A Serial Killer Reincarnated in Another World

Assassin is an anime about serial killers. An assassin was reincarnated into another realm with special abilities and given another chance at life.

Anime is known for its intricate plots and endearing characters, yet not all anime fits the mold equally; some genres explore darker themes like justice, morality, and mental illness while others feature suspenseful plotlines with thriller-esque elements.

Many anime fans adore and admire serial killers, with Death Note being perhaps the most celebrated example depicting one. Death Note kept its viewers guessing until its conclusion!

The Isekai Killer is a psychopath of great genocidal power who acts without morality, sent by their goddess to murder twelve other reincarnators without using cheats or high levels that would compromise them and allow cheats.

Shirukyi was fostered into becoming an uncontrollable serial killer by their abusive parents during their previous life, while also suffering from neurosis and self-loathing. Other serial killers may be motivated by greed or power accumulation; some even cross state lines to commit their murderous sprees.

Isekai Killer Reincarnated in Another World

The Isekai Killer was born to kill. Murder was his calling in life, and he could never resist its temptations. Unfortunately for him though, once caught and executed for his crimes, his death was short-lived as the Goddess sent him back into a new realm to destroy twelve powerful Reincarnators living there without cheats; she believed this would avoid corruption of those like himself who rely heavily on cheats to get what they want from life.

This anime takes a darker route than most isekai stories, featuring an intense serial killer who seeks to rid this new world of reincarnators of them all. Yet, its characters remain well-written and its animation superb, making this an excellent option for fans of isekai anime with darker themes.

As opposed to most isekai animes, this one doesn't feature an overpowered main character with the potential to change the world. Instead, its protagonist is an evil and bloodthirsty murderer that must learn how to control his abilities to stay alive - still an entertaining story with exciting action scenes!

The story starts slow with an unassuming setup, but quickly progresses into an intricate plot with multiple twists and turns. Additionally, Shirukyi and her party provide great character development throughout.

This manga features not only reincarnation as its main theme but is packed with action, drama, and some mystery as well. Written and illustrated by Ichigo Hitotsubu and Hiro respectively - two writers without other works listed on the MAL page.

This anime is perfect for anyone who enjoys watching powerful characters battling each other in fantasy worlds, or those who enjoy seeing characters slowly evolve as they face challenges to victory in everyday life. While there are plenty of action-packed episodes, some may find the pace somewhat repetitive at times; overall it makes an excellent addition to anyone who enjoys isekai anime as something different to watch!

ID: Invaded

ID: Invaded is a futuristic police department where investigators can digitally enter serial killers' minds via "id wells". Once inside an "id well", clues regarding victims, crime scenes, and motives of serial killers can be collected as digital projections that investigators can view and examine. They may witness fragmented views of their perpetrators but also access memories related to victims leading to a clear understanding of what has transpired.

The investigation team discovers a mysterious, disfigured individual is appearing in the minds of multiple serial killers but never speaking up; wearing a red frock coat, gold top hat, brown boots, and a black bow tie; this individual may be serving as an encourager of murderous activities within society. Hayaseura and Togo speculate that this individual could be acting as a serial killer creator, using people's minds to encourage murderous activities against innocent targets.

Kiki Asukai (Fei Niao Jing Mu Ji, Asukai Kiki) is an unwitting telepath who can project her thoughts and dreams into the minds of others, even serial killers she knows personally. John Walker took advantage of this ability by kidnapping her for powering his Mizuhanome system which helped him kill several of Kiki's close acquaintances and friends.

Matsuoka's assistant and field analyst. As a rookie, she often receives criticism for being too arrogant. With help from Matsuoka's Wakumusubi scanner, she collects and analyzes delicate cognitive particles associated with murderous intentions, adding this data into an investigator’s id well for further development of investigations.

Miyo Hijiriido (Sheng Jing Hu Yu Dai, Hijiriido Miyo) is a 23-year-old rookie id well detective working for Matsuoka and known by her initials - Sheng Jing Hu Yu Dai). As the only member of her team who can enter female serial killer id wells, she becomes instrumental in their capture and death - almost becoming victim to Perforator's drill but using it strategically by intentionally having him drill into her head thereby creating an Id Well that leads to capture as well as Perforator's death.

Shirukyi, the protagonist of this series, is a merciless serial killer sent into another dimension by their god-like master to eradicate all reincarnators from it. While not exactly heroic themselves, Shirukyi still proves more useful than any of the twelve reincarnators they were assigned to kill.

