Cheap Flights to Kenya from London

Book flights to Nairobi, Kenya early to find the best price. Travel during the low season to avoid paying higher prices.

Kenya offers an unforgettable cultural experience for travelers looking to expand their horizons. Whether it is safari adventures, bustling cities or visiting coffee plantations - Kenya has something special in store.

As part of our goal to help UK travellers save on flights to Kenya from London, we've put together a list of our top tips for making flying cheaper and easier. These include packing light, bringing an empty water bottle and using a travel pillow to prevent stiff neck and shoulders when sleeping on long flights. 

Book your flight with Kenya Airways, their national carrier. They provide generous baggage allowance for economy fare passengers: two bags are allowed at no additional charge!

Flights between London and Nairobi depart regularly and travel by air over just eight hours, offering First, Club or World Traveller cabin options with British Airways.

For money-saving tips, it may be worthwhile booking your flight on a weekday rather than a weekend and travelling during morning hours rather than evening hours. Plus, this allows you to reschedule without incurring an additional fee!

Save money when booking flights to Nairobi by booking early or travelling on weekdays, and avoiding connecting flights whenever possible. Direct routes often offer greater value.

Nairobi offers everything from safari adventures and cultural exploration, so book an inexpensive flight from London and discover Africa's bustling capital!

Flying between London and Jomo Kenyatta Intl takes approximately eight hours; to save money on travel costs, consider booking an early morning departure flight.

Direct Cheap Flights to Kenya from London

Flights between London and Nairobi depart from various airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, London City Southend and RAF Northolt. For the lowest fares to Kenya from London it is best to book in advance; ideal times include mid-November through late February when temperatures are typically cooler.

There are approximately 401 flights between London and Nairobi each week, with British Airways and Kenya Airways providing direct routes with the average flight duration being 8 hours 35 minutes. Flying directly between London and Nairobi has become increasingly popular as an African safari experience becomes accessible from Europe.

Nairobi is Kenya's capital and largest city, serving as an excellent location from which to explore Kenya's famed wildlife reserves like Maasai Mara National Park. Nairobi also is known for its vibrant culture and nightlife scene - with plenty of relaxed bars, restaurants, cocktail bars, live music venues and clubs offering relaxing atmospheres and exciting nightlife scenes to choose from.

Kenya is two hours ahead of the UK, and Nairobi's climate can be hot and humid all year round; however, visitors can avoid the rainy season by flying during its dry season from March to May when conditions tend to be sunnier.

When searching for flights between London and Nairobi, there are various money-saving tips you can follow to find the most economical flight deals. This may include booking in advance, selecting non-stop rather than connecting flights and selecting morning or evening departure times as departure points. 

Furthermore, travelling during off-peak periods such as weekday afternoons is another effective strategy as are travelling during off-season periods like middle of week as well as choosing budget airlines to avoid peak tourist seasons and peak rates of tourist influxes.

Nairobi is served by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and direct flights are offered from London on several airlines such as Kenya Airways and British Airways. Direct flights typically take eight hours and 30 minutes while those that include stopovers will take longer.

Once you arrive in Nairobi, there are various ways you can explore its streets. Walking or taking public transport such as the matatu bus service provides a convenient and cost-effective means of exploring this bustling metropolis.

Nairobi Airport provides many options for getting out and exploring more of Kenya, from renting a car, taxis and shuttle services provided by major hotels to hotel shuttles operated by Nairobi's hotels themselves.

Make sure to visit the Nairobi National Museum and the Murumbi African Heritage Collection; Nairobi Gallery is another must-see, featuring Kenyan artists' works in a beautiful outdoor courtyard; for more cultural activities visit Bomas of Kenya for music performances, dance shows, exhibits and traditional houses; afterwards, head over to Westlands and enjoy the vibrant nightlife while sampling some delicious barbecued meat or "nyama choma."

March is typically the cheapest month to book flights between London and Nairobi, while June and July tend to be the most costly months. To save more money it is advisable to book early; flight prices tend to rise during busy seasons like this one. Being flexible with dates could save even more.

