Cheap Flights from Abuja to London

Search cheap flights between Abuja and London by searching one-way and round-trip deals, making sure to book as early as possible for optimal prices.

Flights between Abuja and London Heathrow Airport are increasingly popular among travelers from all around the globe, yet few know about ways they can save money when flying between these two destinations. But, did you know there are numerous strategies available to save on flight costs?

If you only require one-way tickets, compare the costs of connecting flights from Abuja to London. Studies show that travelers typically save 20%-60% by taking multi-stop flights as opposed to direct ones.

Flight prices on the Abuja-London route can vary significantly; one-way tickets start from around N 425 988 while round trip will set you back approximately N 498 211.

Prices for flights between Abuja and London start from PS974 round-trip; you may be able to find more competitive fares by searching online.

Book early to secure the best prices and exclusive offers! We recommend that you book your flights to London as early as possible to secure the lowest fares and exclusive savings opportunities.

Flights from Abuja to London

Flying from Abuja to London can be expensive, but you could save money by booking a multi-stop flight instead of a direct. On average, travelers save 20%-60% when opting for this approach and the best time of year for finding such flights is usually fall when prices tend to be lowest - try switching dates around until you find what fits.

British Airways and several other airlines provide cheap flights between Abuja and London; however, you may need to first fly to a nearby airport such as Kano or Kaduna before continuing your journey towards London - for more details please check with each airline's website.

Direct flights between Abuja and London take just over six hours and may be an economical choice for travelers, while connecting flights may provide greater value - saving up to 10% depending on the airline and route!

If you're planning a trip to London, KAYAK could help make booking flights much simpler. This site showcases the lowest fares between Abuja and London on numerous airlines so that you can find a deal that meets your specific needs. Even if you aren't ready to buy yet, create a price alert so you stay up-to-date on current flight offers!

At present, round-trip flights from Abuja to London are currently available for just PS671. Multiple airlines operate this route and prices may differ depending on season; to get the best deal possible, book well in advance.

Budget Travel UK offers an advanced search engine to help you locate the cheapest flights from Abuja to London, searching hundreds of sites and airlines for the lowest fares on flights from Abuja to London. In addition, Budget Travel UK also provides information such as flight duration, average travel time, and more.

Budget Travel UK’s search engine makes finding flights between Abuja and London fast and straightforward. Simply enter your destination and arrival cities before selecting an ideal date and time to travel. Plus, it provides handy filters such as number of stops, price range and more - so you're sure to find exactly the flight that meets your travel needs for your upcoming journey.

Airline Options

Flights between Abuja and London can be purchased on several airlines, depending on your preferences. Choose between direct flights and connecting flights - for instance, British Airways offers flights each day between London and Abuja with an approximate flight duration time of 6 hours 30 minutes. 

To secure cheap airline tickets book your trip as far ahead as possible - at least 59 days is optimal to save on average; April tends to offer the cheapest fares whereas August tends to have the costliest tickets.

Abuja and London are approximately 9520 kilometers apart, which makes for the shortest flight time. If you're planning a business trip, book one with longer layover times if possible; otherwise, there are multiple connecting flights between Abuja and London so it is wise to compare airline websites and prices to find the cheapest option available.

Budget Travel UK provides plenty of economy-class flights from Abuja to London. However, those seeking premium experiences may also find Business or First-class options on Budget Travel UK; just be sure to use their "direct flights only" search filter when looking for flight deals to ensure finding the cheapest ones available.

British Airways operates daily flights between London and Abuja from Heathrow, taking six hours and 20 minutes and offering First, Club World, or World Traveller Plus cabins. If you want more airline options you can also widen your search results by including nearby airports.

As soon as you land at Abuja International Airport, a taxi is your simplest and fastest route into town. Official airport cabs painted in Nigeria's flag colors offer cheap yet reliable rides; car rentals may also provide more comfortable journeys; all this within just 40 minutes!

Once you've arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, take your ticket type into consideration and head to either its domestic or international terminals - both are easily navigable with numerous restaurants and bars, depending on which ticket type it may allow access to Wi-Fi networks through mobile phones.