They're more humane than your typical psychopath serial killers and possess some conscience - they simply can't kill everyone and must choose between killing and saving lives. Cooperating as a team, they work to solve cases together while encountering some eccentric characters along the way. Kaeru often shows up to help Sakaido piece together clues.

In episode one, they investigate a serial killer known as the Pyrotechnician serial killer who uses fireworks to strike fear into innocent bystanders - an ex-war veteran with an interest in mass death who uses fireworks as his weapon of choice. Once arrested, Sakaido exploits his confession to uncover his true motives.

Kiki Asukai, who often appears in serial killer id wells, serves as an important example of how this system operates in anime. Her body serves as a stand-in while her murder technique helps detectives uncover clues to uncovering the killer's methods and motives. Kiki serves as an excellent representation of how this id well system operates in action.

After investigating the Gravedigger case, Togo and Hayaseura discover microphones and cameras installed in the homes of Perforator, Challenger, and Gravedigger; leading them to believe that serial killer creator John Walker may be monitoring his proteges to convince them to kill. With this knowledge in hand, Togo and Hayaseura come to believe Walker may be entering the killer's minds to influence them to commit murders; Meanwhile, Hondomachi awakens in Perforator's lair, where she found herself strapped down in his lair.

ID: Invaded stands out among Studio Ghibli's offerings due to being an original anime production rather than adapting a light novel, making it more exciting and captivating than most similar shows. Give ID: Invaded a try if you want something different!


One of the darkest anime series ever created centers on a serial killer reincarnated from another world as its main protagonist. This show explores psychological thrillers and mysteries associated with losing control of one's mind, offering unique styles and messages to viewers while at the same time helping take away daily problems and worries.

Reincarnated serial killers can serve as powerful metaphors for science's potential to improve life (Ryder, 1990). One such example can be seen in Frankenstein's Monster who exhibits both violent and benign characteristics. According to Ashgate Companion 'a monster is defined by its impact rather than by its features' as such monsters can inspire horror that is more important than their identity as ugly, grotesque, or disgusting figures (Pittman).

Fans who love watching creepy and exciting mysteries will appreciate some of the darkest and most captivating anime series featuring such characters, including Black Butler, Paranoia Agent, and Danganronpa. Some have become cult classics due to their captivating art styles, meaningful messages, and complex plotlines; such examples include Black Butler, Paranoia Agent, and Danganronpa.

Shirukyi from Isekai Killer Reincarnated in Another World is perhaps one of the most notorious anime serial killers. Raised by their sister who trained them in murdering innocent people for pleasure, Shirukyi became an unstoppable yet self-loathing serial killer.

Notable characters in this anime series include Silsil and Lunatic, two powerful women who can help the main character on his mission by using their special abilities to kill off 11 reincarnated serial killers.

Reincarnated serial killer anime is an increasingly popular choice among horror and sci-fi fans, featuring thrilling plot twists and intricate character development that make these tales stand out as something different and immersive. However, some episodes contain content that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Black Butler, an anime series known for its serial killer protagonist, features one of the most terrifying and dangerous killers ever seen on any TV show. His brilliant mind allows him to manipulate people easily into becoming his minions; making this character both terrifying and dangerous throughout its entirety.

He differs from other anime serial killers by being both highly intelligent and manipulative, reading his victims to gain control of them and understanding their motivations, manipulating their fears into self-destruction, or changing the personalities of his followers into acts similar to himself.

Shirukyi from 2022's isekai horror series The Isekai Killer provides another excellent example of a serial killer reincarnated into another realm: this brutal killer has been brought back by the Goddess to eliminate all twelve other reincarnators in this new reality; thus far he has succeeded in killing two in just his first few encounters!

He is both a powerful and deadly killer, yet also fascinating to follow on his journey. A complex figure who both acts in his interests as well as those against him, it will be fascinating to watch as he attempts to cleanse this new world of reincarnators from its presence.


Psycho-Pass is a popular post-cyberpunk anime series created and written by Gen Urobuchi of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero fame, featuring Akira Amano's character designs. Airing on Fuji TV's noitaminA block, Psycho-Pass has amassed an enthusiastic following that spans video game spin-offs, manga adaptations, and novelizations.

It takes place in Japan during the 22nd century where criminals are caught or eliminated before they commit any crimes, thanks to an advanced technology known as Sibyl System. Cymatic scans measure and quantify criminality propensities before allocating numerical crime coefficients and color-coded hues over time as well as social profile ratings that determine a person's worthiness for free living, under surveillance custody, or none at all.

