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Irish Food Tours and Events provide a unique chance to explore the city's culinary scene. Crafted to honor both Dublin's food revolution and Ireland's traditional culinary heritage, these guided walks feature authentic Irish dishes as well as fascinating gastronomic stories.

Dublin is renowned for its food lovers and restaurants offer an extensive selection of menus to please every palate. French cuisine, in particular, is popular here with dishes that are both simple yet delectable - from classics like boeuf bourguignon to terrines and sauces patissiere.

Ketty Quigley, a Ballymaloe-trained chef, and entrepreneur, founded French Foodie in Dublin in 2012 as an ambitious side project that quickly blossomed into something much larger. Her food tours showcase both Ireland's recent culinary revolution as well as its longstanding culinary traditions.

On this tour, you'll embark on an exciting journey through markets, shops, cafes, and restaurants. You'll get to sample a range of dishes and beverages such as cheese, coffee, whiskey, and chocolate.

Ketty Quigley aka French Foodie in Dublin leads this walking tour through markets, shops, and cafes in Dublin. You'll sample various foods and drinks along the way while learning about Irish cuisine's history.

French Foodie in Dublin

Dublin boasts several French restaurants, many of which are part of the city's bustling culinary scene. Here you can find dishes such as steak frites, escargot, and coq au vin to suit any palate or occasion. If you want to dive deeper into discovering Dublin's French food scene, book a tour or event with an experienced local expert for some insider knowledge.

Ketty Quigley, the owner of French Foodie in Dublin, runs a tour that explores the city's shops and businesses that specialize in foods and drinks. This tour is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Dublin's food culture while sampling some of its finest dishes.

In June, Dublin hosts a festival to highlight the best flavors of both its city and the surrounding region. Held at Iveagh Gardens, this event brings together some of Ireland's top restaurant chefs for an interactive experience where guests can sample dishes and learn tips from renowned culinary figures.

Discovering the city's food culture can also be done by visiting some local bars and restaurants. These establishments often host special events and tastings tailored to the area's culinary scene, such as dinners, cooking classes, and festivals.

For something a bit more adventurous, why not sign up for a foraged food tour? This type of tour offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary history of a city while also getting out and exploring the countryside.

For those fascinated by Ireland's agricultural past, the Burren Food Trail is a must-visit. Situated within its karst limestone landscape, this place showcases an intriguing connection between historic farming methods and local flora.

On this tour, you'll meet a goat that milks cheese for ice cream, meet the cow that made your boeuf bourguignon, and forage for sea vegetables. Plus, visit a bean-to-bar chocolate factory before sampling delectable treats and wine at some of the acclaimed gourmet destinations along the way.

Ketty Quigley, owner, and operator of the award-winning food blog French Foodie in Dublin are passionate about sharing Ireland's culinary story. She also founded Delicious Dublin Tours - a walking food tour that takes visitors to local shops, cafes, and restaurants so they can sample some of Dublin's best cuisine.

On this tour, guests are treated to a delectable selection of food and drinks that celebrate both traditional Irish cuisine as well as the latest culinary trends. Not only is it educational, but also enjoyable - with small groups of no more than fifteen participants on board for each experience!

French Foodie in Dublin offers a range of tours and events perfect for food lovers, such as the Delicious Dublin Food Tour and Taste of Dublin - two popular events featuring delectable treats from some of Dublin's premier restaurants.

Ketty Quigley

Ketty Quigley, a French food enthusiast from the Loire Valley, has launched a series of tours and events in Dublin to highlight the amazing French products available to Irish consumers. Passionate about all things culinary, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and sharing her favorite recipes.

She is an award-winning Ballymaloe-trained food blogger who has lived in Ireland for seven years. On her website French Foodie in Dublin, she writes about French restaurants, travel destinations, and lifestyle topics.

Ketty moved from France's Loire Valley for love, and since has expanded her blog and Facebook page with a city food tour as well as her French wine and cheese club.

Ketty Quigley has amassed a loyal following through her blog French Foodie in Dublin and is now running tours and events that celebrate the vibrant food culture in Ireland's capital. Her mission is to give visitors an authentic taste of Ireland's culinary revolution while connecting them with local purveyors and makers.

Irish Food Blog Tours and Events

Discovering the culinary delights of a city is best done by joining in on one of its guided food tours or events. These organized excursions allow you to sample dishes from multiple restaurants and vendors at once while being informed by knowledgeable guides about the history and culture of local cuisine.

Before booking any food tours in Dublin and Cork, be sure to do your due diligence and research the available options. Popular tours include Ballymaloe the Dublin Bay Prawns Trail; Failte Ireland's Cork Coastal Food Trails; and Eveleen Coyle's Fabulous Food Trails.

For something a bit more unusual, there are several food tours in the Limerick area to choose from led by cookbook author Val O'Connor (author of 'Bread on the Table'). Her three-hour trail, priced at EUR50pp, makes an excellent addition to any foodie's itinerary.