British Airways

If you're traveling from Abuja to London, British Airways should be your go-to airline for pricing information and flight options. Their user-friendly website features a search function for easy flight searches; calendar features provide pricing information; the optimal timeframe to buy tickets is 59 days in advance of travel; saving money with one-way flights may also be possible.

British Airways operates flights between Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja and Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, or London City Airport that last about 6 hours 30 minutes and costs can vary based on aircraft type and seating preference - for instance, business class tickets may cost significantly more than economy seats but may provide superior comfort - thus justifying their higher ticket prices.

British Airways flights provide travelers with four cabin classes to choose from: Club World (Business Class), World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy), and World Traveller (Economy). On certain flights, guests may enjoy in-flight meals while most offer entertainment options that range from wine and spirits selections to snacks.

Flights between Abuja and London can usually be found on most weekends; flight times can differ. To save money when purchasing airfare from Abuja to London, purchase 50 days before your departure date; however last-minute deals may become available as dates approach.

Booking cheap airline tickets between Abuja and London can be challenging, but British Airways can help you secure great offers on flights. To find the ideal flight, compare the prices of multiple airlines simultaneously before considering which best meets your travel requirements in terms of flight time and duration. Additionally, look out for those offering flexible flight schedules or convenient schedule options that cater to individual requirements.

British Airways website is user-friendly and features an efficient search function to compare flights from various destinations. Booking flights on mobile devices is also possible and once booked you can track its status via the PNR number; additionally, the Web check-in facility makes this experience hassle-free!

British Airways is an ideal choice for flights from Abuja to London with its wide variety of flight options ranging from economy class up to first class, offering great services and amenities for frequent flyers. Their in-flight entertainment system features movies and television shows from their wide library. Based at London Heathrow Airport and operating a large fleet of both narrow-body aircraft as well as wide-body aircraft.

Air Nigeria operates several daily flights between Abuja and London Gatwick airport, and booking sites like Wego and Skyscanner for these bookings.

Price for flights between Abuja and London from Abuja can differ significantly depending on the time of year, day of week, and airline. To get the cheapest ticket possible it is wise to compare flight prices on multiple websites; some even provide price alerts that notify users when prices change - this way it becomes easy to find great bargains when flying into London from Abuja!

British Airways operates long-haul international routes using an impressive and diverse fleet of narrow and wide-body jets, serving Europe, Africa, and Asia from their main hub at London Heathrow Airport; additional hubs can be found at Gatwick and London City Airports.

On long-haul BA flights, travelers have four cabin class options to choose from: Club World (Business Class), World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy), and World Traveller (Economy). Short-haul services by BA include a fleet of Boeing 737-800 planes.

Abuja to London is approximately 2968.7 miles, which can be covered in under 6 hours by plane. Many airlines provide direct flights between these cities and Momondo users have found cheaper deals; typically trip flights average out at PS974 round-trip; April is often the cheapest month for flights while September can be more costly.


If you're traveling from Abuja to London, finding cheap flights may not be too difficult. Being flexible with your dates is key when searching for affordable tickets; use Skyscanner's "Whole Month" feature to determine the cheapest days for flying to London; additionally, you can set a price alert to be informed when your desired flight becomes available at a lower cost.

Emirates Airlines, founded in Dubai and operating over 240 aircraft, is one of the world's largest airlines and one of its ten biggest. Offering economy class and business class seating with entertainment options and meal service on board. Utilizing Airbus and Boeing models as its fleet - Emirates services over 100 worldwide destinations including Abuja and London.

Flight costs between Abuja and London depend on several factors, including time of year and day of week, class of travel, and class of service provider. On Emirates you should anticipate paying an average round-trip ticket costing an estimated $700; this figure may increase during peak seasons so it is wise to book tickets early to secure yourself the best price deal.

For flights between Abuja and London, travelers need a valid passport and visa from the British Embassy in Nigeria. Processing can take time depending on which airline has additional requirements - you should allow ample time. For assistance contact them.