Kenya Airways and British Airways both offer flights from the UK to Nairobi, making Budget Travel UK’s search tool invaluable when finding the best flight deals and ticket prices. You can set a price alert so that when prices change for either direct or indirect flights you are informed as soon as they do so that you know you have secured yourself the best price possible. 

Plus it's worth adding nearby airports into your search for more cost-effective fares such as Gatwick, Heathrow, London Stansted Luton Northolt (RAF Northolt), plus regional ones such as Birmingham Bristol East Midlands Southampton Cardiff Bournemouth Exeter Norwich Humberside (all served by London airports).

Cheap Flight to Kenya from London

Flights between London and Nairobi are available throughout the year, and with multiple airlines providing this route it is relatively easy to find cheap tickets. On average, one-way fares from London to Nairobi cost an average of PS537 with 60 days booking being the optimal time. March usually offers the cheapest flights, while June and July often feature higher ticket costs; taking an evening flight can save even more money due to being off-peak hours for flights.

Nairobi is an energetic and vibrant city filled with an eclectic array of restaurants, bars and clubs. Get to know Kenya's rich history at the Nairobi National Museum while admiring the Murumbi African Heritage Collection at the Nairobi Gallery. Get an insight into Kenyan life at Bomas of Kenya where music and dance shows, varied exhibits and examples of traditional homes can all be found. Additionally, there are other cultural attractions including Nairobi Arboretum Botanical Gardens, Giraffe Center and National Parks and Wildlife Authority headquarters to discover here as well.

Travelling between London and Nairobi needn't be complicated with direct flights on Budget Travel UK - with our easy search and booking system, you can effortlessly discover top-rated Nairobi airports along with many others worldwide, while still having the flexibility of changing trip dates as you please. Our handy search filters make selecting your perfect flight option simple while our low fare prices ensure we always show the cheapest available. 

Once arriving at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson, there are various transportation options to get you into Nairobi. Buses provide access to major towns and cities within its borders as well as suburban areas; taxis and private car services also operate within Nairobi's boundaries, as do taxis. Taxis may also be found available - or use our Car rental feature to quickly search hundreds of providers at once to get you a vehicle that best meets your needs!

Once in Nairobi, visitors can enjoy its famed nightlife at top-tier establishments like Carnivore for an indulgent game meat buffet or Westlands for more bars and clubs as well as casual coffee shops. Nairobi's shopping district should not be overlooked either with numerous markets and boutiques available for exploration; alternatively, take a taxi into town for an intimate experience - there are bureaux de change at the airport as well as ATMs spread throughout its terminals for easier travel arrangements.

Cheap Flights to Nairobi from London

Kenya Airways and British Airways both offer flights between London and Nairobi, making the journey available through numerous airlines. You may also find connecting stops that could save money. Budget Travel UK's flight search enables you to compare fares from London Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted Luton City airports as well as nearby airports. For greater flexibility select "add nearby airports".

Travel to Nairobi is convenient whether flying direct or through one of its three international airports - Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), with over 50 destinations served worldwide, is located nine miles south of downtown Nairobi and easily accessible by car, taxi, bus or shuttle service.

The airport is divided into two terminals and offers dining, shopping and entertainment options in each. If you want a quick way into town from there, catch city bus 34 which departs every 20 minutes between 6 am and 9 pm from the outside terminal for 45-minute trips into the city centre - alternatively rent a taxi but expect long waits during peak hours!

Travel from London to Nairobi will require a valid passport, along with proof of funds and an extended stay visa (available on arrival if you are a British citizen), a return ticket, visa application form and proof of funds.

Kenya is a tropical nation, so expect warm weather and bright sunshine throughout your vacation. March, April and June are generally the cheapest times to visit Nairobi with flights typically costing less on average then. To avoid crowds try booking during weekday flights instead of on weekends.

While on your Nairobi holiday, take the opportunity to discover its wildlife and culture. Visit the national museum, admire the Murumbi African Heritage Collection at Nairobi Gallery, learn about Kenyan life at Bomas of Kenya through music shows, dance performances, exhibits and various exhibits; or discover its nightlife by checking out one of Westlands' many laidback bars or cocktail lounges.

