The Pork Pie Hat - Easy to Wear and Versatile

The pork pie hat has long been an accessory worn by both men and women since its introduction during the 19th century, taking its name from an appetizer dish with a similar name.

Pork Pie Hats are stylish and timeless accessories to any look, featuring low crowns with narrow brims for an eye-catching design. Pork pie hats have long been fashionable among both men and women since their introduction in the 1830s. Once part of zoot suit fashion, this headgear soon gained widespread use among African American musicians such as Lester Young.  

A Pork Pie Hat has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. They can either be worn flat and comfortably on the head or tilted for added style. Curved telescope crowns can elongate long, narrow features while their shorter brims make them suitable for those with rounder faces.  

Buster Keaton made this style popular during his daring stunts in the 1920s by wearing unique versions made from Stetsons cut down to fit his needs and starched with sugar water for searching purposes. These distinctive versions feature low flat crowns with narrow brims.  

Buster Keaton famously donned one in his silent movies; Art Carney portraying Ed Norton from The Honeymooners donned one as well; Bryan Cranston as Walter White's alter ego Heisenberg donned one on Breaking Bad.  

What Is a Pork Pie Hat?

The pork pie hat is an iconic fashion piece that can easily transition between formal and casual outfits. With its flat crown and stingy brim, these timeless accessories stand out among other hat styles - making it the ideal way to add sophistication to any ensemble. This style's longstanding popularity among fashion enthusiasts spans generations; today its unique shape remains popular.  

Pork pie hats first became fashionable during the early 20th century and were worn by numerous actors and musicians, such as silent film star Buster Keaton who would alter fedoras into pork pie hats by starching their brim flat with a solution of sugar and water to create the flat top and short, flat brim look like those worn by sailors of yesteryear.   

They went on to gain additional popularity during the 1960s and 70s as they became associated with various subcultures as well as African American jazz scenes Gene Hackman featured prominently in 1971's The French Connection while Robert De Niro popularized them further with Mean Streets (1973).  

Today, pork pie hats remain fashionable accessories for men and women of all ages. Available in an array of colors and materials, they can be worn both formally and casually; pair a straw pork pie hat with tropical prints for a summery vibe or pair it with slim black suits for business attire; plus, jeans with button-down shirts make an effortless casual ensemble!  

For an unconventional style, consider wearing a leather or denim pork pie hat. This contemporary take on traditional pork pie hats is great for adding an edge of seduction to any look. They come in multiple color combinations to complement different accessories - tie pins, scarves, sunglasses... even an umbrella could complete your ensemble!  


Pork Pie Hats have proven themselves timeless fashion accessories over time. Worn by movie stars, musicians, and other notable people across many decades; this iconic fashion piece has also become an important symbol of both rebellion and style - making it a sought-after choice among countless individuals across diverse fields.  

The Pork Pie Hat is a type of fedora featuring a slightly narrower brim than traditional fedoras and derives its name from its shape resembling that of a pork pie's crown. Additionally, these pieces of headwear often come adorned with ribbons, feathers, or bows for additional flair and its narrow brim and flat top make it an excellent way to be stylish and original!  

Pork Pie hats were first introduced into American culture around 1830 and quickly gained widespread acclaim. By the 1920s, however, their appearance began undergoing significant change as jazz musicians such as Lester Young popularized it further through their interpretation of individualism and rebellion in music performance. They continued being worn throughout the 20th century - including by famous movie stars like Buster Keaton!  

In the 1960s, the hat became part of Jamaican Rude Boy culture and later witnessed revival as part of the Two-Tone Ska movement in Britain; members of bands like The Specials and The Selecter would wear it during this period. Since then it has continued being part of youth culture and fashion in both nations and remains popular today.  

One of the great advantages of this hat is that it fits most faces comfortably, especially those with long and narrow features. However, this style may also work for shorter faces; although in some instances it could accentuate their squat appearance. Unfortunately, this particular option might not work best with rounder facial features; but experimenting with several options should yield the ideal choice for your face shape.  


Pork pie hats first became fashionable during the 19th century and were initially worn only by women. These headpieces featured bows, feathers, and other decorative details such as small flowers designed specifically to match an elegant outfit. Over time, however, men quickly adopted this feminine-looking headwear for their reasons - often for formal events and special occasions.  