Sibyl System has proven highly successful; however, its creators are currently seeking ways to enhance its accuracy and efficiency; unfortunately, due to limited funding their efforts have become severely limited; as a result of which its stability is beginning to wane; however luckily the Public Safety Bureau employs Arata Shindo who may come through as an unlikely hero to save the day!

Arata's ability to analyze individuals based on their mental states is similar to the Sibyl System's, yet his powers are much more sympathetic and less automated. Giving such immense power over to a computer could prove dangerous; no wonder many have come to distrust it in this world.

Psycho-Pass' second season may have been somewhat disappointing, but its franchise is expanding with both a movie and season 3; Sinners of the System/First Guardian serves as a sequel to Psycho-Pass and follow Arata Shindo and Kei Ignatov, both rookie Public Safety Bureau inspectors who form close friendships as they begin working together at PSB. Crunchyroll recently unveiled a trailer featuring some familiar characters from Psycho-Pass' previous installments.

Moreover, Psycho-Pass, set in 22nd-century Japan, depicts an alarming dystopian society where individuals' attitudes toward crime can be measured and quantified using impartial machines known as Sibyl Systems. Citizens undergo psychological wellness evaluation by being assigned a hue value and "crime coefficient," which ultimately help determine their contribution to society.

Citizens with cloudy hues and high crime coefficients are detained and treated, while those with even colors and low crime coefficients are chosen as police officers, or "Enforcers." Inspectors utilize their criminal knowledge to hunt psychopaths using Enforcers paired up together. 

This concept makes the series stand out from its peers by offering more than simply sci-fi thrills but instead serving as an ongoing morally ambiguous discussion on what it means for an individual's rights to be protected through technology.

Beginning in 2112, rookie Inspector Akane Tsunemori begins her inaugural assignment at the Public Safety Bureau's Division 1 under veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami. Investigating crimes tied to Makishima Shouyoshi leads her on an unexpected path that leads her to discover how the Sibyl System plans on taking down humanity as we know it.

Psycho-Pass is unlike most anime series in that it successfully balances themes like good versus evil. Instead of making its central antagonist seem too domineering or inherently evil, even though they rule Japan with an iron fist; its horrifying machines slowly reveal themselves throughout a season through creepy and progressive revealments.

Psycho-Pass, following its original season's success, received a sequel called Psycho-Pass 2. While not living up to expectations quite as closely as its predecessor, Psycho-Pass 2 still provided plenty of surprises and twists and turns that kept viewers guessing until its conclusion. 

Furthermore, two new investigators joined Psycho-Pass 2, as the action moved to Shambala Float; an independent nation created specifically for initiating Sibyl System operations in Southeast Asia.

Anime Series About Serial Killers

Many anime series feature serial killers as characters, though not always at the center of attention. Instead, some films take a more subtle approach by providing less prominent roles for serial killers; others explore them further to explore how their murderous ways may have been formed by childhood experiences, the people in their life at that time, and even their environment.

Route End, one of the more terrifying and macabre anime series to deal with serial killers, follows Haruno as he works as a cleaner of dead bodies left from both natural deaths and suicides. His job can often be distressing as he witnesses horrifying crimes committed by serial killers. 

One day, however, he finds himself witness to a grisly killing that renders him speechless: the body parts have been dismembered into "END" letters on a placard at the scene of the crime. Killer B is an unconventional killer with Dhampyr blood who can commit crimes that would be impossible for regular humans. She may appear calm during the daytime but transforms into an extremely vicious serial killer at nighttime.

ID: INVADED is another intriguing serial killer anime series set in an archipelagic nation where the murder of an innovative detective leads to the arrest of an unknown criminal who may be a serial killer. Police use a system called Mizuhanome that allows them to access murderers' minds; however, this only works if someone has actually killed. Detective Akihito Narihisago utilizes this tool in helping his team uncover hidden serial killers who often stay out of sight.

Black Butler is an animated serial killer series set in Victorian-era London that will keep viewers guessing with its dark and dangerous creatures such as demons and angels coexisting alongside humans. While not suitable for viewers looking for graphic violence, the series provides an enjoyable thriller experience that is bound to shock viewers at least once or twice.

Anime Series About Murder

Fans looking for an alternate genre will be sure to appreciate these dark and twisty murder anime series. Instead of power-laden heroes or warriors, these stories revolve around dangerous criminals with an appetite for bloodshed - from mysterious detectives to serial killers; you will never know who could be behind such horrendous killings!

