Top 10 Best Urdu Novels of All Time

The Top 10 best Urdu novels are best-selling novels that blend romance, social justice issues, and moral reformation into her stories. They are full of surprises.

Are you in search of something fresh and captivating to read? Look no further than one of these top 10 Best Urdu Novels based on human behavior that will leave you questioning our ways of living while helping to improve language skills at the same time!

Novels are genres of fiction that use multiple episodes over significant time frames to tell a story, be it about one event or an entire life. Considered one of the world's premier literary forms, novels come in all types such as historical, romance, and religious novels that can be hard but rewarding reads.

Reading can provide an ideal escape from everyday life and into captivating tales. From thrilling novels to light reading material, this list has something for every taste - everything from thrilling thrillers to comical comic strips.

Many people enjoy reading novels as a relaxing pastime or educational endeavor, providing them with an escape from daily stressors while learning something new. There is an array of novels out there to suit any taste; from romantic comedies to more social drama. No matter which you prefer reading there is bound to be one to meet it.

There have been a great many Urdu novels that have found immense fame; in some cases, even becoming TV serials. These Top 10 Best Urdu Novels will take you on an emotional roller-coaster from joy to sorrow - leaving you wanting more!

Top 10 Best Urdu Novels

Reading can provide an escape from everyday stressors, with great authors like those found in Pakistan creating timeless works to both entertain and inform you. Their novels often use different methods to emphasize one theme - which makes for captivating tales that draw the reader in even further! 

Romance is one of the most celebrated genres in Pakistani literature and cinema. A variety of novelists have explored this theme through both physical and spiritual love, with Umera Ahmed and Farhat Ishtiaq standing out as two authors who specialize in this genre with works featuring varied characters that explore relationships among them.

Apart from romantic tales, these novels also explore issues of social injustices and societal problems as well as human nature as it relates to environmental conditions around us, making them some of the best Urdu novels to read.

There are numerous well-known Urdu novels to choose from; these 10 are among the finest examples and should be read by any fan of literature and romance alike.

These top 10 Urdu novels provide readers with plenty of entertainment; some stand out among their peers as better reads than others. You'll find romantic, socio-romantic, and moral reforming books alike in Urdu literature.

1. Aag Ka Darya Novel by Qurratulain Hyder

Urdu fiction of yesteryear included stories featuring fairies and demons to illustrate human suffering and flaws. Today, however, these mythical creatures have given way to stories with more realistic themes that are easily relatable and relatable tales.

This trend can be found in several of the latest and most beloved Urdu novels. Some focus on navigating modern life's complexities while others highlight true love's beauty and purity; such as Qurratulain Hyder's novel Aag Ka Darya published in 1959 and later translated into English as River of Fire; its plot follows four souls across India's classical, medieval, colonial, and post-national periods.

Qurratulain Hyder's masterwork, Aag Ka Darya (River of Fire), spans four Indian epochs. This novel offers a beautiful meditation on history and human nature as four souls travel through time.

This book, published after India's independence movement, captures its turbulent atmosphere and emotional upheaval perfectly - it should be required reading for every student out there!

If you are searching for a compelling romance novel, then look no further. This book tells the tale of two girls as they discover each other and find true love, while also covering themes such as friendship and family ties.

Aag Ka Darya is an essential read for anyone attempting to comprehend the deeper meaning of life. A classic that will keep you engaged throughout, and will leave you thinking long after finishing, Aag Ka Darya provides the perfect blend of romance, love, intellect, and mystery - providing something different when traveling or on weekend getaways! Don't miss this gem.

2. Bahao Novel by Mustansar Hussain Tararr

Mustansar Hussain Tararr's Bahao Novel is an exceptional social and literary journey through Indus Valley Civilization and also touches upon topics like human endurance and survival, making this book one of the best Urdu books to read and one that should be included in any reading list. Highly recommended!

Mustansar Hussain Tararr was an esteemed Urdu novelist. His works explore important social topics with stunning prose. Often translated into other languages as well, his masterpieces include Bahao, Guzara Nahi Hota, and Raakh - among the finest works ever written in Urdu.