Pork Pie Hats experienced a revival during the 1930s and 1940s thanks to silent film actor Buster Keaton, popularized with their flat-top design featuring an adjustable snap brim that could pop up at the top, often known as the telescopic crown.   

The name of this hat comes from its resemblance to pork pie, an English dish featuring meat and pastry. The crease around its top gives this effect; therefore, it has also been called an English pastry hat.  

Today's fashion world features the pork pie hat as a timeless and popular accessory that can be worn in multiple ways to suit individual styles. Having survived various trends over the years, its appeal will likely remain relevant in the future.  

A pork pie hat is an excellent way to add vintage charm and flare to any look, whether formal or casual. Versatile enough for formal events while remaining casual enough for everyday wear. Before purchasing one, you must measure your head accurately using a centimeter tape measure so your new hat fits properly - alternatively try on multiple options before deciding and observe how they appear on your head before purchasing!  

It became a staple in working-class culture during the 1950s due to celebrities such as Frank Sinatra who often donned it. Later, the style enjoyed another surge of popularity as worn by Buster Keaton and Lester Young.  

Although hats come in various varieties, their basic design remains consistent: this features a round crown with an upturned, narrow brim. There is usually an indentation at the top that features black or dark-colored ribbons adorning its crown; and it may also feature an upturned, narrow brim. When worn tilted towards either the front or back of the head and worn alongside other facial hair such as goatees, soul patches, or beards for maximum impact.  

Since then, this iconic hat has remained widespread across America and cultures - particularly among jazz musicians and other cultural figures. Its association with prohibition-era zoot suits is especially strong; Lester Young famously donned it (Charles Mingus wrote an ode in his song "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat") when wearing one himself!  

Though some men still wear hats today, most prefer feminine accessories instead due to their tendency to create an angular appearance; people with more round faces might wish to opt for other styles of hats.  


Many classic fashion accessories have made a comeback in recent years through new styles of hats. One such example is the pork pie hat, which has recently gained popularity due to its flat crown and short brim that gives it a unique appearance, perfect for any man's wardrobe.  

This style of hat gets its name from its distinctive shape, which resembles that of English pork pie pastries. It was extremely popular during the 19th and early 20th centuries when popular entertainers such as Buster Keaton made use of this look. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to fit with almost any outfit; be it jeans and T-shirt casually or dressed up for special events such as prom or graduations.  

There is an assortment of pork pie hats available on the market, ranging from traditional wool felt designs to straw models. All varieties are lightweight and comfortable to wear - making this style an excellent option for summer use.  

When purchasing a pork pie hat, it's essential to find one that perfectly complements your head size and personal preferences. A snug but not tight fit should be preferred, with an appropriate height brim and round or telescoped crown styles depending on personal choice elongating facial features for an elongated appearance.  

Though there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting a hat, generally speaking, the brim should extend at least as far back from your jawline. Also, keep in mind that pork pie hats tend to be less formal than fedoras or trilbys; thus, it is usually wiser not to wear one with formal outfits.  

Pork Pie Hats Are for Long-Narrow Faces While anyone can wear one, pork pie hats tend to work best on those with long narrow faces. Also, keep in mind that these styles tend to be more squat than other styles so they may not suit those with shorter or rounder facial structures. If unsure which style best fits you it's always wise to experiment before making your final decision.  

Pork pie hats are short, brimmed hats available in an array of colors and styles. Shorter than top hats and flatter than women's fedora hats, pork pie hats have a straighter silhouette than sun hats for added elegance as well as mischievous charm - which have proven popular among artists who wish to express themselves creatively or those wanting to show off individuality.  

Pork pie hats can be especially effective at emphasizing features on people with long or oval face shapes, as their unique form helps accentuate these features. However, they're not recommended for people with rounder faces as the hat may make them appear shorter and squatter than they are. In general, pork pie hats should be worn with formal clothing such as suits; plus, they also work well when worn casually like with a denim shirt and sweater.  

