEnrique and Claire have a close-knit friendship that dates back to before they were even born, with Enrique always being there for her when she needs extra support or motivation. Their mutual affection allows them to communicate in an unspoken language only Changelings understand.

As a Changeling, NotEnrique possesses an exceptional tolerance for pain. He can endure many severe injuries without feeling the effects of them and also recovers quickly from such wounds.

He is also a great friend to the rest of the Changeling family, who do their best to assist him whenever necessary. They are deeply loyal to him and strive to protect him from any outside influences.

He is a loyal friend of Jim and the Troll hunters, often accompanying them during stakeouts and helping out with some tasks as they take on the Troll Tribunal. He even joins in fighting Draal even if he feels certain Draal has left his post for good.

9. Blinky

Blinky, one of the key characters in Arcadia, is a wise and powerful troll who assists Jim and his friends. His intelligence, quick wit, and moral sense rival those of his own brother Dictatious.

His superior knowledge and intelligence enable him to guide Jim through the Dark lands, saving his life. Furthermore, he possesses a profound understanding of history, imparting to Jim and his friends the purposes and rules of the troll world.

Despite his formidable size, he does not resort to violence like other trolls do. Instead, he strives to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

He was an incredibly kind and compassionate troll, and his compassion towards humans made him a wonderful friend and mentor to Jim.

However, he does not completely trust his brother. He worries about him and the potential repercussions of joining Gunmar's army.

When Dictatious was taken away by Morgana and Gunmar, Blinky hoped he would return to the side of good. He tried his best to convince him that he wasn't a bad person, but Dictatious refused to listen.

Finally, Blinky persuaded Jim to join the Troll hunter’s army by giving him an Amulet of Daylight. He even went so far as to place it in Jim's house as proof.

Blinky has extra arms and eyes which enable him to multitask more easily, as well as provide him with extra strength. As a troll, his lifespan is extended but still vulnerable to death.

He is an adept orator, inspiring Jim to accept his role as a Troll hunter. He's renowned for his craftsmanship and ability to craft/upgrade weapons. Additionally, he boasts an impressive piano-playing talent with a special affinity for ragtime music.

10. Dictatious

Mark Hamill's Dictatious Galadrigal was the world's strongest troll until he was blinded by Blinky in Season 2 of Troll hunters. Despite this setback, he attempted to replace Jim Lake Jr. in the Gumm-Gumm army.

Dictatious was a six-eyed troll who used his six eyes for reading faster and study his environment more thoroughly. Unfortunately, Blinky permanently blinded him, meaning his eyes could no longer be of use. Though still capable of living hundreds of years, his intelligence and strength had been diminished.

He was originally part of the Gumm-Gumms during the Battle of Killahead Bridge but was apparently faked dead and taken to the Dark lands. There, he joined Gunmar and her trolls before being blinded by Blinky during battle and assumed dead; however, Gunmar eventually discovered him amongst their forces.

Dictatious was brought back to Earth and attempted to help Gunmar subjugate the surface world. When injured, he begged for mercy from Gunmar and began telling him of his brother. To his astonishment, Gunmar had never heard of Dictatious before; yet Dictatious offered to serve him and help take over the world for himself.

Gunmar ultimately decided to give Dictatious a chance. His plan included rebuilding his empire from within the Dark lands until such time as Eternal Night could be brought about.

He then had Scaarbach present him with Vendel's Heartstone Staff, which restored some of Gunmar's strength. This enabled Gunmar to play an even larger role in the Gumm-Gumm army.

11. Claire

Claire is an intelligent young woman with the power to conjure up portals and create an invisible world for herself. Her knowledge of troll culture and weapons proves invaluable when aiding Jim in his mission.

She is an eminently sensible and strong-willed individual who takes control in difficult circumstances while remaining calm under pressure. This trait was inherited from her upbringing as well as six years spent working as a military combat nurse.

Additionally, she possesses a great deal of empathy - especially toward those close to her heart. Though she initially resisted her dark powers, she eventually learns how to channel them for good. Douxie helps her embrace these gifts by encouraging her to embrace them and make them her own.

Claire is gifted with many talents, but perhaps most impressively her memory. She can memorize four hundred pages of Shakespeare and remember the Triumbric Stones Prophecy after only reading it once.

Her strength is truly impressive, as she can carry heavy armor and wield weapons with ease. Additionally, she boasts excellent agility as well as a powerful right and left punch.

At first, she seemed somewhat flat and timid; however, after learning about Jim's double life she quickly gained confidence and helpfulness. She developed an intense affection for Jim and quickly became his loyal ally.

As a result, she helped Jim win prom king and provided him with cover in case of nominations. Furthermore, her expertise as a riddle solver enabled him to win the theme event.

She is an adept combatant, capable of withstanding up to Angor Rot. Additionally, her strength and agility allow her to defeat a Knight of Skulls with ease.

12. Angor

Angor Rot once had a deep compassion for his people, but this compassion soon turned into greed and cruelty when he made a deal with Morgana le Fay. She duped him into giving up his soul in exchange for power, yet only saw it as an avenue to her own selfish gain.

She then placed his soul in a ring known as the Inferna Copula, compelling him to serve her. She then transformed him into an evil monster who hunted down and harvested Troll hunters' souls in order to fill its empty void.

He became a powerful magical troll, possessing hundreds of spells. Although considered one of the world's greatest sorcerers, his power doesn't rest solely with magic; rather he relies on cunning skills for battle.

His weapons include a dagger and Sword of Daylight. Additionally, he can detach his eyes from their sockets to use as remote eyesight, enabling him to spy on prey remotely. Furthermore, he wields a Shadow Staff which he utilized for chasing enemies over long distances.

At his initial transformation as a troll, Angor Rot was an impressive force - rivaling even Heartstone Gunmar's might. However, after Morgana resurrected him, much of Angor Rot's cruelty faded and he no longer sought out to kill Jim Lake or steal his eye.

After Jim reminded him of his former heroic self, Angor decided to put aside his grudge against the Troll hunters and turn against Morgana. Luckily, he was reformed just in time and helped defeat her; later on, Angor sacrificed himself in order for the Troll hunters to finally eliminate the witch for good.

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