There are various means of travel from Abuja to London, such as car rentals and buses. Train and bus tickets may also be purchased online as this can often be cheaper. Services provided by these modes may also be reliable although you may have to make multiple stops along the way.

British Airways, Emirates, and Air Peace all provide great service and an enjoyable atmosphere, but prices may differ between them. When choosing which airline to fly with, check customer reviews so you know what others think of them!

Flight prices can often be cheaper if you opt for multi-stop over direct flight, typically saving between 20%-60% when selecting multi-stop instead. Airlines typically charge more for operating direct flights compared with connecting flights; so if you're searching for the lowest fare from Abuja to London it may pay to book with one.

Emirates Airlines is an award-winning international carrier offering over 100 destinations in 40+ countries from its primary hub in Dubai, UAE. They boast excellent in-flight services and amenities - particularly business class - along with award-winning cuisine, and entertainment options and even offer private cabins in First Class!

If you're searching for cheap flights from Abuja to London, make sure to browse Emirates' deals. Use their search form on the left to quickly and easily find one-way and round-trip flights - you may even save more by booking a hotel nearby!

Book early to maximize the return on your flight investment; cheap tickets typically become available 59 days before your departure date. Also, try to avoid traveling during June-August; spring or autumn are the cheapest times for booking flights.

At present, Abuja to London flights costing $605 are currently the cheapest one-way fares available online - so book now and start packing!

Multiple factors can impact the cost of flying from Abuja to London. One key consideration is the type of airport; larger cities generally cost more to fly into larger airports; however, you may be able to find more cost-effective airfare by booking flights out of smaller regional airports.

Flights between Abuja and London take approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes, but if you want the cheapest airfares between these cities it would be wiser to book at different times of day; usually cheaper flights can be found early morning while more costly tickets tend to sell later in the day.

Air Peace

Traveling by air is one of the easiest and fastest ways to explore new places. Not only is it comfortable and fast, but you also save both time and money using this mode of transport - plus it is more eco-friendly!

Many airlines provide flights from Abuja to London, such as British Airways and Emirates. Both offer flights at various price points suitable for travelers of all budgets; if you want the best flight deal possible it is wise to book early as doing so will allow you to avoid peak season crowds while guaranteeing your seat.

Air Peace Airlines of Nigeria provides scheduled passenger and charter services. Their modern aircraft provide passengers with a premium flying experience at affordable and competitive rates; their customer service reputation is excellent and they offer routes across Africa.

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is approximately 35 minutes drive away. There is much to see and do in Abuja from shopping to exploring its culture; Millennium Park boasts amazing views while Zuma Rock or Aso Rock provides hikes through stunning terrain; plus there is an array of restaurants, shops, and bars in Abuja that visitors can take advantage of!

Abuja offers many accommodation options, from luxury hotels to hostels. The average hotel rate in the city is approximately PS50 per night; budget hotels may also be available but make sure that their reviews are checked before making a booking decision.

Abuja to London flights typically take approximately 06 hours 54 minutes without transfers, departing 10:05 in the morning and 11:05 at night.

Average airfare from Abuja to London typically ranges between $700 and $800, though prices can fluctuate based on season and day of week. To get the lowest prices possible, it is advisable to book flights 86 days in advance.

Air Peace Airlines of Nigeria, and second in sub-Saharan Africa when measured by seat capacity. Furthermore, they boast the largest African fleet size. Air Peace operates a wide selection of Boeing and Embraer aircraft out of Abuja to various destinations across Africa - their website even features an easy flight booking tool that enables customers to search and book flights between Abuja and London!

Flight tickets between Abuja and London vary in cost depending on the time of year and day of the week as well as the class of travel. On average, round-trip economy class tickets cost between $400 and $600. To find the cheapest flights possible, be flexible when scheduling travel dates as well as try to avoid peak travel periods.

Flights between Abuja and London take approximately six hours and are offered by multiple airlines. While some flights may be nonstop, others involve connecting flights. Flight costs tend to be cheaper during off-season travel periods such as August-October.

