Octavia Red Slippery Bounty

Octavia Red Slippery Bounty is an exciting online game that has recently gained widespread success. It combines competitive gaming with strategic thinking for an unparalleled experience.

The game aims to collect as many coins as possible while dodging evil bounty hunters. To succeed in this challenge, use a weapon with a good range and eliminate enemies from a distance.

Moreover, Octavia is an exceptional Warframe that utilizes music to deal damage to enemies, lure them toward destruction, grant multiple buffs, and increase her team's damage. Furthermore, she gives players the chance to compose their songs which influences how her abilities work.

There are a few builds that can be utilized to maximize her unique abilities. This build is ideal for clearing out enemies and providing her with enough strength while enabling her skillset to stay on the field longer.

Octavia Red Slippery Bounty Fruit

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The Octavia Red Slippery Bounty is one of the most intriguing Frames in the game and is worth checking out. She boasts an impressive arsenal of buffs and Damage [Reflection], along with multiple forms of crowd control and invisibility abilities.

Octavia utilizes her musical Abilities to amplify her team's damage and abilities, as well as give them extra benefits from songs they hear in the game. Her Manda chord is an exclusive part of Octavia's kit that allows players to create their songs within the game.

When Octavia casts her Mallet, she launches a magical sphere in the direction of her target, rhythmically beating into the ground and drawing fire from nearby enemies. As enemies get closer, its range increases and so does their damage over time.

She plays the Bass section of her song for an extended period, and charms enemies within range to follow it, increasing its charm radius up to a maximum. The more enemies that follow her Resonator, the larger this aura will become.

Accomplishing actions in sync with Octavia's song grants various benefits, such as an armor bonus, speed bonus, and multi-shot buff. Furthermore, if Octavia and her allies perform timed melee swings and jump, they receive the Forte damage buff.

This Damage multiplier is dependent on the decibel level of sound in an area and has minimum and maximum values that can be increased through Octavia's other Abilities. It also doubles any Mallet within its radius; its effectiveness is further augmented by Ability Duration, Strength, and Range mods.

Octavia Red Slippery Bounty wields a mallet to strike her opponents. She has two attacks with this weapon: one that swings it like a hammer and the other which bounces around and delivers an electric aftershock to whomever it strikes.


Octavia is a War frame who conducts her battles using music, giving her enemies an uncanny way to be lured in, damage them, and buff her allies. With her many abilities, she can quickly dispatch large groups of enemies while aiding those on the ground to overcome dangers and finish tough missions with ease.

Octavia's first ability, Mallet, creates an invulnerable floating orb that plays a song's Percussion section. This Mallet absorbs enemy damage and deals Blast damage based on the beat of that section to enemies within range.

Her second ability, Resonator, creates an invulnerable shield that absorbs enemy damage and deals additional Blast damage based on the Percussion section of Octavia's song. This enables Octavia to swarm large groups of enemies and prevent them from gaining ground while they reposition or attack.

Octavia can use her resonator as a weapon to craft musical devices that attract enemies, deal damage, and provide multiple buffs for herself and her allies. Furthermore, her abilities can be tailored to fit the player's musical taste by creating custom songs that play when certain skills are employed.

Resonator's damage multiplier is determined by the rhythm of her Percussion section; thus, the higher this number is, the greater damage she can do to an enemy. If Resonator doesn't fit Octavia's style of play, other abilities may be substituted; however, this ability will be less effective during Steel Path missions.

Octavia uses a Recording King single 0 Resonator in Matte Black for her resonator, featuring an expansive 25.4" scale length, vintage-style plastic button tuners, an upbeat C-shaped neck profile, and a rosewood headstock overlay.

Resonator is Octavia's magical rollerball that charms all enemies who come near it, making them follow wherever it goes. As more enemies follow along behind it, the larger its charm radius will grow until it reaches its maximum radius. When playing the Bass section of Octavia's song, Resonator deals Blast damage to charmed enemies according to its rhythmic beat while they remain within range.

Octavia boasts a variety of abilities that can be utilized depending on your playstyle and desired outcomes. Her Mallet deals an impressive amount of damage with an increased multiplier, capable of killing enemies at higher levels; similarly, her Resonator lures enemies toward the center of the map for easier destruction.