Bahao is an engaging social drama focusing on the lives of poor urban dwellers. Readers will experience an emotional rollercoaster of love, hatred, and betrayal; making this book essential reading for fans of romance and suspense stories alike.

Mustansar Hussain Tararr's Raakh Novel is a stunning work, chronicling a family that unravels. Showing both love and fear within one family unit. A must-read for readers everywhere!

This novel offers an engaging account of human nature and contemporary society. He explores why some choose to mask their true identities instead of embracing who they truly are, while simultaneously uncovering problems we often ignore and how they affect us all.

3. Basti Novel by Intizar Hussain

Intizar Hussain's Basti is an imaginative fictionalization of Pakistan's twentieth-century history. The narrative begins in Rupnagar village where children shop at Bhagat Jan's shop for salt and brown sugar; trees breathe "throughout centuries," birds speak time, and elephants move distantly like distant mountains.

Hussain's novel explores homes and homelessness, cities that shatter dreams, and the resilience and fragility of memory. Additionally, there's a romance between Zakir and Sabirah, who remains on the other side of the border; Hussain uses indirection to convey upheaval without directly depicting it.

It explores many human emotions such as jealousy and revenge, providing an engaging read that will have readers turning pages for hours on end - it should be on everyone's reading list when exploring Pakistani literature!

4. Godaan Novel by Premchand

Munshi Premchand's Godaan is an unforgettable classic novel published in 1936 that depicts rural India and the struggles of poor farmers. It explores themes of socioeconomic deprivation and the exploitation of rural poor while its characters provide insights into human nature - Hori, the protagonist, is a farmer who struggles to provide for his family; Dhaniya supports her husband's values while son Gobar is eager to learn but must balance this desire with familial duties.

This classic Urdu novel is considered one of the best. It focuses on two people from diverse backgrounds who form a romantic relationship that ultimately shows us that true love can overcome any obstacle, as well as showing that one thing cannot bring complete fulfillment to anyone.

While this theme runs throughout, this book features an engaging mix of characters from both rural and urban settings who come alive within its pages with well-developed personalities and captivating narratives.

Premchand (Dhanpat Rai; 1880 - 1936) was an influential writer who was one of the first to explore rural and peasant societies through writing; his influence can be seen today in many later authors who explore rural life in their works, like Godaan who depicts various sections of Indian society.

Although originally published as a farm novel, this timeless tale depicts human suffering caused by personal choices or poor circumstances. Amiran serves as an apt example; her childhood hardships led her down an unexpected path into poverty that ultimately lead her into selling herself as a courtesan in Lucknow despite keeping true to herself and remaining pure of heart.

This novel explores the hidden ills in society and how one girl fights back against them, making this an essential reading choice for romantic and social fiction fans. HUM TV even broadcast a TV serial adapted from it which received positive responses from readers - an amazing piece to learn more about friendship and family bonds!

5. Khuda Ki Basti Novel by Shaukat Siddiqui

Khuda Ki Basti by Shaukat Siddiqui is an epic novel set during Pakistan's independence that depicts life in Karachi during this crucial period. First published in Khawateen Digest and later as an Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers full novel edition, its story illustrates how political climate impacts individual lives; furthermore, it serves as an educational social novel dealing with poverty issues and their struggle for survival.

Khuda Ki Basti by Siddiqui is an intriguing novel about life in Pakistani slums. Both thought-provoking and entertaining, it offers insight into their daily struggles while depicting slum residents accurately through slang phrases used to accurately portray life in Khuda Ki Basti. Furthermore, its narrative explores differences between rich and poor people through multiple characters' lives.

This novel is an outstanding classic that was made into a television drama serial in 1974, making its author popular across Pakistan while shedding light on issues of poverty and slum living. Anyone interested in Pakistani literature should read this classic work of literature.

6. Mout ki Kitaab Novel by Khalid Javed

Mout ki Kitaab novel tells the tale of a woman with disabilities and her struggle to overcome them with the help of love from friends and family. This book provides a powerful message about its significance in our lives.

Khalid Javed, the author of this book, is an esteemed Urdu fiction author with three collections of short stories to his credit and has won the Katha prize. His writing style is distinct and creates a world readers can fully immerse themselves in. Additionally, BHU Banaras included his works in their M.A. Urdu course curriculum.