When embarking on any culinary tour, the most essential thing to remember is to eat before you go. Alternatively, you can save both time and money by picking up a taster menu from a restaurant or cafe. Experiment with different flavors and types of foods to find what works best for you; try things you wouldn't usually find at home like sushi, ice cream, or oysters for example.

Boyne Valley Food Series

The Boyne Valley is one of the most significant areas in Ireland with a history that spans over 5000 years. It's home to numerous ancient sites and monuments, providing visitors with captivating tales and captivating folklore. Additionally, this region is renowned for its cozy Irish food culture.

Moreover, you can visit an artisan market in the Boyne Valley and meet local producers there. Held every second Sunday in Clonmellon, this market allows you to explore the surrounding countryside while sampling delicious foods.

The Boyne Valley in Ireland has a deep-seated appreciation for its land and traditions. It's home to numerous farmers, fishers, artisan producers, gastropubs, and restaurants that feature high-quality locally sourced ingredients.

Aside from the many farms and artisan food shops, Ireland also boasts some of the finest restaurants. Places like Brabazon Restaurant in Tankardstown House, Glyde Inn in Annagassan, or Cross Guns Inn in Dundalk offer some of the finest cuisines you'll ever experience.

Dublin hosts several food and drinks events throughout the year, such as the Dublin Culinary Walking Tour, Taste of Dublin, and Irish Whiskey Tasting Tour.

Other events in the region include the Boyne Valley Flavours Festival, held each October and November. These festivals provide an invaluable chance to learn about local food culture while connecting with chefs, farmers, and suppliers.

Aside from these events, there are plenty of other chances to enjoy delicious food and drinks in the Boyne Valley. Visit a market, meet local farmers and producers, or savor an award-winning meal at one of many award-winning restaurants.

The Boyne Valley is filled with spectacular attractions like medieval castles and round towers, ruined monasteries, and preserved religious artifacts. It's a landscape rich in stories, culture, history, and fun for visitors to explore.

If you're planning a visit to the Boyne Valley, there are numerous tours and events you can participate in. These guides will show you all of the best spots to see and taste local dishes while sharing their stories.

Choose from a range of tours, such as the Meath Food Safari. Here you'll be able to sample dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients and enjoy a glass of cider or wine along the way.

Another option is the Celtic tour, which takes you to some of Ireland's most iconic and historically significant sites. It includes stops at Bru na Boinne - older than Egypt's pyramids; Neolithic tombs at Loughcrew and Tara Hill; as well as Fore Abbey (7th-century Christian monastery) and Anglo-Norman Trim castle.

For those who appreciate taking their time and learning about history, this is an ideal option. You'll learn about the various rulers of this land over time - such as high kings, early Christian monks, and Vikings.

There are plenty of events to celebrate the local foods of the Boyne Valley, from culinary cruises to apple blossom walks. Plus, you can learn more about the regional food network - an initiative designed to connect businesses and individuals across the area so they can work together on creating delicious food and drinks.

Louth and Meath's agriculture and food sector has made a substantial contribution to the region's economy, so it only makes sense that they are allowed to display their talents. That is why the region has launched The Boyne Valley Food Series under their new Discover Boyne Valley Flavours brand.

Visit the Boyne Valley for some outdoor adventures like kayaking or forest bathing. It's the ideal spot to unwind while still taking in all that nature has to offer. Plus, there are numerous historic sites and castles packed with culture, history, attractions, and festivals that you won't want to miss!

Donegal Food Tours

Two Donegal women with a passion for food and tourism have created Donegal Food Tours, offering various tours and events. On these excursions, you'll explore local restaurants, cafes, and breweries that promote artisan and sustainable products while sampling some unique cheeses and chocolates as well as items not usually on the menu.

Donegal is an idyllic Irish destination, boasting an array of restaurants and cafes to suit everyone's taste buds. From world-renowned seafood and cheeses to craft beer and gin, Donegal truly has something for everyone.

If you want to experience some of Donegal's finest culinary offerings, a food tour is an ideal way to do it. Your guide will have extensive local knowledge and can direct you toward some of the region's most delicious eateries.

This tour will take you through the picturesque county of Donegal, giving you the chance to meet with many producers and sample their delicious produce. Additionally, you'll have a chance to interact with some locals and learn about their family recipes as well as how they manufacture their goods.

Experience Donegal's rugged and stunning Wild Atlantic Way on this tour that provides you with a taste-forward journey through glens and picturesque villages, all while admiring stunning ocean views along the way.

From Downings to Carrigart, this tour will introduce you to the local food scene. You'll stop in at several restaurants to sample their cuisine and hear their stories as well as sample some local beer and gin by the seaside.

