9 Best Shop Deals on Drones This Black Friday

Shop deals on drones that range from toy versions perfect for kids to professional photography/video drones with substantial price reductions this week ahead of Black Friday.

Drones can be an exciting addition to any hobbyist's arsenal, and Black Friday presents the ideal opportunity to snag incredible discounts on these flying cameras. Just remember to purchase a protective case and extra batteries.

Beginners looking to get their first taste of flying drones should consider the options we have compiled below, featuring an easy design with auto-collision detection and multiple one-touch flight modes, including Hover, Follow, Orbit Bird's Eye Snapshot, etc. It provides great value.

Moreover, with a 1-inch sensor capable of producing stunning 5.4K footage, the DJI model captures vivid nighttime imagery and offers various other features - extra batteries and a charging hub are also included as part of its Premium Bundle!

Kids spend too much time staring at screens; why not get them outside with an engaging kid-friendly drone? These lightweight models are easy enough for youngsters to control and can even capture stunning photographs! This post contains Amazon affiliate links. For more information, see the disclosure here.

No matter your photography or drone piloting goals, these shop deals on drones this Black Friday can help you take that perfect photo or take to the skies to enhance your skill set.

Black Friday Shop Deals on Drones

Drones for kids offer hours of entertainment and learning. Much like RC cars and dancing dinosaurs, drones offer children a world of fun while simultaneously developing spatial relationships and eye-hand coordination skills. Plus, they make for great interactive playtime between siblings! From taking flight as superheroes or patrolling skies for villains to filming wildlife videos - drones offer something new! Also, they're just plain fun.

Although many of the drones we've reviewed require adult supervision, some offer easier functionality designed to meet young pilots. For instance, the Xinhome kids' drone has gesture control instead of fiddly remote controls - simply hold your hand under it and move it left, right, or up/down for easy gliding!

This model is ideal for 6-year-olds and up, featuring a flexible plastic cage to hide its propellers for safe flight and reduce collisions with furniture and walls. Due to being lightweight and not having as long of a flight time as some of our other drones on this list, its flight times may be shorter - yet still provide ample excitement - plus easy recharge capabilities make this an attractive option.

The Aerial AA300 requires an app to access its small front-mounted 480p camera, making it an excellent option for kids who wish to experience drone photography and videography for themselves. Plus, its sturdy construction can withstand moderate winds; available in multiple colors means there's sure to be one suitable for your child's unique personality!

No matter the toy drone you select, it is recommended that your children read through and adhere to its operating manual before flying it in an open area where it won't get caught in trees or branches. Parents should supervise their children while playing to prevent any serious injuries from occurring.

1. DJI Mavic Pro 4K Drone Combo

The DJI Mavic Pro is the most compact yet powerful drone on the market, offering users an infinite canvas in the sky. Its diminutive size conceals an incredible degree of complexity: 24 high-performance computing cores and an all-new transmission system capable of relaying signal up to 4.3 miles line-of-sight. Quick and agile with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizing camera for crisp photos and smooth video; smart sensors including collision avoidance technology, automated flight controls, and battery save mode which extends flight times up to 27 minutes - plus collision avoidance technology!

The Mavic Pro Platinum bundle combines all the most cost-saving features into one convenient package, saving money. This version of the Mavic Pro features 2 extra Intelligent Flight Batteries as well as a battery charging hub, power bank adapter, and shoulder bag; saving you up to PS354. These batteries feature DJI's most advanced technologies with integrated brains for safe use - you can monitor their status through the DJI GO App as well as charge them all at once for faster charging. You can check it out on Amazon here.

DJI's OcuSync technology outshines Wi-Fi when it comes to transmission range, video clarity, and real-time transmission. The Mavic Pro features OcuSync technology which streams high-definition views in 1080p when close to and 720p when further away; live feeds of HD streaming footage while flying the drone; 4K recording is also an option.

Mavic's Sky Autonomy technology detects obstacles up to 49ft (15m), helping ensure safe flight beyond visual range. When an obstruction is sensed, SkyAutonomy either avoids it by flying around it or breaks it to hover, providing peace of mind during every flight.

