Record Of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

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Record of the Mightiest Lord is a manga series written and illustrated by Takumi Fukui that premiered in 2021 in Coamix's Monthly Comic Zenon Seinen manga magazine.

Richard was a transmigrator who found himself thrust into pioneering an aristocracy on an alien world. Surrounded by hostile natives and an ambitious noble with malicious intentions, his only means of protection was through something called The Lord System.

Moreover, Richard was a transmigrant who became a pioneering aristocrat in another world. While battling native intruders on both fronts and a noble with malicious plans behind him, one thing Richard could depend on was The Lord System.

Richard's Story

After an altercation where Conor is killed, Richard is arrested by Garda investigators and claims that he was just gatecrashing the party; later on, he finds out from his mother that Lara knows about their story and she attempts to persuade Richard to confess but instead declines despite attempts from her; instead, he confesses his infidelity with her and lets her know about their sexual relationship.

Henchman later has a dream in which Richard is sitting comfortably on a spacious seat (Henchman's money bag having been lost to Richard), contemplating Henchman's newfound direction in life and questioning what may damage its reputation.

Henchman attempts to convince Richard not to compromise himself, while at the same time reminding Henchman that life without goals will make one nothing but a "useless piece of trash". Richard continues this line of inquiry before reminding Henchman to follow his heart instead.

Granny then appears in Richard's dream sequence, criticizing him for becoming immersed in fiction. A devout Seventh-Day Adventist, she regards such books as forbidden reading material - warning him he will end up burning in hell if he reads them at all - yet Richard finds Ella's novels so riveting he steals her books against all warnings from Granny.

Richard next appears during Martin Brown's interview, where he wears Jacket's clothes closely imitating him and expresses concern that this may turn his audience against him. He then begins narrating his tale, noting how he had transmigrated and become a pioneering aristocrat in another reality, where natives attacked from all fronts while an evil nobleman planned behind-the-scenes plotting against them all. 

Richard used his military prowess to defend England from threats such as Normandy and Anjou, though at a great personal cost. It proved successful; eventually, Richard became King of England as well as Normandy and Anjou; this period in English history would forever bear Richard's footprint as one of its great military leaders.

Richard was a transmigrator who transformed himself into an innovative aristocrat in another world. While the natives invaded from all sides, Richard relied on only certain things for survival - like using his Lord System - which included creating frontiers to build castles and finding dwarfs who would provide equipment purchases - not forgetting bearmen, minotaurs, and goblins that invaded regularly! On that road to becoming the mightiest Lord began!

As a youth, Richard traveled with a minstrel show and sold snake oil under the name Doctor Hudson's Medicine Show. He sang in drag as Princess Lavonne for money as well as performing various other bizarre acts - once giving an elderly neighbor a boxed-in bowel movement as her birthday present! 

Unfortunately for Richard though, living in an environment where making a living required physical strength meant his many compensating characteristics that helped offset any physical deficits didn't lead to his desired success.

Richard's Destiny

Richard III's life story serves as an apt illustration of both good and evil forces at play, as well as of how crucial luck can be in shaping human affairs. Richard was forced to play his cards carefully from birth if he were to achieve such prominence in life. At first, he narrowly escaped death at Ludlow from an army led by Lancastrian General John Lancastrian; thereafter his mother Cecily decided to send her children away, so Richard spent his childhood living among relatives in Burgundy.

Even after his return to England, Henry's life was in peril. Involved in both civil and Lancastrian conflicts that plagued England at this time, Henry suffered two family tragedies during this turbulent time before enduring Lancastrian attacks at Bosworth Field - where he survived thanks to support from Warwick Earl who is remembered today as "Kingmaker".

At Richard's advantage was his elder brother Clarence's opposition to Edward IV and thus to Richard's royal ambitions; when Clarence returned after his fall from grace and was reinstated on the throne again, allowing Richard to gain many of Clarence's estates and take control over many.

Richard began creating a false narrative of his ancestry during this period. He used this tactic to assert his claim to the throne while recruiting support from Buckingham and other royal figures like Henry Villiers; eventually, this campaign proved highly successful.

Richard's character stands out in this scene with its combination of stoicism, heartlessness, and superior intellect, as well as brutal actions. Richard knows exactly how to outwit Machiavelli with his superior intellect; such arrogance allows him to remain unruffled even upon hearing of the death of his brother. Hence why no tears flow when his loss becomes known.

Counterbalancing his sarcastic indifference are his sanctimonious statements of sympathy and Christian forgiveness for Margaret, who had so harshly denounced him. Additionally, Paul alludes to his religious convictions by swearing on Paul's and God's holy mother as well as by proclaiming confidence that even "ferocious beasts" possess some degree of mercy.