To make the most of your trip, you must bring with you quality walking shoes - Nairobi's streets can get quite dusty during the dry season! Additionally, pack comfortable clothing as well as an umbrella or rain jacket in case of heavy showers, and don't forget a good camera and daypack as means for transport between sightseeing spots as well as souvenir space in your luggage!

Before your flight departs from Nairobi Airport (NBO), take some time to unwind at Nairobi Airport (NBO). Take advantage of Be Relax in Terminal 5 or one of many lounges such as Plaza Premium Lounge and No.1 Lounges that provide spa services at a fee. 

Attractively priced Nairobi flights from London allow you to spend more of your budget exploring the city and safari parks. Plan a trip in July or August for optimal conditions - when only a few rain days per month falls upon it - which should result in reduced hotel rates and airfare costs. Or consider booking in April when rainfall levels peak; although temperatures remain comfortable enough for exploring all attractions.

Cheap Airfares to Kenya from London

Budget Travel UK offers an incredible selection of cheap flights from London to Nairobi, making it easier than ever for you to find the ideal flight for your budget. Our search engine compares thousands of airlines and routes, helping you select your ideal trip based on price, timing and airline. Plus you can select cabin class - and we will show you our best offers!

Nairobi is Kenya's bustling capital and offers visitors an amazing mix of modern skyscrapers and shanty towns, colonial buildings, and wildlife parks - including Maasai Mara and Tsavo East/West where visitors may spot some of Kenya's iconic Big Five (lions, African elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinoceroses) as well as colonial architecture and colonial buildings - and colonial-era colonial architecture.

There are various strategies you can employ to find the most cost-effective flights from London to Nairobi, such as booking early and making reservations on weekdays rather than weekends and flying with lower-priced budget airlines. Travellers may also save money by travelling between March and May or September and November during shoulder seasons (or "shoulder season").

Kenya Airways operates direct flights between London and Nairobi with tickets that include First, Club, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller tickets - with World Traveller Plus you can bring two 23kg checked bags free, while seat selection is included with all flights to Nairobi for World Traveller.

From London to Nairobi flights typically last around 8 hours and 30 minutes, with direct flights being more costly but potentially worthwhile if you wish to explore all that Nairobi has to offer.

As part of your travel preparations, ensure you possess both a valid passport and visa to enter Kenya. Visa applications can be filed either upon arrival or beforehand, although applying in advance will likely save money. Allow plenty of time before flights to process the necessary forms and immigration checks at airports before taking your flight - once in Nairobi - you can enjoy its culinary delights and culture!

Cheap Flight Deals to Kenya from London

If you're searching for cheap flights from London to Nairobi, there are numerous great offers available. Plan to take advantage of them. May through October is generally considered the ideal time for visiting Kenya as its climate remains warm and dry and your chances of seeing wildlife outdoors increase greatly - but this peak season also sees prices skyrocket dramatically making finding affordable tickets difficult.

Budget Travel UK offers an extensive selection of flights between London and Nairobi, both direct and indirect routes. Our user-friendly search engine makes it easy to compare and select the ideal option for your trip; saving money by booking early or travelling during a weekday instead of on weekends can also save money; mobile app booking allows for seamless travel arrangements from London to Nairobi!

For flights between London and Nairobi, booking 60 days out can often result in the lowest fare. Doing this can help ensure you avoid paying more than the average airfare of PS1200 per person - although flexible dates might allow for last-minute deals on London-Nairobi flights!

Once in Nairobi, visitors can explore its capital city by foot or using public transit such as Metro, bus or train services. Given its small size, Nairobi can easily be navigated on foot; for a full experience though it might be worthwhile renting a car during your stay to see more of its surrounding countryside.

Kenya Airways and British Airways both offer affordable flights between London and Nairobi, most arriving via Heathrow Airport which is served by London Underground stations at Paddington as well as terminals 5, 6 and 7. Alternatively, take the Heathrow Express which departs every 15 minutes from central London directly to Heathrow Airport.