This passive Ability of Octavia grants her and her allies a buff that recharges 1 Energy per second for 30 seconds when her Abilities are cast. Furthermore, it enables her to perform her abilities while conducting music.

Octavia's passive abilities grant her access to the Mandachord, a unique instrument that lets players construct songs using components of her Abilities and perform musical effects when using her Skills. This unique feature truly adds an original touch to her gameplay.

Her Damage Abilities have a wide range, allowing her to deal massive damage in an expansive radius. She possesses various crowd control techniques that work well together and are great at enticing enemies into her group. 

Furthermore, the high multiplier on her Mallet allows for intense damage in small areas. Furthermore, Octavia's Metronome proves useful too as it grants her and her allies buffs that do specific actions timed with the music's beat.


The Octavia Red Slippery Bounty uses a custom-built sound module that emits an even pulse, helping her keep an even tempo during gameplay and recording. This rate is measured in BPM (beats per minute) and can be adjusted using the Parameter Button and Value Wheel controls.

Metronome is another powerful ability Octavia has, which she and her teammates can utilize. This ability provides them with various buffs such as high armor bonus, speed bonus, and multishot buff.

Metronome gives Octavia the power to deal massive damage across a vast area, which can be highly advantageous as it gives her the chance to clear out any opposition and empower her allies with similar abilities.

Like many Warframes, Octavia can select from a range of buffs and skills to enhance her gameplay. Her Strength, Range, and Duration mods affect the damage dealt by her Mallet and Resonator as well as the radius of her Metronome's beam. Furthermore, she can apply speed, multishot, and armor bonuses from this weapon to other abilities.

Moreover, Octavia can choose from a variety of weapon builds, from basic melee damage to high-damage lasers. She may also opt to equip energy restoration pads in her gear wheel for increased sustain when making long-ranged attacks.

Octavia's soundtrack includes some of the hottest electronic, synth wave, chiptune, and indie artists. Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence has an exclusive track in addition to Shiny Toy Guns' unreleased track as well as tracks from YACHT, Perturbator, J-Punch, and Dj CUTMAN - providing you with an exciting array of sounds just like in-game! With such a diverse roster you're sure to enjoy it just as much excitement from this licensed soundtrack as you'll get from this thrilling array of artists!


Octavia boasts an impressive arsenal of Abilities that utilize her Mandachord and skills to great effect. These Abilities can be customized and tailored for the specific needs of your team; however, this comes at the cost of timing her Abilities correctly based on when your War frame moves (which can be tricky at times). With practice, however, she will quickly become one of the premier frames in the game.

The amplifier that powers Octavia Red Slippery Bounty is an impressive piece of equipment, combining the best of both worlds to deliver an audio experience you won't soon forget. Utilizing digital audio technology and wireless connectivity, this amplifier creates an immersive listening environment. 

Her Mallet is an effective ability that deals damage to enemies in a wide radius. This can be especially helpful when clearing out enemies from range on hard mode. Additionally, it may be utilized for scouting potential targets or swarming an enemy with its ranged attacks.

Amp is Octavia's fourth ability, which transforms the ground into a sound field for an extended period. Once inside this zone, she and her allies gain a damage multiplier that depends on the noise level in the area. This bonus will increase if any other abilities such as gunfire, footsteps, or melee strikes are active within that same sound field.

She can combine her Mallet with Amp (Ability 4), which doubles the damage that was done and the range of your attack. However, this combination should only be used when attacking an enemy who is already out of reach; otherwise, your ability could be wasted.

This ability can be extremely useful in crowd control and providing buffs to allies. Due to her strength stats, Octavia's damage and buffs are increased beyond what most builds can deliver; thus, she provides more of these blessings than most.

The Adaption mod enhances Octavia's abilities, requiring fewer energy orbs to perform her basic commands. This makes it more efficient to use her abilities on difficult levels and gives Octavia an edge over opponents.

This build is ideal for Level 50 progression in Steel Path or Arbitration, as it deals a lot of damage and quickly dispatches enemies. Furthermore, its Adaption mod helps absorb some incoming AoE damage and ricochet hits. 

While this build works best on teams focused on high damage output, maintaining her cloak may prove challenging without restraint, making it unsuitable for lower DPS teams.

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