Combine your Mavic Pro with immersive and engaging FPV Goggles for an engaging experience. These glasses provide first-person views of your flight, giving the feel that you are actually inside the cockpit. Use your controller's touchpad or move your head for control - whatever works for you!

2. HOVERAir X1

The HOVERAir X1 is one of the most advanced drones ever developed. Utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), this drone features multiple autonomous flight modes and weighs only 125g (4.4oz). Plus, its lightweight frame folds down into an iPhone's size for convenient travel - easily fitting into a jacket pocket or handbag!

To use the HOVERAir X1, all it takes to control it is pressing one of its buttons or using its app to select your mode. Once selected, the HOVERAir X1 will take off from your palm and begin recording in that mode - unlike other drones that require significant setup and practice to master, HOVERAir X1 is easy for anyone with minimal experience to operate. You can check it out on Amazon here.

As you fly the HOVER Air X1 App allows for real-time monitoring of footage captured during its flight process. Furthermore, the app also offers various controls to adjust camera and flying path settings, and manually control HOVERAir X1 to maximize shot captures while optimizing flying path optimization and taking great shots. AI computer vision algorithms help it track human figures for video recordings - this feature only works outdoors and cannot be used indoors, or with pets or vehicles.

HOVERAir X1 drones automatically land in your palm upon finishing recording their footage, stopping their propellers before you can even remove your hand from other activities - this prevents any potential damage and keeps both hands free for other activities - making the HOVERAir X1 an ideal companion for vloggers, hikers, mountain climbers, travelers or anyone wanting to document their adventures online!

HOVERAir X1 is an impressive drone equipped with multiple video and photography modes for effortless flight. Hover mode keeps the drone stationary while Zoom-out/Orbit modes shoot 2.7K video while flying in circles around you. Finally, Follow/Dolly Track modes keep you in the frame when recording videos automatically.

3. HOVERAir X1 FlyMore Combo

Aspiring vloggers, travelers, or anyone seeking aerial footage for their next big adventure will find the HOVERAir X1 FlyMore Combo an indispensable asset. Equipped with a 2.7K HDR camera capable of shooting 30fps HDR footage at up to 30Hz frame rates as well as triple image stabilization. 

You'll also enjoy tracking static and moving subjects while its pre-programmed flight paths include hover, follow, zoom out orbit bird's eye. Plus, you have full manual control as well as download/share your footage using its free HOVERX1 app! You can check it out on Amazon here.

What sets this drone apart is that it doesn't use GPS; rather it relies on downward-facing sensors and its camera to judge its location in the air. This enables it to stay close while still avoiding obstacles; however, it means it may not offer as many advanced maneuvers as traditional drones would allow.

The X1 is extremely compact and lightweight, fitting roughly into the size and weight of three smartphones when folded up. Weighing only 4.4oz when unopened, you can store it easily in your jacket pocket or handbag when not in use. Plus, its enclosed propellers make flying safe around people indoors!

Because of its diminutive size, the X1 drone is much simpler to fly than larger drones - an advantage for travelers looking to capture breathtaking footage while on their travels without needing to rent or buy expensive equipment. Moreover, estate agents or roofers who need to inspect properties before starting any work could use one as well.

4. EVO Lite+

If you're shopping for a premium drone with top-of-the-line features, then the EVO Lite+ could be an ideal option. Priced competitively against its competitor DJI Air 2S (9/10, WIRED Recommends), but features some additional advantages; such as its 1-inch sensor that shoots both 4K at 60fps and 5.4K at 30fps modes as well as 20MP stills captured at 30fps resolution with an aperture adjustment range from f/2.8 to f/11 to customize exposure and focus for optimal use.

One of the hallmarks of the Lite+ is its build quality and design, which rivals professional-grade drones in terms of build quality and appearance. It feels sturdy in your hand with minimal wobbling in its propeller arms when folded out for transport or stowage. 

Although its controller weighs 14.6 ounces (413 grams), its grip area features tight, knurled rubber providing good tactile control; there are flight buttons including "return to home", plus smooth controls on its gimbal controller wheel for full control over all flight buttons or the gimbal wheel. You can check it out on Amazon here.