Air Peace not only offers cheap flights from Abuja to London but also services other major cities in West Africa such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, and Yola directly. In addition, they have an established hub in Accra offering international routes including Ghana, Liberia Senegal Sierra Leone

As with any airline, Air Peace may experience delays due to weather or other uncontrollable factors beyond their control. However, they remain committed to safety by regularly training staff on how to deal with these types of scenarios; additionally, they pride themselves on offering excellent customer service.

When searching for cheap flights from Abuja to London, it's essential to compare prices on various sites. Budget Travel UK’s flight booking tool makes this easier by letting you easily compare airlines and websites side-by-side before finding an amazing offer - once found you can book it safely knowing everything has been taken into consideration before finalizing your booking. Just make sure you read any fine print carefully before making a decision!


Lufthansa is one of the best airlines from Abuja to London for both business and leisure travel, with economy-class seats that recline fully for maximum comfort and spaciousness in economy class. You may also upgrade your ticket with premium seating which provides extra legroom and larger seats - this upgrade may save you up to 20% depending on the distance traveled!

Air Nigeria provides numerous direct flights between Abuja and London daily. To avoid overpaying, book early. Also, it is advisable to fly in the morning when possible to reduce airport traffic congestion.

Lufthansa Airlines of Frankfurt, Germany operates globally and services over 80 countries with flights worldwide. The company boasts various subsidiaries such as Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and Eurowings that it uses. Furthermore, their fleet consists of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

This airline website provides information about their flight schedules, depart times, and fares; as well as providing customers with a tool to check ticket statuses in multiple languages. Furthermore, there is also a mobile app which allows for account management.

Various factors determine the price of a Lufthansa flight from Abuja to London. A one-stop flight may cost more, though some airlines offer special discounted fares during off-season periods and special events. You can search engines or travel agencies to locate cheap Lufthansa flights between Abuja and London.

Frequent flyers may be eligible to select their seats early and without incurring a charge. Top-tier elite members of Miles More and travelers purchasing tickets using miles may select economy class seats without incurring fees; otherwise, passengers must wait until check-in (23 hours before departure) or pay extra to select early. Lufthansa Preferred Seating option gives guaranteed seating; it costs between $14 and $44 each way.

Other Airlines

The price of flights between Abuja and London depends on several factors, including airline, time of year, and day of the week. April is generally considered to be the cheapest month for flying between Abuja and London; September tends to be more costly. The average flight duration from Abuja to London is 6 hours 30 minutes with both direct and indirect routes available to travelers who arrive at either Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, or City Airport respectively.

Various airlines offer flights from Abuja to London, including British Airways, Emirates, and Air Peace. Each one provides different flight classes and services so that you can find one that best meets your needs - British Airways is known for its comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment options while Emirates provides luxurious experiences - both offer plenty of food and beverages aboard as well as great customer care.

Organizing an affordable trip from Abuja to London? Be sure to book early. This will enable you to secure the cheapest prices and avoid overbooking. In addition, booking nonstop flights instead of connecting ones may save more in terms of cost - though differences in pricing might seem minimal at first glance.

When buying flight tickets to London from Abuja, be sure to compare the luggage allowances of all airlines offering flights there. Most allow two bags, while some may charge extra if additional luggage needs to be brought aboard. To ensure you receive maximum value for your dollar compare all airlines offering flights to London from Abuja and compare their baggage allowances accordingly.

Save money when flying to London by booking a multi-stop itinerary, ideal for travelers wanting to visit multiple cities across England. Just be sure to book early as prices can change quickly; Wego makes tracking flight prices easier with their fare alert feature.

Affordable Abuja to London Flights

Flights between Abuja and London typically cost PS671 round-trip; however, off-peak flying may result in cheaper tickets; direct flights typically last 6 hours 30 minutes while switching airports can save 10% off your ticket cost.

Abuja to London flights typically land at London Heathrow Airport (LHR), although connections may also be available through other London airports like Gatwick (LGW) or City (LCY). When booking your Abuja-London flights, make sure that their terms and conditions fit your baggage allowance policies - airlines usually allow one checked bag up to 45kg plus a small handbag or purse on their flights.