Hats can add an edge and rocker-esque aesthetic, especially when worn with goatees and soul patches for an iconic rocker look. Jazz musicians, artists, and those wanting to show their personality through clothing often opt for this look; additionally, this trend has also gained favor with men aiming for retro, 1950s looks who sport casual outfits with retro touches that include the use of this style hat.  


Pork Pie Hats come in various materials such as leather, wool felt, and straw; with narrow brims and flat crowns designed to match a range of styles to meet individual wearer's tastes and needs. Their distinctive shape has won them widespread popularity both among men and women alike.  

Hats can be worn with various outfits for a casual yet chic look. Pair a pork pie hat with a fitted black dress shirt or preppy button-down cotton shirt for an everyday casual look or wear one to pair with straight-cut jeans and a neutral-colored cardigan or knit sweater for a more dramatic effect. Alternatively, consider wearing your hat at an inclined angle to maximize dramatic impact!  

As pork pie hats have an elegant, slimline shape, they can fit virtually any facial structure; however, longer faces tend to benefit most from them. They may even help lengthen a shorter face depending on factors like its brim size and whether its crown features circular telescope or diamond shapes.  

During the 1920s and 1930s, when hats were at their height of popularity, jazz musicians and other members of the Beat Generation often donned them as a mark of rebellion against mainstream society and norms. Many gangsters, such as Buster Keaton himself, also donned this style of headgear.  

Today, pork pie hats remain a fashionable accessory among musicians and movie stars. Wearing one can bring out the best features in men, making their features pop! Ideal for various formal events, these accessories look fantastic paired with any formal ensemble.  

Wearing hats during festivals or outdoor activities will offer protection from both sun and rain, while simultaneously adding an individualistic touch to any ensemble. Hats pair perfectly with fedoras for classic looks or can be chosen with wide brims if you want to stand out in the crowd.  

Pork pie hats feature flat crowns with stingy brims that create an eye-catching and sophisticated aesthetic, perfect for adding flair and drama to any ensemble. Wear one with anything from an elegant black suit to a preppy button-down shirt for instantaneous sophistication or wear one more casually with straight-cut jeans and an open sweater to relax into a casual chic style.  

From cotton to felt, there are various materials used to craft a Pork Pie Hat. Straw remains the go-to material as it provides not only durable yet affordable material for making this style of headwear but also a soft yet comfortable fit - an essential factor when wearing one regularly.  

In the 1830s, women began embellishing their Pork Pie Hats with feathers and bows to emphasize their delicate aesthetic. Additionally, ribbons would often be attached between the brim and crown for visual separation.  

Buster Keaton made headlines for wearing an imitation pork pie hat in several of his comedic films from the Silent Film era, known for his sense of style and flamboyance. His influence led many young people to follow in his footsteps - they became known as "rude boys", an underground youth subculture characterized by distinct fashion choices, musical preferences (ska/rocksteady), and rebellious attitudes.  

Today, many people choose the versatile Pork Pie Hat as it suits almost any outfit. Available in various styles - such as stingy brims, telescope crowns, and snap brims - and materials (wool felt or straw), they make for the ideal look!  

No matter the material of a men's straw pork pie hat or a women's version, they offer durability and are lightweight enough for comfortable outdoor activities or wearing with casual linen or denim outfits.  

Pork pie hats come in all different styles and colors. Some are traditional in appearance while others take on more of a contemporary flair - for instance, some newer models feature teardrop crowns that conform more closely to the shape of one's head than previous classic models and also have narrower, shorter brims than what was offered originally.  


Pork Pie Hats are essential accessories for anyone who aspires to look refined and sophisticated. A classic yet modern style accessory, they add sophistication and class to any look while remaining comfortable to wear, as they sit flat against your head without feeling tight or insecure. However, you must select an appropriate size as anything too loose will appear sloppy while too tight can become uncomfortable in time.  

A pork pie hat may look similar to a fedora at first glance, but there are distinct differences that distinguish them from one another. Fedoras allows wearers to adjust whether their brim is upturned or downturned while pork pie hats always feature short brims that sit directly atop your head, with their flat crown making this style stand out among other hats.  

