Stephanie Drenka Dallas Fashion Travel Blogger Photographer

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion travel blogger photographer. On her site, she shares everything from outfit posts to street-style shots of exciting places she has visited around the world.

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion travel blogger photographer with an eye for style and an adventurous spirit. She strives to motivate her readers with straightforward fashion advice, travel guides, and photography tutorials that help them look and feel their best.

She enjoys an impressive Instagram presence with over 120k followers, where she shares stunning photos of her family vacationing, exploring around town, and lifestyle images that provide motivation to those who follow along.

Stephanie Drenka founded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society earlier last year to research, preserve, and celebrate the legacy of Asian Americans in Dallas-Fort Worth. Additionally, she serves as the Founding Editor of VISIBLE Magazine and Facilitator/Coach with The OpEd Project.

Stephanie Drenka Dallas Fashion Travel Blogger

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion travel blogger photographer who shares her love for travel, beauty, and fashion through her blog and social media accounts. Her style is classic with an edge; she loves mixing high-end pieces with affordable finds to create unique looks that are both stylish and comfortable. 

Additionally, she likes experimenting with bold colors and prints for added pizzazz in her outfits. Through these passions, Stephanie hopes others are inspired to live lives full of adventure while being stylish!

Her blog provides fashion tips, travel guides, and photography tutorials to help busy women look and feel their best. She also shares weekly vlogs on YouTube where she talks about family adventures as well as personal style topics. In the coming months she plans to launch a new website that will centralize all her content in one place; until then take inspiration from her stunning Instagram and Pinterest accounts!

About Stephanie Drenka

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas-based fashion travel blogger photographer who covers topics ranging from style to beauty, tech, and life. Her YouTube Channel boasts over 1 million subscribers and her blog feature outfits, travel tips, and photography from around the world - perfect if you're searching for some new styles! If you're looking for inspiration on where to wear what, her blog is definitely worth checking out!

Steph graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, minoring in Asian American Studies and Women's Studies. Currently, she works as a communications specialist. Before founding VISIBLE Magazine, an online publication that champions voices previously excluded from traditional media, Steph served on its advisory board.

Drenka, originally from South Korea, was adopted by a white family in Chicago when she was three months old. Throughout her life, she experienced feelings of powerlessness over who she is and this ultimately motivated her to search for her birth family - leading her to attend leadership conferences in South Korea, make appearances on a Korean television show and send telegrams to an adoption agency.

After years of trying, she finally was able to locate her birth family through the internet. Although it took some time, she eventually located her parents and siblings and made contact with them.

She is a transracial Korean American adoptee from Dallas who currently resides there. As part of The OpEd Project's 2021 Public Voices Fellowship program, she has written for publications including Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, and Newsweek.

Following a series of events, including the 2021 Atlanta Spa Shootings and an increase in anti-Asian violence, Drenka took action. While working as director of communications at Dallas Truth, Racial Healing Transformation, she noticed a void in how Asian Americans talked about historical myths. There weren't any organizations unifying all Asian Americans or sharing specific cultures' histories. Drenka wanted to find a way to tell Asian American stories but felt like no organization was taking on this responsibility.

That's when she connected with Denise Johnson, an oral historian of Dallas' Asian Americans. They met to brainstorm how they could collaborate and combat racism in the city together.

Last year, they co-founded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society with a mission of researching, documenting, and celebrating local AAPI communities' histories. After receiving 501(c)(3) approval and hiring a graphic designer, the group began adding stories to social media channels and their website.

In March, she hosted a virtual town hall with the non-profit Dallas Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation to discuss anti-Asian violence in the city. It was an empowering experience to hear other Asian Americans' stories and create a space for dialogue and healing.

In April, the historical society joined forces with Voices of SMU's Jonathan Angulo to teach participants how to document their family legacies through oral history. The goal is for individuals of all ages to gain more insight into their heritage and establish meaningful connections to their pasts.

Travel Tips

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion and travel blogger who also takes great photos. Her website showcases posts about style, food, and travel - plus some stunning visuals!