Aiming to book an inexpensive flight from Abuja to London? 86 days early will give you maximum flexibility when selecting your travel dates and searching through an array of airfares. When ready, use the Cheapest Month Tool as well as Fare Alerts so that you don't miss any potential bargains!

Low-cost Airfare from Abuja to London

Flight prices between Abuja and London depend on various factors, including time of year, day of week, and class of travel. Prices tend to increase during spring and summer compared to winter or fall seasons - to get the best deal, it is recommended to book in advance.

Flying to Abuja will take travelers to Nigeria's unexpectedly green capital, where skyscrapers loom alongside traditional African architecture and an expanding art scene is rapidly developing alongside ambitious tourism projects that keep it evolving.

British Airways and Emirates both provide flights between Abuja and London, offering various cabin classes so passengers can find something suitable to their budget. If you want a luxurious in-flight experience, book either Business or First class from Abuja to London.

Flights between Abuja and London typically take around 6 hours and 35 minutes, leaving Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and arriving at Heathrow, Gatwick, or London City Airport. For the most affordable trip possible, book morning flights if possible; this will avoid peak season traffic jams - an especially useful tactic if flying during weekends or holiday periods from Abuja.

Discounted Flights to London from Abuja

Trying to book cheap flights from Abuja to London? Book as early as possible - around 50 days prior is ideal, though avoiding peak travel dates will save money too. Use Budget Travel UK's "Flexible Date" feature for the best rates from Abuja to London flights, or create an alert so you'll know as soon as prices change!

The average ticket price for Abuja to London flights is PS671. However, this figure may fluctuate depending on factors like time of year, day of week, and class of travel (for instance a flight on Emirates would typically cost more).

An average flight between Abuja and London typically takes five hours; to save money, consider booking connecting flights. On average, travelers save 20%-60% when purchasing multi-stop airline tickets. When considering connecting airlines as an option for your travel needs, be sure to read reviews for each flight in question - this will indicate what awaits you on board with regards to entertainment, comfort, food service crew/service as well as the boarding process.

Budget-Friendly Travel Options to London

London is often at the top of travelers' bucket lists, yet visiting on a budget doesn't need to break the bank. Planning and taking advantage of free attractions in the city - from museums and art galleries to Thames Clipper Riverboat services - offers great ways to see all that London has to offer at an affordable cost!

Saving money while traveling is another great way to find value with connecting airlines. While your journey may take longer, on average travelers save 20%-60% by choosing multi-stop flights versus direct ones. Also, look out for deals by signing up for airfare deal alerts and planning when making reservations.

Airfares to London from Abuja may depend on the time of year. Direct flights during summer tend to be more costly; however, you may still find affordable tickets if you book well ahead and are flexible with dates and times. You could also consider signing up for an airline rewards program and using frequent flier miles or credit card points towards paying your ticket price.

For those on a tight budget looking to visit London, the ideal times are September to November and January to April when airfare and hotel rates tend to be at their lowest point. Furthermore, avoid traveling during school holidays such as half-term, Easter, Christmas, and summer bank holidays as these will likely increase crowding and spending significantly.

Cheap Tickets from Abuja to London

Flight prices between Abuja and London can differ considerably depending on the time of year and day of the week, making comparison important in finding the best value deal. Budget Travel UK's search engine offers convenient filters that can help narrow your options; such as number of stops, airline, and duration. You can even set price alerts so you'll know as soon as prices change or drop.

Check prices of connecting flights from Abuja to London; these tend to be up to 60% less expensive than direct ones and may involve an overnight stopover in another city en route - make sure your budget allows for this eventuality!

As far as one-way or round-trip tickets are concerned, April is generally the least costly month, and September is the most costly. Also, consider departing on either a Monday or Friday instead of a Saturday/Sunday to save even more money.

For optimal flight prices, it's advisable to book as early as possible. At a minimum, at least 86 days should be enough time to secure cheap tickets from Abuja to London. Last-minute bargains may also be possible; however, these tend to have limited availability.

