Russian Fashion Blogger In New York

Russian fashion blogger in New York City writes about fashion and Russian culture. He also takes part in fashion week events and has begun directing runway shows.


If you are interested in Russian fashion, there is a great place to start: New York. This wonderful city is home to the world’s best fashion and style. The Russian fashion blogger in New York can show you the hidden treasures of this Russian fashion and style. 

Ever wondered how a Russian fashion blogger in New York is living? Below are some of my favorite Russian fashion bloggers in New York City, get ready to be inspired by their unique sense of fashion and style.

Nastasya Samburskaya Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Nastasya Samburskaya


Russian fashion blogger Nastasya Samburskayha has been living in New York since 2009. She has become well known for her blog, which features a variety of fashions and lifestyles. 

Samburskaya is a former actress at the Bolshoi Theater. Many people were surprised to hear that she decided to leave the theater, where she had played many roles. But she never regretted her decision. And while she is no longer teaching acting, she says she values her soul more than money.

Samburskaya has received numerous awards, including a Reebok award for fitness. She has also been named the face of the Bodylab fitness project. She has been married to Peter Flat and has a son.

Irina Shuvalova Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Irina Shuvalova


Irina Russian fashion blogger in New York publishes fashion news, criticism, and feature stories. Her community includes more than a hundred thousand subscribers and followers on social media. She studied art and directing before realizing that her true calling was in the world of fashion.

Besides being a fashion blogger, Irina is an author of prison memoirs. She was born in Odesa, then part of the USSR, and was sentenced to seven years in prison for dissident activity. She wrote religious poetry during her time in jail and spent part of her sentence in a female penal colony in Mordovia.

Alexandra Kostenko Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Alexandra Kostenko


Alexandra Kostenko is a Russian fashion blogger who is based in New York City. She has a great sense of style and likes to experiment with different trends. Her blog features pictures of outfits that she's worn, as well as tips for styling them.

Alexandra Kostenko is an influencer, fashion blogger, and tennis player who lives in New York. She has a following of over 4.4 million on Instagram and is considered one of the world's most popular fashion influencers. Her style and eye for fashion have earned her worldwide fame, and she's a master of posting great fashion pictures.

Natalia Vodianova Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Natalia Vodianova


Having already achieved a considerable amount of success as a runway model, editorial model, and advertising campaign model, the Russian fashion blogger Natalia Vodianova in the New York fashion scene is no stranger to the spotlight. She has walked in over 175 runway shows, appeared in editorial spreads for international fashion magazines, and completed advertising campaigns for various designers.

This Russian fashion blogger in New York has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and she disseminates unique styling tips. In addition to her success in fashion, Natalia Vodianova in New York is a dancer, having spent 12 years working as a dance trainer before she pursued a career in fashion.

Polina Prokudina Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Polina Prokudina


Polina Prokudina, a style-savvy Russian fashion blogger in New York, is well-known in the fashion community of New York City. A former model and stylist, Polina has a knack for putting together incredible outfits. She also has her apparel line, Margarita Style, which is sold in Zara stores in Russia.

Polina Prokudina is the daughter of Ilya and Yuriya Prokudina. She has two younger siblings: Andrew and Lubov. Both siblings are studying at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics.

Natalia Klimova Is A Russian Fashion Blogger In New York


Natalia Klimova


Located in New York, Russian fashion blogger Natalia Klimova is well aware of the latest fashion trends and is not afraid to experiment with her sense of style. She often posts images of her outfits and offers styling tips. She has gained immense popularity and follows by her audience through her blog, sharing her style and advice on how to dress for different events.

In addition to being a Russian fashion blogger in New York, Natalia Klimova is also an independent researcher. She has experience in the field of contemporary art and biennales, and successfully defended her Bachelor thesis in Art History at Saint Petersburg State University. This university was one of the first in Russia to create a liberal arts department and collaborated with Bard College. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece.

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