The Beginning After The End 142

The Beginning After the End 142 is a Japanese manga series released on July 7, 2018. Fans had eagerly been waiting for its release date and it has finally released several chapters.

Are you searching for an enjoyable manga to read? Look no further than "The Beginning After the End." It's a well-crafted action fantasy that appeals to a broad audience, boasting some incredible moments as well as an engaging plotline and unique setting that set it apart from other fantasy stories. 

The beginning after the End 142 is an exceptional manga that appeals to a broad range of readers. Its characters are complex yet relatable, its story captivating, its artwork stunning and detailed - it truly has something for everyone! 

The number 142 symbolizes the square and cross, green, the planet Mars, 142 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), and elements like fire, earth air water - it is also a piece of the puzzle that defines your existence.

The best part is that this manga is free to read and enjoy - available on Tapas Media's official website! If you're in search of an exciting new manga to add to your collection, TBATE 142 should be on your radar!

The Characters

Characters in the beginning after the end 142 are an eclectic bunch, each playing an important role in the narrative. Each has their own personality, skillset, and motivations which adds to the plot's complexity.

The main character of the series is Arthur Leywin, a former King of Graycastle with no memory of his past life. Reincarnated into a fantasy realm, Arthur embarks on an epic journey to regain his kingdom and find redemption for his actions. Along the way, he meets numerous characters and learns about his past from them all.

He meets Kezess Indrath, a member of the Indrath Clan and Sylvia's father. He is an adept mana user capable of cloaking his power away from Arthur's sight. Additionally, he's an excellent teacher, taking time to train Sylvia so she can become an impressive warrior.

Windsom, a Basilisk Asura, is another formidable character. He initially appeared as a cat but soon shapeshifted into his humanoid form. Windsom is an expert at mana manipulation and has used it to negate Bairon's powerful attacks. Additionally, he boasts formidable fighting capabilities; one hit can take out several hundred mana beasts!

Characters are at the heart of many fiction and nonfiction stories, from protagonist to supporting cast. Characters play an integral role in plotlines and often provide drama. As you read along to the end 142 of The Beginning After the End, you'll spot familiar faces as well as some newcomers that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to read about these people.

The Plot

The Beginning After the End 142 is one of Japan's most beloved manga series and its gripping plot has garnered much attention. Therefore, eager fans have been waiting eagerly for the release date for chapter 142 - which has now arrived!

At Xyrus Academy during Lucas and his small army's attack, Arthur miraculously saved the students from terror. Yet Lances and Council still blamed him for everything; they imprisoned him and sealed away his mana core - even his family was in disbelief!

Princess Kathlyn then takes up the lance Varay and challenges him with the truth - that if it weren't for Arthur, they all would be dead. Much to her utter amazement, the King and Queen of Dwarf agree with this decision.

In the end, the mangaka depicts the sorrow felt by Arthur's family as they watch their beloved son being sent away to prison. They hope he will make it out alive and return soon - one of the saddest chapters in this manhwa. For fans of fantasy stories, this manga is definitely worth checking out! Its plot is unique and captivating, providing readers with an unforgettable experience.

The Beginning After the End 142 is an amazing manga with an engaging plot and setting that appeals to readers of all ages. If you're searching for a captivating fantasy tale, this manga is definitely worth checking out!

The story in The Beginning After the End 142 is as complex and intricate as its characters. It also has many high points and some serious bumps to the head. If you're searching for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page, this manga is for you! 

The Artwork

The artwork in the manga is superb and adds to the storyline. Characters are incredibly realistic and the narrative flows smoothly, making it ideal for anyone wanting to escape reality and enter a fantasy realm. 

Additionally, those new to manga or wanting something more complex than an average fairy tale should pick up a copy from online retailers and read it from beginning to end, taking note of any particularly engaging passages or memorable lines. If interested in reading this book, I suggest getting one from online retailers so you can experience it for yourself - start at the beginning and read it through the end, taking note of any passages which stand out, particularly for you personally.

The artwork at the start and end of chapter 142 is truly breathtaking, setting this manga apart from others. It offers some truly captivating scenes that you must experience for yourself. Plus, its unique storyline and characters will surely make you fall in love with them too! If fantasy stories are your thing, then this is one manga you don't want to miss!

The Story

Overall The Beginning After the End 142 is an excellent story with well-developed characters and a unique plot. It also boasts stunning artwork and an intriguing setting, setting it apart from other fantasy works. 

Manga readers looking for something fresh should check this series out; its intriguing plotline and setting are huge draws for readers, while its characters are complex yet relatable. Furthermore, this series elicits many different emotions such as joy, sadness, and even despair!

Throughout the manga, Arthur Leywin, the main character, struggles to atone for past mistakes and regain his kingdom. It also explores themes of redemption and growth; thus, making it a great choice for anyone interested in learning more about these topics.

The story in The Beginning After the End 142 is as complex and intricate as its characters. It also has many high points and some serious bumps to the head. If you're searching for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page, this manga is for you! 

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