London Flight Deals from Abuja

Flights between Abuja and London are available daily, though the best time and place to purchase them can vary between 2-4 months ahead. On average, tickets from Abuja cost NGN463,073. To secure discounted fares it's advised that booking at least 7 days in advance.

London Heathrow serves flights from all around the globe and several airlines fly directly from Abuja, such as British Airways, Air France, and Lufthansa. At London Heathrow, there are multiple services such as free WiFi access points, restaurants and shops, and Heathrow Hoppa buses offering convenient transport directly from Heathrow back to your hotel - which operates around the clock!

To locate the cheapest tickets from Abuja to London, use the search form at the top of this page. Enter your departure and arrival dates before selecting how many passengers and class of travel you prefer. When you find the ideal flight, book it via their website or app!

Consider booking a connecting flight, which will stop in various cities en route and decrease overall travel costs. Connecting flights typically cost less than direct ones but may take longer to arrive at your destination. For even further savings on your trip, budget airlines typically offer cheaper fares while providing superior service.

Flight Duration

Flight times from Abuja to London average around 10 hours; however, this may differ depending on stopovers and wait times at intermediate airports; connecting flights often require additional time for transfers between airports than direct ones; in addition, weather and equipment issues could affect this duration as well.

Direct flights between Abuja and London offer you the greatest chance to save money during your journey. Multiple airlines serve this route, such as Air Peace and Emirates. To find a cost-effective flight, consider non-stop options as well as select convenient times of travel; furthermore, keep tabs on flight deals available along this route for better ideas of what's available.

To save money on your trip, look for business-class flight fares from Abuja to London. While these can often be lower than economy class tickets, they can sometimes be hard to come by - to increase your odds, consider flying at later dates or searching from different airports.

Budget Travel UK provides an effective tool to compare flight prices between Abuja and London. This travel search engine displays prices for all airlines flying directly into London from Abuja as well as valuable travel data - this way you can determine which airline has the cheapest ticket and book your journey accordingly.

Your search can also be narrowed by adding nearby airports as potential destinations, which could help you find a cheaper flight or bypass unnecessary connections - for instance, Nairobi could be added as one of the Abuja-London flight's potential stops.

After you compare prices, it's also important to take into account the service quality offered by each airline. Read reviews written by previous passengers to gain insight into what it's like flying with that carrier - for instance, if flying British Airways from Abuja to London you could read its customer reviews to determine whether or not their services meet your requirements; additionally, you could review amenities offered such as entertainment options, food, crew/service and amenities provided.

Flight Prices

Flight prices between Abuja and London can differ depending on the season and date of travel, which can make finding affordable tickets even harder. To maximize savings, try booking off-season flights; on average a round-trip ticket usually ranges between $700-$900. Various airlines operate flights between Abuja and London with Emirates providing regular cheap flights over, while Air Peace also has cost-cutting fares from Abuja to London.

Before booking a flight from Abuja to London, it's essential to carefully compare the prices of various airlines. Direct flights tend to be the best value; however, some travelers may opt for multi-stop flights; although these can often take longer and cost more in terms of journey time and savings, multi-stop flights often prove cost-effective in the end. Note that flights with multiple stops tend to be more costly.

Flights between Abuja and London typically offer discounted fares around 78 days in advance, on average. There may be exceptions; during high seasons (August, September, and October) airfares tend to increase dramatically, so booking early can save both time and money! Also, it's advisable to do this as prices often tend to increase closer to departure dates.

Budget Travel UK makes it easy to find the lowest airfare prices between Abuja and London by providing you with multiple flight options to compare. Use the filters at the top of this page to help narrow your options; these filters include the number of stops, total flight duration, and airports you will be flying between; in addition, airlines operating this route can also be selected as filter criteria.

Along with analyzing flight prices, you should also evaluate the amenities and services provided by each airline. Some offer premium seating with extra legroom while others may provide fewer entertainment options; additionally, some charge extra fees for luggage or meals; additionally, look up customer reviews to gauge other travelers' opinions of each airline.

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