For such a small drone, the Lite+ has an incredible image transmission distance of 7.5 miles - perfect for capturing aerial footage in areas without line-of-sight access. Please keep in mind that flying beyond line-of-sight regulations is often prohibited - make sure you check local regulations before using this feature!

The drone's advanced obstacle avoidance system is another standout feature. Utilizing three-way binocular vision sensors to detect obstructions, its 3-way binocular avoidance system detects obstacles from front, behind, and below its path and brakes and hovers to avoid collision. Furthermore, its GPS positioning system assists it in remaining in its desired spot as well as offering automatic return-to-home functionality.

Even despite its impressive performance, the Lite+ is easy to fly, even in windy conditions that might test lesser models. Its intelligent flight modes help it remain safe while providing breathtaking footage - while enthusiasts appreciate its auto-tuning gimbal feature. 

Unfortunately, however, no geofencing functionality exists with this model so be mindful when flying it in restricted areas due to local regulations or FAA B4UFLY requirements before flying it there.

5. Holy Stone X2 Two-Axis Gimbal Drone

This drone is ideal for kids and new pilots looking to take to the skies. With its small design that makes indoor play easy and fully enclosed propellers that help protect both kids and walls from damage as well as protect the drone itself, this flying machine makes learning to fly fun for everyone involved! 

Easily takeoff and land, altitude hold and headless mode make flying this beauty effortless for beginners alike; then add a 3D flip feature for extra fun stunts that are sure to amaze family and friends. 

Another notable feature is the 2-axial gimbal for smooth video capture. Although its camera quality may not compare with some of the other drones on this list, its camera still delivers outstanding footage at an unbeatably low price point. Our tests found virtually no shakiness during flights; however, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration occurred along high-contrast subject edges at certain gimbal pitches.

This drone offers several other fun features, such as auto-rotation, circle fly, and high-speed rotation for maximum enjoyment. Furthermore, its Wi-Fi compatibility means you can control it from any location - though sometimes we notice its connection being less reliable. Another drawback is its five-hour charging time - making flying less accessible if time is of the essence!

Holy Stone's HS720G represents incredible value. Packed with features, easy for beginners and experts alike to fly, compact foldability makes this drone perfect for travel as well and two batteries provide 46 minutes of flight time and long control ranges. You can check it out on Amazon here.

As far as value goes, few beginner drones come close to matching the HS720G for its price point. At less than half the price of its DJI Mini 2 SE counterpart and slightly more costly than similar MJX drones such as Bugs 16 Pro models from MJX, it provides an affordable entry into this hobby that boasts advanced flight modes, GPS positioning, and subject tracking (something many lower-end DJI models lack).

The HS720G comes complete with both a dual charger that can simultaneously charge both batteries, as well as a carrying case to protect both drone and remote when not in use. Each battery provides up to 26 minutes of flying time with a range of up to 1000 meters.

The HS720G stands out from some of its competition with its wind resistance capabilities. Boasting a solid 541-gram frame and powerful brushless motors, it can operate in various weather conditions -- even strong winds! FAA-compliant, it includes an FAA-approved Remote ID module so you don't have to purchase separate remotes to fly it.

6. Sanrock U52

The SANROCK U52 is an excellent drone for beginners as it boasts numerous features to make flying easier and safer. Notably, its HD camera captures aerial photos in full HD and it can easily be controlled using a remote controller. In addition, there are safety features such as emergency stop buttons and protective propeller guards which ensure a fun flight experience.

SANROCK U52 remote controller is designed for easy use. Each button's controls are straightforward, and intuitive, and indicate their purpose. Plus, its brushed motors and 13-minute flight time make the SANROCK U52 versatile enough to fly in various environments. You can check it out on Amazon here.

As for its specifications, this drone features a high-quality 1080p HD camera with an adjustable angle of up to 90 degrees. Moreover, FPV real-time transmission and Wi-Fi streaming capability are provided so users can stream live footage directly onto their smartphones.