Although a pork pie hat can be worn in various styles and ways, for best results it's best to keep things straightforward. Black or gray will look good with most outfits; for an eye-catching statement look consider red or blue hues instead. A band or feather may add flair; just be wary not to overcrowd it!  

No matter your style, whether a traditional pork pie hat or more contemporary designs, our collection offers something suitable. Choose from materials such as wool felt to straw for a look that will suit any event and occasion.  

A pork pie hat features a short, flat top with an angle-set narrow stiff brim. Made famous by Buster Keaton during his silent films, its popularity was later revived in Breaking Bad when Walter White donned one in every episode, and it is now popular among people of all ages.  

Although pork pie hats can be worn in numerous ways, one popular way is to place them directly on your head. This classic look works well for casual wear or a night out with friends; pair it with an elegant jacket or blazer for even more sophistication!  

Your outfit would benefit from adding some flair by choosing to wear a pork pie hat tilted to one side, perfect for men looking to add flair. Long faces may find it beneficial as it helps balance their facial features out; for round or square-faced individuals it may be wiser to opt for trilby-style hats instead.  

The angled pork pie hat is another great choice for juggling. Lightweight yet sturdy, its design makes it suitable for performing many tricks with it. In contrast with heavier poll hats that may require more expertise to control, the pork pie hat makes an ideal option for beginners looking to learn basic juggling techniques.  

A pork pie hat can be worn to suit any refined style and aesthetic. A black or gray pork pie hat works well when worn with formal attire such as suits and dress shoes; its straw counterpart makes an excellent option in warm climates and can even be complemented with other accessories like scarves or neckties for an on-trend look.  

How To Wear a Pork Pie Hat?

Pork pie hats are an elegant accessory that will elevate any look. Available in various styles and materials, they're suitable for casual as well as formal occasions alike and require little upkeep; simple methods are all it takes to style them effectively!   

Finding a suitable size and shape, along with colors to complement both facial features and outfit are the keys to wearing one successfully; just remember to store and clean your hat properly for optimal protection from the elements!  

A traditional and classic pork pie hat style made from wool felt has a flat top and short brim, still popular today. Straw-made versions can also be found for warmer climates; for an easy casual look pair yours with jeans, a t-shirt, boots, or sneakers, and add a scarf as needed for added warmth during cooler conditions.  

Men can wear their pork pie hats three ways: flat, inclined, or declined. For an easy yet classic look, opt for the flat style of wearing the hat; however, if you're seeking a more formal touch then try tilting up its front edge slightly with inclined style wear.  

Finally, there's the declined style of wearing a pork pie hat, whereby it droops downward at an angled 45-degree position. This more casual way of donning it has long been popular with jazz musicians and other artists looking to stand out. They can also be used to elevate casual looks such as pairing it with a tweed suit or corduroy trousers; or worn alongside a Hawaiian shirt for an airy summer vibe.  

A flat crown design makes a pork pie hat effortless to wear and versatile, perfect for everyday wear. With sleek elegance that complements both formal and casual outfits, lightweight durability makes this style an excellent option. Available in an assortment of colors and materials such as wool felt straw you can choose your ideal shade to suit both style and mood - with accessories like pins or feathers adding another level of personalization!  

At formal events and weddings, a pork pie hat can create an elegant and formal aesthetic. When worn with a suit or business suit, be sure to select colors that complement both your hat and tie for optimal effect. For an authentic vintage vibe, pair a pork pie hat with a waistcoat, shirt, and trousers before finishing it off with either brogues or wingtip shoes to complete this ensemble.  

Pork pie hats are an elegant accessory perfect for both men and women looking to add some class to their ensembles. Versatile enough to wear with both formal and casual clothing, they provide excellent sun protection. To maximize its potential use, store it properly and clean it regularly; place it in a hat box or rack; keep it away from damp or humid places like closets; wear it with caution in rainy or windy conditions to maximize its performance.  

To get the most from your pork pie hat, pair it with formal attire such as suits or dressy outfits. Pairing your pork pie hat with a button-up shirt and tie is ideal, while jeans with a t-shirt for a casual vibe may work just as well. Be sure to wear your hat in dry weather - should it get wet simply wipe it off and leave it to air dry naturally!

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