He concluded his speech by issuing cautionary warnings to Clarence's executioners that their treachery would cause further pain for King William III and, thus, increase their liability for their evil deeds. This is a man who recognizes that their sense of self-worth is at stake and must quickly consolidate power to preserve it and restore their credibility. 

Without being in charge, no redemption will ever come for this man. His egotism was further compounded by his references to the table of fate - an afterlife system in which those destined for hell go there, while those with moral virtue are admitted into Valhalla. Shakespeare would likely have drawn inspiration from such beliefs when revamping Britain's medieval history into an inspirational tale that ultimately helped form Tudor legends.

The Lord System

The System Lords, an elite group of Goa'uld warrior gods, rule many worlds across the galaxy using armies of Jaffa and sometimes human warriors. While feudal and often fighting among themselves, these System Lords often come together in defense against outside threats like Tau'ri or Asgard attacks and act in concert against external threats like them - often acting in unison in these endeavors against potential harm from these threats - rather than for mutual advantage; often striving for dominance over all Goa'uld tribes alike!

Anubis was an ancient, powerful System Lord expelled from the Goa'uld for his unspeakable actions against other members of his sect. While in exile he bewitched Oma Desala into helping him ascend. With this newfound knowledge in hand he planned his return and attempted to conquer the galaxy; amassing advanced technologies and brainwashed armies before finally being stopped by the death of his host and battle with SG-1 on Latona.

Ba'al was an ancient System Lord from Prakiti who was allied with Tok'ra. While in power, he conducted a secret campaign against his fellow System Lords by infiltrating Trust, expanding technological advantage, and recruiting brainwashed armies - eventually losing out in battle at Malkuth where his army was finally vanquished by an alliance between SG-1 and Ori warriors.

Moloc was an extremely powerful System Lord who governed Magtireth and Goranak planets. He imposed harsh control, demanding only male children survive so his military forces would strengthen. Ishta and her Hak'tyl Resistance women came together to save Ishta's female babies. When Moloc attempted to capture them they ambushed his temple and repelled his attempts at capture with an ambush resulting in their return home unharmed.

Kali currently sits as a member of the High Council of System Lords and attended a summit to discuss Anubis's return, dressed as a Lo'taur and dressed to look like one. At first, she supported Anubis but then turned against him while undercover on one planet in his domain; her actions were revealed by an impostor of Kali who was captured by SG-1 warriors at Netu.

Richard's Challenges

Richard was once a professional rugby player, serving as a Barbarian flanker during their renowned tour of the US. Since retiring from rugby he has taken to confronting his fears and unanswered questions by conceptualizing, creating, and leading The 737 Challenge: an attempt to climb 7 continental summits simultaneously as well as to travel both The South Pole and Geographic North Pole within one calendar year.

Richard is an Oaklander living in the flatlands and is particularly vulnerable to the systemic racism that pervades society. While Richard never intended to cause Sasha any harm with his foolish prank on board the 57 bus, her life will forever change after this incident.

Richard’s Upgrades

Richard stands out as an extremely versatile commander. From counterattacker to supporting troops with his morphs, Richard can fit seamlessly into almost any army from fast dps units to tanky melee armies.

His first skill is an outstanding march speed reduction that decreases it by 50% for 5 seconds - this can be extremely useful when playing against infantry armies.

He also boasts excellent damage-dealing ability and can quickly summon several of his morphs at the same time, as well as form simple constructs made out of plasma such as spikes. Furthermore, they partially possess machines to enhance their lasers.

Richard is an above-average Galvanic Mechamorph with high attacks and defense ratings, capable of creating simple constructs from his eye as well as a phase through metal, technology, and vacuums with ease. Unfortunately, electricity poses a threat that eventually electrocuted him when Drahcir upgraded him as Upgrade.

Richard's Endgame

Richard was a transmigrator who became a pioneering aristocrat in another world. Natives were invading his land from all sides while an evil noble plotted behind the scenes against it. Richard relied heavily on "The Lord System," which enabled him to create frontiers to build castles, find equipment dwarves for equipment needs, create frontiers to secure frontiers from bearmen minotaurs goblins, etc. as his journey began toward becoming one of the strongest lords possible! His journey towards becoming one was about starting.

Before receiving his powers, Richard was an entertaining and charming hero, often bantering in battle similar to Peter Parker. Following Annihilation and receiving his scar, however, Richard changed drastically and no longer sought to save all from harm brashly as before. Instead, he turned more serious, becoming less of an upstanding citizen himself but more interested in protecting the weak from harm than ever.

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