Kenya offers an abundance of activities, allowing visitors to experience its diverse landscapes. You can go on a safari to witness the annual migration in Masai Mara or unwind on one of Kenya's many beaches along the Indian Ocean coast. Nairobi and Mombasa boast vibrant cities filled with rich cultural histories awaiting discovery as well.

Cheap Airline Deals to Kenya from London

Flights between London and Nairobi are regularly available, and there are multiple ways to find affordable tickets. One effective strategy for finding cheap flights is being flexible with your travel dates and times of year - sign up for fare alerts or newsletters so that you stay abreast of any current sales or special offers!

Nairobi is Kenya's capital city and a centre for business, culture and safari adventures. A delightful mix of skyscrapers and shanty towns make Nairobi an unforgettable historical tour stop; many colonial buildings that once housed iconic writers such as Karen Blixen still stand today while museums and markets cater to an ever-increasing tourist population.

To get the most out of your trip to Kenya, it would be beneficial to extend it to Tanzania and Zanzibar - two neighbouring countries which can often offer lower costs while providing stunning natural scenes. A flight can easily be booked from Nairobi directly to Tanzania - either on your own or with a tour operator.

One simple way to save money when booking flights to Nairobi is to search for one-way tickets instead of round-trip ones. Most airlines price their flights this way and you could often find great offers by only purchasing single tickets. Furthermore, certain platforms allow you to search multiple nearby airports at once which could save even more money!

Save money when flying to Kenya by flying out from an alternative airport to the one nearest your destination. An aggregator site provides all available flights on specific dates; just enter your origin and destination along with whether to include nearby airports.

Once you've located affordable flights to Kenya, you must stay vigilant as prices may rapidly change. To take advantage of any amazing offers when they appear - one great way of doing this is signing up for a fare alert, which will notify you when there are lower fares from your preferred departure point to Kenya.

Affordable London to Kenya Flights

Kenya is one of Africa's premier vacation destinations, boasting an array of attractions for everyone to enjoy. Safaris, city adventures, coffee plantations tours or simply relaxing on the beach await - with cheap flights from London to Nairobi you can start planning your adventure today!

If you're travelling from London and seeking cheap flights to Nairobi, Kenya it's wise to book as far in advance as possible. Flights tend to increase in price closer to their departure date while the best deals tend to come up 60 days in advance or you could attempt finding last-minute bargains.

Average flight prices to Nairobi from London typically cost about PS600; discounts as low as PS320 may be available on certain routes. To secure the best value and reduce travel time and cost, booking direct flights may provide substantial savings and time savings.

Multiple airlines provide flights between London and Nairobi, most connecting via Nairobi or Mombasa. Flight times average 8 hours, giving you ample time for rest and rejuvenation before reaching Nairobi or Mombasa. You will find affordable ticket options and can easily book them online.

Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and London City airports typically offer the cheapest flights from London to Kenya. Other popular hubs are London Southend and RAF Northolt. For added flexibility consider searching flights to different destinations in Kenya or Africa using our best fare finder tool; our best fare finder allows for both one-way and round-trip airfare searches!

Low-Cost Nairobi Airfare

Emirates and Qatar Airways provide inexpensive flights between London and Nairobi; prices typically average out to about $959 on this route. To maximize savings, book at least 46 days before your planned departure date.

Flights between Nairobi and London usually depart from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, with some landing at Heathrow while others at Gatwick, Luton or London City airports. Our flight search tool above allows you to compare all available options while narrowing your selection down by searching direct vs. indirect routes; connecting flights may even prove more cost-effective and can save time and money in travel expenses!

Nairobi is an attractive travel destination for visitors interested in African wildlife, culture, and history. Additionally, Nairobi boasts several acclaimed museums - among them is the Karen Blixen Museum that honors author Karen Blixen who wrote Out of Africa; Meryl Streep and Robert Redford also made frequent trips here during film adaptation.

For the greatest carbon savings when travelling from London to Nairobi, select an environmentally-friendly airline such as Lufthansa or Kenya Airways. Both can offset up to 47% of emissions caused by travel; they also boast excellent customer service and frequent flyer programs that make your experience memorable.