Some murder anime series have become so beloved over time that they are being made into feature films. No matter your preference - animated versions or live-action versions, these stories will keep you on edge and leave you craving more.

Some anime series have gained international acclaim and fame. One such anime series is Death Note, which centers around Light Yagami a disillusioned high school student who discovers a notebook that kills anyone named on its pages - from criminals to innocent civilians alike! After using it to kill criminals, Light eventually turns his attention toward hunting down civilians as well.

Talentless Nana, another underrated serial killer anime series with an engaging story, features another killer. Not only does this series offer thrilling entertainment but it also delves into complex themes such as morality, mental illness, and courage.

Danganronpa follows a group of high school students locked inside an academy; to escape they must kill another student. Its highly-acclaimed plot keeps audiences on edge!

On our list of anime with serial killers is Black Butler, which features Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian as they help solve murder mysteries. A must-watch for anime fans alike, Black Butler promises twisty plotlines with gripping narratives that keep viewers riveted throughout each episode.

Anime Series About Death

If you like watching anime that explores the darker sides of human existence, this one will likely appeal to you. After being killed in a car accident, Tsubasa Kurata wakes up in an alternative medieval-esque world filled with huge robots and magical powers; his life then unfolds as part of a noble family filled with mecha-driven battles and monsters fighting! Ideal for fans of BL or Shounen-ai genres.

This anime provides an unexpected take on reincarnation. The main character was once an expert assassin who was betrayed and murdered by his bosses; following this event he meets a goddess who offers him the chance to live an aristocratic lifestyle in exchange for stopping the end of the world from coming about. This novel approach to reincarnation shows that death doesn't necessarily signal catastrophe but can instead serve as a path towards fulfilling one's dreams.

One of the more beloved anime that explores reincarnation is Death Note, with its exciting plot featuring mind games and superb animation on par with some of the greatest movies ever made. Death Note provides an unforgettable experience that provides action, suspense, and thrills! It makes an excellent addition to anyone looking for something intriguing yet captivating to watch on their screens.

Angel Beats is another fantastic reincarnation anime to watch, airing in 2010. This series depicts characters who were killed as adolescents but then resurrected into what appears to be a normal high school setting, where they must live normal lives while fulfilling their goals and ambitions before either ascending back into heaven or being sent back toward their deaths.

By the Grace of the Gods is an anime series about reincarnation that's sure to provide you with plenty of insight. In it, its main character reincarnates into a fantasy world while still possessing his smartphone; upon discovery of magic he embarks upon an exciting quest in search of his murdered sister and discovers magic for himself - it makes an interesting change from all the intense and action-packed anime available today.

Anime Series About Crime

Anime is known for its thrilling stories and mind-blowing visuals, but it also presents many dark and twisty tales that leave audiences chilling with fear. Some anime series deal with themes like murder, crime, and serial killing - making fans think twice before engaging in any form of criminal behavior again. These thrillers often raise complex morality questions regarding fate and justice that will make viewers reconsider any possible criminal activities they might engage in themselves.

The best anime series about serial killers offer an intricate plot with unpredictable plot twists and unexpected revelations. Based on famous crimes or other events, while some take inspiration from popular genres like detective or sci-fi fiction. Many of these anime have developed dedicated fan bases due to their captivating storylines and memorable characters.

Monster stands out as one of the premier animes about serial killers, featuring one of the most terrifying and manipulative psychopaths ever seen on screen. Fans are sure to enjoy its dark and mysterious storyline with plenty of twists and turns.

Neuro: Supernatural Detective is another amazing anime about serial killers that follows an exceptional detective prodigy who solves all cases through her exceptional sleuth skills and uncanny ability to anticipate criminal actions. However, Yako Katsuragi's abilities mask her supernatural origins: she travels between various dimensions while using supernatural powers for investigations of cases.

Detective Yko is not only an engaging murder mystery but also a gripping psychological thriller. The show follows the Ushiromiya family massacre investigation as members die mysteriously one by one - making for an irresistibly dramatic viewing experience!

Case Closed has long been beloved among fans, and its latest installment does not disappoint. Starring high school student Shinichi Kudo as an exceptional detective working with police to solve cases, this series follows an unfolding case involving multiple murders in Musashino and Mitaka that quickly escalates into an extensive investigation requiring assistance from all corners of society.

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