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion travel blogger and photographer who strives to make herself known. She shares her knowledge of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through her blog and popular YouTube channel. With an eye for style that's both classic and trendy with subtle nods to classic glamour as well as plenty of edginess; Stephanie enjoys taking her cameras along on trips to capture stunning outfits.

She knows the art of traveling light without sacrificing style. With a well-curated shopping list and advanced planning, it's easy to pack stylish pieces that can be worn more than once. She typically carries a bag with multiple compartments to hold everything she needs for a weeklong trip - everything from clothes and toiletries to electronics and chargers.

She boasts a dedicated following on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Best of all? You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to take in all her amazing content!

She has an avid and engaged following that follows her across multiple platforms, but she's most frequently found on Instagram where she shares some of her most captivating photos. It's beneficial that she takes time to curate an attractive feed for her followers since her outfits often inspire viewers to reach for the nearest mirror and try on every piece in her closet!

Stephanie prides herself on being a style expert, mixing high-end items with more affordable finds to create looks that are both fashionable and practical. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and has achieved success by crossing off Paris, London, and Tokyo from her bucket list through strategic planning.

She manages to find time for her family, including dachshunds Daisy and Sissy, as well as music, theater, and history. Despite her hectic schedule she still finds time for herself!

The best part is that she gets to share all of this knowledge with her readers! Visit her blog and social media accounts here for the hottest trends, styles, must-try looks, and even exclusive scoops on local restaurants!

Style Tips

Stephanie Drenka has years of blogging experience to her credit, and she's picked up on some great style tips to help you find your unique look. Whether you need outfit ideas, inspiration on traveling, or new ways to save money - Stephanie has something for everyone!

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas fashion travel blogger and photographer best known for her vlogs and blog posts. Her content spans topics like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, tech, travel, and food; often featuring outfits along with personal style tips. Furthermore, she has an expansive YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.

Drenka has become one of the nation's most popular bloggers, sharing her family fun ideas in Dallas-Fort Worth, personal style advice, and stunning photographs from her travel adventures. Her enthusiasm and hard work have allowed her to become one of the most-read blogs in America.

She maintains a vibrant social media presence on Instagram and Pinterest, where she shares her unique take on fashion and lifestyle. Her stunning photographs will bring smiles to your face, and she uses them as an opportunity to educate and motivate readers around the world.

One of the great things about her blog is that it offers all the latest trends and fashion information in an easily navigable format, making it easy to locate whatever you're searching for. Additionally, there's an impressive collection of articles and videos designed to help maximize your next trip or purchase.

Stephanie also has a popular YouTube channel where she posts weekly vlogs, outfit posts, and beauty tutorials. Additionally, her family vacation photos and lifestyle images on Instagram will inspire you to live life to the fullest.


Dallas fashion travel blogger photographer Stephanie Drenka creates content about her personal style, travel experiences, and insights into the fashion industry. Her photography has an enchanting quality that draws in viewers and encourages them to follow along. As a talented photographer, Stephanie enjoys using natural light to capture stunning images of nature, city streets, and people.

When she's not working, she loves to travel and discover new places around the world. Her photography portfolio showcases picturesque shots from Italy's Amalfi Coast as well as vibrant street portraits in Tokyo's Harajuku district.

In her free moments, she creates content for her blog and YouTube channel. Additionally, she shares photographs on her Instagram and Pinterest accounts with a focus on lifestyle images that encourage us to live life fully.

She began blogging in 2011 to combine her love for fashion and travel, sharing with readers what she was wearing, her adventures on trips, and tips for shopping online or in-store. Her aesthetic is classic with a contemporary edge; she likes to mix high-end pieces with affordable finds to create unique looks that are both comfortable and fashionable.

She is a self-taught photographer who loves to use natural light for her photographs. Additionally, she incorporates vibrant colors and prints for added visual interest in her pieces. When not working, She enjoys traveling around the world to capture unique moments from her adventures.