In 2018, Cathy Cowan and Sue Glackin founded Donegal Food Tours out of their hometown of Letterkenny. After living in Dublin for several years, they returned home and started running their tours from there.

They have created three routes - Taste the North, Taste the South, and Donegal Gin Trail - which run year-round and pick up passengers in various locations throughout Donegal.

In addition to the tours, Cathy and Sue host many foods related events throughout Donegal. They are always searching for new and exciting foodie destinations to bring to visitors as well as locals alike, so if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with them.

Donegal's culinary scene is on the rise, with more and more restaurants featuring creative recipes that incorporate local ingredients and classic Irish flavors. You'll find everything from timeless dishes like Guinness stew and coddle to an array of seafood, cheeses, and beverages.

Experience Donegal's celebrated culinary culture like never before on one of these unforgettable food tours. Board a Donegal Food Tour bus and you'll savor local delicacies, meet talented chefs, and take in the stunning scenery as you journey across the county.

The tour begins in Letterkenny and you'll visit various eateries along the way. As you sample various dishes, you'll gain insight into the region's distinctive food culture and history as you go.

Before returning to Donegal Town, you'll stop at a brewery and coffee shop, as well as a country house and walled garden. Each destination is carefully chosen so that you can experience all the finest foods and drinks the county has to offer.

If you're in Donegal Town and looking to do some shopping, Little Mamma's is a must-visit. It is famous for its Homemade Gelato in Milltown. This shop specializes in selling local produce such as meat and fish from its farm-gate suppliers; plus, they have an impressive selection of Donegal-brewed beers!

Donegal, which Nat Geo magazine named "the coolest place on Earth", is a food lover's paradise. Here in Northern Ireland, there's an exciting artisan food scene and plenty of epic food tours that will take you to some mouthwatering spots.

Delicious Dublin Tours

Ketty, better known as French Foodie in Dublin, runs Delicious Dublin Tours: a three-hour walking food tour that introduces travelers to Ireland's vibrant culinary scene. Along the way, guests get tastings at restaurants and shops plus an introduction to Ireland's food history and current culinary scene.

Tours are offered in both English and French, with groups ranging from five to fifteen participants. Participants enjoy a leisurely journey through markets, shops, cafes, and top restaurants while tasting coffee, pastries, cheese, whiskey, chocolate - and more!

Tours are led by Ketty Quigley aka French Foodie in Dublin, who has extensive Ballymaloe training and award-winning food blogging experience. Her enthusiasm for Irish cuisine has inspired her to craft authentic culinary experiences that capture both Dublin's exciting food revolution as well as Ireland's rich traditional culinary heritage.

She aims to make tourists proud of their Irish food culture and give them an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back for more visits to Dublin. Additionally, she hopes to alter the perception that Irish cuisine isn't a top destination for foodies worldwide and make Ireland more known as an international foodie travel destination.

She's an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun hostess who loves all things food! Your tour won't just be filled with delectable local and international dishes; you'll leave with in-depth knowledge about Irish food history as well as a long "I must re-visit" list!

Our tour of Dublin was one of our favorite activities and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable, offering something for everyone on this tour.

These tours start in the city center and you will meet your guide at the bottom of the Spire on O'Connell Street. These tours run daily, rain or shine so make sure to bring a bottle of water with you.

The tours are led by an enthusiastic and friendly hostess who has a deep-seated passion for all things French. She has been an experienced professional traveler in France for over ten years, creating tours in Ireland as a way of promoting France through an Irish perspective. It's always fun spending time with her, and her enthusiasm for French cuisine is infectious!

Fab Food Trails

Ireland, a lush green island surrounded by some of the world's purest water, has long been known for its agricultural tradition and vibrant local food scene. Whether you're searching for an organized tour or exploring on your own, Ireland's countryside offers ample opportunity for foodie exploration.

Dublin is a buzzing city that draws travelers from around the world, yet its food culture remains underrated. That's why taking a guided tour through Dublin is such an ideal way to discover all its culinary treats and undiscovered gems - it truly offers something for everyone!

The Fab Food Trails offers a selection of tours led by experienced food guides. Take an afternoon stroll through Dublin's city center, stopping at 6-7 independently owned gastronomic gems with your guide for tastings that showcase the best Irish produce and meet its purveyors or makers. With each tour package, you'll experience unique perspectives on food culture and history that you won't find elsewhere.

For a unique tasting tour of Dublin's top pubs and restaurants, take an in-depth look at the local food scene, then indulge in traditional Irish dishes and craft beer. This is the perfect way to sample some of the city's hottest spots without having to spend hours waiting in line.

Other food tours in the area include the TASTE of Kilkenny Food Trail, which takes you down leafy boreens and medieval alleyways to visit pastry shops that still make meringues, nougats, and traditional candied fruits. You'll meet farmers who produce rainbow trout caviar and butter, tour an organic cider apple orchard, and sample some local chocolate truffles.

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