This novel is an engaging read, showing how selfishness, ego, and miscommunications can cause families to disintegrate. Furthermore, it depicts how life for women can be an emotional roller coaster with many twists and turns - sure to keep readers intrigued until the very last page.

Khalid Javed is an award-winning Urdu fiction author renowned for his critically acclaimed novels and three collections of short stories he has published so far. Additionally, Central University Hyderabad awarded him an M.Phil degree and he has lectured at various universities both domestically and abroad as guest lecturer.

Mout ki Kitaab is an intriguing read that delves deep into human despair and deceptive malevolence in our environment. Written from the point of view of an individual on the brink of suicide, Mout ki Kitaab shares their thoughts, fantasies, and confessions with their readers.

7. Raja Gidh Novel by Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia's Raja Gidh is a humorous satirical work that highlights some of the worst aspects of human nature, likening us all to vultures that prey upon those more vulnerable than themselves. While this book may not appeal to everyone, comedy novel readers should make time for this classic!

Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia is a noteworthy novel. This novel explores the challenges humans encounter in society, especially how individuals exploit those weaker than them. One of Bano Qudsia's best works, Raja Gidh should be read by anyone dissatisfied with their lifestyle.

Bano Qudsia stands out as an exceptional writer with her distinct style that makes her books enjoyable to read. Her satirical outlook on society is among the many factors contributing to its resounding success; her works often depict humans exploiting vulnerable individuals.

Bano Qudsia's novel Raja Gidh is one of her finest works, which explores humankind's penchant for exploiting those on the margins of society and female victims who don't belong to wealthy classes. A must-read for anyone interested in reading Urdu novels!

8. Udaas Naslain Novel by Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is well-known for his distinct writing style. A prolific novelist and short story writer of his era, he won several Adamjee Prizes with Udaas Naslain winning the first-year publication prize; other popular Urdu reader novels included Baagh, Nadar Loag, and Qaid.

This author is well known for his ability to capture the essence of different eras through vivid storytelling. He can present a vivid account of events taking place all around the country and world, without shying away from showing darker sides of things.

One striking aspect of this novel is its depiction of human psychology. It depicts how individuals react to different situations they find themselves in and how their choices impact those around them, as well as showing the devastating impact war can have on human history.

This incredible work will inspire readers to consider how we live our lives and strive for improvement as individuals, nations, and people. A must-read for all; its timeless qualities will remain relevant through generations to come.

9. Umrao Jaan Ada Novel by Mirza Hadi Ruswa

Mirza Hadi Ruswa is widely revered for writing one of the early Urdu Novels - Umrao Jaan Ada. This thrilling tale follows a courtesan who also doubles as a poetess and dancer, at a time when such lives were looked down upon, making Ruswa's bold portrayal all the more impressive.

It was an intricate love story with themes of sexual exploitation by men in society and spiritual themes. The author used dialogue-style writing to portray the emotions of her main character and the events surrounding her; an incredible feat by an outstanding author that set precedents for similar novels to come out later.

This disturbing and chilling tale involves murders, deceitful characters, and treachery; when Umrao Jan Ada returns home from her travels back East her brother doesn't take too kindly and comes directly to her lodging and demands that she leave immediately for something she had done and asks her not to return again. Moreover, Ruswa wrote another groundbreaking novel in Namal, inspired by Quran Surah "Namal", meaning ants. 

10. Fasana-e-Azad by Ratan Nath Sarshar

Fasana-e-Azad by Ratan Nath Sarshar stands out as an influential Urdu novel that was serialized in Avadh Akhbar between 1878 and 1883, eventually published in four massive volumes and revised by Premchand as Azad Katha in 1927.

This novel beautifully explores the concept of true love. The narrative follows Pakistani tourist Sunan as he meets Paskal, a disabled young woman in France who feels inferior due to her disability; Sunan helps overcome her feelings through romance and moral reforms. A truly wonderful read!

This novel stands out from others by not just being a romance story; it also highlights human nature's darker sides; characters in this novel can be likened to vultures, showing that human nature can sometimes be depraved. Plus, its suspense will keep readers on edge.

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