SANROCK U52 comes equipped with several impressive features such as Circle Fly Mode, Altitude Hold Mode, Gesture Control, Gravity Sensor, and 3D Flips - making it suitable for kids as it features a round design with protective propeller guards and emergency stop button to maximize safety. 

Furthermore, this drone also comes equipped with its built-in alarm system which notifies when its battery has died or it has gone out of range - conveniently charging with its cable is made easy too!

7. Potensic A20

The Potensic A20 is an entry-level drone designed for kids and adults looking to start piloting drones. Featuring several helpful assistive flight functions, this compact model can easily fit in your pocket without much trouble.

For example, this micro drone features headless mode to make flying easier even if it is out of your view all of the time. Also, an altitude hold feature keeps the craft at a set altitude, making operation simpler for beginners. You can check it out on Amazon here.

This drone was created with durability and safety in mind, featuring impact-resistant material for greater resilience against minor collisions or drops, an anti-collision guard frame, battery protection features, and features to keep its pilot safe from potential damages or hazards.

Potensic A20 stands out from many cheap drones for kids by featuring three batteries for extended playback, meaning your children won't become frustrated when their drone runs out of juice. Plus, this model comes equipped with a remote control so it can be flown from up to 15 meters away.

Finally, the remote controller features an intuitive user experience so your children will be able to operate it even with no prior drone flying experience. Also, an audio indicator alerts when your drone's battery power or range has run low - helping prevent accidental crashes while prioritizing retrieval by your kids.

8. Holy Stone GPS Drone

Holy Stone drones differ from DJI models by having multiple applications available to them. Each drone comes equipped with its version of HS GPS V5, so it is essential that before taking to the skies you download and install yours before starting to fly it. To do this, search your app store under the "Creative" category then search the brand name option to download your version.

The HS700E is an easy beginner drone to fly. Weighing under 250 grams and with eight propellers set on four folding arms, it has eight propellers with two battery slots (both are included), while its camera gimbal helps stabilize video captures with JPEG or MP4 file storage both on your phone and the drone's memory card.

Another impressive feature of the drone is its automatic return home function, which activates when power or controller connection to it is lost. Furthermore, this aircraft supports several flight modes including beginner mode with optical flow positioning to help novice pilots learn the fundamentals of controlling a drone more easily. You can check it out on Amazon here.

The HS700E features an LED built-in display with basic telemetry information such as its location and battery status, along with a one-key return function that automatically returns it to its starting position. 

Moreover, its package contains two batteries, an extra propeller, USB cables for charging them both, and a carry case for storage purposes - providing 13 minutes of flight time on one charge and doubled flight times with extra batteries being replaceable to ensure you always have one ready!

9. DJI Mini 3

The DJI Mini 3 is a smart entry-level drone designed to deliver professional-level image quality at an unbeatable price. Popular among new pilots, this drone boasts several smart features to assist their flying abilities and further their flight training.

It has all of the basic functions expected from a high-quality consumer drone, including auto takeoff and landing, auto return home, and Intelligent Flight Battery Protection that automatically slows down when reaching critical battery levels to protect it against damage. You can check it out on Amazon here.

This drone can track moving objects, which makes it ideal for videographers who wish to follow athletes or pets. With QuickShot modes such as Circle, Helix, and Rocket shots (which keep subjects as the focal point while orbiting or shooting up respectively), beginners can quickly capture exciting footage with one press of a button. Unfortunately, however, the Mavic 3 Pro offers superior active tracking technology, leading many people towards this model instead.

DJI is one of the premier drone brands and their customer support is outstanding. Customer representatives are available around the clock to address any of your inquiries or concerns about their drones, while online tutorials and manuals provide further assistance to get you up and flying fast.

The Mini 3 comes in two Fly More Kits that include the drone, controller (DJI RC-N1 or Smart Controller), extra batteries, and additional accessories at a discounted rate compared to purchasing everything individually. 

Both kits can save money when purchasing all necessary elements separately; you could also opt to purchase it alone and pair it with any RC controller or Smart Controller compatible with RC-N1 protocol for maximum flexibility when filming video projects or simply learning the ropes! Whether you're starting or need some assistance filming video projects; The DJI Mini 3 makes for a great option!

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