Stephanie not only captures stunning photographs, but she also shares her enthusiasm for travel on her blog and social media accounts. Here she showcases personal style, travel experiences, as well as insights into the fashion industry.

Her photographs showcase stunning scenes from around the world, such as Italy's Amalfi Coast and vibrant street shots taken in Tokyo. She also specializes in shooting natural-light photographs for bloggers, creatives, families, and businesses.

Moreover, she also shares her personal style and travel stories on her blog and YouTube channel. Her videos feature outfit posts, beauty tutorials, and other topics sure to motivate you to explore the world and live your best life!

Her blog and YouTube channel provide the perfect way to stay up to date with all her latest content. In the near future, she plans on launching a website that will compile all her work together in one location - serving as an accessible hub where readers can access all her blog posts, videos, product reviews, and more.

VISIBLE Magazine

VISIBLE Magazine is the creation of Dallas-based fashion travel blogger and photographer Stephanie Drenka. Here you'll find daily outfit posts, tips for shopping both online and in stores, as well as lifestyle images to inspire readers around the world. Additionally, her Instagram account showcases stunning shots taken around the globe that give readers a glimpse into her life and travels.

She is the founder of VISIBLE Magazine, which champions the voices of those who have been traditionally excluded from traditional media outlets. Her photography and writing have been featured in HuffPost, Newsweek, and Washington Post publications. 

A graduate of DePaul University with a bachelor's degree in Communication as well as minors in Asian American Studies and Women's Studies, she is now a Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project and cofounder of Dallas Asian American Historical Society - an organization that researches, preserves, and celebrates Texas' Asian community.

She was born in South Korea but adopted by a white family when she was three months old. As such, she felt like an outsider to her own history and sought out ways to explore more about her Korean roots.

Her journey was an inspiring one that eventually culminated in becoming an author, speaking at universities and conferences about her transracial adoptee experiences. Additionally, she became a leader within the Asian American community by volunteering for student organizations.

In March, she cofounded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society - a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching, preserving, and celebrating Dallas' Asian community. Through articles and documentaries, they will tell under-told stories of local Asian American figures and historical sites.

Finally, the organization will offer people access to their personal legacies through oral history workshops. Giving those who have never shared their story a chance to tell it is an inspiring concept that could revolutionize how we view and treat Asian Americans in our community.

The OpEd Project

Established in 2013, The OpEd Project is an educational nonprofit that uses game-based learning, research, and coaching to teach underrepresented thought leaders how to craft op-eds for media outlets. Through their fellowship program, these individuals have the chance to showcase their work with a national audience and further the conversation.

This program strives to guarantee that women have a voice in the conversation and can give their perspectives to the public, even when those perspectives may not be heard often enough. As such, over 500 forms of media have been produced by its 126 alumni members.

Recent research revealed that only 5 percent of op-eds published in major newspapers such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times were written by women - an alarming disparity in the publishing industry considering these publications' size.

Stephanie strives to change this by working with the OpEd Project, giving underrepresented writers the resources, they need to express their ideas and make a difference in the world. She has previous experience as communications director for Dallas Truth, Racial Healing Transformation group as well as founding VISIBLE Magazine - an online publication that actively privileges voices previously excluded from traditional media outlets.

Through a series of workshops, fellows will have the chance to hone their op-ed writing skills with monthly calls and email support from journalist mentors. Furthermore, they'll have access to an exclusive national network of high-level "mentor editors" for ongoing coaching throughout the year.

The curriculum emphasizes building credibility and structure, finding your voice, creating impact, and the art of being heard. Through seminars and exercises, participants will develop critical thinking in their fields of expertise, craft op-eds that reflect their views, and pitch them to journalists.

Many of the fellows are experienced in their fields of specialty; however, others come from other disciplines and are just beginning to consider how best to communicate their work to an outside audience. Throughout the program, they receive dedicated editorial support from an OpEd Project mentor as well as opportunities to collaborate with fellow cohort members on brainstorming ideas.

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