Discounted Travel to Kenya from London

Nairobi National Park, one of Kenya's top tourist attractions, can be easily accessed via taxi from the airport or shared-ride minibuses called matatus. Furthermore, Kisumu City provides travellers with quick access to Lake Victoria and Impala Park - two other top attractions within reach.

Kenya is best visited during its dry season from June through October when wildlife viewing is at its most impressive. Masai Mara is especially well known for hosting an impressive wildebeest migration across its plains in search of food and water sources.

People looking to save money on flight tickets should consider booking connecting or stopover flights, which tend to be much less expensive than direct ones. Furthermore, fly out during a weekday instead of the weekend; Orbitz data from 2021 suggests Monday is usually the cheapest day while Saturday can have higher ticket costs.

For an indulgent experience, Business Class could be worth exploring. From London, you can find great offers in this cabin class to Kenya from London that include more comfortable seats, premium amenities and frequent flyer mile perks - some airlines even offer one-way business class tickets starting as little as $537! It may well be worth investigating this option when travelling.

Budget-Friendly London to Kenya Tickets

Booking cheap flights between London and Kenya can help unlock amazing savings that make your dream vacation possible. Keep an eye out for discounted airfare from discount airlines, and be open-minded when choosing travel dates - doing this could uncover even greater bargains!

Direct flights between London and Nairobi are available daily with Kenya Airways and British Airways offering the shortest journeys - they both cover the 6841 km distance in around 8 hours, offering generous baggage allowances that include two 23 kg bags each.

If you need to rebook flights to Kenya, you will be delighted to discover that many airlines provide flexibility with change fee waivers. When searching flight deals and booking your ticket, keep this feature in mind; make sure your chosen airline offers this feature and ensure it includes free changes before committing.

Consider connecting through another city in the UK on your journey to Kenya if possible; it could save both money and unnecessary layovers. October and November often offer great deals between London and Nairobi with tickets typically being significantly lower compared to peak summer months. You might even be able to score cheaper tickets if willing to fly to an alternate airport such as Eldoret or Mombasa instead.

Kenya Flight Deals from London

Kenya, located in East Africa, is a top safari destination. Budget Travel UK offers an extensive range of flights between London and Nairobi - last-minute deals, cheap fares and price guarantees from major carriers, providing peace of mind that you are getting the best possible deal.

British Airways and other airlines provide regular nonstop flights to Nairobi from all around the globe. Choose Economy, Business or First Class seating to enjoy plenty of legroom, delicious meals and award-winning service - or book a World Traveller ticket and save with included checked baggage allowances.

No matter if it's direct or multi-stop flights from London to Nairobi that you need, KAYAK makes finding the best price and airline ticket simple! Use their filters to narrow your search results by date, time or price - once you find your ideal flight, just book it!

Travel from London to Kenya will require both a valid passport and visa; UK citizens can purchase one upon arrival or pre-book online in advance. You should ensure your passport has at least six months left until its expiration. For longer trips, consider applying for an extended visa at the embassy or consulate near home.

London to Kenya Airfare Savings

If you want to visit Lake Victoria, consider booking your flight into Mombasa or Nairobi and taking an onward connection flight directly to Kisumu. That way you'll save both time and money when planning a visit while enjoying its tranquil waters.

Kenya is an excellent safari destination and there are affordable flights from London all year to Nairobi, though fares tend to peak during June, July, and August; for optimal travel times visit before or after these months.

Kenya Airways and British Airways operate direct flights between London and Nairobi on several set dates throughout the year from London Heathrow. Flights generally last about nine hours with return fares starting from PS500 return for low-season travel.

Emirates and Etihad Airways both provide budget Kenya flights that feature multiple stops, offering Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class cabins - for travel with luggage, it may be worthwhile purchasing tickets with World Traveller Plus or higher tier tickets that allow two 23kg checked bags.

As another option, flying directly to one of the UK regional airports and connecting through Asia could also work. This works well if your goal is Dubai, Hong Kong or Hanoi - plus it allows you to discover another culture during your travels!

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